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The NHS is not just a number, but the Life of a Person: "Respect" ..

The NHS was born on 5 July 1948 out of necessity, poverty and famine, within 3 years after the WWII finished and 66 long year to build the country back again, as what is today. The war left the UK totally destroyed and the elders build the country back again, with their own hands, sweat and efforts, in which we thanks for generosity. The European Community was born for the same reasons, to unite Europe and break the hate. In which today 5 July 2014 small groups of children from those war veterans started another war, against the community and services of the country, including the NHS badly affected by the abuse.

Rule Britannia - Tribute To The British Empire

We need to understand the pro's and con's of the present situation in the United Kingdom, particularly a heavy human machinery that the NHS represent, carrying human life not numbers of citizens to hit the target, but targets community badly. We have 50% of the country peoples that celebrate the birth of the NHS foundation: National Health Service (Act/s 1946 - 2006) and System and the other 50% of the country mourns a friend, neighbour, relative, child, or family with abuse from professionals that hold our care on those premisses (NHS). "In which half honest hard working people need to pay heavy price, for the rest"-An opportunity by the NHS to provide high quality care for all, with health foundation, principles of medicine and duty of care to the patients either: Private, NHS, BUPA, etc. Where we question legally: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", even at work, any kind of work, profession, or even charity. We question legally the professional abuse of power and profession in the UK system and services for the community and who is responsible to hold that job to address matters?- The Queen Elizabeth II and the elders never went to battle for the new generation to bring bullying to work, in which they had to endure the intolerance during war times, but today professionals takes war zone, instead of work zone attitude and leave hate at home. A small groups of professionals that destroys the community with little care of what the elders did with LOVE for Queen, Country, Land and Glory (, in which services that we enjoy today achieved with years of bleeding wars, hard work and sweat in order to gain total peace, harmony and contentment, to no avail. In my case when married (now divorce) "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that brings intolerance against me from everywhere including Mexico and for more than 28 years the hate, for the UK just started. "Surely this is not what The Queen and Her peoples (elders) wanted as thank you to give you all today, but better kind of life, with equality, peace, respect and tolerance" and not matter of which country we are coming from, who we are in life, or present status, including colour, incapacity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, but respect to the UK in general. I do not win anything as my notes are free to acknowledge the matters, but not to copy my rights. In which I use the matters to highly the abuse of power and profession to me and mine. Where the law has been removed to me, wherever I request help from even the courts, by the same family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and their own helpers, that blames me for anything in order to cash and abuse the tax payer I have nothing to celebrate the NHS with all my respect to the elders that went to war, but today badly affected by dental hate of the area ( and none stop intolerance (see half way). I am afraid of dental treatment now in the same way as the ex/husband was, but I was to blame and I am not a social worker like his own sister, that works for NHS. The trust between patient and professional badly broken, but I need dental treatment due to previous dental work, as the notes explain. Where the law is taken from me, then I have not other option that to act in the same way as the professionals and expose lack of dental treatment leaving me with infection: over and over and over again, from different dental practices, even exposing me with the children, or pretend the work is done but with infection, then follows the need to lose my tooth, because treatment is not available for me in the UK, and like me the rest. I understand that I have family problems in which Trafford council staff acknowledges the matters and for many years now, in order for them to act and protect the community, in which I am one of those victims, to no avail. The Courts, Police and all the government services acknowledge matters, but removed from me and in which grounds in law?-In fact, I am taking Trafford council to the courts for racial and disability discrimination, in which all the professionals in the UK receive higher training at work and university to deal with those matters, that lack of character and follows orders, even to kill me, when leaving me with infection and pretends all is fine the work is not my problem but negligence, manslaughter and removal of licence for the trill. As the abuse is not the first time to me with one dentist but the whole area of trafford, as if I am on their list and again what are the reasons in law, because up to now, all the lies from family problems probe to be lies"-The problem started more than 10 years ago at Manchester Dental Hospital and still the same problem now with trafford dental practices?-"I do not have to be embarrassed by the lack of dental treatment to me by the dental professionals in the UK, but the dental council that regulates professionals standards"- I refuse to wear dentures so people acknowledge the problem we face with dental practitioners all over the UK, instead of me to carry on hiding the professional abuse of power and profession, bullying and domestic abuse. As I believe those professionals follows orders of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and their own helpers and the courts refuse to deal with the matters, but more than 10 years the abuse. I have nobody to represent me except myself, in order to face my own actions and able to explain the courts the reasons of the matter, because the cowards professionals help each other and avoid the courts afraid of losing licence, to continue with a wave of hate to me and mine, also to the community, that are badly affected.

