Friday, 1 May 2015

Dorian Gray.

Aqui no hay Dorian Gray, pero puros cojones!

YURI - El Cascabel  

To avoid any kind of Dorian Gray´s, I prefer to take the matter now, not tomorrow when there is not more family left (, because elders sisters (corona, azpiri and matamoros) do not have any legal rights to come against the rest of the family and put their own children against us, together with own secretarial, helper, magician and even clairvoyant (ana pia), but destroying our reputation to the worse and when we said the worse is right at the bottom?- "As one thing is to be sister/brother and another matter very different is to destroy that trust that God gave us, to the worse possible way and even worse enough, to take the law in own hands and destroy our family into tinny little pieces, for whichever is left (me) to collect the matters after and sort the mess?"- Particularly, when the rest of the family never send to elders sisters any kind of hate propaganda, because we behave ourselves and treat each member of the family with full respect of the law (unless sent by a third people!), as I am a witness, so why not the same treatment from the elders sisters and their own family, direct to us?- Please get into your tinny little small skull, that family life is for ever, to love and to share for ever with full respect and not matter how God made us bloody imperfects, nobody is born perfect at the end of the day, but exactly the same way as you, imperfect!-Hitler and his pals (Franco, Mussolini and Stalin) were the only peoples in the whole wide world that wanted "perfect human race" and killed between themselves more than 70 million victims of war!?-Do you want to get that far, or we stop here, now and for ever!-As nobody can destroy family life, unless they are not well from own "chavela", nobody can hate a person that never meet in own life or to known so little, unless not well from own "chavela", nobody can go against human race, unless no well from own chavela and nobody can hate the invisible unless no well from own "chavela", because the invisible, hate, against and even destroy do not exist, only in own "chavela?"- So I am telling anyone that arrived to the UK from the elders sisters syndrome and own personal actions against the rest of the family (me): "You came and you done the breakage, you come back again and repair the mess (all alone as you left me!), nobody else, but you and yours, not me!"- The elder sister own daughter told me that if I ever touched her own family, then I will regret (I still got the email!), followed by my brother's death, just to mention that I never touched nobody, sleep with no/one, or hurt nobody and I have the full legal rights to protect me and mine, also to clear my name and my parents own names. So if anyone got a problem, direct with the person that cause such matters, not me, if you still think is me the person, then don't forget to bring the case to a court hearing, to clear my name, plus a large cheque to cover the defamation, lies and slander!-

I am here to clarify matters, but even as family I am not responsible, when nobody told me from day one what was the problem/s (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), but waited until breakage was finished and satiate own illness (in which mind?) by such animals (sorry, I got no other names!) with no conscience, as who can go against own family?-"I still insist that the elders sisters put the wrong people in the wrong place, in order to leave the rest of the family, with a bunch of fiery destructive personality syndrome, that wanted to satiate own illness (5 boys, the kiss, etc), as illness itself!"-A product from the elders sisters against the rest of the family, that need to come back from the same pattern, in a form of vicious sick circle, as nowhere else but them!-Where the past came against the person, but from which past and from which person, are we talking about?-As everything came from the elders sisters as bullies against the rest of the family if we all remember very well, but I go the blame (as usual!): removal of family life (me sent to uk, mela removed from puebla, mara sent to mexico, any removed from t.b. etc), with full control of everything that is ours and by the law. In other words controlled from the elders sisters against the rest of the family, left with the worse of the worse in order to satiate own illness and lies, as if we are a piece of chess - fun (I lost everything in the UK, by the ex/husband sister social worker lies and own helpers: 5 boys, the river, etc!) to be move and removed of everything by the control freaks, even deny us from birth rights as music need to stop, (focos party in my mother's house, stop as soon as elders sisters arrived), remember?-It looks as I am to carry the lunatics own baggage from whatever happened to them and by their own bunch of lies (5 boys, the the kiss, etc, tales and defamation against me and mine, because nothing came to be the true, but a complete sickos. I got the blame and I need to carry matters (xavier corona sexually abused mara?) that do not belong to me at any time, neither I ever create such sick world - environment, as nobody from my own direct family lost the marbles with me, but if that is your case, then please go and tell them yourself, not me, but you!- In other words nobody of my direct family: sisters or friends husbands (boyfriends, or lovers), brothers, nephews, cousins, or priest from any church, lost any kind of marbles with me, or me to them, now if that is the case (of any case!) send them direct to me, to arrange the matters in a court of law, because all is lies, defamation of character and tales from sick society, against my reputation!-Now if "family problems" insist of me the person that cause such problems, then why not remove any (if ever!)"confidentiality acts" against my persona, in order for me to seek charges, reasons and grounds and to defend my own grounds in a proper court of law, but hide like: cowards!-I am exposing abuse state by the law, for "public concern", because nobody can remove the law from you own life unless hide something ("confidentiality acts"), nobody can kill your own peoples ( and blame you after of their own actions, because that infringe all kind of human and birth rights, magna carta, rule of the law and the list is and without end.  

