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My unborn children do not a merit to be killed by lies of a lairs in order to incite hate into my life, by the "family problems" that discriminate me for to be Mexican born and Disabled ..

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I hate the fact to say that all illness is not good to nobody and on my case, as I am hard of hearing person since child due to meningitis from 9 years old, since then until now (2014), I never spoke of my incapacity to nobody and none-of-friends, ex-boyfriends or relations knew of my incapacity. Except the occasional times when it was a formal necessity more than to use the incapacity to blackmail people, win hearts or steal friends, boyfriends, family or environment from others, based on: "sentimental and personal circumstances, including illness", instead by own merit. The most cheap way and form to buy people's heart as we all know full well is the hate propaganda, that kills, murder and destroys humanity in one piece. The lowest of the low-to-get-by, and the no/no go area, but for those people that lost decency in life in order to win points and murder unborn children and brother's, out of racial motivation more that the reality of their own tales, lacking formal education, values and respect to life. Instead society nowadays buy/sell the papers with the aid of parents/adults/teachers that promotes the irrational instincts of hate propaganda to institutional places or to own children, but blames the rest to mislead and lie society, that impress the next and promotes the slow murder of humanity, with spread. "Envy is the slow murder of humanity, in fact a killer", but there is not excuse in law the murder itself, even by spread and to assist/aid in the cover up is equal as to kill. As shows on every Disney movie, that prepare and teach's children of the future. I can not find better instrument to teach young people of the no/no's go areas, or this and that will happens to you, if you do not stop/does, etc, but no matter that formal education or any other kind of educative material, when parents teach opposite in fact promotes the hate or gives the children the weapon, by teaching them to lie. Envy is the worse weapon to hit another person and even worse in law, when that person is disabled, incapable and unable to defend oneself. The lowest of the lowest, the cowards of the cowards and the worse of the worse. I have no words of those people that mutilate reputation of the others, by spread, greed, remuneration and hate propaganda and for me those individuals are the real killers of humanity, but even worse, when the killer is family that hide in incapacity or any other kind of emotional blackmail, after murder by spread or any other weapon. I lost so much and I knew so little of "family problems", in order to protect my own kind, because of my incapacity, because of envy, because of hate propaganda, because of many reasons. As the "family problems" swam hundreds of lairs against me from all over the world to help the promoter (carol). Today, nobody remembers or hide on incapacity after enjoying 28 long years of reign of terror and pure hate to me and mine in order to cash (££££), but nothing a-merit murder, nothing a/merit cover up, nothing a-merit continue of hate, spread and incite. Today, I find the subject unable to digest or unable to understand reasons, because nothing of what those lairs were accusing me of was true, nothing of what those lairs were accusing my brother of was the truth, otherwise he-would-not-be-killed-to-silence-him, let alone motive of murder, by spread and gossip. My incapacity never stopped me to be the person I am and for that simple reason, I do not speak open of the matter of disability, in fact I do not care at all, but because I lost so much, that I need to set the record straight. The disability is not going to make me, but myself. At the end of the day any "emotional blackmail on disability or any other issues and illness" will get you nowhere, you will fail over and over again, that you will need to steal from others in order to achieve and you may need to kill with spread by lack of brains, but the truth of what really happened to me and mine will come to all. I consider myself to be "normal" like everybody else and I will account myself of anything that I do in life in any court of law, but when I do the matters not before/after and not when the lairs accuse me of slander, lies and gossip without a proper court hearing to clean my name, but using "invisible acts to hide own ID" in order to cash, control and steal. The reasons why, I am the way I am. The reasons why all my family said not to be near me with hundreds of lies, in order for nobody to speak to me and learn the truth, or me to know the truth of the matters as my human right, but continue using me and hide holocaust around me, then blame me of own faults when things do not goes according to plans. I am not responsible in law for any kind of fools, killers, jokers, lairs, cheats or anything similar and calls/cash family, as those people use/abuse position and even insult me, mine or new/old friends, because the courts are there for all of them to use it. "Including myself, if you got any problem with me and ready to face the false accusations or any other relate matters and reasons why I came out myself, to clear the air, but I will not accept slander, lies, or defamation"-As all of them that calls family aware of the criminal activity even soco told me days before she left Trafford hospital, when on doctors Rojo's time: that there was nothing wrong with her, so be it in law!?