Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Stakes of the "Black Spider Memos" with Charles, Prince of Wales, Diana, Princess of Wales and the ex-Primer Minister, Tony Blair.

The sound of silence. 

Finally this week the most awaiting letters - memos arrived, to expose the continue interference from Charles, Prince of Wales direct with the UK government matters, affairs and politics. "When in reality his own mother, The Queen Elizabeth II never interfere in government matters, but passing his own mother orders, when he is a simple King in waiting, when his uncle need to abdicate before married a divorce (, when his aunt Margaret need to terminate the love of her life in order to set example and follows the tradition (, when everybody in the Royal household knows own duty by heart, as born into that legacy, except Charles, The Prince of Wales"- The Royal tradition continues to this day, date and year, nothing has been change, maybe more modern in times, but everyone knows duty within own family and we expect to see matters with HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, with respect. 

The letters - memos writing of the same not matter intention is totally wrong, set the wrong impression of the same and gives excuses to the rest to abuse matters in the same way, before asking Prince Charles full permit to his own mother, The Queen Elizabeth II, because She is not invisible, the law is not invisible and the Monarchy is not invisible. For more that we want to forge ourselves into the community, we need to think that not everybody is born for the same, but with duty, including Prince Charles. Now if the urge to write about matters that concern oneself, matters of the heart, matters of our environment and matters that concern the community as Prince Charles wrote, "Black Spider Memos", then perhaps to set a blog like me to express his own feelings in full public, "for the public concern" not hide, costing the tax payer millions, costing the jobs of millions while in reality probably memos mean nothing but setting bad example to the rest ("as first priority for the ministers attention?"), or maybe costing the life of HRH, Princess Diana of Wales. Whichever is the reasons - grounds in law to write such memos - letters by HRH Prince Charles is wrong, totally wrong and he could be liable in law - coerced into any politics, he could be set in any government matters as Tony Blair, he could be frame in any government affairs as Tony Blair in charge and whichever way is dangerous, particularly when the life of his ex/wife still pending today and he could be fully liable in law.

I am not here to judge nobody into how such letters - memos were addressed and to whom it may concern such matters is not my business, but the life of HRH Princess Diana of Wales. The reasons why we forced such letters - memos in the full open, "for the public concern", as you can read mean nothing except community services Anyone can do community services including myself with my blog, that very soon I will start charging for the matter, but not everyone can influence into matters like Prince Charles, in order to motivate a "murder" to act as "accident" like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi-Al Fayed and the driver. I never said Prince Charles did the "accident" (read properly) but "motivate" a memo - letter, which mean two different words, in order to avoid misunderstanding with the English grammar. Now if we remember well on the time of HRH Princess Diana of Wales was Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of the United kingdom. Again when writing such letters - memos by Prince Charles could be easily translate into a big mess, or mean nothing as we can read, also frame into a more grotesque matters, like the "accident" of his own ex/wife, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver (the 3 D's). 

Tony Blair, "Diana was a manipulator like me (slander!)"- In contrast of the previous, Tony Blair gave emotive tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales: "wonderful and warm human being (hypocrite!)?"- The thing is you do not know which way to go as such peoples that hold the power, manipulate the power and control the power, like Tony Blair, abuse of the same. So whichever way it comes such memos, I leave the public to choose, because my job is to expose, not to condemn, also to clarify that the "accident" from Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the driver never came from The Queen Elizabeth II, Her husband Prince Philip, or the Royal Family direct as previous state, neither The Queen Mother as she was unaware of many matters between the trio (HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla). In fact, Princess Margaret burned letters addressed to her own mother, The Queen Mother, when HRH Princess Diana of wales was asking for help to save her marriage, but she stood by Prince Charles, including the Spencer Family. 

