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The changes of life from the Future King of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and beyond the Seas: "Charles, The Prince of Wales" -

The winner takes it all, Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan ..

First of all, I am not a Royalist person myself, but someone that respect peoples of all walks of life guiding myself by faith, respect and tolerance. I am someone that understand fully well Her Majesty: The Queen Elizabeth II ( and Her always serviceable, polite and kind Husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh with problems that habitat within our environment and family life.,_Duke_of_Edinburgh I am someone that I was chosen, never I choose this kind of life to myself. I am someone that not matter how much or little I push the holly boat to better pastures of peace, the direction is the same: "Thieves Steals All My Good Work And Gives To The Lowest, Of The Low"-  My problem started when I gave my sister Ana Pia a book in Spanish of Metaphysics, that study physics and life itself ( ), wrote by Conny Mèndez.  The book is not for everyone to understand as even today myself, after more than 35 + years of practice, experience and follows, without teacher (as my own choice) still very hard to apply. In one of the pages Conny Mèndez explains properly not to give the knowledge to anyone, as equivalent to give to the pigs the pearls of my Lord. I can probe this matter in any court of law, as I still got the book, that for me is sacred. All my books are sacred to me, used with the same respect that are given into my life, but not to be twisted, corrupted, hide, lie, slander, abuse, etc. Metaphysics is not a religion, witchcraft, black magic, dark forces and/or any other kind of disturbances in the mind, but merely simple, white and pure physics. Now we know why the page of book relate Metaphysics by Connie Mèndez, as my sister Ana Pia is the finest example of someone that destroys reputation with a simple book, together with a bunch of bullies: "The ex/husband, his sister social worker (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) and groups of helpers (the kiss, the china girl, etc) against me, forming a vendetta for more than 28 years (1985-2015) the assault to my persona?- The Metaphysics book that I gave to my sister Ana Pia in Spanish language, which is our mother tongue, form and ways of communication, so no excuses!- Ana Pia was the only sister that gained career in Journalism, passed to me all her knowledge since primary education as she was my teacher, but never used against anyone, except now to clarify ( matter explains in link. ). I am in the same position of The Queen Elizabeth II that gave all and everything to Her peoples, including own children, for me is Mèxico. Except someone came days ago and stole all and everything from my reach, like a thief. A life time full of commitments, hard work, dedication, love, tolerance and principles, but not to be used against Her Majesty, The Queen as form of thank you, when everyone left the Victorians times. My Mexican peoples never left the Victorians times and still living today in extreme poverty, lack of education and abused by a weak government, that steals all from peoples like me.  

I even crossed the river in Scotland alone ( so many times and I can probe this matter in a court of law, by a form of property that I wanted to purchase, but failed as other issues irrelevant now. In order to probe in law, to whom it may concern matters, that me and my brother ( ) comes with no form of abuse, vendetta, malice, or any other kind of hate towards the UK peoples at any time. But British peoples to us Mexicans nationals, Yes: "I lost unborn children, sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied, brother killed, pets abused, etc. And not happy with the criminal activity mention before, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker, transported a wave of pure hate - anti-Semitism ( that reflect themselves and members of my family, against me and mine, to support own malice, ASBO's attitude, intolerance and exploiting the tax payer. What people do not remember after that own actions in the past, brings the hate of today, except that nobody told me of my own peoples "family problems" to explain, in order to cash. The family problems started soon after the wedding (1985), not even divorce (2012 - 2015) stops follow me, including a letter from the ex/husband solicitor and pension to know where I live, to continue the bullying into my life?- As mention before, I wanted to purchase a property in Scotland, but the letter acts as map to my "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, to continue the hate, following and spreading against me, without a chance to clean my name in a court of law?- (from links: The lack of luxury of Tradition ) Do you think that is right, when a social worker sister of the ex/husband use own profession, against the community (me), then what is there to fear, why the following and why the abuse against the community (me) bullying all mine, together with members of my family, helpers and groups with the same feelings, motives, ideas, ideals and aims?-  While I will make a book regarding this remarkable mature man, Charles, Prince of Wales, somehow I will give you a small insight of what it may comes ( "As King of England"- Prince Charles remarkable young years marked his life for better, worse, or in the middle, but of what he become later as today catalogue by many peoples: "As Wolfie" - I am looking pictures of Prince Charles photos of his entire life and you can see the change of pattern, where before between his own family closed knit as mine, today display different kind of book. The same display portrait direct with the ex/husband, after 28 years married to that man, he becomes totally different towards myself today, exactly like the "family problems" of his sister social worker and helpers, planing revenge, mastermind intolerance and inventing tales, when he is alive, well and happy, so when?-I am dragged by a book as mention before, with the jealousy of members of my family that spread tales and I am not going to be surprise if Prince Charles comes with his own book, but what about our children?-  Why our children need to suffer the past of own parents and own "family problems" that keeps dragging them for more ride of the matters, taking sides and scoring points by a social worker that should know better, as her own mother told me so many times, to no avail. I mention social worker sister of the ex/husband as the rest are the same bullies, within the English system destroying family life to the worse and when I said the worse is the bottom. 

