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Prince William on duty with The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, exactly the same day (April 25, 2015), his own wife gives birth ..

When I see myself making this notes in aid and advocacy of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, I do not know who laughs more, me or her, as I never in million dreams, I dream in the past, present and future to be embroiled in her personal life, with respect. As HRH Princess Diana of Wales and those peoples that perished with her in the accident and they are not with us anymore (RIP), plus the level of abuse that both of us suffer in the hands of our families, that I have not another option that to take over, in order to protect her own environment and mine and so be it in law!- In other words, whatever concern direct to HRH Princess Diana of Wales, you will have to address to me direct, with the use of my blog to make the matter public, as public concern and by the law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Princess Diana, William & Harry.

Once we wish some times the birth of our children do not interfere in any way, form, or shape with the life that we impose ourselves, but unfortunately nature arrives impracticable without permit, consent, knowledge, appointment, memos but moments, many times in full public display to our impotence, embarrassment and against principles. As human person made of skin and bone, there is little we can do for the matter, but to be brave (very brave!) and accept nature as "it is"- We can not deny the true fact that the women body was made in a way to bring life, because men create life. However, I wish for a moment or two men can feel the same "stress" as women when they are giving birth to own child, without requesting how the angelic boy/girl to arrive (boat, plane, normal, cesarean and even times to go back to work?!): "But to arrive safely, to fulfill joy, happiness and contentment!"-The stress is the biggest killed in own's life, but to leave the mother of your own child alone, when on such stressful times is the worse nightmare anyone can handle and the normal way such cowards run, because there is not map, instructions, or manual to teach how to handle newborn babies. "As children not matter how they are born into the family environment (single, married, divorce, etc), the responsibility of both parents to share and nobody has any rights to separate (social workers, social services, council staff, etc), but teach"-  

In my case, I remember asking the ex/husband to fulfill parenthood even on Christmas to almost beg, in order for the man to be "father" on such lovely times of the year: "As if the matter was a big necessity, instead of enormous share of responsibility at home?"- The ex/husband told me so many times: "They are your children, you wanted them, now you look after them and so I did"- My question is: "What changed now - today, that the job is well done and over, but using their own friends to pull them apart from me, with all kind of intolerance in order to fulfill his own wishes and bring a wave of abuse to own mother, to feel ashamed of own mother, to go against own mother, to break the rules at home and wreak - rip families apart, etc!?-A very similar matter happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales request the father of her two children, in order to help with the boys, to no avail. As legendary Royal reporter James Whitaker (RIP) said: Prince Charles appeared distant. When asked about married life ( "It's all right, but it interferes with my hunting?"-

It's hunting ( see third photo ) how HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver (RIP) perished (the 3 D's) in the accident. In order to leave the boys (HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry) to Prince Charles, used as promotional tools, after the hard work to bring them all alone and removed from own mother after?-  I can see the similarities with me and mine, that I keep protecting all of us with the same UK law by the use of this blog, including HRH Princess Diana of Wales own boys and so be it in law!-My aim with my blog and notes is to bring two very well adjusted boys (HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry) back to society, including my own children and to whom concern matters. As when you understand fully well what happens into your life, then you will learn to bat back again and for once in your life to be in full charge, not to charge the wrong people as me or mine (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and myself barraged with family problems, friends problems, neighborhood problems for me, paparazzi problems for Lady Di, Carol Parker, Camilla Parker, etc?!) that got blame, but such peoples that caused misery (criminal damaged) direct into our life. The next stage is to face the bullies in your life and ask them all the questions, reasons why of the abuse and grounds in law: "As I am doing with me and mine (HRH Princess Diana of Wales) in this blog, as the family problems refuse to use the court of law, including those that are not with us anymore (HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi-Al Fayed, the driver, my unborn children, my brother, etc), but deserve to be heard in this life (RIP)"-

