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Time to BAN animal (Fox) hunting and cruelty to living creatures for good ..

Deprivation of liberty: Incapacitated people - animals subject by state decision to continuous supervision and control without option to leave settings, but deprived of their own liberty, freedoms and human rights. In which apply to human people the abuse, not just animals. 

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As I don't know who is the more animal, irresponsible, immature and bully of all: "The animal that suffer the violence in silence as in this case the FOX, or the bully perpetrator that abuse with no respect of my Lord's creatures, but a HUMAN person made of skin and bone, that holds full capability to understand malice itself (otherwise they will not do the horrendous pastime), reason to acknowledge crime (professionals themselves, so no excuses!), destruction of own God's creatures (who give you the rights?!), abuse itself and best education anyone can dream in order to understand right from wrong (or vice-versa)?"- The extermination to my Lord's creatures is there to acknowledge in full public and everyone to see the extent of the abuse, including the same Mother Earth climate changes and the reasons why I signed the petition. My aim is not political or government correctness, motivate, interference, malpractice, taking the law (as exposing in full public the abuse!), neither I am interested on such matters, but the "Animals Rights" - I believe strong the time arrived for our little brothers and sisters, which are our animals with no barriers, preferences, sizes, age, colors, in-capacities, breed (etc, etc,), to have some kind of "Animal Rights and Protections laws", full stop!- The abuse that comes from well known members of our community - society towards the animals is way out of your own imagination, in many ways repels the norms of decency and in this case is the foxes. "Prince Charles reportedly told a private gathering: "If the Labour Government ever gets round to banning fox hunting, I might as well leave this country and spend the rest of my life skiing." The matter reflects the same hunting HRH Princess Diana of Wales suffer, when chase in France, before she passed away (see photos ), RIP. It may explain, why the conservatives won 2015. ("If the Labour Government ever gets round to banning fox hunting, I might as well leave this country and spend the rest of my life skiing."). The reasons why covers the photo image with little red clothing, when in reality should be left nude in order to explain, how animals feel when hunted: exposed, abused, bullied and then killed. (Hunting animals "foxes, hare, mink etc" even with the use of dogs banned in England and Wales "hope Scotland and Ireland follows" by the Hunting Act in 2004). Spain is famous for the bullfighting using a red cloth that the animal as victim follows. The reasons of color preference as red in any matter even clothing, I am unaware, but for many years the practice as horrendous continues. The abuse is way out of your mind even with foxes that the dogs see them in red light and recognize them even in darkness, maybe the reasons why they are selected as victims. The red color is the only color animals can see, or attracted by the matters, nothing of this medieval idea is well funded, or even researched properly, but certainly kills our animals with no form of respect, no pity, no compassion, no care, no nothing, acting just like savages cowards bullies. Because Animals can not speak, the matter do not give you the automatic rights and advantage to go against the Mother Earth and her own kingdom. If laws were properly implemented within our society in order to protect life itself, even of animals (any animals), legally you are trespassing their own property, environment and even kingdom. We are so confuse that some human peoples lives within animal environment and when properly settled down brings own laws, in order to deter the same animals, or any living existence as nuisance in this case is the fox ( as hunting, when we know full well that is not the case, but living within own (animal) rights. How many houses are burned down by the same ecology system of our mother earth, when some areas are not made for housing markets - states?- As if you plan to live within such boundaries where nuisance creatures lives, then full aware of pros and cons and not just kill as excuse, in order to gain pleasure from sport. I protect me and mine legally with this note, as the matter is not my concern alone the hunting - hurting of animals in general ( and not rights to defend them in law, but "for public concern" - In question of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the Driver  "accident" (the 3 D's) RIP, I still got a bit further along, before I can fully demonstrate otherwise. In which, I have been taken as my surrogate sister for the similarities, as both suffer the same "family  (envy) problems"- I find extremely difficult to accept matters as was family, but I hope with time gain justice. The reasons why I studied the English law in order to set the record straight from "family problems" of the ex-husband, his sisters social worker and helpers (trafford council staff), that use lies to incapacitate, condemn, control and even pin peoples lives in order to abuse the UK system. The abuse works as either peoples or animals freedoms in equal manner. When social workers (sister of the ex/husband are not allowed to use any form of mental capacities acts when work for health services, furthermore against own family and relations (me and my sister), or lose own certificate (job) by the abuse ( In the same way doctors duty of care to own patients, "patient permission first", when dealing with family of the same patients. As I was frame by the neighbors, who's children are close friends with my sister own sons (tito and riqui) to seek my gp relate my sister health, when in reality wanted to seek their own father in Veracruz, but frame me. When in reality was revenge from my sister ex/husband when she moved own children from Mexico to Germany, in order to give them a better standard of life. After the ex/husband of my sister gained what he wanted the children went back to their own mother (my sister), leaving me with problems. If anyone affected by the abuse to seek my sister own children as adults, to deal with own mess, not me or mine (children).The level of abuse to me and mine by the professionals, that I want to expand as further as close relations, friends, or even neighbors - neighborhood,  "patient permission first" not matter "the level of gravity", as the abuse of such peoples is way out of order. Where I am bringing this matter of Deprivation of liberty, for the "public concern", as time to finish cruelty, illness and malpractice within our society and set boundaries, respect and tolerance, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  

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Cameron will LOSE vote to bring back fox hunting, because a "substantial number of Conservatives are against it" .. with thanks! -


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