Saturday, 28 January 2012

We the People, defend Human and Civil Rights, please stop the Death Penalty!!

The Statue of Liberty, NY City.

America - By Neil Diamond!!.  

Indepencence Day, 4th of July.

The Death Penalty used in the United States of America, regarded in the XX1 Century, by Millions of People Worldwide, to be an outdated American Law. The Legal Practice should be erased from the surface of the Earth, baned and considered, a Criminal Action, against a System, who is unable to offer a fair trial(Troy Davies), where the Law Worldwide, said: "Innocent until proven guilty". In any question of Law, the Death Penalty, represent abuse of Power, "from a legal System to a Nation", who had been putting, all their trust in them for Generations. In Modern World the Death Penalty is not an excuse to monitor our Brothers and Sisters united by the same Land and Earth, because we are not living in the times of the New World anymore. A Place with History that occured more than five Hundred years ago, by the European Colonists, who followed Christopher Columbus(1492). The Death Penalty or Capital Punishment was used to gain Control, Law and Order from different People, Razes, Nationalities, Languages, Colors, Traditions, etc, who were Emigrating to America, from many parts of the World. However the Human Population is more mature today, the New World which is America now, is an Inspirational Country, where many People from all over the World lives today. The rest of the Human kind, only dreams to have and want. This piece of Paradise on Earth, is enough proof to the World, that we can all live together in the Planet Earth, in Total Armony. Unfortunately there are certain things that America need to change first, to be up to date with the rest of the World, "the Death Penalty or Capital Punishment", we are not a Slave World anymore.The Death Penalty or Capital Punishment , unfairly applied to Racial Minorities, it should be questioned and monitor by outside Legal Bodies, like the International Law Commission, The Humans Rights Court, etc. Particularly the way American Lawyers, use or abuse the American Constitition1787, manipulating the whole procedure, to take maximum advantage of the situation. They believe themselves to be God, gaining benefit using the Victim(criminal), like a Lottery Ticket, with little interest to help.Exercising enough Power when it suit them, by using or abusing the American Legal System, depending the case, or they just leave the case and matter to handle itself, like Troy Davies.
*George Washington, the father of America, wrote the American Constitution."We, the People" Anyone is protected Legally in any Court of Law, ruled by The American Constitution1787, " Right to Appeal". To be sentenced with the <..actual Criminal proof in the Hands only..> Otherwise the case is dismissed, and a grant of a big pay out, to the Victim or Family Memebers, for Pain, Distress caused to the Victim, and False Imprisionement, trying to corrupt the American Law and System*  In Present time in our World, still exist Social Prejudice and Stigma, Oppression, Intolerance, Racial Discrimination, Differences, Racism, Nazism and Fascism, guarded under the carpet and very much alive. Innocent People keep paying a big Price(Troy Davies, RIP), for those abuses, They lack Respect from Society, because of Skin stigma and color, suffering in Silence, millions are left to rotten and die in Prisions, or killed like Animals, with no mercy, proof or parole. Those People, who are our Brothers and Sisters in life, for the simple reason, that we are all made of Skin and Bone, shering the same Earth. They don't live a normal life, like you and I, always in distress, dying slowly inside, paying a (Color) price, the Society wants. They receive little respect, with no opportunities, but the Society blames them for everything, never at any moment they receive, the tools they need, to progress in Life. They are left to rotten in Jails, by a failed American Legal System, like the case of Troy Davies. Do we need in our life this kind of Protection, with no Laws on our side?..It's America fit enough to handle cases like "Troy Davies", and if so, Why the American Legal System, is failing to keep up to date with the modern World?.. Ignacio Trillo from Facebook, mentioned Troy Davies, asking to sign the petition. I was trying to finish this note, and requesting the same, to my surprise, the next day September 22, 2011, Troy Davies was killed"(RIP)"..A sad day for American People, they are losing their voice and vote. In a Country where they claim to be free, and the President of America, Mr Obama, need to sign the paper and give Freedom to Troy Davies this case was lacking in evidence. The World is watching this Miscarriage of Justice, we are united by the same grieve, we cannot accept this unfit Legal System to carry on.The Human Cleanse is happening to my Country Mexico too, after Mr Obama, gave full support to our Mexican President, Calderòn Hinojosa, (2006-2011). by training our Mexican Army. We have a World record of 40,000+ deaths in such short time, our streets are filled with bodies, one of them was my brother, Josè Castellanos Ruiz. The Americans are returning our Mexican Nationals, from the United States with more than 40,000+ deported. America stole our Country back in 1848, signing a document called: "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"... The Hypocrisy from the US President Mr Obama with Petition and asking Israel to remove Walls and give free way to Palestinian People, but the United States of America wouldn´t open the borda to Mexican People, even in the full known, that 50% of America Land, is Rightful our Country. The American System killed 400 American Tribes(RIP) living in their own Country, to give way to the new Colony (1800). Nobody ever knew this Genocide before, because they make sure, nobody was alive to tale the Story. The Middle East had been affected by the American System too, starting Wars, with little evidence of anything, Blaming Leaders of those Nations(Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi), by killing them or harrasing them, also by giving power to Nationals of those Countries, to go against own People or Leaders. Accusing them of doing things, killed someone, making Bombs of Mass destruction, and of course, nothing of that is real or true, but America wants the oil, and the Leaders are on the way, leaving those Countries more poor that they were before War started. We heard stories about Guantanamo Bay Prison, but nobody question the America Law System. I got no words to describe this place of Human degradation, you are free to watch the videos, speak more than Words can say.

