Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pope condemn termination (abortion), but no genocide of wars in the Middle East, that kills children like Herod Times, with politics (George W. Bush and Tony Blair), government and religious affairs. ..

Тамара Гвердцители - Молитва. Концерт к Дню спасателя.

Tony Blair stands down as Middle East Envoy and Lands New Role, Fighting Anti-Semitism At The European Council on Tolerance, Reconciliation and Holocaust Denial. When in reality, Tony Blair and his allied George W. Bush, bring so much devastation to the Middle East peoples and affairs, now stand as saint against the genocide, holocaust and murder spree landing with so many NEW roles, in order to mislead, confuses and lie the course of the UK law. 

Islam - Muslim peoples are not the problem (, but hate from entities that hide in "confidentiality acts" the cowards, after the murder spree of the Middle East that stand as equivalent of WWII ( ) and here is Tony Blair (and George Bush) that landed with new role (Fighting Anti-Semitism At The European Council On Tolerance, Reconciliation and Holocaust Denial), after the genocide and holocaust to continue misleading the public, instead sitting for crimes against humanity, very much the same as WWII dictators: Hitler, Stalin, Franco and Mussolini.   

The terror groups (ISIS) that exist today unfortunately are feed by the government staff as Tony Blair and George Bush oil business, until not stop such NEW roles that hide the identity of the criminals in endless wars will continue (, but nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with Muslim worlds and no need to create this kind of separatism, fanaticism and racism, between races, but love, tolerance and peace. 

"There is not crime to be of Christian, Muslim - Islam, or any other kind of religion as "FREEDOMS of Religions" exist in the world and SIGNED by the Vatican as well in order to stop discriminatory HATE between peoples, races, religions and colours, as nobody is more than the other, but equal. "I am not happy that TONY BLAIR and BUSH still free to continue the intolerance in the Middle East affairs (Blair Lands New Role Fighting Anti-Semitism And Holocaust Denial), when should be sitting for "crimes against humanity" in a proper International court, opening an inquest with immediate effect for such "wars on terror", when misleading the world with tales and lies in order to steal.

Today we have the result of the crime and abuse with the Middle East victims, as hundreds of refuges need to flee own country that is active in war (, landing in Europe and pardon for spoiling holidays, but any complaints direct to Tony Blair and Geaorge W. Bush,  "war on terror excuses" in the Middle East, in order to steal your own living. 

Only Israel (Arab) will miss Tony Blair: blundering war criminal appointed 'peace envoy'- As Israel (Arab) Online Ambassador and someone with ancestors, that Israel (Arab) will no miss Tony Blair or any kind of hate propaganda direct to the Middle East victims, or I will leave such humanitarian work with immediate effect, also as UK citizen.

As peoples are very good to mislead matters like Pope Francis Condemns Abortion (, but not the genocide that such wars in the Middle East cause to children like Herod times with politics, government and religion affairs. Pope Francis: Not Recognizing Israel’s Right to Exist is Anti-Semitic. But the VATICAN itself use a JEW man in his church called Jesus Christ, so lie in order to incite and create hostile place for ISRAEL (Arab) - Jews peoples, when in reality the Jew (Arab) Man is one of us?- (see Caritas, Legionaries of Christ and opal groups)  

We are not amuse and we will not tolerate such abuse against us worldwide by the VATICAN, as the matter brings such hate since centuries ago (Inquisition times, WWII and Palestine now), not just now, but use our peoples as "Jesus Christ" to teach love, tolerance and peace, misleading murder ( ) "Jews (Arabs) - Israel peoples", with no respect, no pity, no compassion, or even laws to deter such crimes?"- 

When mistakes exist some times no problem (, to rectify the matter after in order to avoid the continuance (, as "Jews (Arabs) - Israel peoples" stand for centuries with the abuse and need to hide for the same reasons: antisemitism.  As we stand in the Middle East as brothers and sisters that comes from the same God, Father Abraham and even religion, as Moises. 

Cardinal: Abortion is bigger sin than priest abuse. Perhaps the priest speak that way with respect, as he will miss children when younger to continue abuse (, because woman can not create life to continue abuse as the Vatican wants us to believe that way and need the man's part, but stand falsely accused. The catholic guide to depression, when is not the feeling down, but letting us down by the same religious affairs that takes men as priority, but not women necessities, because children comes with financial requirements. 

As the Vatican knows full well that women of today, unable to believe in Holly Mary´s - virgins anymore, but need men instrument (sperm) to procreate - create life, because alone we are nothing, but stand falsely accused. Now that the Vatican knows full well that women of today are not stupid to believe in lies - tales of Virgin Mary, but comes and attacks with different matters: comparing Termination (abortion) as Spanish Civil War ( When the second world war 2 genocide cost victims of war in Europe alone, more than 70 million and originate the teaching standards, from the Vatican to Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Stalin, against humanity?-

I speak in Spanish of the same hate, direct to Obispo de Alcalá: Nadien puede odiar a otra persona que no conoce siendo mujer o hombre, hasta se cuestionea legalmente, religiosamente y psicamente tàn absurdo lenguage, mucho menos un sarcerdote que tiene en sus principios a varias mujeres idolatradas, llamadas las Santas Marias, Marias Magdalenas y Virgenes de todo tipo, color y hasta raza, entonces?- Ya estamos cansados de estas perogativas infames contra la mujer y su maltrato directo por nefastos que se esconden en las sandalias de San Pedro y su nido de mentirosas que se fueròn contra indefensos (

When I am making this note not as form of gain the pardon of nobody, because the reasons that I came in the open was not about a confession, as I am unable to create manhood (sperm) and impregnate myself, with respect, but men. Including the Vatican that holds own sins unable to see the reality, level of crime and abuse of power and profession against minors (, but my God saw what happened to me and mine from my own blood that came against me, in order for me to measure the same level of abuse, when request Justice.  

