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Work As Though Your Kids Are Watching: I'm human person not disabled, but spiritual writer, that aim peace !!!! ..

If you want to be call disabled, fell free to accept matters, but not me. As call names to peoples according to the human rights acts is against the law and I hope disabled name comes in the same legislature, laws and principles. As we (disabled, colour, sexual orientation, age, religion, etc) are human people, not disabled (what the hell is that name?!!), because what if I call you names, where shall we start?!...

Silent Portraits - Vangelis - Portraits II ..

When I was approx .. 7  - 9 years old, I contracted the illness of meningitis and lost part of my hearing. My humble parents introduced me to a Psychology friend of my sister, in order for me to understand what was happening to me. Soon after, I fell in LOVE with the career of Psychology , but never truly studied anywhere else, except all by myself and alone and again in order to understand what was happening to me and mine.

Since then, I continue to love the career of Psychology and browse the subjects in order to keep up to date and understand behaviour as a whole, even mine, but I am not qualify, mean that you are going to give me the grade.

As I hate the truly fact of those gestapo Hitler´s, that act as bullies and aim for white/white - clean - perfect world. When the world and even our mother nature is imperfect, unstable, unpredicted and comes with so many ups and downs, as you can see with the change of climate, now can you imagine the human kind?-

So please don't aim for "perfect world", but to be "yourself", a responsible person, that is entitle to commit million of millions of millions of "mistakes" from time to time and don't feel intimidated, or even guilty about matters and/or accept peoples to tell you otherwise in order to change your own personality, as "perfection" is all in the mind and do not exist, but responsibility exist.

As this mean in any mind language, that if you are going to play the "imperfect (as we know, loco) world" in order to be "yourself (or to please someone else!!)", please feel free to do so, but when things goes bad, then accept full responsibility of your own actions, instead blame the rest (me).

As one thing is to be "imperfect - (or play loco)" by the grace of God and another matter very different is to be "criminal" by your own grace and your own action/s.

I play the loco bit myself weeks ago, in order to know what it was like the stuff and believe me, I did not like the matter, but wanted to know. The matter (loco) came with my paypal account by several purchases and recorded for the same purpose and in order to probe legality.

(My brother was badly hurt, killed  as result, reasons of me to taste such peoples that calls family, until probe otherwise. A neighbour (#14) daughter's and friend (not mine!) of my sisters ("tito, riqui, claudia, rocio, etc") children (as link explain ), also direct connection with "family problems" of the ex/husband (not me and my children at any time!) and his sister social worker (neighbourhood house #11), hurt and perished as result of the matters. ( neighbours problems, as link mention ). I have two sisters (mara and soco) detained with mental issues, when in reality we have "family problems" that comes (as mention before from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family and not reasons - need to use harsh attitude, actitude, or measures, but a simple communication, in order to clear the air, to no avail!?-  In other words, "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, that hide with "confidentiality acts" destroying each other and I get the blame AFTER, now using my children for the same aim, purpose and achieve mind?- So as you can see my "family and their own problems", exposed for "public concern", until probe otherwise and the war between families stop, full stop!-As I hardly see any of "family problems" at any time and from 30 years (1985 - 2015) ago, also friends of mine separate after school term (1978 - 2015), but falsely accused, now trying hard with my children and why?- )

In which by pure accident, I found out that some purchases that I did with my paypal account, I could have them even for free, but need to own an account (thanks to my child that mention matters and was sitting next to her dad and his (golden) laptop, but how they knew?!) with MSN. Another matter that I purchase using Paypal came without important requirements (company need to mention, before purchase product, not after!?), as if you do not own the (bleeding) software, how the HELL use product, anyone?- Another weird matter came using my paypal account, in order to purchase a train ticket (which is not the first time) with wrong date (apparently), but somehow hotel reservation came with proper day, date and even time, as if someone is trying hard to show me off in front of my child and cause confusion. I put the hands up when is done by me the matters, "as explain before", but I will not tolerate lies, tales and defamation in order to blame me after of criminal activity, by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my "family and their own problems"-

As my aim and idea of the purpose (even playing loco, or using paypal) is for me to know, exactly how far the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family has been hijacked and used my own private life, without my permit, consent and knowledge of the matters, but spreading hate propaganda against me and mine (children), or telling porkies with endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc). As the list of malicious content in the following link (with pardon to The Queen, Elizabeth II)  could not be made itself, but someone that works for the community ( not against  ) as social worker and on this present time is Carol Parker, the social worker, that loves to swipe her golden card, in order to satiate her own mind full of crap, without mercy, pity, or remorse against me and mine.

