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The "right to demonstrate", when we never vote for another 5 years of austerity program and with respect ..

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Talking about a revolution - Tracy Chapman (Sub español)

The next 5 years of austerity will eventually affect all of us in the UK, because even the Police, NHS, DWP and the whole complete system will be able to feel the power of the government, when on changes. In which the Prime Minister, David Cameron mention previously, that he has the "right to offend" and so it's human for the rest of us mortals to have the "right to demonstrate"- Particularly, when such peoples as you can read the papers as the news and myself did not placed a vote of confidence and probe of the same just below. "In other words, I never went to Vote"-

In which, I am leaving the details of my previous residence, because I believe strong that today is the perfect time to move away from the present home address, not just me, but the rest of the family. As the member of our family own car window was smashed today 10/5/2015 (never before!), exactly in the same way as happened to me so many times in the past and I have witness in the matter, also the local police refused to recorder such important matters, "as not important", today we are suffering the consequences, negligence and complete abuse. In which, I told the ex/husband mother the continue car smash windows from my car (when I was married!) and that was the end of the matter, never again!-I never had any road accidents, but the ex/husband. 

Unfortunately, the ex/husband and his sister social worker own parents passed away last year (RIP) and I am not responsible for their own "family problems", but badly affected, in fact I am sick to carry a burden that is not me and mine (children!)!- As I need to leave the area and my children behind with immediate effect, because of the same battle from "family and neighborhood (house #11) problems"- I myself hold no problems with any neighbors, in fact, I do not know anyone personally (from today, or yesterday!), except the usual hello and goodbye, in order to be polite, nothing else, the rest is lies!- My sister soco did the same in Germany leaving her children behind and I was wondering if the matters do not come from the same "family and their own problems?"-My question is why me to leave children behind, when I already lost unborn children for the same person (ex/husband!) and even the same reasons, set of reasons, before going back home (Mexico). I wonder if the law exist in this country and if the same people - group of peoples, cause abuses to society and what are the reasons - grounds in law, because nobody can pass the law, nobody is above the law and nobody hold the United Kingdom law?-

While I need to move from the area, but the divorce agreement is not finished and somehow the Judge closed the case, without even going the normal formalities - procedures as the "agreement and the law state"-I wonder if the law really exist, because I am not going to be intimidate when I am using exactly the same United Kingdom law as the rest (see letters ), as the husband owns me (££$$):
- The forced termination (abortion). 
- The several lies in order to have excuses to go against me and mine. 
- The 27 + years of marriage, not 5 minutes, plus disabled supplement.
- The proper valuation of the house, not pittances.
- The pension that I refuse to sign any more papers, as the house transfer was done wrongly, with incorrect name, amount in cash ( and even legality with a caveat implant (using the children to pass the law, what a brave people!). Where the ex/husband and his sister a social worker knows better, as their own mother used to said of both of them (fighting all day long and as bad as each other!!), to no avail.
- The caveat was in place 2 times, one removed to sell the ex/husband mother house as the Judge order, then placed again as the Judge state in her order, when I bring my own monies that my parents left me when married?-
- The peace that ex/husband and his sister social worker stole from me, with the 5 boys, the river, the palm tree, the dishwasher and not time to finish such hate propaganda and endless lies (1985 - 2015)!?-
- Etc.

Where I have to move from the area, but at the same time the ex/husband and his groups of helpers from government staff (neighborhood house #11, etc) follows me wherever I am in order to remove everything and continue hide in "confidentiality acts", to avoid witness?- In which for the severity of the matters, I am making this matter, problem, abuses, or whatever you want to call it, for the "public concern" as including the incident of "broken glass syndrome (car window smashed!)", for whatever comes in the future, as I am sick to be blame for everything!-In other words, I did not vote anyone of the UK ministers to continue with the same bullying against society as state before, because is not just myself of the (local) government staff abuses, but the whole complete country feeling the disturbances, cuts, racism, inequality, hate propaganda, intolerance, abuse of power and profession, otherwise the public concern and demonstration would never exist in the first place, but peace, respect and tolerance!-

