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I have the rights to "name and shame"services in the community, particularly, when criminal activity came out of the matter´s: "against the law, any law worldwide!" ..

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Read mine  ..

My brother passed away ( ) before the firm of Dobsons Solicitors could stop and managed family problems, from both sides of the Atlantic (Mexico and United kingdom), with a simple injunction to deal with matters. A total useless firm of Dobsons Solicitors, that lie and even relay in first, second, or maybe third opinion, before they can even managed a simple call for  "family incident" within neighbours and report, either to the police, or the courts, to stop, full stop!-

I will deal with Dobsons Solicitors on my time, on my terms and on my moment, as still, I need today more resources, leads and information over matters, of who stopped the Injunction, in order to save my brother's life (RIP) and stop the "family problems", but the solicitors firm refused to accept negligence, malpractice, lack of duty of care, responsibility over the matters and a wave of over - abuse of own profession, during and after matters.

I leave the letters and correspondence ( as probe, that I did the best of my ability and knowledge as Mexican born - British Citizen "on that time (2008 +)" and not "this time (2015)", but in order to safeguard any "family problems" and disturbances within the community, but Dobsons Solicitors failed me badly and horrendous!-

A failure for firm of Dobsons Solicitors, as I studied the UK law private (2012 - 2015) with second hand Open University books for the same reasons, in order to protect me and mine. I have the LEGAL rights to bring this failure and disturbance for firm of Dobsons Solicitors into the community and for the "public concern", without suffering reprisals, disturbances, hate propaganda and multitude of abuse by the same LEGAL force, but the true and only true, and so be it my God, help me!-

As the neighbour's (house #14) child also passed away (RIP), maybe before, after, or within the same time as my brother's (RIP) life, but unfortunately, I do not have the correct details over the matter. In which, as a mother, the neighbour thinks that something happened to her own child and again, I lack of information, but I support her with everything from my blog.  Now even if it's not true of daughter's child life, but the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family (tito, riqui, claudia, rocio, etc) that befriend the neighbours and daughter, they will need to accomplish totally and fully with the UK law, until the mother of the child and neighbour (house #14) is satisfy of the results.  As the neighbours problems exist, real and actually happened and/or comes with connection, because all the neighbourhood saw the flames of many neighbours cars, burned alive, for the same freak control, matters and even wave of criminal activity. In which the neighbour's (house #14) child befriend my sister's (soco, mara, raul, beto, etc) children as mention before, never me, or mine (children) and so such children (tito, riqui, claudia, rocio, etc) and sisters (soco, mara, raul, beto, etc) are not my problem until, abide and obey the UK law.  Including and none extent the ex/husband and his sister social worker, Carol Parker, as very good friends with neighbourhood and her husband (house #11), since airport times (1986), now self - employed (2015).

In fact, I have no connection with any neighbours and their own problems, neither I hold any problems with any of them and if I ever (house #11), then I will speak to them direct "to clean the air", but never send peoples on my behalf. I think we deal with such matters and up to now (24/8/2015), as I reported neighbour (house #11) to own employment (job centre plus) for abuse of power and profession (I have correspondence), otherwise we see us in a court of law, to read both of us the charges and clean our names. As neighbour (house #11) told a full room of DAG (trafford council disabled) groups, that "I abuse old peoples", when working as career and where is the probe, also why I am unable to see probe and charges, but a wave of malicious intent against my reputation, in order to destroy all mine, hide in "confidentiality acts"- In fact, I lost all my jobs and everything in the community, as explain the following link  and by the lack of fast action from the firm of solicitors (Dobsons, etc) involve in my case. (see link) 

In this case with the neighbour's (house #14) child, I am doing advocacy, within my family members only, as duty to the community and in "full public" and for "the public concern", not just mine. "As such neighbour's and problems existed, real and all of us saw the road full of flames, not just me, but the rest and mention in previous links.

However, I reported Dobsons Solicitors to own Legal Bodies, to no avail, because such places are purchased, by own "Swipe GOLD Card Machine" (see link as letters and correspondence, in which you need to own a FB account, to read material.)

