Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Let's to make a milestone Diary ..

I am not planing to return with nobody, but exposing the true, which I am allowed and entitled by law to have a say in my matters, without suffering the reprisals, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  

Imagine - John Lennon (Original video with lyrics in English included)

I don't get mad at peoples without a proper specific reasons, or even grounds, but somehow small groups of peoples try to get on with me and use any imaginary excuses, even if the matters that happens at the present time is not their own personal business, but "act as if?"- I am sick of the provocative peoples that act as bullies and find a way to intimidate me (with their own feet on my sofa!), with any matters that are not their own concern. When I never behave this way with their own parents (3 piece suit) and "their own business and at their own place, when?"-I don't arrive to my children's friends parents houses and knock the doors, disturb own peace, make myself very comfortable, put my feet up, bring loads of friends to overshadow themselves, etc, etc, etc, so when?-I am recorder every single movement that happens to me and mine, in order to protect, as the CAB staff told me years ago, "To Make A Diary", so such peoples must know where all the problems come and from (see letters of link)?- http://tinyurl.com/l5hvh8b Education was not enough for such peoples that hold professional jobs that need to implement, as if they can pass the law, because in reality nobody can pass the law, but use my "child to practice the line", in same way as "social worker" sister of the ex/husband used my sister. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magna_Carta The Magna carta was made for anyone who wants to pass the law, including Monarchy and so the rule of the law. In other words nobody can pass the law, let alone "confidentiality acts"-As the law rule that the person must know of charges to appeal in a court of law, so it is a corrupt system, where the professionals hide themselves in "confidentiality acts", to continue the bullying, even today as adults and mature!-  http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr I am recording the matter in full public, for "public concern", because of the wave of reign of abuse by the bullies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against me in the past, now presently using my children. It's as if the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers acts with religion sects from years ago and today is repayment, with a merry goes around, non/stop intolerance and as own mother used to said of them: "As bad as each other and fight all day long"- http://goo.gl/RG9NB0 

When we (me and my children) are not use to this kind of life, but forced to play a systematic games that bully each other, then pay after, as if life was not worth, or as if life was a repayment game, or as if life was a simple excuse to bully (see birthday card next link). http://tinyurl.com/ppfka3g In my family nobody comes acting like saints, but carry own problems as mention in my blog. When broken glass that is different matter and takes a kind of person to deal with such matters, not me, as I will never goes against my own family, never!- I believe the system was used by the ex/husband and his sister social worker family, when plates were flying at home, smashing in the wall and a lot of mess (shit) was coming from all over, quite contrary of mine with a lot of financial abuse. still today. I study Psychology alone since younger (9 years old +) thanks to my parents and gained a lot of practice in the matters since then, also the study gave me an ensign into my personal - family life, also not to be so judgmental with the human kind in general: "As nobody is born perfect"- The bullies as I can not find any other name for such peoples that bully - abuse society, same to match own peoples or victims and even dare to re-write the past to today, or re-invent the story all over again, but this time using my children and the children of somebody else's, that need to match (weird)!?-I can not understand the meaning of the game, as if you want anything from another person then use the correct channels, telephone, doctor, teacher, communication, but hide into something else and even re-invent yourself, but from which planet are you coming from?-I made myself this blog as I am not hiding, but exposing family abuses, as the law can not be manipulate, accommodate, twist, corrupt, or hide. However, I can even tell from my children's friends who comes with a lot of baggage from their own homes just by seeing them and who's comes with a relaxing family attitude to accommodate in polite way and believe me nothing to do with money, but education, principles and respect. 

