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The Diaries of Nazi War Criminal Josef Mengele, sold to Orthodox Jew for $245.000 ..

Josef Mengele (1939-45).."The Angel of Death"-Mexican National, British Citizen and Israel Online supporter !!

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The Diaries of Nazi War Criminal Josef Mengele, the so-called "Angel of Death" sold by auction in America. The diaries, written after the end of the Second World War, when Mengele had fled to Latin America. Contain his Philosophical reflections, Autobiographical Stories and Poems, written between 1960 and 1975. Auction include some 3,500 pages from "hidden journals" written by the Doctor. Who carried out terrible Medical experiments on Prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration Camp. The Company, which specialises in Historical manuscripts, said the auction include historically important, lot of 31 manuscripts in various forms, including bound journals."All writings are in excellent condition" where seized in 2004 by the police at the home of a German couple, with whom he was living in Sao Paulo."He added they were then given to Mengele's son, Rolf. Who only saw his father twice in his life. About 40% of the writings are autobiographical, tracing Mengele's flight across Europe in the aftermath of the war. He talks of himself in the third person, referring to himself as "Andreas". In one commentary, Mengele complains that sexual promiscuity has led "to a dreadful mixing of the races with the northern Europeans. When you start mixing the races, there is a decline in civilisation"-Mengele was a member of the Nazis' elite SS, which ran death camps across occupied Europe. Based at Auschwitz from 1943, he helped supervise the selection of prisoners on arrival to death camps, sending those considered unfit for slave labour to be gassed with deadly Zyklon B. He gained his notorious reputation due to his pseudo-medical experiments in the camp. He fled Europe at the end of the war after Germany's defeat, reaching Argentina at the start of the 1950s. He then moved to Paraguay in 1961 and then went on to Brazil. Where he lived in Sao Paulo and remained uncaptured despite Interpol's best efforts, dying in 1979 at the age of 67. His death was only confirmed in 1985, after his body was exhumed. The diaries appeared some time after, Nazi Angel Of Death's Memoirs. Jews Twins Girls, used as a Experiment by Dr Mengele.Dr Josef Mengele nicknamed, "The Angel of Death", he was a Nazi German War Criminal. His growing passion was for "Eugenics" searching for a Key to unlock the Secret of Genetics, with "Human Deformities and Imperfection". The Twins and Children were his favorite subjects. Hartless and Cruel individual, Dr Josef Mengele himself, was a mixture of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Mental Condition called: "Split Personality" (2 distinct Personalities, Good or Evil). Dr Mengele's Children were spared from beatings, forced labor and random selections in order to maintain their good health, he often showed up with handfuls of Candy and discussed Music with the Kids (reflecting his good Personality). In exchange for dialy Pain with blood samples from Children, placed in isolation cages, twins had limbs removed performed without Anesthetic. (Reflecting his Evil Personality). He was given the role of "God", he decided who lived and who was sent to the Gas Chambers. Jews Children from any Age and Adults, were exposed to experimental Surgeries from Mengele, without Anesthesia. The Angel of Death tortured Jewish Men, Women and Children with Medical Experiments of unspeakable Nature and Horror during the World War 11 in Auschwitz, Germany(1939-45). Victims were put into pressure Chambers. Tested with Drugs like Animals. Castrated. Frozen to Death. Children exposed to experimental Surgeries. Transfusions of blood one to another. Isolacion endurance and reaction to varios stimuli. Injections with lethal Germs. Sex Change Operations, with removal of Organs and Limbs. Medical Experiments using Twins as young as 5 years old. Twin to Twin transfusions. Stitched Twins together. Castrated or Sterilized Twins. Limbs and Organs removed "without using any Anesthetic", murdered after experiment was over, their bodies were disected. Injected Chemical into the Victims eyes, to change eye color, as German Nazis were creating the Arian Race (blue eye, blond hair).  Again, the macabre surgical procedure/s, were performed without Anesthetic. The Angel of Death was Chief provider for the Gas Chambers, gassing 750 Women, when reported a block was infected with lice, he solved the problem by killing them all. He surveyed his prey with, "Death to the left, life to the right". The Camp Doctors and The Angel of Death, were fine standing, cultured, Husbands, Fathers, Lovers, who morning and night kissed their Wives and tucked own Children into bed. Nazi Angel of Death, Josef Mengele "created twin town in Brazil' - The Diaries of Nazi War Criminal, Josef Mengele, sold for $245,000 at the Auction, by greedy People. Who don't have Morale Principles, only Bank Accounts, with "stolen money." They don't believe in any God or have Conscience, except a fat bank balance. They are making money, from Victims of War and the notes are marked with Pain, Death, Blood, Hate, Racism, Nazism, Fascism, Slave Labor, Oppression, etc. So if you kill your Brother or Sister on Earth, that Person means nothing at all. They got no price, only money that comes from it. This isn't going to be a good example to our Future Generations, where our children will think, that simple notes of a Criminal Nature got an outstanding price, better than Human life itself. Germany agrees to make public the archives of the Holocaust and Jewish Genocide. The Diaries of Angel of Death is the "probe in writing and new evidence."Victims of War, The Jewish Community, Israel, anyone with Jewish background, involve in the World War Two, needs to open an inquest. To Appeal against previous hearings (Nuremberg Trials), because of new evidence. That is available today and start an investigation, into what really happened to Victims of Second World War. Today is the day, to use that information (Mengele Notes and Germany Archives) to benefit Israel Country affairs. To hold into a proper settlement and agreement, that nobody is going to break this time. Stop harrasment into contract with Israel-Palestina.  Until Victims of War gets a proper and settlement, but with Germany. Palestine need to bring own country and people up to date, with the World, before start any negotations, with any Country. Offer to Palestine People, a better standard of life. The Hate Propaganda is what started, the Second World War. Unfortunately nobody believes the Victims of War anymore, videos, movies or pictures are not enough evidence to show the World. The pain they had to endure, in the hands of Nazi Germany, Mengele or Hitler men, not Mercy was spare to Victims of War. The Diaries of Angel of Death is the key, to open the door, to enter a World full of Horrors with Blood and Pain. "The Notes were written by Mengele himself, with his own Hand, Pen, and Words, to see the Authenticy and State of Mind of the Criminal." An oportunity for the rest of the World, to push the International Law System, to gain "Human Life, bill of Rights". To Protect and Defend Human People life,  avoiding a Crime like this Nature, happens again. *Please see Videos and Photos with Respect and offer a minute of silence and a prayer, thanks*..