I refuse to take another 5 years of austerity program because of the abuse itself from government staff against the community (me and mine) and in which grounds and reasons in law the abuse without a proper referendum over the matter/s. As I have the rights to place my full complaint and for the "public concern", particularly when the matters goes against, The Queen Elizabeth II own principles, that she stated from day one!- As the UK minsters and own government staff earns a super good salary, leaving the rest of the community to do own jobs (me), using peoples (me) "go and tell them" when is own jobs as they get pay not me, in order for them to "go an tell them" very much the same as the ex/husband and his sister social worker, with the "go and tell them ("dad can you tell him?)", with respect but the reasons of failures today with the professionals that reflects and I am sick of the abuse!- 

It looks to me as only the Conservatives supporters went into vote spree (316), as you can see table below, leaving the rest behind (labour 239, SNP 58, Lib dem 10, UKIP 2, etc)?-In which, I believe the matter in politics principles totally wrong to leave that way. As the same as the law, where only one side of the balance bend leaving the other side with no form of support, pretty much the same with politics, illegal, against the law, breaking principles, constitution, fragments and fundamentals, in other words - plain English: "taking advantage"- Now if "I take advantage" with the rest of red, violet, yellow and purple numbers of votes together (labour 239, SNP 58, Lib dem 10, UKIP 2), make it equal the same amount in votes as conservatives (316), forcing them (conservatives) and labour to join together as happened in the last government (2010-15 = Clegg and Cameron). As such strong political parties (red, violet, yellow and purple) in numbers never went to vote, not in the proper way as the blues, leaving the balance to one side for the conservatives to win and won, with Scottish help, leaving the country with no form of def-fence from any angle?-  

This lost of count in votes majority (conservatives) shows strong with the rest (red, violet, yellow, green, etc) of UK population, as vulnerable protesters and the police face off, with new conservative play, that could be easy used in screen form as Oliver the Twister: "Please sir, I want some more" .. Instead of the yellows, reds, greens and even violets that left the political party ask for a recount of conservatives votes, or to shows how the matters happened, because everything same to go one way leaving the rest empty and according to the English law with politics matters is corruption. In which if that is the case by law, this is not law but corruption, as the political party can not run themselves alone in the House of Lords, but many together in order for the community to choose and vote with liberty, but for this time the SNP and Conservatives took advantage as the rest were left in the blank. I believe strong this demonstrate the unbalance of votes, as nobody went to place own vote, or such votes disappear by magic whichever way, as I never placed my VOTE and with respect. 

As mention before, I face pressure to leave the area and so I went to another place to look for housing, exactly on the day of the vote. Now let´s be clear in one thing, as for anyone who may feel intolerable for the SNP influence government of England should have no problem to understand Scottish peoples are unlikely to accept any government, within (any) election by another country. In other simple words, Scots will never accept any government, let alone from England. We had in Trafford area an Scottish shop and such peoples were extremely clear in the matters, when they told me Scotland was not England, mean they will never accept English people, let alone to run own country, except by themselves. I feel the Scottish peoples are capable to demonstrate wisdom, but where all the English, Wales and Irish peoples will go?- "Where in the last vote election was open in England (7 May 2015) for the Scottish peoples to place own vote, as we saw the great majority that stunned the world, but We, The British peoples unable to vote (September 18, 2014 Scottish independence referendum) into their own Scottish laws (Scottish (Local) Government Elections are a matter devolved to the Scottish Parliament under the Scotland Act 1998.) as last year, remember?- Where I am placing the wife of UK Primer Minister, David Cameron full responsible of own husband regarding my personal matters, including my children. As my work is humanitarian matters helping The Queen Elizabeth II to understand Her own community affairs, never any government (UK, or Mèxico), at any time and with respect. In which, I demand respect to my own work in the same way as I respect yours, freedoms and privacy to act with liberty, the same liberty that this country went to war and won (WWII), Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

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