I remember so many times, the ex/husband sister social worker telling all us (me, ex/husband and his parents), how my child was (a 2 year old?), in malicious way and on that time (not this time!), I believe was a passing matters, or a sick joke, but not any more!- It was on that time (not this time), ex/husband sister social worker started spreading against me and mine (children) and on that time, I could take matters to stop ( as see age of my children ), but unaware of any "family problems", except brother and sister problems.

As I believe strong on that time (1990's), not this time (2015's) playing the "aunt card", by carol parker, sister of the ex/husband and social worker (for the community benefit, not against!) was playing silly games: "As we all know full well, how Carol Parker, the social worker and sister of the ex/husband is so funny!!!"- Please read birthday card and not by me this time, but Carol Yvonne Parker own full writing, even card (birthday ) and (malicious!) intent, as who will go against own family: "Scoring Points?" 

Furthermore, what the matter of "family problems" has to do with me and mine and when I do such things to them? -

Particularly the ex/husband sister social worker, that swept her golden card (social worker) against me and mine, today hide herself with endless "confidentiality acts" and help from members of my family the Coward, in order to satiate her own mind (1985 - 2015) against me (5 boys, the river, etc), not happy with matters, now use my children, with aid from own friends (as mention neighbour house #14 and members of my family), trying hard to rewind and revive past memories, over and over and over again.

So how you deal with this crap of life as both parents passed away and why I have to accept the full abuse, intolerance, illness, when divorce (2012 - 2015)?-

As the matters represents over and over again, into how things happened in the past (not today) and for me to know today, after more than 30 years of pure abuse with "family destruction", because it is not "family problems", but "family total destruction", wreckage, rip off, etc. -

How I am supposed to be living with such amount of hate (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the  ...............?) propaganda against me and mine and why I have to take this crap?? -

Where the personality splits is not an excuse to use "imperfection" in order to hurt humankind, but to be "you" mean responsible of your own actions as "imperfect person", instead blame peoples (me) all the time and hide (like coward) in "excuses" of illness and emotional blackmail that comes from the same "imperfect world" but accept responsibility, accept what is happening to you and accept to control yourself. ( see video and note at the end!  )

The reasons why Hitler killed millions of victims during the cold war (1939-1945), in fact 70 million victims of WWII died from Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Stalin (Russia) and Franco (Spain), as friends of the same aim, hate propaganda and wanted the perfect world. At the end of the matters, everybody knew that such dictators ( Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Stalin (Russia) and Franco (Spain), ) were suffering illness of mental issues and collaborate, by keeping silent?-

How many members of my family knew of matters ( ) and by keeping silent, they took full advantage?-

So as you can see "perfection" is all in the mind, but if you are going to kill millions by "imperfect mind" like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco's then accept responsibility of illness after, because "behaviour" has nothing to do with "murder (charges)" and here is where justice got it wrong. As hundreds of peoples that kill for the trill ( ), then declare themselves "unstable - loco - imperfect - etc" after, in order to avoid justice?-  As "behaviour" of any color of skin, age, sexual orientation, age, religion, or incapacity - disability ( ) has nothing to do with strong intentions to kill, murder, crime, criminal activity, hate propaganda, etc.

What I mean to say here, express a very clear, simple, true fact and understandable to any mind, that may not acceptable to anyone, but me: I am not disabled (  but  worked and paid taxes ) in order to hide into any illness and reasons why, I do not consider myself into any disability, but responsible person, full stop! - ( see hearing exam ).