In which such matters still HURT a lot by the negligence and stupidity of such legal force, as Dobsons Solicitors, that comes with no "Duty of Care to the Community", otherwise my brother would be alive, well and FULL aware of such "family disturbances" and in my case, with family destruction.

In which, I have the full LEGAL rights to bring this set of Dobsons solicitors "for the Public Concern" and the relevant legal body departments to take into account my brother's precious life, even if in Mexico, but the "family problems" were presently (on that time, not this time!) in the United Kingdom, Altrincham - Timperley (house #8) area and the reasons why, I went to see Dobsons solicitors, to no avail.

My blog do not works as "propagandist" but speak the true and only true and so be is my God, whichever is your God and with the Bible in the hands, that the disturbances of "Neighbourhood" actually existed, real and up to now (24/8/2015).  

I will not stop until JUSTICE is gained on my Brother's Life, maybe the neighbor's (house #14) child, if true of her concern, that I support her fully, as "neighbours problems" exist, real and up to date, as the links, letters and documents explain.

So be aware of solicitors (Dobsons, etc) "endless excuses" (even kill for the trill!) for not to do own jobs properly, in which large amount of money on false charges with legal aid system, also by virtue of what solicitors swear as they will do to the community (protection), but failed my brother, as he died (RIP) maybe neighbour's (house #14) child (RIP). Including and not extent, I have with Dobsons Solicitors the divorce pending, but I  end up divorcing myself (I still hold document) and financial agreement (I still hold document), in which, "!however it came!", I did my best and represent myself in courts, also ex/husband and his solicitor as probe in law. Including the injury claim (of my right hand side  ) as I was hurt by same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family as explain before, but never came to life, thanks to Dobsons Solicitors.

The trail of Dobsons Solicitors failure followed the rest of solicitors, that they will come alive soon and for different matters, but charging a fortune - for fresh air work in high legal aid money:

I will hit Dobsons Solicitors in the same way as they hit my brother's ( ) life, he is death (RIP) and such firm of solicitors failure alive, well, rich, prosperous and cashed dirty money in deals with legal aid system ( ) and not content with malicious pursue and actions against society and the community (me and mine): "My Brother" maybe neighbour's child (RIP) -

"Anyone who wants to address - pursue the personal matter of this note, direct to me, where I can read charges, also I can see real peoples in a court of law, not "confidentiality acts" to hide the (bleeding) cowards and in order to bring this matters to any courts of law worldwide if I am not satisfy. In fact, I am ready to contest any malicious intent against me and mine, but I think letters - documents speak louder, than my own words!"-

As I have the rights to name and shame professional malpractice, that lack professionalism, work and even principles, without suffering endless reprisals, intolerance, bullying, hate propaganda, malicious spread - pursue and the same as the rest:
etc ..

As I will never forget and forgive "Dobsons Solicitors" for the abuse of power and profession with members of my direct family ( ) with full negligence, as lack of action in order to preserve my brother's life (RIP), maybe the community as neighbour's child (RIP). As neighbour's problems are real, exist and up to date, as links explain, so be it in law and for the "public concern", because crime is crime in any part of the world, language, state, country of birth, place of residence, disability, colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

I want to be the "best Barrister that ever existed" in order to bring my brother's and unborn children's life to gain Justice and not cheap legal system, that purchase the system, like St John's (the bullies) Buildings Chambers ( ), as own actions speak lauder, than any words and from anybody.

"I want to thank professionals that gave me the chance to probe "family issues" before take the Judge, Barrister and even Solicitors own words ("in which my investigation started from there (2012) and they hold copy of documents, letters and correspondence), as such peoples (in which I will not divulge identity to avoid more spread) are worth Gold (with respect to own wives and family), with thanks!" -

The Queen Elizabeth II is not liable at any time, for failures of professionals standards in the United Kingdom, as She gave everything to Her own peoples without condition, barriers and stigma and She acted in an honest way since day one, with plenty duty of care, professionalism standards, respect to Her peoples and up to know, She never failed and not even once, neither Her humble Husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with respect. 