The similarities of Princess Diana of Wales, with Prince William of Gloucester, a mirror into each other:  "The Beauty, The Success, The Brains, The Heart, The Charm, The Reasons and The Everything" -

I always was thinking that the ex/husband mother never loved me, but who will love somebody as the ill spread of her own daughter social worker and allies (members of my family, groups, council - government staff, helpers, etc) against me and mine confusing peoples, then again: who will in their own mind love that person, as me?-I was feeling something every time I went to the ex/husband parents house and I remember asking him million of times, if there was something wrong, or what was the problem?-For the ex/husband to be deny of the matter over and over from the hypocrite attitude of himself, that was hiding the true from me and from day one. When as you can see today the wave of destruction within our family environment and with the use of a simple book that contain, ENVY. Today the same hunting, stalk, attitude, vendetta and war still prevails and even worse that I am divorce and those bullies should leave me alone by the law, to no avail. The lady in question mother of the ex/husband passed away last year, so definitive is not her at any time, but her daughter social worker, that teaches even my children, to act that way. The social worker without her influence and tales against me, members of my family would never be here in the first place, like your Tony Blair brings hate to the Middle East, but those peoples will never forget who hurt them, also forced to emigrate the UK as their own country still barraged in war, remember?-  Where Charles, Prince of Wales is em-brassed in a household "Wolf (ie) Hall War Style" in-fighting personality syndrome that crashed, but his own mother, The Queen Elizabeth II gave you the keys of own home as form of trust and was left trashed, as we can see the complete crisis today in the United Kingdom. In the other hand, I understand fully well what is like to have this kind of Boss, with bully attitude that destroys your life, because of those peoples, I lost all my jobs. In fact, I was a no good to nobody as managers, to anything similar as managers and reduced to nothing as managers, full stop! - "But somehow in the middle of all those bullies, I have bills to pay, so how?"- You can read all the employment jobs taken to the Employment Tribunal in the UK (see #8 of the following link,, as they crashed my life to the worse, bullied my life endlessly with any excuses and abused their own position to the extreme measure that words can not express freely of the abuse, with the aid of the ex/husband sister social worker "family problems", Trafford council and government staff. This note and link is not about The Queen Elizabeth II, that acts as the ex/husband mother in the middle of the "family problems" vendettas, as my own mother and the ex/husband mother totally mix/up by such cunning people against me, that destroys any sense of family life and pulls them apart. A mayor problem to many old peoples as I stand as career and witness ( of such abuses. I refused to play the game with my own mother, because my own father left her very well economical, but lost all, as she was passed from sisters to sisters. I refused to see the ex/husband family often, as I felt the unwelcome advertisement placed at the front door, as mention before and him - the coward deny over and over the matter, see today if we got NO problems, but complete abuse?- 

The similarities of Prince William of Gloucester, with Princess Diana of Wales, a mirror into each other:  "The Beauty, The Success, The Brains, The Heart, The Charm, The Reasons and The Everything" -

Where I know who is who's from the background acting as, "family problems" disturbing the rest, as the ex/husband sister social worker mirror Camilla and my elder sisters (Ana Pia, etc) helpers mirror Lady Sarah Spencer (, sister of HRH Princess Diana of Wales. With this matter in law just to start, I can probe legally of the abuse by such "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me and mine, also leaves Charles, Prince of Wales and the ex/husband as complacent bullies, that witness such abuses against us (me and Lady Diana Spencer) and hide in "confidentiality acts" the bully, that destroyed our reputation: Princess Diana of Wales of unstable and me with mental capacities 2005. A plan in order to incite fear into our life by the bullies, teach us lessons all the time, frame, bully, hunt and stalk. In fact, I am taking Lady Diana Spencer as my surrogate sister, because we both received exactly the same abuse from peoples that acted as families, after we placed our trust on such peoples leaving us with no form of defence, as such abuse. The lady in question as HRH Princess Diana of Wales is not with us, but trying to gain Justice over the matters, also Dodi-Al Fayed, the driver, my unborn children and my brother (RIP). My question: What we ever done to those bullies and in which grounds in law, such wave of hatred, criminal activity, family-anti-semitism, intolerance, hate propaganda, abuse of profession and power and even today with our children? - I do not have to take in law, what belongs to the criminal activity of third peoples, that stand as, Charles, Prince of Wales, Camilla Parker, Lady Sarah Spencer, the ex/husband, his sister social worker, the elder sisters (Ana Pia, etc) and helpers. I protect legally Lady Diana Spencer own children, also my own children and myself, by the same law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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