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Domestic Abuse or Bullying: Mental, Verbal and Physical is not recognized in the UK, but more People are dying from this Silent Killer in our Society and get away with Murder, like Lady Diana (RIP) . ..

Princess Diana, a Victim of Domestic Mental & Verbal Abuse, Bullying, Intolerance and Racism (Bulimia), by Prince Charles, she went public requesting help and received nothing at all, just like me and died in the hands of the Intolerance.

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I'd rather be hated for who I am, rather than loved for who I am not. We must Transcend Political correctness and strive for Human righteousness. Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your Religious books. Do not believe in anything, merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. ~Buddha —

Every single note, I write with the same message and respect to Humanity, this time is not different. Hope the Queen Elizabeth II accept my apologies beforehand, if ever, one of my Notes, cross the line, but my intention is to break the Ice and get Justice, Memory and Reparation. "To Lady Di, Princess Diana of Wales, the Princess People's and Millions of Women Worldwide, like her and me, that suffer Domestic Violence in Silence. Bullied by the ex/husband and the British System, called Paparazzsis (Princess Diana) or Neighbourhood (Me, Brother, Sister and Daughter), stalked, hunted, etc"-Since I Emigrated to the UK from Mèxico 27 Years ago. I had been told by my ex-husband, if anything happens to the United Kingdom, it's not my Business?!!. I should keep myself clear of anything, including Politics. I will never Understand fully, what the Problem is with some, British Individuals and their own Racial Discrimination (envy), including ex/husband. I am not allow to get involve in UK affairs, after living in British soils for 27 years. I am tired of Racism, Discrimination, Intolerance, Verbal, Physical & Mental Abuse, Harassment, Bullying, by the ex/husband, his Family Problems, British People and Media. What is the point to hold a British Citizenship, if I am not allow to speak freely or comment anything relate to the British Life. I am regarded by the British People, as a Second Class Citizen. The Divorce makes no difference in my Life, with the continue Harassment by the ex/husband and his -"Family Problems"- and it is a Crime. Visiting my Personal Life (FB), without my concent, removing, stealing, misleading, bulling, cheating, lying, stalking, to the point that today, I got nothing, only pranks!!- Everything that is mine, get delete, stolen or used as evidence without my full knowledge in the matter, concent or permission. The ex/husband use his sister the "Social Worker", Neigbour/Neighbourhood, Police, Solicitors, Barrister, Council, Manchester Airport, and everything that is related to give a Service, but Used/Abused on Family Problems. Abusing the British tax paye, where today we have the Cuts for the same amount of Abuse. I got the whole Town of Altrincham against me, when making a complain ofter the abuse in Services they provide to me, for years, without realising that those Professional People were playing a part and full aware of own malice and helping the "Family Problems of the ex/husband and his sister"- Framing me all those years with Intolerance, Stalking, Cheating, Misleading (the Courts), Lying. Creating envirolment of Abuse, Bullying Pranks, using the media. "We have already found somebody in Mexico who fits the bill - but we aren't able to do anything in case somebody crops up locally first."-  <Harassment by Council-British Government staff with"Pranks" to Mexican People> I believe strong that the Government Staff, Council, including neighbourhood involve in the Abuse to help the ex/husband and his "Family Problems (his sister)".-The ex/husband sister is a Social Worker, someone who knows every single regulation in the UK, Courts, Laws and ready to press the botton to hurt me badly or my Family. For 27 Yeas the ex/husband sister had been accusing me of slander, today, I came out to probe her wrong and now she is trying to discredit me with another problem. Social Workers gets Power to manipulate things in extreme measure around the Area where I live, not where she lives, but us, making our life a War Place."My Brother was killed when trying to stop the "Family Problems" two years ago. My daughter bullied by the whole School. My Pets Hurt badly or killed, but unable to get access to the Law. My Sister detained under the Mental Health Act, when she was trying to defend herself from neigbours and stalkies in the area. Today stalky is a Crime in the UK, afecting me now and my daughters, but arriving to my door steps (neighbour)" -My ex/husband shouts to me, calls me names or insults my reputation, with Mental Capacities Acts and Tales, but unable to get access to Justice. I got no friends in the Police force of the Area/Altrincham. Would you believe that I need that small requirement, if ever, I request Help?- The Council Services representing,"Disabled People"-but receive abuse from those services (Me).- "The Council match Families with Mothers and Sons to play the part and helps the ex/husband and his Mother. "Monday to Friday's is the Harassment times, weekend off''s as the Services are closed?"