I do not worry about the problems as we all come from problems, but the bribery, financial pursuit, blackmail, lies, defamation, stalk, follows, bullying, abuse, emotional blackmail, intolerance, racism, hate propaganda and even confusion. Particularly when the person hardly knows you and then hate you, then I worry of the emotional state of that person and when is your own blood then I worry even more (http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy), as you can see the effects of such hate that pass from parents, adults, friends, to children. As example the second world war 2 killed a whopping 70 million victims of war and then we worry, by the state of such peoples that hate humanity and set examples to the rest, then I worry even more?- When I never arrive to your own home hating your own parents, brothers, sisters, family, pets, bring you a wave of baggage, then I should be worry, when lunatics arrive to me and mine and why, in which grounds in law the abuse, what are the reasons in law to steal you peace, to put own feet in your 3 piece suit, kick your pet, steal your freedoms and where is the parents?- What you see right as English national, may I do not see right as Mexican national, so this is why communication is a priority, not to be offended as "excuse" to hit the person after, because that is cowardice. Unfortunately the bad example as well as the good one is learn from parents, tutors, or adults, as my children not matter age respect own father and want to stay with him, so it is not me the problem, but help to know the selective process as mention before, helps to disturb matters. The selective process consist in mix/match - select friends in order to promote, confuse, help, aid, manipulate and even cause trouble to the offended party in this case is me. As the friend would not act that way with own mother but in this case the ex/husband is giving the person a free ride to abuse my persona (when sleeping in the couch laugh, etc????) and when I do to him the same abuse?-Such peoples that do not want to be involve in my notes, but adults with professional jobs, should be thinking of the matter "before" attack, molest, hurt and bully a citizen, like myself, because I have the rights to protect myself. Everything is programmed that way and even match with their own reflects that's worry me, with my own children that learn the trade. As I asked my children to keep neutral, not taking sides with one, or the other, by a child attitude: "go and tell him - her (reflects as: dad can you tell him?) of the ex/husband sister social worker and such peoples acts with psychosis, when the reality is totally different and the reasons why I made this blog to explain properly of the matters, set the record straight of such "family problems" that lie even the course of the law and in order to probe matters. http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr

As I can not hurt me to me, impossible, in reality nobody can hurt one/self, except by specific problems!-In fact, I can not remove my own dental treatments in which I had been falsely accused in the past, "of problem", as impossible task to drill myself, or extract my own tooth, but falsely accused (dad can you (extract) tell him?)?- http://tinyurl.com/o42w3oy In order for the dental practice of the NHS to hurt me, as lies, taking sides and preferences in the matter: dad can you (drill) tell him (her), leaving me in the limbo with no teeth including their own mother (bety parker) that lost all, as she told me (dad can you tell him?) and reflects wit me. "As I said to my children before we get into that level, I call the police, not right!- Psychosis, when the reality is totally different (dad can you tell him)by telling different (lies) tales that are not true, like the boiler (http://tinyurl.com/ppe4ohyor may exist as the boiler but in different version of the real matter and many times such peoples that lies can hurt the reputation of peoples, as myself. Magically as you can read, the boiler repair itself since day one as today, lasting 21 years poor health?-In other words, twisting words and even lying the course of the law. I call myself the abuse, "as walking in broken glass" environment and act of violence, but the UK knows as "(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_windows_theory), broken window theory"- As I said before, when I bring this problem to you and yours and in a court of law swearing the bible, where we are present together and not hide in "confidentiality acts" and bring as well your cheque book to remunerate myself for the wave of lies, tales and defamation against my character. The bullies are used to protect themselves with "confidentiality acts" since day one (1985), in order to hide the wave of abuses towards me and mine, that today (2015) use anything!-As the following link (with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg) did not made itself but groups that aid the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, because alone without the council services and government staff would be impossible. 

While it's understandable that we live in society and we all come with "family problems" so acceptable - no problem, but to ask me to carry more of your problems into mine as "any excuses", no way!-Because as mention before, we are (my children and I) not use to this "English system" including your wave of barrage that hide the cowards in "confidentiality acts" and with respect to may concern the matter, but deal with your own family direct any issues, problems, bullshit and not-over-take-mine trying to confuse, as I never does-to-you-and-yours, in other words: "Piss Off - Get Lost"- http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr Apologies, as my problems are not yours, neither your problems are mine at any time, so behold, because as student of law, I understand where is my position and so is going to be yours!-As the ex/husband mother used to said of own children,"fight all day long-non/stop" but she left to me the problem, when I am divorce, because my children got a life and time to live and let's people to live in peace. If I am in the past, because I am clarify of matters to remember where all started and my children were not even born (1985 - 2015) and still today not time to finish?- As the continuity to bring problems to my life with a wave of hate propaganda is the norm for the ex/husband, his sister social worker and own helpers, when in reality in law is ASBOS, not matter if they want to hide own profession with "confidentiality acts", but in law the BULLYING is ASBOS, full stop!- http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr  The ex/husband and I had agreements by the law in the past and so orders by the Judge after the divorce, while he keeps follows me everywhere by sending his own helpers with any excuses, I am unable to process properly as he blocks all mine, even to Spain (http://tinyurl.com/llwbcn2) removing services and recorder in my blog. When I was trying to purchase a property by the same paper that I signed the ex/husband solicitor, somehow stopped the matter, "talked each other solicitors", blocking my matters and that was 4 month ago?-"It is true that I changed my mind after with the purchase, as I found a matter, but the solicitor left me in the limbo?-Nobody can purchase a property without conveyancing - solicitor and to do the matters myself, I feel like scooping my own ice cream, "as no regulate, by nobody"-As the ex/husband told me before I divorce him, that wherever I am he is going to be there and so I am right here, as he is not going to intimidate, bully and bring a wave of un-solicited bullies, direct to me and mine"- http://tinyurl.com/pwpqcf7 

