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Charlie Hebdo: Muslim and Jews (Arabs) safety protest with, "Age of Mockery"-"Sow the Seeds of Hatred"-"Charlie and the abuse factory"-"Be careful with religion"-"Damage community relations"-Insulting depictions"-"Etc"-

Religion comes in law with freedoms and liberties, even the Vatican holds into laws of respect other religion (dignitatis-humanae), as the norm, principle and restoration, otherwise population falls for mediocrity, vulgarity and medieval times.

Vox Vulgaris - La Suite Meurtriere - Medieval Music ..

As mention in my previous notes: "Nobody has any rights to insult another peoples, customs, traditions, culture, country of birth and even religion, but respect is the norm if you want to aim for peace" -Because is not your religion, you got no rights to insult somebody's.  "A form of defence acts as shied that is born with the individual (any individual) not matter colour, faith, age, country of birth, sexual orientation and even incapacity - disability, particularly when the victim is attacked first and for no reasons, other than molest, bully, injury, hurt reputation, calumniate, incite, etc"-

In other words: who started first with the Charlie Hebdo's matters and why is used to bring another war worldwide?-In small words: who started first with the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me, that lasted 28 + longest years the assault to my persona, for whatever reasons (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the holly tree, the dishwasher, the china girl, etc), today such lies killed my unborn children and brother and remove all forms of defence, so how?-

Pope Francis: "If my good friend Dr. Gasbarri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch" Francis said half-jokingly, throwing a mock punch his way. "It's normal. "You cannot provoke"- You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others. Here: we are talking about religion, but mean in the same way as the rest of matters that bully individual, human rights, magna carta, rule of the law, constitution, bill of rights , or any other rights: "You cannot provoke"-

Former MI6 head: Pope Francis was right to warn of 'punch' for people who insult. "I rather agree with the Pope that, of course, the attacks in Paris were completely unacceptable and cannot be justified on any basis whatsoever, but I think respect for other people's religion is also an important part of this.

David Cameron: Pope Francis is wrong to endorse revenge ( in wake of Paris attacks. No one in a free society has the right to “wreak vengeance” on individuals who insult religion (??). "We have to accept (No, we do not have to accept bullying in society!) that newspapers, magazines can publish things that are offensive to some, as long as it’s within the law. That is what we should defend"-In my point of view, as Prime Minister, David Cameron said: as long as it’s within the law and the (International) UK law do not permit anyone not matter backgrounds, to go against the law, against society - community, against the system and against principles"-Particularly when David Cameron defends 'right to offend' over religion confusing matters (with respect) with Pope Francis: As there is not one law for you and another very different for me, both laws apply exactly in the same way as the rest.  

I am interested in the subject as mention before: I live the racial intimidation, degradation, bullying, hate propaganda and Anti-Semitism ( with "family and their own bleeding problems"-Now divorce, but "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers use, teach and force my children into the same system against me, bullying my persona exactly in the same way as the bullies for 28 + longest years (1985-2015), in order to pass to my kind the bullshit and not themselves. As the following link: could not be made itself, but the product of family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that today use my children to hide themselves and cover matters, but unable to finish matters in a court of law?-  

 David Cameron: "We will fight back against gangs, crime and the thugs who make people's lives hell, 15/8/2011 and today different attitude, as I am still waiting for such help?"- "People aren't the architects of their own problems, they are victims of circumstance" The same vague words (People aren't the architects of their own problems, they are victims of circumstance) of "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, in order to hide (, the HIGH level of criminal activity, within the same family. As the ex/husband told me years ago, that one of his friends used his child now problems with the law, mean the low - life present time use his own children, exactly in the same way as he used my unborn children to aim the targets. 

When in reality such hate propaganda against me was lies in the first place, by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers - extremist peoples, that lied (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the china girl, the palm tree and a wave of lunacy - intolerance), to gain favours, education, money and life in the UK with the help of the social worker, that exploited the tax payer, today using my children to hide, remove and erase the own past. The same matters happened in the Middle East with endless lies from Bush and Blair, with wars of terror and tales.

The Middle East peoples need to flee own country as to be in war all the time and since diaspora times, today regarded as immigrant in foreign country, or even in Israel, but who started first: hate propaganda, Bush/Blair, or the Middle East terror groups that are feed by the same government?-  Huge crowd of Muslim protesters picket Downing Street to protest at Charlie Hebdo cartoons. The peak of anti-Semitism against Britain’s Jewish population was in July 2014, with incidents (314). Including and not extent all the hide, cover up and violations from the same government into abuses against humanity, against peoples that comes with no form of defence to own kind and goes against own principles.  George Galloway Calls For Action Against BBC Over Question Time, but who attacked Jews peoples first and for 28 years  the abuse?-

Pope Francis said: "You cannot provoke" and expect nothing soon after ( as the Prime Minister David Cameron wants, because I lost unborn children and brother by the family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that for 28 longest years (1985-2015) used my unborn children as white flags to attack my reputation (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the china girl, the palm tree and a wave of lunacy - intolerance). When in reality victim of "forced terminations (abortion)" by the same family problems that do not remembers such abuses to me and mine, but today removes the law and in which grounds the abuse!?-

The "family problems" still today very much alive, even after the divorce, by the use of our children now, that are forced to use the same system of fear as myself, when forced to see my sister gp by the neighbours, when in reality all was a game by the same family problems: Anti - Semitism.  