 It is true that my parents made me to be this way "independent person" since lost my hearing by meningitis, as explain before with the extra help and even Psychology stuff, in order to understand matters better, but consider to all the matters that came to me, I am a HUMAN PERSON, not disabled. It s not me who need the HELP, but the criminals that act wrong against me and mine and abuse power and position, not me. So please get your facts right and act accordingly to the law and stop misleading the course of the law to own advantage, swiping cards.

In other words, I am not magician with the hide and seek games and split personality syndromes, that many disabled - normal people's use (with respect), in order to abuse further and gain even clemency after 

I will put my hands up and accept matters, apologise, or even explain matters (as now in my blog) if I ever do the things the tales - tales, lies, defamation and hate spread (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) said of me, but furthermore, when I do the matters and not before: "misleading the course of the law", with "confidentiality acts" to hide and swipe cards to protect the real criminal, abuse and crime.

Where the ex/husband sister social worker, carol parker blames her own brother of bullying when younger, but it's her that killed all from him: knee problem, lost job (now self - employed manchester airport), home wreckage ( see pics ), marriage, unborn children, pets killed, and only God knows, what's more!!-  The abuse of social worker, sister of the ex/husband came to me as well and so bad, wth tales of 5 boys and the river, that I lost all today by hate spread, intolerance, abuse of power and position (swiping cards) and destruction of "family problems", in which my brother died ( - scoring points.

So I have my big doubts regarding who did and what when younger, as his sister, social worker, carol parker still intact and complete in one piece, so when, how, where and why me and mine (children) need to take this level of abuse?! -

In my country of Mexico, we call: Choteo (Verbo: chotear), mean in any language and barriers, to have fun making jokes at the expense of a person, or make the person believe things that are not true!!- 

"Teaching my children such low grades and pretend all comes from our side now, by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of our family, when in reality hide years of complete abuse (1985 - 2015)"- 

By Holding the Holy Bible, I believe in my mind, that the game of scoring points between brother and sister as the link mention, went a bit too far and the law need to deal with matters, without suffering repression, or more abuse, and furthermore, what the complete destruction has to do with me or my children?-

I  was told by trafford council staff, when looking for accommodation ( in the area, that "I need to start all over again", also mention to me, by my direct family? -

What I am unable to understand: what is the matter, problem, reasons and charges of "I need to start all over again" and not bullies with own helpers, that create damaged?-

Why I am unable to address properly such cruel matters of "I need to start all over again"  in a court of law, like the rest of normal peoples that deal with such high demand of defamation of character, but acts as cowards bullies, dysfunctional professionals, Rasputin's, cruel dictator and not as the court of law intent, "giving both sides a chance"- As my CHANCE is always blocked, even my blog need to address issues all the time, when trying to clean my name and until now: "I am giving my side of the story, but never before (1985 - 2015?"- 

Where do you hear such things of "I need to start all over again" and unable to know reasons, but the cowards professionals HIDE with "confidentiality acts" and ALWAYS me, that: "I need to start all over again, or get blame of "family problems", but unable to know reasons, taking advantage the bullies, as usual?"-

No wonder the United Kingdom is going down the pan and I am taking you with me, thanks to your own bullies!!- As it is an insult to my capacity that "I need to start all over again" but not the real bullies, that caused the criminal damage.  It is an insult to the memory of my unborn children, that "I need to start all over again" but not the real culprits and bullies, that caused destruction, spread and murder.  It is an insult to the memory of my brother ( and all that is me and mine, that the UK as a whole will need to start all over again and next to me, but not the real culprit and the real bullies!!- 

I want to see how you feel to be blame, kill and destroys all that is yours, but me, that I need to start all over again and even take the UK with me, but not the REAL bullies?- 

So this is you call basicaly and not mine, because I lost all today and with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, but not the UK as a whole, but the bullies need to start all over again, not us, but them!

Trafford Council (scandals): 

Political (scandals): 


NHS (scandals): 

Social Worker/Care system.  
(from the link: The lack of luxury of Tradition )

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax): 




Domestic - violence/abuse: 

Criminal-Judicial system: 

Middle East Affairs: 
Tony Blair and George Bush: Bloodshed in the Middle East is all yours – you own it! 