As my God gave me children to fulfill the empty space that was left by my unborn children that perished in the "rivers of hate" in a form of trust, in a form of love, in a form of whatever comes into your mind right now, but him and me alone. Perhaps with time and years passed, after my unborn children killed in a very much similar situation as my elder sister child (RIP), including the same sisters (mara and flor), reasons (5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) and hate propaganda, against us. I am unable to understand the killing process as they were my family, reasons as you don't kill your own but love, protect and respect as the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers alive, well and happy, the rest is lies.

 I hold in my blog ( ) more than 350 notes for family, from both sides of the world to acknowledge the level of abuse, crime and excuses (5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) to murder and kill against me and mine, by their own tales, lies and slander "costing me lives of my unborn children and brother ( ), when they are all alive and well", to no avail. 

I just got a response of the same level of criminal activity exposed in my notes (1985 - 2015), as "pet" of the ex/husband sister social worker, so I need to think as well in all sides, high and measure of the problem for more than 30 years, "excuse for them to kill my unborn children - brother and abuse all mine" and the law accept the matters as "confidentiality acts" (5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, the dishwasher, the palm tree, now is the pet, etc), without saying my side of the matters and no punishment to them by the level of criminal activity, abuse, crime and murder (, maybe I can do the same to them and the law is unable to touch me?-

When I never went against such peoples that stand as family but excluded me with any reasons - excuses and made me to pay for all the matters that happened to them, as mention before even with my elder sister (, that went the same motion as mine and I was only a small child, but frame badly. "Every-time I went to Mexico such peoples that stand as family they were planing and framing me with anything in order to pay - accuse me of own matters, instead of such peoples to seek own bully by themselves and take them to the court of law to clarify, but me?-

I question religion of love, harmony and tolerance as Christians, but more like hate propaganda against own principles, as such hate demonstrate with own peoples. I am unable to understand how the social worker, sister of the ex/husband could pass my file to members of my family that came against me, in order for them to get access to all mine from UK, Germany and Mexico, hide in "confidentiality acts" the cowards, when is against the law. The matter reflects, when I went to Spain for treatment as all services in the area, badly used and abused against me? - When I got the blame of my brother, but since minutes that he passed away - up to now, still in the UK, no Mexico. I grow up with family and up to me and them to learn from each other, but crime, murder and violence is never used against your own kind. 

The reasons why I request the Vatican to take own matters and accept what they preach and responsibility, as now they fully know is not me who caused the termination (abortion) as in Mexico escorted by sister (tere), that stood in front of the doctor to make sure he done the job properly. The same sister (tere) that translate me when I meet the ex/husband in Mexico and only God'd know what they talked about, as he will do anything for her, even today. Where "the pope condemns abortion" and I want to seek if it's true, as the real peoples that caused my terminations still roaming free, hate free and with full liberty to apply, but me falsely accused by the family in order to cash, hunt, stalk as against the law (, frame with anything, blame for everything but unable to clean my name in a court of law and abuse to any imagination, but not the real peoples?- 

I did not came to this level and waited for so long, in order to gain access to justice, memory, reparation and non/repetition for my unborn children, brother and elder sister child, for the Pope ignore my petition and even visit The Queen Elizabeth II and bring presents for Her, as she did to him. As the matters today and level of abuse to me and mine in the past, by his own peoples of command from the pope is way out of question legally. I got over two weeks before I leave my present position, in which gained help the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, by the Vatican (as caritas, opal, etc) to give more importance men, than women, or small babies, because we can not procreate by the holly spirit, but men and time to take responsibility. While in Mexico is different that UK rules, but I fight the fact that I never gave my permission for a termination, nobody asked me, but passed the law, as many lies, tales and slander, very much as today by the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers. Today, I need to leave the present home with my children very much the same as in the past, I need to leave my unborn children in the clinic, before I went back to Mexico. Now everybody knows was not me of the termination but forced and wants soft measure for the person that committed the crime, when on my times was used the maximum measure to hurt me badly, so I request the same for the peoples that went against me and mine.

I will take responsibility when I do the matters, but not before. Now if peoples that lie against my reputation still TODAY continue with the slander to damaged my reputation, this can be solve in a court of law, for crimes charges from me to them, as well. A court hearing to clean my name, because I do not know what the ex/husband sister social worker talks about her dog (oscar), but if she continues with the ill spread against me with anything and it's not me, then I will take her to courts to clean my name, because that is abuse. "So I urge everyone to do own research properly before they blame me, or I will take them to the courts to clean my name, because the abuse between families over-passed as today and long over-due, the reasons of my divorce, as I will not stand this abuse. The same as Marielena Mellado with her mum (RIP), but she need to speak to the sister of mine that befriend her mother (as I never did the matter) and sold whatever sold, as I am unaware, with respect. Including teresa solana as she blame me of her physical appearance, when our parents also were different if she notice, so obvious we both were born different and not alike, but I never insulted her at any time and I have a complete class room to testify the matter, but her to me as I lost all today?- 

Now if anybody else as well apply the same with measures of own body parts, or any other eloquence please let me know and this time you do your research first as I intent to take to the courts for the lie, as if you never heard from me the insult, then was not me, so stop lying. Now peoples are entitle to marry whoever they want, the same apply to go out with friends, boyfriends, etc. I was not the type of many men and they told me straight away, without offending we continue friendship (with thanks!), nothing else. So apologies if you were not my style, neither I was of you, but friendship is different, so please respect. Please make sure you bring a large amount of money ( for slander, lie and defamation against my reputation to a court of law and I urge you to find properly matters, before I take matters myself in order to clean my name, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  


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