Here is where the ex/husband sister social worker opportunity brings direct to her, as they block all mine, in order to look as I am incapable, when in reality is a game (between herself and the ex/husband) to block everything that belongs to me, illegal by the law the practice, but destroying society to the lowest: who regulates, nobody!- http://tinyurl.com/ooedqps The same peoples that pretend to be friends of the family (julie higgings) and told me so many times why her own husband left her and what the matter has to do with me?-When all was lies as they live together, but in order to hurt my reputation badly?-Now the same peoples (julie higgings) use own children's friends for the same matters, to bring a wave of confusion, instead of communication. In order to ask me to "leave the house when on divorce matters, so such peoples keep everything of mine after, based on lies", as her own husband still lives with her (julie higgings) presently, not me, but her and only lies, so when?-Now if there is any other woman that lie of me with her husband, boyfriend, lover, or friend at any time, then we sort the matter in a court of law, both together to read the charges and bring your cheque book so I can charge for the lies, slander and defamation!-Because one thing is to be sister, friend, aunt, or even neighbor, but to be falsely accused, then that is slander, lies and defamation to my persona and in law is a crime, that cost me my brother's life as he was falsely accused of lies in the same way as me, I lost unborn children and the ex/husband alive and well, so when?-

Such peoples selected by the state in order to help the ex/husband and his sister social worker "family problem's" and HERE is where your taxes are going in a complete boiler mess of problems. http://tinyurl.com/ppe4ohy I said your taxes, as even my jobs were removed by the same slander, tales, lies and defamation, including trade marks. I believe this happened as a result of the ex/husband lost his job after he meet me and come back to Mexico (1983) ignoring his boss orders, but on that time, I did not speak a single word in English and my sister (tere) translate all. So I ignore matters and for that reason alone, I never asked nobody to return to my country to visit me, so I ignore of the same, but excuse enough to lose all my jobs in the UK since day one (1985-2015), either by accident, trade marks, etc?- "Where peoples (bullies) comes to my life and molest all mine "first" and expect me to accept the matters and in which reasons and grounds in law the abuse?"-My children are not educate to this low level with any parents, or they will address to me direct the matter, so which rights got the rest against me?-As the ex/husband "family problems" own friends that mix together with my children by the use of their own, while I got no problems, but when is against society, against the law and against the community (me), then my duty as mother to educate my own not matter age and I expect the rest to do their own work, not expect the state to hold your own problems, but yourself!-The ex/husband and his sister social worker can said anything, but I never behave this way with their own parents as if they were my own, so who give you the rights, grounds and reasons with me?- Now if the ex/husband and his sister social worker said anything against me with own parents, then to address the matter in a court of law with a proper hearing, where we are all sitting and not hide in "confidentiality acts" and bring cheque book, as all is lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc). http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr As you can see the top photo Bernard with my child, enjoy each other company in peace and Betty who took the picture and gave me copy to keep. As all happened in 7 Gilderdale close, shaw, Oldham the house I was living with my child when separate from the ex/husand, also shape of the window do not belong to 31 vine close shaw, or 19 sherway drive as round in shape, both (bernard and my child) sitting comfortable, enjoying themselves. This was the only time the ex/husband parents enjoy own grandchild alone by themselves and in HOLLY peace with not envy (ex/husband and his sister) around to tell them off, or remainder them of the past (5 boys, the river, etc). I was working as Spanish translator for the Manchester airport / customs and excise and Manchester magistrate courts as Betty and Bernard were babysitting, so the rest is lies!-You can see the house of 7 gilderdale close shaw, oldham in full glory (picture at the bottom), when the ex/husband used to play a visit and also he told me to return it back after and today I got nothing, but him and his sister based on lies milked the system (http://goo.gl/EyaxLn) and I was to blame, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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