-I am unable to understand murder by consent, murder by lies/spread/defamation, murder by intent, murder by any other set of reasons in law and full aware of the violence as the family are on/off ills/disabled/incapable when it suit them, because one thing is incapacity and another very different is murder. Furthermore, when the person is full aware of the law and she would not stop even the lies, here I mean the social worker/sister of the ex/husband. "I am full aware of my disability and since youngerI knew my limitations as disabled person myself and for that reasons alone, I refused to go and swim in any rivers in which I am accused by the ex/husband sister/social worker"-I mean as an example: if you lose your limbs and someone invite you to practice in a gym based on your limitation, would you go?-On that time and because of my limitations, I saw no sense in the matter, so I decline the invitation. "There was not malice on my part in declining the invitation to go to the river and by law, I was not on duty to carol or carol to me, as we both are disabled people and full aware of our limitations"-As carol's family told me back on 1983, in which she has a dog, me never, not even a dog and I am not complaining, but by law, I should have one dog as well as carol, because of my impairment. We both: Carol and I are 4 months apart and born on the same year, so full mature, adults and responsible of our own actions"-I am not responsible in law for a person who is disabled like me or I am worse than the person in question (see hearing exams), but blame. On the time of the river before/after pilar was not aware of carol own incapacity/disability and I was there to witness the matter in pilar's kitchen, not the river, but in pilar's home. As pilar was telling me of the matter soon after, when both of them (pilar/carol) arrived from the river and for a moment or two, I was thinking that pilar was joking. It was then that pilar become aware of the matter, when I told her of carol's own incapacity and not before, but was not my duty to tell pilar, but carol's. Until now 2014, I am unable to understand how carol went into the river and who forced her to swim into that conditions, as pilar was not aware?-The same as me carol use glasses and me hearing aid for a purpose not vanity in which, both of us are full aware of the reasons why we use the instruments, so no excuses. I am fully aware of the matter that aid (hearing or glasses) is not the same as normal person, either: glasses or hearing aid, but better than nothing. The English standards in cosmetic procedure even for glasses is the best in the world and very accurate for each person, as this was the case for carol when she went to swim in the river, that she removed glasses before swim or swam with glasses (as I was not there) is not our problem of me, pilar or jose, but carol. I am unable to understand what's my brother's life has to do with any of this matter and in which grounds in law, my brother and my unborn children were killed, by the negligence of a social worker/sister of the ex/husband, that she was born in England, with British Parents, British full awareness of all her duties to the community and since young, but driven by greed, hate, lies, tales, ambition, emotional blackmail, violence, etc.?-As this was the case with carol, because she told me that she removed the glasses, before she went into the river to swim with pilar, as she is a natural swimmer, mean that she could swim. As I mention before, I was not there to witness the matter of the river and is unfair to place the problem to pilar, when she was not aware of carol incapacity. When I do the things then I will acknowledge my faults in law as Mexican born with duty of care to my peoples in my country or worldwide, but this time was not me, my brother or pilar. The reasons why I decline the invitation of the river, as I was not trying to be rude, malicious or play any games, but I was aware of my disability.In law back in 1985, I was not on duty to tell pilar or the wold of carol's own disability, as in Mexico looks very rude to interfere direct in the life of another person: disabled/non-disabledThe matter to tell the world of carol's own incapacity including pilar, jose or me, was from carol. As the ex/mother told me of carol's own incapacity/disability and mention the reasons of the dog in her house. Particularly, when disabled people like carol born in the UK, where services are 100000% times better develop that Mexico from 1985, and not even 2014. Disabled people are aware in the UK of own incapacity as many forms like keep a dog, cash benefits, school protection and like carol's own mother said: she should know better, she is a social worker.I believe strong that even disabled people need to take charge of own life, if they want to walk free of careers, social workers, social services and army of control in the UK, by choosing own care plan and save money to the state. On the time of the river (1985), I was in Tierra Blanca with my brother´s family and ex sister/carol visiting the place, where is small village and far away from Veracruz (one hour) and the river. In which, I am not sure of which river to mention distance, from village to river and I can not comment any further legally, because I was never there (river) in the first place. "I never went to any rivers with carol and pilar, but both of them went together and full aware of danger and everything, including carol said that she could swim?"