-The Council for years had been trying to get the Mother/Son envirolment, even with my daughters Friends, Schools or my previos Jobs, etc?-. They bring own Family Problems and Lies from Stockport Council Services, against me/a Disabled Woman, using the tax paye money into Altrincham Area and a wave of Abuse!?"- I never bring this kind of Harassment into their own Lives, Area or Private lives, it is not me who is the Social worker?-The same Intolerance that Princess Diana was reporting on her Tapes, T.V. Programs, Books, before she passed away, by a wave of Paparazzis and me the Neighbourhood. The ex/husband and I are fully divorce, he is not liable for me or viceversa, but abuse me and his sister/Social Worker keep follow and remove my own things even when married, to stop me and receive Services, Education or Justice with help of the Council Staff, Police, Courts, Education, etc. This is why the British People pay Council Tax for, to be HARASSED after, by the Staff. Social Services, Social Workers, Neighbourhood, etc?-The ex/husband can start own life with his Mother, Sister, or groups of helpers, he earns an excellent wage. The Council got Power, Acts, Laws, that are Used/Abused against the (Trafford) Residents (me),without the Victims Concent, Knowledge or Permission in the matter/s. This is a Crime in the UK, by the English Law, Human Rights and Civil Liberties. In any Argument there are two sides of the Coin/Law/Argument, not just one, as the Social Workers, Police, Council Staff, Solicitors, Barristers, Doctors, Dentists are trying to implement, afecting our Society badly to the point of use Violence and create Racism. Playing with Peoples Lives, by separating British Families and then you ask why we got the riots as nobody is looking after their own Children?The Victorians Times long gone. Today, the British People are Educate to University Standars, they know full well what they want to achieve and hit. In fact, the British are more Educate than own Parents to know better or any individual Worldwide, but some Professional British People aware of own Malice. Removing, Separating and Breaking Families, placing Children in Care places away from Parents, thanks to Social Workers, Social Services, Police, Government Staff, etc. In two Words those People with little understanding of the meaning of "Family Bond", but Bullyng the British System and against own Blood, People, Land, Queen and believes. It's impossible to believe such Coward Acts!!- Nobody is born Perfect, not even our Parents. We need to see the real problem/s like Sexual Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs and/or just a simple smack from Parent to Children?- "Confidentiality and Shering information Acts, that Victims are unaware/unable to know about the abuse, fully druged with Acts (Mental Capacities Acts 2005) and fear of the British Laws locked in Hospitals and Prisions, no wonder we are in Financial crisis"-The WWI and WWII long gone and passed away, so why Britain still at War?-Inocent People abused badly by the British System, Social Services/Workers/Staff, Police, Council and the Courts relay strong on those Services, but corrupted. Making false accusations against People with no probe in the matter (Me) by the ex-husband Sister a Social Worker in order to gain Career and a good Life is a Crime itself and breaks the life of the Person and her envirolment, but those People are not monitor by the British State or System?. I lost unborn Children, Brother, Sister detained under the Mental Health Act and Daughter bullied by the whole School and all for lies of the Social Worlker, the sister of the ex/husband. I believe strong that she studied the Career, to hurt me and mine badly.  We should not bring to Work any "Family Problems or to be used to Win cases and corrupt the British System"- This Attitude in our Envirolment is totaly wrong and against the British Law, Constitution, Institution and Society, by all means, forms and shapes"-  The Social Workers (the ex/sister) are forbid and unable to use such Acts (Mental Capacity 2005) or lose own jobs, by the abuse of Power, in fact it's against the Medical Code of Practice. The same any Professional (Government) Jobs, as they come with full Obligations, Police Record, Terms, Conditions and "Code of Practice" to Abide and Obey-"It's called: Your rights to Equality from local Council, Government Departments and Immigration" to People like me-Here, I am talking about all Professionals, including the Social Workers that use Solicitors, Barriesters or whoever play a part in our Society, but abuse (corrupt) the British System and Courts winning points, by lying, as there is not "Perfect Parents/Perfect People/White/White"-Breaking Families with no Respect in the matter. There is not Perfect Parents, but we thank God for them, while they are alive. "The young Prince spent a good deal of his infant years separate from his Mother and Father".  In question of Services, nobody expect to receive "Perfection" only to receive, the Services that are for everyone, not just for those "of who are you friend?"-If I report the Crimes, Bullying or lack of Services, then I get the Area of Altrincham against me?!