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The Game of the BULLY Doughnuts and the WIN prizes full of abuse! -

The relevant note has nothing to do with the doughnuts, company, or lucky prize neither is writing for them at any time, but for the peoples (bullies) that purchase their own products to bring to me the direct - indirect abuse with double intention, "as my present situation", so I am leaving the box as "evidence"-

El Sapo Nicaragua ..

When I am not using this way at any time, with the parents of own bullies that purchase this box with intention to inflict pain to me and mine and even using my children to get "frame" after .. 

The strong groups of bullies relate to the ex/husband and his sister social worker own personal "family problems" and helpers from council, government and politics affairs, lasting for more them 30 years the abuse (1985-2015) and no way to stop the intolerance (bullshit) .. 

As the mother of the ex/husband and his sister social worker said to me so many times of own children: "as bad as each other and fight all day long", today we have the result, package and wave of abuse to society, that is teaching my children the same game! - I believe the ex/husband mother own children (ex/husband and his sister social worker) looks as the Kray's brothers, such peoples got the hold of own community ( neighborhood  ) and landed in trouble with the law, but the abuse itself is not in Stockport area, but Trafford area?-

The game of "family problems" goes like this: "People HURT ME (as the doughnuts box purchase with intention!), I react, then the ex-husband and his sister social worker have the excuses to send to me the gestapo (council, government staff, family, or whoever is in command!) and hide themselves (inside own family, parents, children, friends, work collages, doughnuts box, etc) as little children and even use "confidentiality acts" the bully cowards, so nobody knows who is the real bully!- 

The action itself of my reaction / outburst when people HURT ME is an excuse to start vendettas against me, hate propaganda, intimidation, castration, abuses, racism, bullying and more bullshit into my life, going in a form of spiral, because own parents of the BULLIES do not take charge of them when alive and some passed away (RIP) as the ex/husband and his sister social worker, etc .. 

The lack of help from society to victims of bullying (animals - human people), shows in the endless of abuses, within the same society.  My question is why me of the problems from society to your own bullying?-In other words, "why my unborn children need to perish by the same hate propaganda, conflict of financial interest, abuse, racial stigma and even racism?"- Bullying society for whatever went into your own life is not an answer - excuse to HURT society when there is a court of law to bring such matters and both sides (not hide in "confidentiality acts") sit in a court of law to read charges and clean own name, neither is my problem, or my making, but you and yours!-

In this case, I will use the endless connections of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that somehow use (frame) my own children to represent them in the background, with own problems. We meet in a program for children and out of the blue a connection (julie higgings), when never before, incredible?- After several years of friendship, she (julie higgings) blame me of her own husband left her, when all is lies as she still lives with the man but in another side of the country, with intention to hurt my reputation badly. At the end, I broke any form of communication (with julie higgings) by the same lies, abuse, slander, malice and hate towards me and mine. 

I want to mention that all this matter of "introduction" between friends (julie higgings) was prepare in a form of "circus display" by the same Trafford council staff, as the ex/husband sister social worker: "playing an act"-When the financial resources of the state were plenty (££££$$$$), not now (2015), but before (1985 +), soon after the ex/husband sister social worker graduation, thanks to her parents that typed - researched University work (2000 - 2015), today we have the results with the crisis. As this "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, (local) government and helpers (some members of my family) reflects as my own child and the X friend (julie higgings) child need to swim in the open ocean, when on Sea Cadette?-

To bring this wave of abuse as social worker ( her own brother family (my children) as nieces (children of her own brother!?), badly affected (including my unborn children killed!) by her endless lies (, even in the open ocean as Sea Cadette (with no pity, respect of life, remorse, but lies!?), hating each other ( as own mother (of the ex/husband) told me so many times of her children (ex/husband and his sister social worker) as mention before, is way out of order legally, but the lies, cheat and bullying is even more hard to accept and even digest!- 

Where I bring this matter of "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, for "the public concern" legally as own parents passed away (RIP) and I am divorce, also my children are not getting involve into this "family dispute", because I never bring them into this world of pure hate, lets alone to HURT ( own family, but I question legally by the UK law in which mind the abuse?!!- 