In the same case, I am not responsible for the immediate actions of nobody except my own kind (children), but exposing criminal activity, within the community, not me as falsely accused in the past, but them, such low lifes, that comes with no respect, conscience in the matter, or aim to do own jobs properly, but charge a fortune, as "Dobsons Solicitors"-

In which this matter of today, do not affect my children direct, or young peoples, but such adults peoples that should set example to their own family and the community.

Where my children need to bring me back to the area (probably after I leave?): exactly like my sister (soco) own children (tito, riqui, etc) did to her and only God knows what more infamous lies, tales - tales, defamation of character and fully supported - sponsored by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, carol parker?-

Why, it's always me the person that cause grief to my sisters (mara, soco, flor, tere, etc) and helpers (carol parker, social worker, etc) in order for such defamatory, and slanderous peoples, together with own children (claudia, rocio, tito, riqui, azpiri mercado, corona sanchez, matamoros gamboa, hazz herrera, delgadillo, nuñez frade, carol and david parker, etc), learn the trade and can EAT, STUDY and PROSPER from me, based on their own lies, tales, defamation of character, slander and a wave of intolerance against me and mine. Where I unable to gain JUSTICE as the rest of normal peoples does and explain with Dobsons Solicitors, but always hide in endless "confidentiality acts" the cowards, in order for me to avoid and give my side of the matters in a court of law, until it's too late, far too late ( RIP ) (neighbour's daughter RIP, etc) ?-

In law, this probe the "similarity" in which all the time, I need to pay for matters that is not my own making, or even my concern, but falsely accused. As many times matters are not investigate properly, but takes my sisters/brother sides, including the ex/husband and his sister, social worker own words as charities ( ) and peoples that works for them?-When the money for charity is for the poor ( ), not my family and their imaginative slanderous lies that the court of law exist for such matters, but all of them use me, in order to cash and prosper from their own misfortunate life, lies as the link explain.

When it is not me who does matters, not how the family explain matters and to own advantage, but my part is always missing, such peoples that call family (ex/husband and his family, soco, mara, flor, etc) cashing on me all the time the parasites ( and teaching own children the slanderous trade, fully supported by charities (, law system (dobsons solicitors, etc), council (trafford social worker, sister of the ex/husband and helpers) government staff, neighbourhood (house #11), that should know better to no avail, but falsely accused?-

As an example: when Hilda Rodriguez neighbour's (33 poniente, puebla, pue, mexico) husband sleep with my sister (soco), she put the blame to me, when it was not me, as another sister (mela) told me everything that happened, but requested me to keep silence, which I did by the severity of the matters, without thinking the consequences of the matter as today, paying a hard price as I lost unborn children and my brother, by such parasites (soco, mara, flor, carol, etc). As I got no another name to give to such peoples, that abuse family tradition, blood, reputation and goes against own family (soco, mara, flor, social worker, sister of the ex/husband, etc), like parasites that blocks any norms and forms of decency and you? -

Exactly the same matters happens now with own children (tito, riqui, claudia, rocio) of same sisters (soco, mara, etc), that are learning fast the tradition (cashing on family), by falsely accuse me of their own matters. As matter reflects enormous the neighbours (United Kingdom, sherway drive, house #14) case as own daughter passed away (RIP) and be-friend my sisters (mara, soco, etc) children (tito, riqui, claudia, rocio, as they went to UK universities and trafford college to probe legality of residence, when of neighbour's daughter RIP), with my other mexican neighbour (hilda, 33 poniente, puebla, pue, mexico), that my sister (soco) apparently sleep with her husband, but falsely accused me?-

What my sisters and brother, also the ex/husband and his sister social worker (carol parker) does with their own life is up to them, but when sponsor and helps criminal activity into me and mine (brother, children, etc) life, then in law, that is criminal activity, crime, ASBOS, intolerance, hate propaganda and always is me, me, me to blame and why?!!!  Furthermore, why I need to start all over again ( as explain in the link ), when it's not me who cause the criminal damaged to the UK, but falsely accused, and even remove legal help as Dobsons solicitors, so how the hell I do and stop "family problems", by magic and why always me, me, me and me to blame? -