-Total Reign of terror/abuse, towards Victims of "Families and their own Problems", because those problems are not mine and I divorce the ex/husband for the same reason. In the World do not exist the Perfect Family, let alone in the UK" -Infecting our Envirolment, Society and Areas, creating a sick atittude towards our young Children, as they are learning from us. The Malice of some Social Workers and their own World Order (Council Staff, etc), afecting British Families badly, including mine. Totaly out of Order, Abuse of Power and Profession in the Medical or any Government System. A Sick attitude of "who is your friend"- instead of giving a service that they get pay for"- When things goes wrong, the Council place a blame in Mental Capacity of Victim/s and/or makes Jokes, Pranks, Sick attitude?-. I am not a Royal Person to get help from British/French Laws. I will dream to sue the ex/husband and his Family Problems, for making Public Harassment into my life and false accusations of my Persona. It is not just me who suffer the Abuse, Intolerance and Crime, but Hundred of Inocent Victims as well and Families are torn apart by the Bullies.  "I need to live and share the Home, with the ex/husband, as I lost everything in the divorce, for fear to lose my own Children"-My ex/husband was pretending to help me and to come out of the mess during the divorce procedure, when it was him and the Social Worker/Sister of him, that frame me in the first place, helped, by my Barrister and Solicitor and paid by the Legal Aid System?-. If I try to help myself to stop the Bullies with the help of a Solicitor, Police, Legal Representative, they get incited even more with a wave of Neighbourhood in my Area, Paparazzi to Lady Diana. I believe strong, that the Family problems are causing the mess with intention to eat from the lies or lose their own jobs. Unfortunately today, the Council Jobs are a surplus-weight a heavy burden to the British Economy, plus the Harassment, they bring to British residents with Neighbourhood problems. Who is in Charge of Damages that comes after the assault, including my Unborn Children, Brother's life, Sister detained under the Mental Health Act, Daughter bullied at School,?"-Women in Britain suffer in silence badly by the Abuse, Bullying and Intolerance, little aware that the Council staff in general, plays a part, including places like Womens Aid. Used by the Social Workers and Mothers that are on the side of the Men, their own Brothers, Sons, Children, but those Services are for Women?!- Women Aids (Trafford), should be call "Men's Aid" and change the name, as they left me down badly. The new change is not good to me after Criminality happened to my life and mine or even worse, when the ex/husband got a Social Worker.  -A wave of Walls, Barriers and Hate Campaign, Bullying, Intolerance, Harassment, Lies against Lady Diana, Me or whoever is Woman and lives the Nightmare of ABUSE in the UK-Worldwide-. Diana, Princess of Wales died by the same amount of pressure, that she was put by her ex/husband and his groups of helpers, the Paparazzis. Diana did not died from any Accident, but was Killed (Hunted) by the ex/husband and his Firm of Paparazzis. Diana was made to Work non/stop. Hunted, Stalkied, Phone Recorder, Bullied in a form of Paparazzis tales off. Diana was suffering Domestic Abuse, Verbal, Mental and even Physical that ended her own Life. Holed up in the tunnel of Paris, like Julian Assange, unable to receive Medication or fast atention by the French People, impossible to believe such acts of Abuse!!- "Princess Diana was called Unstable by the Bullies and Me, the ex/husband insults my Mental Capacity with Acts?"- It got me by shock to know, that the same wave of Intolerance was used with Princess Diana not just me, then Prince Charles helps my ex.husband too, because there is not way on Earth that my ex/husband can get access to Government Services with no Royal Status or Two Cases are alike (Me and Diana), impossible!. The Bully is a Victim of Bullying, that get revenge to People that got no Families or ways to deffend itself (me). It is a coward in Society that get exitement bullying others in the same manner or worse. The Bully lacks of own character. My ex/husband was trying to imposse me a Mental Capacity Act 2005, to a Healthy Woman when divorcing, with the help of his sister/Social Worker, just by expresing my emotions in Court Hearing?!"- In England I am not allowed to cry or express my emotions, or I am classify of suffering Mental lies of, but American Families express themselves openly, when lose Children.  My ex/husband was pretending to help me and come out of the mess, they put me in the first place with his own sister Lies/Deceit of 5 Boys, the River when she was in Mexico, before the Wedding (1985). The Social Worker study the carrer to Hurt me badly, by those lies and lost unborn Children, Brother, Sister detained and Daughter Bullied?-Like me, they are Hundred of British Families torn apart from the same Lies, Deceit and Intimidation. Afecting our British Services badly, that are used as a Battle Fields, ready to explode or kill Patients in "Accidents?"