-Again this has nothing to do with me, but the matter is well overdrew now as we are in 2014 and the matter happened in 1985, with 28 long years full of hate propaganda direct to me from family, where there is courts, but hide criminal activity in "confidentiality acts"-I have nothing to do with the matter, but pure "emotional blackmail" in order to cash for lies from carol and helpers with tales of: river, 5 men, china, the kiss and even my mothers helper Where the social worker/sister of the ex/husband carol transports all that wave of hate from: Mexico, Germany, Cancun, Canada, and Worldwide and all free from the tax payer in order to help her malicious lies against me or my family and climb the ladder. Where they are taking the law into their own hands, but carol and the rest professionals aware of the law and places to bring this case and all be present, but driven by malicious schemes, lies and tales and hide in "confidentiality acts"-The family both sides trying to repeat over and over the matter, when I never went to the river with carol and pilar, but soco en germany river swimming pool and anny doctors surgery/anesthesia in puebla or several times with david on the beach on holidays following a continuance of lies, in order to assist-help-continue the lies of carol, by the whole family learning from each other, but killing my unborn children and brother. When the day of the river: "-My brother and I stay in Tierra Blanca, he went to his own business and me to the village visit family"-Tierra Blanca a small village with dry/hot/humid weather that contain no beach, ocean or let alone any kind of rivers within (inside) the town, except swimming pools. I never hear before of anybody from my friends or those close to me to speak openly of their own disabilities, incapacity or any other personal stuff when we were younger and we spend more time laughing than fighting, listen own music or dancing. We were growing up in groups not only as couples and trust was the norm not emotional blackmail of anything, let alone pulling friends from each other, wining them with disability issues, defamation, lies, slander or any other emotional blackmail. I heard a lot of complains of those that I use to call them friends, but speak of my persona in a way that is way out of order, in order to pay for something that I never did/said or comment of them, but we can use the courts to clarify. I am not responsible for any family and own lies, mislead, offences, gossip, illness, disabilities or any other matter, but the courts deal with that matters, not me. I believe strong that we should face the music in a court of law to clarify the ordeal, particularly now that we are all grow up, mature, adults, individuals and younger times long passed, in fact many are parents themselves and should act like an adults. Many of my family children are parents themselves to know better and face the courts if any matters regarding myself or any other issue, but me to be aware and present in the hearing, not acting like cowards hiding yourselves with: "confidentiality acts", but deal in a professional manner. You are bringing from Mexico, Germany, Worldwide to the United Kingdom a wave of defamation against my persona and by law in this country or any country in the world, I should be aware of the matter and be present in the hearing to clean my name, not abusing own profession and hide criminal activity, killing my unborn children and brother with spread, by carol and her groups. Unfortunately the career did not bring any money to subside existence, otherwise the family would not be selling own aunts, uncles, ex/sisters-in-law, friends or whatever I am in order to cash, but not a reason to use criminal activity. "I honestly, I can not believe the life of my unborn children worth nothing in exchange for hundred of lies, together with the life of my brother and I reputation to be equal to zero. Where family problems and their own children won cases with silly matters in order to cash ($$$) that could be well settled in a court of law, with everybody knowledge of the same matter and not to hide like cowards in acts, laws and criminal activity for: kiss, 5 boys, the river, sexual orientation, size of body or sexual part, speech, color, incapacity and even the person that worked for my mother  My unborn children do not a-merit to be killed by lies of a lairs in order to incite hate into my life, by "family problems" that