As I explain of the neighbour (house #14) daughter's passed away (RIP) and I am not going to be surprised, if I got the blame, with respect to the family. When in reality, I hold no problems with any neighbour, but falsely accused ("I abuse old peoples") with no probe (UK neighbourhood house #11 friend of the ex/husband and his sister social worker) as I explain before, but the rest of sisters (mara, soco, etc) children (tito, riqui, claudia, rocio, etc) and even the ex/husband and his sister social worker (friend of neighbour house #11 since airport times), not me, or mine (children).

As this present time (24/8/2015), the ex/husband and his sister social worker, carol parker (neighbour and neighbourhood friend, house #11), also children (tito, riqui, claudia, rocio, etc) of my sisters (mara, soco, etc), accused in public and for the "public concern" of "whatever, whichever, whoever and whenever (as I do not have the case - paperwork with me) the mother and neighbour (house #14) of the child (RIP) that passed away in such tragic circumstances, but she has strong feelings that her own child was badly hurt (again I got no paperwork) and I support her complete, except with my family members only, as I do not hold the law for the rest.

"In fact, I do not have the case of the matter, but support neighbour, as I believe strong "as explain before" there is connection, but my family need to prove otherwise, including and non extent the ex/husband and his sister social worker that aid with neighbourhood (house #11)"-

In which I went to see the solicitors dobsons for the same reasons, to stop the "family issues" with the neighbours (sisters of mine house #8 on that time, not this time), but they closed the case, even before my brother passed away (RIP) and maybe the daughters neighbors (house #14) and enclosed the letters in this link.

"If there is compensation money, will be distributed as I said so and when the case is closed by me, not before, as the same opportunist people's stolen what is not for them, fully supported by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that sponsors (university places for rocio nuñez frade, when intent to my brother's jose own son education, as my brother died  not my sister?) this kind of criminal activity, as link explain"-

In which, you all are going to start from the bottom thanks to the ex/husband and his sister social worker, which are/were the primordial peoples that my family used, not me, as "unable to know" and the link explain.

As society, community and professionals hide and support this extreme kind of violation to human integrity direct to another member of society (me), starting from the wave of professionals that habitat in Trafford area (not Stockport area where the ex-husband sister, social worker lives, but Trafford??!!): as Dobsons solicitors, ex-husband and his own sister, social worker, that are born in this country not me - only UK citizen.

I have more than 3 years into investigation as you can read link that could not be made itself (with my fullest respect to The Queen), but aid with a community officer and in this case is carol parker, social worker, sister of the ex/husband, as own mother told me: Carol is a social worker, she knows what she is doing (misleading the law?), really and by taking advantage of society and community affairs (as mine?), destroying the life of the rest (my brother, neighbour's child, etc)? - In my case, as I studied the law, the abuse of such professionals including any "family problems" is what you call, criminal activity, crime, ASBOS, intolerance, hate propaganda, stalk, harassment, intimidation, bullying and destroying society as whole and where is the law, hide in "confidentiality acts?" -

At this point is when I fully support the neighbour (house #14), as I will not hide and tolerate crime, criminal activity, or any other kind of mischief from peoples that are family, until a full investigation is placed in order to my brother and neighbour's daughter.  The reasons why I went to see Dobsons solicitors and we managed to get a letter to my neighbours house #8 (of that time, not this time!) and closed the case on me after, even divorce and the accident claim went to the bin. Unfortunately, with my full respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and to whom may concern the case, but this time you got the wrong case, person and even moment, as my brother's and unborn children life comes with no price attach. As law abide citizen, I will not stand neighbour's (house #14) child (RIP) either, as I did my best of my knowledge and understanding in English law (see link as letters and correspondence in which you need to own a FB account, to read material.), so it's not me who will start again, but such peoples that failed us, as society ( as link explain and with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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