- The Courts, NHS, DSS and all the Government departments are used to deal with Criminals matters, that have nothing to do with the job itself?-  Surely by this wave of abuse today, the UK is full of Financial Crisis. Instead of using the Money for Cancer Victims, Disabled People or even to deal with Domestic Abuse. Mental and Verbal Abuse are not recognized in the UK, only Physical. More and more People are dying from this Silent Killer on our sick Mental Society and get away with Murder, like Lady Diana (RIP).   As you can see my own Blogs were attacked and Pictures removed, by the same Intolerance and living in the UK with free speech?- All my notes destroyed after, removed evidence when copied  and won Prizes, but not by me. My Notes, Ideas and Material (Picture) of a fallen Angel, the work was mine and used for the Bond Movie and the Song, it resembled the "Gypsies and Travellers of Devon, expelled by the Council?"-Another Material of mine of a Woman with Brest Cancer, the idea was used in the Paralympics Games and the Woman placed in the middle of the opening of the Olympic Games and Ceremony?- I Wrote Material about the New Colony in America and still kept secure in a Website, but used to start the Olympic Games without my Concent, Knowledge or Permission?-I do believe strong that what Princess Diana was saying of Spying on her was totaly Real and true, but a Crime, including me and my sister that was detained under the Mental Health Act in the UK for the same matter. A Link to my Material won't hurt and provide me with a living as I am unemployed, instead I am left to beg with Benefits (DSS). Stealing my Work, Material and Ideas, without my permission, concent and knowledge is against the Law. My Business destroyed by the Chamber of Commerce (Council) staff and they won the prizes, selling abroad!! - Littlewoods Catalogue used my Idea to sell outside the UK, expanding Business online, but no paying Taxes?-Bench Trademarks abusing Small traders like me, that stole my Idea to sell on eBay and again no paying UK Taxes or Rent in Shops, saving a Fortune (in Taxes) on eBay. The thing is your People/Staff from Government places watch closely what others do for a living and steal Material, Ideas and our Hard Work and Win Prizes after. Those same  People lie of us/unemployed to be Lazy, but by Who exactly, they are talking about?- My Notes are free for you to read them here on my Blogs, but not to be used the Material without my Concent, Permission,  Knowledge. In order for you to gain a Wage or Prizes, leaving me totaly Unemployed, by removing everything from me after with slander, defamation and called corrupt, because by Law, who is corrupt here? "Britain hit by £10bn tax credit fraudsters, claims Duncan Smith" Otherwise, it's a Crime in the British Law, the full attack on Foreign People/Disabled and Stealing our own Work/Living, with the full knowledge and malice, by the British People and Government Staff. Even worse, on full Public display such Words and Attack, it is against the Law, as I am British Citizen and demand Respect to all Foreign/Disabled People like me. I can even swear to God, the Holy Almighty and the Bible, that Prince Charles is helping my ex/husband in his own vendetta, Domestic Violence and Abuse of Power.-"The Similarities in Paralel lives, that Mirror with me and Diana is stunning and I am a nobody"-I may start pressing Criminal Charges against Prince Charles by the Murder of Diana, or Lady Di is talking to me beyond the grave, because similarities in lives and abuse do not happen often, impossible!- "Lies, False acusations, Intolerance, Mental, Verbal and even Physical ABUSE as Diana was killed in the tunel of Paris, holed up, very much like Assange in the Ecuador's Embassy"-In the road where we live, 3 Cars had been blow up, by the same Neighbourhood Program and Intolerance, again, do we need the British People this kind of Services (Council). This note is not about Prince Charles or any particular Person/Business/Government staff, Council or precint, but to highly the Abuse of Power, Profession and Jobs, within the British Government and then you ask why we are in Crisis?-.This report is more about Domestic Abuse, Bullying and Intolerance in the British Society and me, Princess Diana and Hundred of victims and Families that live with full fear, abuse of Professional Power and called a liers and cheats, by the British System!!. While the true is I lost unborn Children, Brother, Sister detained under the Mental Health Act, Daughter bullied by the whole School and I am not the Social Worker, but the ex/husband Sister. I Reported all those abuses with plenty time and nobody help me, in the same way as Lady Diana (RIP), Princess of Wales and Hundred of British Families, that are torn apart by the British System, Institution & Government Bodies. I am forced to come to the Public Worldwide and ask for help online, while we got Police in Britain, but no friends within the Police force?-  Report by Rosario Castellanos de Parker, 17/9/2012.

German Nazis Bullies and the sort of ,in the following Video. Bullies looks very much the same as a Nazi German (Bully), they can be seen or hide in a mask and work in groups to attack the victim.  

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