As nothing of what those lunatics came against me (5 boys, the river, etc of excuses) and mine, is/was the true, but a wave of lies that killed my own peoples (unborn children, brother, etc), from unreal chavelas world and their own fantasy land: "A product from the elders sisters against the rest and I am not carry this matter alone, because I never create the mess in the first place, but your bunch of bullies haters preachers that need to come and repair the abuse, not me!"-As your bunch of lies came so brave together against me and mine years ago (1985), I really hope the same bravery is display today (2015), to clean the complete mess left afterwards, but the ex/husband sister social worker said: she wants no more, after all destroyed wanted more?!"-I was never expected to be here in the first place and I ignore the reasons into why, as I left family life long time ago (1985 - 2015), by the same elders sisters own actions (against me) and ex/husband family plans, because my own parents spoke no English, but frame. As the parents of the ex/husband (with full respect) left and also left own (mess) children, perhaps time to finish, clean and close the matter, because I am divorce now and the elders sisters got no rights, to be here anymore!-"As the idea is to break any sick groups that formed years ago against my reputation and to live in peace, or we send the real sickos to the correct place and turn the key for ever, because the rest of the family have the rights to live in holly peace!"-In fact we are making a "full public concern request and call" to my elders sisters own husbands and family, to come and put such peoples in their own place to behave in society - community, or the rest of the family will issue an "ultimatum", because is not possible to continue this life, with murders, crime and full abuse against us, including the ex/husband and his sister social worker benefactors, not me or my children, as I am divorce and my children hold no qualifications. I have the morale responsibility to look after the rest of the family (whichever is left!) for/and/as "public concern", as they look after me when younger, because the problem I have is direct with the elders sisters, not the rest that are easily manipulate, controlled and sanctioned after?-  

The cowards as usual hide in the background with "confidentiality acts", then it must feel super good to perceive yourself almost as God for five minutes, but you never expected your criminal activity would be exposed as today?- Particularly when we are the complete family members not strangers in the night, when we are brothers and sisters of the same set of parents, when we grow up in the same house, place, or even home birth to share and to love and when we are relate to each other: !Hello, do you remember me?! -It must feel super good to look down to your own blood and family, but wait when you get there, when there is nobody to collect you from there, when your own children put us in that place for malicious spread and when the business is good, because everything comes to an end, as today. It must feel so good to come against my parents own children until satiate, when you think they are not watching your malicious actions, but I really hope the rest of the family don't act the same way against your own, when you gone to better pastures, as you are the peoples that set us the excellent example, not us to you, but you to us, so please in the name of God behave yourselves?-"As to come against your own brother and sister with no legal rights to do so in the matter, except lies and tales, then that is another matter, the action itself got no name, let's alone the bullying!"-While I have no rights to expose this matter of "family problems" in the full "public display", because the court of law exist, but unfortunately closed for me to gain assistance, by the "family problems"-Including and not extent, my family has not legal rights to kill (, murder and damaged our reputation of the same family. So as law abide citizen, someone that studied the law, I am making this matter for/and/as/the "public concern", because my brother, my unborn children and the violence within my family is not going to go, without punishment. As the law, any law can not be purchase, manipulate, corrupted, bribery, hate motivate, accommodate, hide, mutilate, killed and even shred into tinny little pieces, because this is what the UK law is doing to me, when ignoring own duty of care direct to the community (me). And setting the record complete straight, nothing of this writing gives me any pleasure, quite the opposite, but someone need to do the matter, in the name of my parents. In which, I protect me and mine legally because I am within my full legal rights to gain access to Justice, but deny in the UK, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  

Some matter that I wrote weeks ago: 
Dorian Gray: What a cynicism after all those 28 + years of "talked about my reputation" by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and my family "own hearts as the old man portrait" full of hate towards your own blood (me). Tell me: who in their own mind hate own family the way mine portrayed towards me and mine for the last 28 + years non/stop, who's?- As the ex/husband mother used to mention to me of her 2 children: as bad as each other and fight all day long, today we see the result. The hater preachers towards me and mine where I lost unborn children and brother by the spread, they were all right, that is acceptable in society - the full lunacy within the community?- Where it was not just at ONE off the hate, spread, malice, lies, rumours, murder and a wave of abuse within my family background, but for 28 long years the assault until own illness was satiate (well almost!). "When I leave the house, who is going to be next in the sacrifice, my children by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and their own criminal groups (, because they can not stop, full stop the hate, spread and intolerance, as own mother told me?"- Now is all forgotten, hide in "confidentiality acts the cowards and their own lies, tales and defamation towards and against me and mine?" - The reasons why I refuse to see family, until we all cover each other legally. As I will never fully understand the reasons why of such hate towards your OWN blood (my unborn children, my brother, etc) and never again to trust such individuals. "As you would never goes against your own peoples, traditions, family, parents and blood, never, because that day, exactly that day, you are going to lose every single particle, principle and reason that God gave you and is your own sanity!" - I walked alone in the UK for such a long time (28 + years), when the family have enough time to remember me, but instead they went wild with full fanaticism, ABUSE and shunt me based on ILL spread (see photo of the old man), hate, ASBOS, Racism, lies (5 boys, the river, etc), intolerance and intimidation. Arrived such strong force of HATE towards me and mine (see the photo) from all over the world (canada, cancun, germany, etc) helped by the ex/husband sister social worker and all regarding my reputation, in order to kill all mine, but in which mind?- I learned to survive such violence, as if you notice my notes all write the same, because reflex the same non/stop intolerance. As the ex/husband mother used to tell me about her own children and I believe strong that everything came from her, but still today, even using my children to mislead and hide the past, what intelligent prats?- Where the "family problems" used me with hundreds of lies that aid each other and live free from the tax payer in the UK since day one, but they do not want to know me, very much the same as HRH Princess Diana of Wales with her own family, that saw her as the problem, but cashed and used just like me? - "The funny thing with such hater preachers that mirror into each other like religious sects against me, because nobody can speak nice, but all the same, exactly the same hate and malicious spread, as if each got a matter, but unable to clean my name in a court of law of such matters?- Where I have not seeing Mexican family since emigrate the UK (1985-2015), except a few times and very rare. After I left my education (1978) forced to break with friends and relations and "their own children born years after we split" so when and how was me to blame, but my family forced to act own children by the same lies, tales and defamation?- Somehow, I came alive and I just don't know how, but I thanks my Lord, because such creatures are evil, are in-real, are not human people, they come with no heart and to think is your own family it hurts even more, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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