                                   Josef Mengele Experiments - Nazi Experiments on Humans.

                                                        Medical Experimentation. 

Children of the Holocaust  ..

The Bayer company became part of IG Farben, a conglomerate of German Chemical Industries, formed the Financial core of German Nazi Regime. IG Farben owned 42.5% of the company that manufactured Zyklon B, a chemical used in the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz during the Second World War. The Bayer executive Fritz ter Meer, was sentenced to seven years in prison by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. The Roman Catholic Church and Pope Pius X11 were involve, in the Human Cleanse during the War. Impossible to Understand Hipocresy and Abuse, but unfortunately happened. We need to see the Secret Archives of the Vatican (Santa Sede), to understand. Everything was removed from the Victims of War and half of the Money that generated from War, was split, between Germany and the Vatican. Jewish People were desperated to protect their own kind, but failed in the wrong hands. "With Corrupt, Criminals and the lowest of the lowest, of the Human Kind, that exist in the Planet Earth!!.


Basicaly, The Second World War, saved the German Financial Situation in the 1930's, becoming one of the strongest, Financial European Countries, thanks to the Jewish Victims of War?-.Today Financial Market is not much different!!  Signature of the Concordat (reichskonkordat 20 july 1933) a connection between Pope Pius X11, the document and Hiller. Apart from Sharing the Money, the document was an order to the Pope. To keep himself clear from Hitler and his Men. The Enabling Act (23/3/1933) which effectively gave, the Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

Jews People at the Second World War.

"The Declaration for Religion Freedoom, Dignitatis Humanae"   Millions of Jewish people were killed, when they refused to Convert. Causing Persecution, Racialy Intimidation, Descrimination, Religios fanatism, to the point to use Inquisition Methods on the Second World War 11."The Diaries of Nazi War Criminal Josef Mengele, the Vatican documents, the Nazi Germany archives of the Holocaust. Documents that are going to be made Public soon. It should be enough probe to the World, that the Second World War, took time and moment." It is important to monitor abuses like this in our Community, using the full Power of the Law, to restore Peace and Trust again. Hate Propaganda, Slander, Lies and Difamation is what started, the Second World War. A Healing process, to put the past behind our time, in a Simple way, by helping the Victims of War. "The rest of the World, need to learn by those mistakes"-The Nuremberg Trials..