I want to mention that such children of casualties are not a "solo" coincidence - incident, but the result of neglect, abuse, torn society, that even breaks (plates!) families. I want to mention as well that money is not an issue for such disturbances in a well adjusted community, but a sad reality that can happens to anyone, not matter cash, influence, health and even motives. Bullying society for whatever went into your own life is not an answer - excuse to HURT society when there is a court of law to bring such matters and both sides (not hide in "confidentiality acts") sit in a court of law to read charges and clean own name, neither is my problem, or my making, but you and yours!-

As when the friendship broke (julie haggings) another boy was sent by the same gestapo (council services) to be-friend my child, that the one was chosen to hurt and the reasons legally I believe is the same tales (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc...  ), lies and defamation against my reputation, when in reality is a dark past of the ex/husband and his sister social worker as mention before, but badly affected "before and after" married. Where I lost unborn children, sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied in primary school (and even as sea cadets swim in the open ocean?), hurt badly the ex/husband mother ( as if "she was my own mother" with endless falls, hospitals stays, dental treatments (removed?), cancer scares (removed own tits?), deficiency of calcium as her own medical report shows (as she told me!) and even my brother perished after injuries, but the ex/husband is live and well?- Where I promised the ex/husband mother to look after her own son (the ex/husband), but not when my brother was badly hurt (, so I leave this matter to the concern of the UK state, as I request justice, memory, reparation and non/repetition!- 

With regard of the other boy that was sent after the friendship (julie higgings) broke, supplanted by the same orchestrate - choreographed "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, in which he told me to go - to leave (when on divorce times?!) home, reflects exactly the same as his own family requested of him to leave home (now lives with own grandma!!). As according to him hates his own father and step-father, but I am not going to be surprise as reflects the same children of my sister  (soco) and endless "families problems" in our society, that comes and breaks  marriages for the shake of it, for the joy of the matter, for revenge, for envy of family unity and for whatever happened to them: "united in the same hate"-

As the children of my sister (soco) first and second marriage broken, but not by me as I never was friend with norma hazz at any time not even today, but mara (beto hazz) and her own children after (rocio y claudia) with second husband (dieter) in order to help the first husband, in order to see own children (, neither I understand German language from my sister ex/husband (dieter) as I told her so many times, but pure lies and want to destroy the life of the rest, even expose me in the German swimming pool that acts as ocean with waves of same lies, tales, defamation, that acts with financial gain - pursue, united in the same crime, hate, malice and even lies?

This is the same matter that the ex/husband mother told me of her own children as mention before: "fight all day long non/stop and as bad as each other", but for me is as the Krays brother's. I do not need to carry this matter of "family problems" anymore as divorce, but to the attention of the state as "public concern", neither I should be in any family problems including my sisters - brother, as they come with plenty education from my parents and time to look after their own children not matter age, not me, but them. "When is my own family problems ( and their own maker, I will deal with them myself direct to get an agreement in order to stop, but when is your own family problems and their own fantasy world (, please honor the English system, law and duty of care of your own society - community and stop, full stop the abuse"-

Now whoever HURT you speak to them direct in the open field without getting confuse and blame someone else instead in order to hurt that person and "tell them" how you feel in order to "clarify matters" instead waiting years to cash (££$$ by the lies ) and may finish in a court of law in order to settle own problems - differences, where both are present, not hide in confidentiality acts, as "bully coward" maybe for a reason, as plenty lies, defamation and tales get you a long - long way, not by telling the true, but lying!!- As mention before: I leave this matter to the concern of the UK state, as I request justice, memory, reparation and non/repetition of the same crimes against me and my family, by the same "family problems!"- Now if you think is me your problem, please settle the lies in a court of law, where both of us are presents not hide in "confidentiality acts" like cowards and don't forget to bring your cheque book, as unable to use cash, because of "money laundry", because I need to show where I got the cash, remember (trade marks!)? - Where for years both families parents were blamed of "family problems" but today the matters continue and they gone (RIP), so when? .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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