With the wave of intolerance, I lost unborn children, brother (, sister detained under the mental health act and infinite abuse direct to me and mine for more than 28 + years (1985-2015) non/stop that lasted the whole complete "family problems" reign of (terror) abuse (5 boys, the river, the palm tree, the kiss, the china girl, the dishwasher, etc). In which, during those fateful years, nobody asked me once for my side of the matter (neither for HRH Princess Diana of Wales), but passed the law under, above and one side and I got the blame by the bullies and I lost all, so how (by the Exactly in the same way HRH Princess Diana of Wales, as everyone direct into her own family as mine, we are the (bleeding!) problems (not them, but us that lost all?!), refuse to acknowledge us within the family ( friends environment and steals all from us (Her marriage, Her boys, my children and friends, etc). Funny enough steal, blame and sold us like meager merchandise not enough for those peoples that call themselves our family, but live from our names (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and mine) the bullies (hate - hide from us, enbarasment own family, don't want to be relate to us but somehow live FREE from UK tax payer  use our names to pay own bills, education, accommodation, food, clothing, transport, expenses £££$$$, sponsor from ex/husband and his sister social worker, to place the blame me after, cover with "confidentiality acts?"-), with countless charities that HRH Princess Diana of Wales helped in the past.

Soon after HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away (RIP), with little respect over the matter, left the process (as if was a family business affair!) to her own family from both sides (Duchy of Cornwall and endless charities to Spencer family). Incredible to believe the family abuse, but same bullies that see us as "the problem (?)" and eat from us free of tax payer, leaving them all extremely rich "ever after" including and not extent Magdala center (, that should be a place to remember my unborn children, perished in the family (friends) holocaust: "Abuse beyond words"-As nothing of what family (friends) lies came to be truth (5 boys, the river, the palm tree, the kiss, etc), but complete financial exploitation. As after my formal education (1978) never saw my school friends again, so I am not blame for any friends pregnancy - lies after (June 1978), also I lost contact (but a few times) with (passport stamped) any (Mexican) family (1985-2015), neither I have been to Mèxico country months, days, seconds before my brother passed away (RIP), until now (20/4/2015) still living in the UK, but I am blame and endless lies?- If I have my way and if I hold the law, I would remove (with respect) the body of HRH Princess Diana of Wales from where she habitat at the present time (Althorp) and place her where she was extremely happy "ever after" (Buckingham Palace - her own flat), made the place free (of entrance charges) for everyone (me) to pay their own respects and let Prince Charles (Duchy of Cornwall) and Spencer family (Althorp) to pay for the upkeep of the place with own money. 

"I want to see how many charities HRH Princess Diana of Wales helped in the past and community services (Trafford council) comes to our aid (nobody!)?-The reasons why I came into our own defense (HRH Princess Diana of Wales and myself), because is not possible to continue any more family abuse against us, zero tolerance to bullying and cash allowance into their own pockets. If I have my way and the law, I would request to be ripped off, into tinny little pieces and destroy totally the magdala centre ( and HRH Princess Diana of Wales, whatever her own children wants to do with own place, but hope to be placed in London. Where everybody can have access to pay own respects (me) and visit HRH Princess Diana of Wales as if she was a member of our family (, for me she is my surrogate sister and I feel her own life into mine, without the beauty, glam, money, stardom and without charging for her advocacy.

As mention before so many times in my notes, the ex/husband and his sister social worker own parents are not alive (RIP), but I am divorce now and neither my own children, or myself qualify for such ordeal, and/or plays any kind of family games against society, full stop!-I learned since younger psychology, metaphysical, law and many more subjects not to go against society, but to protect me and mine from society, which is different one to another and neither is used to own purpose, but to heal the community. It's time for our well adjusted society to become responsible of what wants to get, aim and achieve within the community, furthermore understand own rules of profession with respect to the rest and not to be used against own family, friends, relations, or neighbors. As such close connection direct to us can read our minds like home computer system becoming the ordeal, with abusive bullies, which is against principles, laws and rules, also the police will reach such peoples first, before anyone else and for you to be full aware. As the idea is to break the mold and stop committing the same mistakes that we were forced to live when and since younger, but free our future generation of such big ordeal. As a such, I request The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh to consider for this time only, the birth of Prince William second child to be state as first priority (April 25, 2015), with "special occasion treatment" and when all over to join in the family celebration after. I request this matter in the name of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, as I believe she placed the future wife of Prince William in a very high place of society, as her own letter state.  "When I know full well the endless charities HRH Princess Diana of Wales did to Her Queen, Country, Land and Glory, that the most I can do is to express in full public her own wishes, using my humble blog, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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