Regarded of Class, Race, Language, Age, Color of the Skin, Sexual Preferences and Orientation, Country of Origin, Disability, Religion, Nationality, Language, etc, the Bill of Rights used by the American Constitution(1787), is good enough, to be used by any Color of the Rainbow. To anyone who holds an American Citizenship, born with Liberty and Freedom in any American State, with no Chains, Walls, Oppression, Slave Labor, Racism, Differences attached to them. ..
1-The Statue of liberty in New York,
2- Abraham lincoln (1920 Statue),
3-George Washington, First America President, who wrote the American Constitution in 1787, the "Father of his Country" , the Leader of the independence Day, "the Fourth of July",
4- John Kennedy,
5-Martin Luther King, Jr.
6- Rosa Parks

All of them confirm my words and Bill of Rights called: Human and Civil Rights. In Question of Law the Death Penalty, Executions, and Condition/s that some American People live in Prisons nowdays,Violates any Imaginary and acceptable, Bill of Rights and International Law. Anyone have a right to prove Innocence, to live their life with Freedom, Dignity, Respect and Privacy, to Appeal against any decision, in any Court of Law, not matter how many times they need to do so, "This is why we said, No, to Death Penalty" because of new evidence..."Innocent until proven guilty"..with the actual body arm in the hands. "no Lies, Slander, or Signs of Mental Illness. Those difamations aren't plausibles any more, because corrupt the Law System, destroy Evidence and Reputation of the Victims*. The 37 States and federal Government that have death penalty Statues. Five different methods of Execution are prescribed: lethal Injection, Electrocution, Lethal Gas, Firing Squad and Hanging. The United States of America Constitutional Law, defines with first 10 amendments: Bill of Rights, were enacted in 1791. The First eight amendments protects Civil Rights of free Speech, Press and Assembly. The right to bear arms (Second Amendment), the guarantee of a grand jury in criminal prosecutions and the right to a jury for a civil trial (Seventh Amendment). The 13th Amendment outlaws slavery. The 14th Amendment prohibits the states from abridging "the rights and immunities of any Citizen without due process of law", also guarantees the equal protection of the laws (The Supreme Court has interpreted the Due Process Clause as protecting citizens from interference by the state with almost all of the rights listed in the first eight amendments). The right to vote is protected by the 15th Amendment ("right to vote shall not be denied ... on account of race?"), the 19th Amendment (guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of sex) and the 24th Amendment (extending the right to vote to those who are at least 18 years of age). The United.States Supreme Court determines the limits of certain constitutional rights, e.g. a number of Supreme Court cases have tried to determine when speech is unprotected by the First Amendment on grounds of obscenity. Rosario Castellanos Ruiz 27-9-2011.


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