discriminate me for to be Hard of Hearing - Disabled person - Mexican, as the law and courts that deal with the matter, but anyone representing the law and continue this racial hate should be persecute in law and withdraw of any professional standards and misconduct, like carol and her groups. I am talking about murder of my unborn children and my brother by lies against both of us, my brother is not here to testify but killed, to silence by the same groups. What brings all this problems is the true fact that I went to an appeal (13/12/2013) and the courts put a person with the incapacity of the ex/husband sister as translator and she is a social worker as her mother said: she should know better, she is a social worker, but continue the full hate propaganda with lies that never happened. As I never went into any river, but pilar and carol went together, but killed my unborn children and brother, with lies of the lairs. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even at work with carol, together with her professionals helpers from council services-government staff-groups-family problems-partnerships-neighborhoods-friends-vendettas-cosanostra-personal own issues-etc, living in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun and Worldwide. "Professionals that should know better, in any field or work relate"-As professionals themselves with full capacity to understand own malice and where they want to go with the criminal activity and not to continue using own work or any other professional fields, standards, laws and regulations to own advantage, but destroying humanity, with continue attacking the reputation of another able-disabled person (me) that is unable to respond back, as those cowards hide with "confidentiality acts" and many of them killed my unborn children and brother with bad spread and hate. Including the ex-husband sister-social worker to be in my private matters, with full support from Trafford council services (social workers, social services, social world, etc.), courts, the law, charities and her work place, then do not complain why the UK is in terrible crisis. As even parents helps in the vendetta doing the children's homework as the ex-husband sister-social worker parents, in order to assist and help daughter own criminal activity-act and gain a career of a social worker, also to finish with the United Kingdom system own stability with full of "family problems" in the work place, instead to deal the matter at the courts with full presence of both cases and not to "hide in acts" as we are not magicians to know of the charges, but by law, we have the rights to know crimes that we are defamed and like me we are all in the UK and time to stop the hate As I mention before, I never spoke to friends of my incapacity, also I never knew physical problems of friends. I was not interested, I never was interested or even now, I am not interested in emotional blackmail, full stop and reason of my divorce of 28 years. I am not going to be pulled into lies of lairs. My friendship is/was based of the person. What is/was inside of that person matters to me, not the emotional blackmail, disability, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, so you got the wrong person. I am not interested in gossips, blackmail or emotional turmoil's of nobody, but if you got a problem with me, then let's deal the matter in a court of law and finish the matter there, as everybody normal does it, not emotional blackmail or liesWhat I mean to say here is that, I am not the person that looks for sympathy to exploit my incapacity ready to cash like some individuals, that were family with lower standards and backgrounds, in which, I am not to blame for misconduct but themselves in law, that even use charities Caritas to cash ($$$£££). I believe strong that nobody knew of my incapacity from me, I never told a soul, when younger and now is to clean my name. I prefer people to see me as who I am and not as who I am not in any right mind, but called: "disabled person", whatever that mean, I do not care personally, let alone cash it, but to use the memory of my unborn children to promote any kind of hate from "family problems" of the ex/husband family with the help of the local church, charities, and as far as Vatican, well that is another matter, because my unborn children are not promoters of any faith. I hope the Pope can deal with the issue soon or I will have to press charges for the abuse of fallen religious standards and the murder of my unborn children, maybe my brother in order to stop anyone to use my unborn children´s memory and brother, to continue cashing (£££) in the area with Caritas (see photos). I hope the Pope have the decency to clean the matter of the charities in question to stop the continuance of abuse to cash with any imaginary ideas, ideals and exploit cases like mine, without my permission, consent and knowledge, or I will have to sue the Vatican in the same way as happened to 6 million Jews victims of war stolen of everything, plus 70 million victims of war during the WWII times of terror, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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