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The Kercher Family fury, at Amanda Knox and Sollecito acquittal, walked free from Court..

Meredith Kercher was a British University of Leeds, Exchange Student, from Coulsdon South London, she was a one Year exchange in Italy. Shared a flat with American student, Amanda Knox and two Italian Women their age, Filomena Romanelli and Laura Mezzetti, in Perugia Italy. Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher, were Students at the Università per Stranieri(University for Foreigners), in the Picturesque Umbrian city of Perugia. Meredith Kercher had been in Perugia for two Months, when she was murdered on 2/11/2007, aged 21. The day of the murder, Meredith, Shopie Purton and Robyn Butterworh, had dinner at Robyn's department, then watched "The notebook" on DVD. Shopie walked Meredith half way home, arrived at 9:15 pm approx, between ten and midnight. Meredith was sexually assaulted, stabbed with 47 wounds and two knives used, one Person couldn't possibly have done that. Investigators concluded, Meredith sustained throat wound, caused slow death by Asphyxiation, her body was discovered by the Italian Police. Meredith was lying dead on her bedroom floor, she was drenched in blood, half-dressed, wrapped in a duvet, the police suspected that her killer/s, knew the victim or she was sensitive to Sexual Violence.The Investigation of Kercher murder, was based to account/s,Victim Character and Student Life at the University. The Italian Court reached a verdict on Meredith Murder, with little time to Investigate the matter properly. Received pressured from British, Italian and American tabloid Coverage, to prove Amanda's Innocence. The case was transformed into a media Circus, Eclipsing the fate of Meredith Kercher. Lies, defamation and slander, against the Italian Police misconduct, (Sexual nature), making a laugh of the Italian Law System. Obviously very different from the United States, but the Crime happened in Perugia, Italy. Where Language, Traditions, People, Food, Color of Skin, Country, Law and System, acts in different way as America does it. This do not deter any Country in the World, to receive so little respect from Foreign People, in the way they handled their own System and Laws. The Italian Judicial System, was trying to find the killer/s of Meredith Kercher, the Knox Family with the help of the media Circus, were bloking their way, spreading lies, casting doubt on the Italian Judicial System & integrity, so, who was corrupting the Italian Law?-"The Kercher Family fury at Amanda Knox and Sollecito acquittal, walked free from Court. The pair were cleared of Murder on 3/10/2011, by lying the Curse of the Law. Amanda Knox was charged of defamation against Patrick Lumumba. She accused the Club owner of killing Kercher, he was arrested but later released after alibi, winning 40,000 Euros, enough proof to show the World, that Knox was lying. Today´s World we have the:

1-Polygraph-Lei detection Test.

2-Memory Detection: Detection of Concealed Information

3-The America People get freedom just by Color of Skin?..Troy Davis polygraph test refused by Georgia prison officials.

4-Lie Detector tests: the truth about the Polygraph.

5- How to cheat Polygraph-(Lei detection Test).

One Person was left behind the bars, Rudy Guede, who said he had full Sex with Meredith on the day of the murder, "by consent" why Meredith room was locked, body lying on floor(not on bed), half naked, stabbed with 47 wounds, throat wound, two knives were used, and covered by a duvet?-

An Autopsy Post-Mortem examination, is a specialized surgical procedure. Examination of Corpse, to determine cause and manner of death. Performed by a Pathologist for either legal or medical purposes. A forensic Autopsy cause of Death, may be Criminal matter. Clinic or Academic Autopsy is performed to find the exact Medical cause of Death, cases of unknown or uncertain death or research purposes. "Permission from next of kin required."-Meredith Kercher (RIP) body is in the U.K. maybe an Autopsy Post-Mortem examination, help find the exact Medical cause of her Death.

The European Union is a Unique Economic and Political Partnership between 27 European Countries, England and Italy are two of them. To request the release of Meredith papers, documents and proof, to continue trial, in the grouds of fresh information from the Post-Mortem examination, or by lying the course of the Law and gaining fresh evidence".

Extradition is the official process whereby one Nation or State, surrenders a suspect or convicted criminal, to another Nation in the World. Regulated by Treaties and extradition compelled by Law/s. Most Countries in the World have signed, bilateral extradition treaties, with most other Countries. As Knox, Guede and Sollecito, "none of them are saying the True". Other people were around Meredith, on day of her murder, like: Shopie Purton, Robyn Butterworh, Filomena Romanelli and Laura Mezzetti.
Human and Civil Rights, are a Bill of Rights for every person in the World, to receive protection and fight justice, Meredith Kercher had a Right of a life!.. Hope Meredith Family can find Peace soon, knowing the true and accept our condolences.

Meredith's Mum: "If the evidence has been presented and agree with Veredict, then yes, you have to agree with that verdict" ..but in the case of Meredith Murder, where is the evidence, as Knox, Guede and Sollecito have memory lapses, they keep lying to corrupt the Law?"-Meredith Kercher's family, break their dignified silence: 'We are living a nightmare"

Victim's father says, it's wrong to capitalise on murder" please read more: Meredith Kercher crime scene investigators, joked about taking cocaine to stay awake?-..
Rosario Castellanos Ruiz de Parker, 17/10/2011.


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