Now when you walk into that environment of treachery like "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, some members of my family and own helpers, then perhaps you will understand way HRH Princess Diana of Wales was so "unstable", because impossible to deal with such peoples that sell own blood for nothing. I studied Psychology since younger thanks to my parents and I was able to survive the matter even today, but ignore how HRH Princess Diana of Wales dealt with her own family issues, as we can see the result (RIP) of the envy and with respect: Her attitude was perhaps unsurprising. There was, as they say, previous. The Queen Mother’s long-time companion and lady-in-waiting was Lady Ruth Fermoy, Diana’s maternal grandmother, who testified in court against her own daughter Frances Shand Kydd in the rancorous custody battle with Earl Spencer. By siding with Norfolk aristocracy rather than her own flesh and blood, she changed Diana’s life forever as the judge gave the Earl charge of his four children. History repeated itself at the time of Charles and Diana’s separation, this time her grandmother siding with the Crown rather than the Spencer family.

In law mean what I previous mention of Camilla "ultimatum" to Prince Charles, in order to divorce from HRH Princess Diana of Wales. I put the blame as well to Tony Blair, ex/prime minister of the UK on time of the "accident" and for the delay to act fast promoting the death of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver as negligence. Including Lady Sarah Spencer, which is the elder sister of Diana to delay court matters since day one, in order to gain justice but she gained cash with billions in charity, also to influence grotesque, into her own sister (HRH Princess Diana of Wales) marriage, in fact she is/was the "problem" , not Diana, but Sarah (Lady Sarah McCorquodale: He also claimed Diana's sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale was jealous of her. 'On Diana's wedding day she turned to Diana and said, "I thought all this would be mine one day",' recalled Mr Burrell. ). "The same as the ex/husband (his sister social worker, members of my family, etc), Prince Charles gave free ride to all her perpetrators of HRH Princess Diana of Wales (Camilla, Sarah Spencer, etc), without asking first, without mercy, without pity, or without a bit of compassion. So why, I need to act different to those peoples that call themselves family, as since day one never such peoples demonstrate any to me and my unborn children and brother perished, sister detained, family bullied, etc.  The rest of Royal Family acted as how the gossips develop into that family with respect and many believe more Prince Charles (tales) stories, than Diana true facts. 

I and mine protect legally of the outcome, as I am representing HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her own party (Dodi-Al Fayed and the driver), that if Tony Blair acted fast on the "accident time" as was Malala ( rescued in her own country, maybe perhaps Lady Diana Spencer and Her friends would be the same. I wish, I could know what the real "Black Spider Memos" mean and if any was address to Tony Blair to give an order and what the order was addressed and to whom - which person?- I can not continue anymore, as still waiting for more information into the matters, as my investigation is not based in evidence as all was tapped, corrupted and misguided, but using logic - common law. I will write a book regarding the matter to earn my living, with permit to proceed, to The Queen Elizabeth II, with no intention to hurt the Monarchy, but to expose the real motives, culprit and virtues. As we are all members of the community, including HRH Prince Charles, but to distort the law, impose the law, to force the law into matters is wrong, totally wrong and even immature, as he himself could be liable for the death of his own ex/wife, Lady Diana Spencer. We have to accept the excellent job in journalism, between guardian and government 10-year freedom of information battle, with thanks. 

For me such letters - memos mean several matters, one of those matters is to probe in law, that The Queen Elizabeth II, Her beloved husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh and some members of the Royal family have nothing to do with the outcome of HRH Princess Diana of Wales turmoil, in a way cleaning their own names and find the real culprit. Because, if we remember very well in time of Blairism in his speech when HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away, he left the notes in the air, as if was an order "the outcome" from the Royal Family and not the government, as himself. When in reality was opposite the matter and the public expected the UK government to act fast towards the life of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver and not the Royal Family, but politics affairs. As to be complacent removing the United Kingdom law, the past still with us today ( with full of wars, battles and fights. "At the end, I will nail you and yours, not matter reasons and grounds in law"- As I took HRH Princess Diana of Wales as my own surrogate sister, for the level of abuse that both of us endure in the hands of such peoples that call themselves "family", but perpetrators, abusive bullies, cunning Dracula´s, that even turned our mother´s against us with all kind of tales, lies, malicious spread (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc  ), Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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