As there is peoples that plays games of "locos" by "choteo", but when things goes wrong in any way, form, or shape, then accept responsibility, instead bullies place a blame to me and mine: "I need to start all over again, but not the real bullies and since when?" - 

As one thing is "choteo, loco, or unstable" and another very different "murder, crime and kill for thrill, in which none is relate to the other, but Mister Justice always fail us and very badly, unable to grasp one, to the other. The rule is you are entitle to be "yourself" without hurting the rest, but take full responsibility of own actions, instead to blame others (me) in order to hide your own bullies and bullshit. 

The abuse between families that use anything even disability, to deviate and debilitate your own persona and reputation badly, anything that will damaged your own - self (if there is anything left, at the end!), or pin you to the wall unable to move and gain control of your own life (again!): 5 boys, the river, the kiss (my arse!), etc, but you and I knows full well, that the abuse calls in English Grammar: Bullying!- 

So I want you to be very clear, that I left my DISABILITY one side and long time ago and I do not intend to get it back, full stop!!- 

In which: I do not consider myself  DISABLED to follow society and their own RACIST "protocol", but I am ABLE and capable to HOLD my life together and in better ways of my ABILITY and the same as the rest.

 As society, politics and government love to castrate people's lives and decide who gets what and even steals your own life, living and family with a wave of RACISM, disabled (colour, age, sexual orientation, religion, etc) peoples are not different, but living "la vida loca" thanks to the bullies and their own abuse!-

 "So please get your RACISM with disabled peoples to another place and thanks for the invite, but not thanks!" -

With my full Respect: Would you make an invite direct to Martin Luther King (RIP) and his own followers ( to rally and fight "colour prejudice, stigma, racism and intolerance", in order to "secure human and civil rights", so why disabled (colour, age, religion, etc) people's and what are the reasons?-

In order for the "normal people" to steal the living from disabled people's life (mine), family, children, ideas, opportunities, jobs, university, money, wages, education and progression, with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, the palm tree, etc) to divert own incapacity and endless failures, cashing (stealing) from the rest (me)!!-

I think, it's time to BREAK the mold of "disabled people's syndrome" and find a better cure and solution to "normal people´s syndrome" and fast and with respect. At any time, this note is relate to my own children and their own friends, so I request "privacy" into my own personal business, as I lost unborn children and the present law powerless!-

Work As Though Your Kids Are Watching: In which they are cordial invite to my blog and personal life, but my business, job and even writing is all mine, as I never interfere into their own personal life, no wonder they call me: Cheerleader!-

I was told by the ex/husband, that if I will own internet (what my personal life has to do with him!?), after I leave my present place of residence, mean I will continue with my blog and writing, in order for him and his sister to continue monitor my life, but unable to stop and control his own sister and her 30 years of pure reign of terror against me and mine?-So basically by the law, I still got 27 years left to use exactly the same system, as the ex/husband sister social worker and against her this time, because all of them love to avoid the law, otherwise my letters that intent to save my brothers life years ago, would not be stopped?- 

Where the ex/husband is alive and my brother is death by the bullies ( ), but unable to gain justice in the United Kingdom, as Mr Justice is on the side of: "who is your friend, wins!" - 

I would like to ask the ex/husband the same question: if he will continue his present work after I leave this place and what about his sister, will she be able to continue her reign of terror as social worker, swiping her golden card and now using my children instead of me and in order to satiate her large appetite ( ) for revenge, against all me and mine and what I ever done to that bully, to deserve her abuse and kill all mine with bad spread?-

Where the "family problems" exposed in full public and for the "public concern" as nobody can take the law, the rule of the law, the human rights acts, the magna carta, the UK constitution as a whole, as the complete system works, swear and abide by the same regulations, with my full respect to The Queen, Elizabeth II, but time to take responsibility, not by Her Majesty, or myself as humble nobody, but Her own peoples - the bullies (, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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