My email to the relevant dental practices: 
I had dental treatment with Dr Rachel Gibbs B.Ch.D. GDC 77647 on the 6/6/2014 at 2: 45 pm at Sainsbury's Dental Practice in Sale, Trafford area (J Sainsbury Plc/Curzon Rd, Sale M33 7SA - 0161 969 2487 ), for extraction of one of my tooth and instead she pulled my mandible very hard with full anaesthetic to remove the tooth, before that she force me to take an x-ray with that condition or no removal of the tooth to make sure while the treatment was for extracting a tooth, following of mouth closed, then with no warning she pulled the x-trays from my mouth?-On the half an hour ordeal she was very aggressive towards me with full hate and the assistant notice the matter and told her to stop and at any time ever meet that woman in my entitle life, to act that way. I believe that Barrington dental care (23a Barrington Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1HP, Tel: 0161 928 0014) with Rachel Gibbs B.Ch.D. GDC 77647 working for that practice has nothing to do with Sainsbury dental practice ( (J Sainsbury Plc/Curzon Rd, Sale M33 7SA - 0161 969 2487 ) and vice-versa, but the person still the same which is Rachel Gibbs B.Ch.D. GDC 77647 not matter where she works (Barrington dental care or Sainsbury Dental) and your responsibility to perform properly according to the law and not with bullying patients care like myself. My matter need to be address to yourselves for patient safety not just myself, but the rest. I am not a guinea pig either to take the full blast of the hate, by your staff Rachel Gibbs B.Ch.D. GDC 77647. After 4 weeks passed, I am still in pain, swollen and bleeds like hell. I got antibiotics by my GP but said nothing to do with them the matter, but yourselves and until I am not sure of the matter, I refuse to take antibiotics. I have tooth removed by Rachel Gibbs B.Ch.D. GDC 77647  that "pulled vey hard" while I was told by another dental practice (The Glyn House Dental Practice at, 429 Wilmslow Road, Withington, Greater Manchester, M20 4AF - 01614 453104) that the same tooth was lose, but never fell to this low dental standards. The funny thing is not matter which dental practice I use from Trafford area, the same low standards, abuse and bullied by the NHS staff, or even private not matter and with BUPA standards as Sainsbury Supermarket Dental practice in sale, Trafford area.

Email to me by the Barrington dental practice: 
Jul 3, 2014 a las 1:14 P.M.
Dear Ms Castellanos de Parker,
Thank for you email.
Unfortunately, any complaint you have must be taken up with Sainbury's Dental Practice.
Yours sincerely
Emily Graham
Barrington Dental Care

Where nobody wants to acknowledge the low standards of the health in general (NHS, BUPA, or private). I am sick of the low performance of the professionals, with little care in the matter. I am not a guinea pig to take the crap from the rest with abuse and I request this lady Dr. Rachel Gibbs to lose her licence by the abuse of power and profession to me, she did not extracted the tooth, but pulled and very, extremely hard indeed. I got pain that will not heal, even closed the door to me and I was on the way and the treatment expensive. I do not care the expense, but my tooth lost by lies, mislead and lack of profession. On the day of the dental appointment 6/6/2014 at sale sainsbury supermarket the ex/husband knew where I was going and he told the Gestapo, as if we are in the WWII?-I need to hide from everyone, as they keep follow me, removing all that is mine, or stopping me to gain services in the area and bullied by the same professional standards?-I had been trying to bring the matters to the courts, to no avail. I need to know who told this lady to act this way towards me, as this is not the first time that happens. I never meet Gibbs before and I want to know reasons to act that aggressive towards me, as she ok?-

It fells as if I am booked by all dentist in the area of Trafford and in which grounds in law the abuse, as this lady Gibbs was expecting me and she was told what to do with me, act and abuse her position and who the hell she thinks I am?-The mother of the ex/husband she lost all her tooth, bullied by the endless treatments as guinea pig of the NHS services, several falls, cancer scares, fractures and the full abuse performance none stop by her own children?- We are surround by a wave of bullies in the area, that abuse profession, like the Gestapo during the WWII. Where her daughter social worker sister of the ex/husband was to look after her mother according to her parents intentions and the ex/husband was sitting next to me, when they told me. When I understood the abuse of the ex/husband and his sister to own mother was too late, she passed away (2014), I am divorce since 2012. 

