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HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry understands very well position play in society, after lost own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales.

Тамара Гвердцители - Воздушный поцелуй | Субботний вечер, 12.07.2014 

HRH Prince William felt, "he was being 'used" to further his father's interests and portray Charles in a positive light (, after HRH Princess Diana of Wales death (RIP), an explosive BBC documentary has revealed. This note is made with my full respects to Prince Charles and his wife Camilla and not at any time is about them, but refer the same matter and ways - all my notes explain before in the past and present: "The sudden ("accident") death of Her Royal Highness (HRH), Princess Diana of Wales, Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed, as Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver. I can even question legally the almost alike "accident" of Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh. I have not read all the matters that refer Prince William of Gloucester, but the similarity in which such life portrait with, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, almost alike into each other: "The Beauty, The Success, The Brains, The Heart, The Charm, The Reasons and The Everything" -After reading part of the life of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, I become not just her great fan, but a surrogate sister, mean that you will have to address direct to me, of whatever is printed, write, or refer to this remarkable woman and even legally. I am taking firm stand on HRH Princess Diana of Wales own name and legally, that nobody will come and spread lies of her reputation, ever again. As what happened to both of us in this life in almost alike circumstances (one as Princess and the other as puppet) and sold like a piece of meat by some members of our family is not the right thing to do to your own kind, let alone the way to behave in society and attitude in life. In other words and in plain English: "Because your life is shattered into pieces by your own making, you got no RIGHTS to destroy the life of your own kind, or the next person!"-

Unfortunately because of such low life's actions against your own mother, affects even our children of any age and reasons of me to come out in the open, in order for my children to understand that such matters can happens to any family and not matter background, country of birth, colour, age, disability, etc. As the idea is to destroy the bad seed of such bullies that act as our father's  and expose their own bullshit, control freak, abuse and manipulation. Including Princess Diana's own children and whoever is reading the matter and see themselves in the same spot, place and environment with respect.  As the idea is to emerge with such positive minds into our society and not weak bodies, that keep destroying the sense, peace and order of our community, society and life, as form of revenge. I wan to make my own children strong enough, that nothing destroys their own life ever again, but walks in life with full control, not controlled! -Because I understand psychology and the law affects me little, or not as much as the rest. The idea is to emerge from such sick environmental, or at least protect your own kind somehow as making highlights of such hatred like myself, as the law is weak, unless shows me different: 

The Mexican President actual wife of Enrique Peña Nieto, Monica Pretelini, passed away within days of this picture, in a remarkable similar way, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales. 

As the pain left of such peoples that were part of our life: difficult to write in simple words, difficult to understand in simple minds, difficult to digest into our bodies and difficult to assimilate in plain life. "I can assure you that in real life nobody will understand our position, where HRH Princess Diana of Wales need to come out in the open of the abuse if we all remember and I am using the same way"- My note is not about a best seller manuscript, but our fucking life write in plain English, destroyed by pathetic excuses, pathetic peoples and pathetic bullies. The matter came, when I was making a note that refer HRH Prince Harry strong rumours of who's his real father and I want to comment further other than Prince Charles, full stop!- Otherwise, I will pursue Prince Charles in a court of law, as unable to stop such false accusations, ill - sick spread and malicious intent against HRH Princess Diana of Wales, because the matter never happens to Camilla, never!-Exactly in the same sick way, malicious intent and hatred as my "family problems" of the ex/husband (, his sister social worker and helpers, mean in law, what is printed in the news and what this note is about "being ("Sold") used" comes to be true. When I was making the note of HRH Prince Harry  with respect, simple I could not continue and stopped half way, because on that time, I faced my own (bleeding!) dragons (an old note relate to the same When on my children's times the same "family problems" and their own ENVY spoke ill matters, spread and content of my reputation. In which, I can contest in a court of law to the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, because of such malicious spread, hate, bullying and content, I lost unborn children. 

I can not believe that both families, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and mine, acts in such medieval ways, with such low principles and with such negligence. I intent to write a book into the life of this remarkable woman, but first I need to face what happened to me, because this note is not about cashing, but to expose "the sad reality" of what happened to both of us, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and me in different backgrounds, but such alike, impossible to understand in mind: "Unless our families sold us like piece of meat for own purposes"- "I believe strong that a person of any age, if their own mother or father passed away in the same way as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, then I am within my full legal rights to demand and to know legally, the reasons into why and every small detail until I am complete satisfy of such matters are the true and only true, so be it in law, any law worldwide, because nobody has any rights to kill, murder, destroy and bully!"-The same matter happens to the parents of the victims ( that are left in the limbo by the UK Justice, with no answers and no words of own child (Dodi Al-Fayed), but ignored totally, as if our children's life worth peanuts, or hide the cowards, As the same happens to me and mine, relate my unborn children and brother, but not answers. Instead of the matters refer in law as the law state in the UK, the person who acts wrongly "use" somebody's to divert matters, as the similarities are alike with Prince Andrew ( and Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed with respect, ( As both men stand accused of sexual matters, almost at the same time and relate to the late, "HRH, Princess Diana of Wales" - The Queen Elizabeth II worry of such matters: 'I don't know why Charles doesn't defend Andrew more,' ( spoke previous of HRH Princess Diana of Wales ( and with my full respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, but when this level of abuse the best way is to protect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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