Nuremberg Trials - Perversion of Justice..
The Nuremberg Case, (The Doctors Case), charged 24 Defendants. Who were responsable for Medical Experiments, upon Concentration Camp inmates. Subjected "without their Concent", to Murders, Tortures as young as Babies. Experiments "without Anesthetic", Inhuman acts were committed. After 140 days of Proceedings, Testimony of 85 witnesses, submission of 1,500 Documents, the Tribunal pronounced their verdict on August 20, 1947. Sixteen of the Doctors were found guilty. Seven were sentenced to death including Karl Brandt and Karl Gebhardt and executed on June 1948. (Please see videos with respect for Victims of War)

                                                Nazi Leaders Executed At Nuremberg..

The Nuremberg Trial used an American Law System, to persecute German Criminals. They were hoping that memories fade away with time, by Removing all evidence."Crimes against Humanity".  The Victims were left with little hope. At the end of the War, they had nothing to stand up and walk again with... To Hold the Diaries of Nazi War Criminal, Mengele, should be a Triump to Human Rights, to stamp and fight against Racism, Nazism, Fascism, Oppression, Slave Labour, Religios Fanatism and differences in our Society.  To Stop People, who don't respect Life, to be accounted in any Court of Law, for own actions. Our Brothers and Sisters in life, were killed in the Second World War, not matter age. The same as anyone of us made of skin and bone, by the same Divine God, let 's give them, some respect! All Documents Should be keep in a Museum, to display to the World, own bravery.

A War Victim, Showing her hand with tattoo.
People, who were on the Nuremberg Case, (The Doctors Case), failed to capture "The Angel of Death", by successful canceling Evidence, ID, Information and whereabouts, of the War Criminal, Josef Mengele.
The Universal Human Rights act 1948, came into force, 3 years after the War finished (1945). Any European Countries or Japan, who were affected by the Second World War.  The Victims were unable to get any Justice.  Why?.. because they were Silence for ever!,,.
The allies were victorious at the cost of complete destruction of Europe and Japan. An estimated total of 72 million People died either in battle (21 million), in military captivity (4 million), as civilians (27 million) or due to war related famine and disease (20 million). The Allies lost about 61 million people, and the Axis lost 11 million. Hitler killed 6 Million Jews People, alone.  The Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco, continue to rule his Country, up to his death 1975. In October 2008, Mr Garzon, who is a Spanish Judge, launched an inquiry into the Franquism times ("Crimes against Humanity"). He was Investigating the disappearance, of more than 200,000 Spaniards. Victims of War.  Ordering the excavation of mass graves.  Today he is sitting to have own Hearing, because the King of Spain, Juan Carlos 1. Would not let anyone, to open the Franquism Documents. Instead The Spanish Judge, to sit Franco succesor, who is "King Juan Carlos. They are blaming Garzòn for Crimes, that he never comitted. The Victims of the Spanish Civil War and Franquism, never received a proper Hearing. Even in the XX1 Century, the Intimidation against the Jews Community, carries on. Suffering "Persecution, Religious Fanatism, Lies, Defamation, Intimidation, Slander and Abuse" But this time is Palestine Country. To the point to use own People. to continue the Hate propaganda. The Mental Ilness of Franco, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mengele (Osteomyelitis), and other Nazi officers and camp Doctors. Who mastermind the Genocide, were found to be Psychologically Normal, but killed Billions of Human People, during the War !!?..

"We can forgive the Arabs for killing our Children. We canot forgive them for forcing us to kill their Children. We will only have Peace with the Arabs. When they Love their Children more than they hate us. Golda Meir" .. 

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu´s speech to UN "I extend my hand in Peace" ..
Israel Online supporter, Mexican National and British Citizen, praying for Peace in the World and Victims of the Second World War. Even today, we can hear their voices resting in the wind, they are not forgoten and very much alive in our hearts for ever. I own to them my life back again, I got no words to thank them. Rosario Castellanos Ruiz.  (This note is updating all the time with Mengele´s life and Second World War times, we thanks everyone involve..)

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