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Natalie Wood, "Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko, American Film and television Actress"..

In Memory of Natalie Wood (RIP) ..
Authorities: No New Natalie Wood Evidence..

Natalie Wood was born: Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko  (Russian: Наталья Николаевна Захаренко; July 20, 1938 – November 29, 1981) and she was an American Film and Television Actress. Natalie Wood appeared in 56 Films for TV and Silver Screen. She received 3 Oscars Nominations before turning 25 years.

Robert Wagner Left Natalie Wood "To Teach Her a Lesson (like my ex)"..

After three decades, los Angeles Authorities have concluded, that:  "No New evidence has been uncovered in the death of this Beautiful Woman, that would point to "a foul Play", authorities said... Her drowning death off Catalina Island, near Los Angeles, has been ruled an accidental drowning. (Jan. 11) (The Associated Press) ..
Natalie Wood's death: "48 Hours" uncovers new evidence ..

On Thanksgiving weekend 1981, Natalie Wood, 43, was off Catalina Island on a Yacht she owned with husband Robert Wagner. She somehow went into the Water and died?..Christopher Walken her costar in the Film "Brainstorm" was aboard.

Natalie Wood: A Life and Death Foreshadowed (2002) - Suzanne Finstad, Lana
Wood & Marilyn Wayne ..

Authorities said that on the evening of Saturday, Nov. 28, 1981: the Boat had anchored off Catalina Island. "Natalie Wood, Wagner and Walken had dinner at Doug's Harbor Reef Restaurant".. They  returned to the Yacht and continued drinking.  Wagner and Walken had an argument. They calmed down and said good night. Wagner went to bed and his wife, Wood, wasn't there. "Wagner thought that his wife had taken a small inflatable boat by herself, as she had done before"..

VideoQuote: "I Don't Think Natalie Fell ..
(but pushed to the water and she could not swim)"

Robert Wagner went to look for Natalie, after 10 to 15 minutes passed without her returning to the Boat. Then he contacted the Harbor Patrol and the Authorities discovered at 8 a.m. Sunday time, Natalie Wood's body."About a mile away from the yacht"... Police should forget arguments between Wagner and Walken and Investigations should start from this moment:.. "Walken went to bed, according to Wagner, who, after staying up with boat captain Dennis Davern, went looking for his wife and could not find her on board. He then noticed that a dinghy attached to the boat - and his wife - were gone. Lifeguard captain Roger Smith told the Times in November that the actress could have been saved if officials had been called sooner to search for her. Mr Smith said he was alerted that Woods was missing at 5.11am the next day. Based on the condition of her body when she was pulled from the water, Mr Smith said he believes she survived for some time in the water and was washed out to sea. Read more:  "Terrible decisions" In an interview with NBC's, "Splendour" captain Dennis Davern said: Wagner fought with Wood in the hours before she went missing and showed little interest in trying to find her. Also he made "terrible decisions, terrible mistakes" at the time and lied on a Police report. Asked by an interviewer if he considered Wagner responsible for her death, he said: "Yes, I would say so. Yes."..  "Police will not investigated Robert Wagner, former Husband of Natalie Wood. This action speak lauder, than words can said. If we are lucky in another 30 Years time, we may know the true of everything!.. We are not saying that Robert Wagner is Natalie Killer,  but we believe that he was with her, at the very end.. "-We, The whole wide World would like to know, in which grounds, the Police refuse to Investigate Robert Wagner. Why Robert Wagner is inmune, like Prince Charles of Wales of the UK, from taking responsability on their own Wife's Deaths and/or take part in such Important Investigation by the Police and/or to sit them both (Robert and Charles) at the Supreme Court and Swear the Holy Bible. While Millions of British/American Killers are unable, to get such Benefits, Royalties or Protections from Law, but killed by Injection, Electric Chair, etc. Diana, Princess of Wales and Natalie Wood Lives are not important, as Prince Charles or Robert Wagner, or the likes of them?!Maybe, We, The World are living in a Macho Envirolment, taking: "Domestic Violence (Mental, Physical and verbal), by Storm" .. We, The World, demand Equality and Transparency in the matter/s and to let the Course of the Law to do JUSTICE to both Girls (Princess Diana and Natalie Wood RIP), leaving own Childrens with no Mother's, Amen.  Robert Wagner was trying to teach a lesson to Natalie Wood, on the day of the Accident and She died from it. On those Years nobody heard of Domestic Violence and I am talking about the "Mental Violence" (Where no .."Phsycal bruises".. are shown)  I would call it, the "Silence Violence" Because the Violent Bullies, leave no trace from anything. Like an Orange, "Mental Violence", comes in many ways and fragments. Many times, the Bullies use other People, to help and achieve, what they want from the Victim. The Roberts Wagners hide feelings from the Victim, and attack them from behind. The Bullies leave no trace in the matter, not even blood or bruises, etc. Only Emotional, Mental and Physical Exhaustion with Pain, that inflict to the Victim, nobody see it, not even the Victim". It is 30 years since the death of  Natalie Wood. The Police is refusing to Investigate Robert Wagner. And we wonder why, those things happen to Women?...Many of the Victims are killed and nobody will ever know, why?.(.Pushing them to the water? ..and unable to swim well)..."Also Bullied People, take their own life".. There is no one to talk about it.. No one will take you seriously.."Nobody is interested in Bullies, they live that Problem for Tomorrow"  And the Bullying continue non Stop. The Cowards (Roberts Wagners) love to inflict "Pain" towards the Person they live with... "Love or not Love, they need to TEACH THEM LESSONS"..."The Roberts Wagners, enjoy seeing their Victim suffer".. I am a Victim of  Mental Violence, trying to divorce my Ex-Husband, since 3 years ago and  using 3 different Solicitors. For the last 26 years, my Robert Wagner (David Parker) had been trying to teach me lessons. Today I am Mental Exausted by this HATE VIOLENCE AND PROPAGANDA towards me. Generated by "Family Problems, Hate and Violent People around us and confusing us, even more with their Lies and Deceit" ..For the last 26 years, they had been accusing me of "Kisses".."5 Boys"."the River".. "Chinesse Women"and using me to gain Money, Benefits from England, Career and Fortune. It is very hard to probe this Kind of Violence in England, The Courts and the Police are not interested.. No Wonder why so many Natalies Woods, died from the Violence the Bullies generate, as Robert Wagner was trying to teach his wife a Lesson. "In Memory of Natalie Wood, Justice and Reparation (RIP)"-Note by Rosario Caste llanos de Parker.
Just shering the latest news regarding the same matter, but a year after this note came out in the open. "I believe in American Law and justice would be done to Natalie thanks!" ..
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