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The hate from my family as to be the youngest was far, far too much ..
New Victims of Crime Rights and Reforms: "Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling" ..
My unborn children do not a merit to be killed by lies of a lairs in order to incite hate into my life, by the "family problems" that discriminate me for to be Mexican born and Disabled. —
Misconduct in Public Office: "Abuse of power and position in the UK, a crime in law" ..
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The Rights to Know and by Law:"Jihadist threat to the UK" .
MP Theresa May plan to strip terror suspects of United Kingdom rights! ..
The Queen deserve to have an open government, to protect Her environment ..
Trafford Council (scandals):

A note to the ex/husband parents, that in the same way as mine family lived with the wrong ideas of my reputation. As lack of capacity to lead matters by the ex/husband sister social worker, because there is laws in the UK, not just pass the law when use the: "go and tell her" exactly in the same way, as when younger: "dad can you tell him (of the ex/husband)?"-My question: This kind of maturity shows in any social worker in the UK, not wonder we are in crisis, by the professionals?-The abuse of such family problems and wave of lies, born even palm trees out of the hate (5 boys, the river, the palm tree, etc)?-

The vicious game full of crap, dirt and lies, that represent The Queen Elizabeth II and The Royal Family worldwide, but expose the corrupt system, government and politics. I got a letter that represent the ex/husband solicitor in order for me to show to the next legal representative, as form of probe in certain legal matters, but acts as chain. Where the ex/husband is present in all my matters, just by the use of that bloody letter, destroying all mine from a spot where I am - was unaware, even my reputation. Today, I am in a spot to expose all my matters even letters in order to stop abuse within families, because the United Kingdom law do no exit for me, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Dear Sir/Madam.
I thank you for your letter dated 19th of January 2015 and the contents notice, but I am not in contact with the pension company as you promised, for Pension Sharing Annex, neither heard from the company up to today, 2/2/2015 and wondering if the matter is coming, or will take some time, to adjust my financial matters as well, because I am unemployed. 

While my present situation is the product of Mr.Parker, own "family problems", not mine and forced to accept matters "as it is" all the time and with bullying by yourselves, or the circumstances in which I was placed, which is wrong, because you represent the law for peoples, not against peoples. As you represent Mr David Parker, but you have not rights to bully - intimidate the community as myself, as I am allowed by law to take time into my own affairs, as I gave plenty time to Mr Parker own financial affairs in the past, after the divorce (2 and half years) if you remember well?-As "after the divorce" we both finished broken and not a share in the house, even to consider selling the property, as we drafted an agreement, remember?-

I believe, I receive £0,0 for my share of the property, but I never got replay into my letters from yourselves regarding the property valuation, plus, Mr Parker company assets and current financial affairs, for the Judge to take a better understanding of my financial position as well, not just Mr Parker, because the law takes two matters into consideration not just one, as Mr Parker, but myself as well. 

As you see Mr Parker got the house (£0,0 + aprox market price) for a quarter of the price (£0,0), not matter reasons of equity or any other excuses, as Mr Parker financial affairs are better today, than yesterday, when we drafted the agreement (May 2012). Instead to receive half £0,0 + of the property value, got the equity, of £0,0, which is wrong in law and abuse of power and profession by your current bullying methods into my persona, instead to obey and abide by the law?-So what is the point to have a licence as solicitor, if everyone will do as they please?- 

As Mr David Parker transfer the Mortgage into his name, so he is not worry to apply to any Mortgage lenders as myself, while we drafted an agreement previously (May 2012), passing the bill to me and stamped by the law, if we remember well, not passing the law by yourselves, as against the rule of the law and magna carta?-The time of marriage were more than 27 years, not 5 minutes to dispatch me fast, plus my condition as disabled person, that need to be taken into consideration by the courts. 

So when we agree into those matters mention before, I will be in the position to move from the accommodation, but not before as by law you also need to play clean, not abuse your own position, or bully me into matters, even if signed. As me into signed your document and agree matters, but not in the position to lose into such matters financially, as I am not Rosario Parker any more since May 2012, but Rosario Castellanos de Parker and is your duty of care and profession, to check into such important matters, not me, but yourselves. 

Now, If Mr David Parker is left financially in distress need to address such matters direct with his own sister, Carol Parker, Social Worker, by the level of management into his own private financial affairs in the past (as I mention before with the links), not me, as he told me his own sister was looking after him, when fully married (2008) and we divorce 2012?-As even the pension, when Mr David Parker drafted back in 2008, I was not allowed to touch, or even to see such monies and by law I am entitle as you mention in your letter 19th of January 2015, because I only got £0,0 of that lot, out of £0,0 which the court has not being taken into account.

 "As every time, I mention of such monies as pension as you state in your latter (19 January 2015) with thanks, because I am entitle by law in the UK, or anything relate into any agreement, or entitlements is a cause of big concern for Mr David Parker. Where my children are put into a position of blackmail, bullying and distress by Mr Parker aides, either by his own sister social worker, or relates friends. Where I nearly got a mental capacity by the bullying of yourselves ( in the past and you represent "domestic abuse" as I saw your add in your window displayed?- 

I am not a legal representative with certificate just yet, but I do understand the UK, Mexican, American and International law and I will not be intimidate by anyone that hold the law as yourselves, when you work for the benefit of the community as myself, not against. I am waiting for your replay into my letter in the proper way, as the law state, also if you want to work this matter as, "out of court settlement", as we done in the past. I request the matter of "out of court settlement" to be, as civil as possible and the law permit, without the bullying from Mr Parker that keeps holding into my own children to go against me and force matters. As against the law such bullying actions and catalogued as domestic abuse that you represent, but to work this matter between ourselves as adults and to leave the children alone. 

I thank your for your time in my matters. 
Kind Regards. 
Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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