All those dental practices get financial rewards after I made complains, as if I am the problem, but I can not even extract my own tooth, so how?- The rest of profession believe lies, tales and hate of the same lack of professional standards that abuse goes around in circles, with consecutive matter of the same pattern of abuse, on, and on, and on and on, that leave infection, mislead of treatment and then remove healthy tooth?!-The Dental Practices in the Trafford area join together in the malice with full knowledge of own actions to act against me, I have never meet the dental professionals before, or relate to them in any way form or shape, but they to me?-How is possible the abuse, except booked, but who is doing the violence to my lie and the medical standards lost to please the person by the professionals, even as dental practitioners?-I have probe of the matters in a form of letters in correspondence and communication, that I could ask for removal of professional certificates for abuse of power and profession, to Rachel Gibbs of Sainsbury (sale) and Barrington dental care practice and the following as well, until someone answer my complains relate the abuse of power and profession that goes against any health relate principles and against the law:

DCO Dental Group
53C Mainwood Rd
Timperley, Altrincham
0161 980 6745
Maple Road Dental & Podiatry Practice
11 Maple Rd
0161 973 0565
Gray's Dental Care
62 Manchester Rd
0161 928 1813
Sale Dental Spa 
Tel: 0161 969 7432
77 Washway Road
 M33 7TQ
 Poppies Dental Care 
Tel: 0161 865 1633
24 Urmston Lane
Oasis Dental Care Withington 
Tel: 0161 445 3104
429 Wilmslow Road
Sainsbury Supermarket in sale Trafford. 
Curzon Rd

0161 969 8156
etc .. 

The ex/husband and his sister acts as if just happened the matters, or use the children to help in the matters and bullying, but for more than 10 years the abuse to me and mine?- The matter happens in a way that the ex/husband and his sister social worker pretends to help me, or the sister looks after her brother/mother, when is not true but to have my private life instead. When in reality the abuse to me and mine is made by both of them (ex/husband and his sister social worker) that fight each other and send bullying to me and mine hide (confidentiality acts) with help of the community and even contact family in Mexico with any imaginary excuses of my reputation to bring them free of charge with courtesy of the UK tax payer and many ways they use in order to gain and achieve the target and like me the rest of British citizens with abuse from professionals. "The professionals act in a gang culture against the community, that in law is equal to ASBOS and crime, the abuse of power and profession"-  I need to cancel dental appointments in the Trafford area. I refuse to be seeing in present conditions, with mislead and not work, leave infection to kill me, physical abuse in a form of extracting tooth when is lose, hide services to me unable to gain health, but need treatment badly.

The professional misconduct happens all over the world, but who regulate the abuse?- 
I hope the police officer lose all even the respect from the community, this is not a way to tackle matters, because I bet a million pounds, the officer would not act this way with a white person or less dark complexion. Please let's finish this matter in public life and promote fair world from any colours, disabilities, sex orientate, incapacity, illness, or language, or even country of birth, because discipline is not good, as the Police Officer sign contract before taking the job that understand rules, regulations and the law, just remove badge, power, profession and give him his P45, full stop!-A STRONG message to the community not matter who is the person who commit the act: a professional or a nobody, but that we will not accept the matters, no more BULLYING when on power of profession, or those that got no power in profession like me, but respect.

We even stand to lose identity by the wrong actions of the UK government staff, that cannot even save the country.

The NHS has delivered almost 44milion babies but nobody acknowledges the bullying, murders, hate, abuse and intolerance?

Obedience study no because even the mother of the ex/husband sister social worker, told me million times of her daughter: "She knows what she is doing, she is a social worker, so whichever way you want to take the matters, no excuses as education, opportunity, training, shadowing at work place and etc?

One thing is to be hero, other is to follow orders like Gestapo times during the WWII.  Irish security guard helped save a man's life during a heart attack - before realising the victim was his UNCLE

Farzana Parveen Lahore (RIP) family that acts like mine and use even ex/husbands-friends to bring a wave of hate to me and mine, with no mercy the cowards and killed my unborn children and brother.

The UK system surfeiting badly with the present cuts, changes and abuse .. 

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