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It is time to aim, for peace ..

The Wings (Native American Music)

The same as my FB page in which you are going to read below, I lost control from the ex-husband and his sister social worker and from 2012, that I divorce the lot.

I have control within my children environment, with the use of this blog as adults peoples themselves, that can acknowledge what I teach them when youngers, still apply today, nothing changed, except that the social workers world, as the ex-husband sister, mess with your own life badly and moves your own world, children and family, as if they are a piece of chess game in the board, with no form of respect, no pity and no nothing, as the link explain with respect, to The Queen and Prince Philip.

Yesterday afternoon, I confronted the ex-husand with his own child games that he is using now to control and against the pets of my own children, as they told me, but get ideas from own "family problems" from the ex-husband and his sister social worker, with the "go and tell them" very much as "dad can you tell him ( )", by the use even of my children´s friends, anything, anyhow, anywhere!-

So as you can see, a manipulation and well orchestrated council staff services and environment, that acts as social workers, in Trafford area and not Stockport where the bully lives, but Trafford.

As you know I lost pets, after I need to sell a pet (siobahn) that was too big for me to care, as my own children were small (on that time, not this time!), but purchase a small one (diamond) after and this matter (as if I don´t have freedoms rights, to do as I see better on that time and this time!!!) went against me and mine and excuse to continue more, "family problems (5 boys, the river, etc)" into me and mine for eternities.

Excuses that the ex/husband and his sister social worker "family problems" need to use against my reputation, even today. I tried to explain the ex-husband mother as it was the first and only time we have any misunderstanding, that I can acknowledge, but since then, my pets are trashed like bleeding rubbish, killed with no form of mercy, teased endlessly with all kind of ideas even as water spray - cannon, or badly hurt as I hold witness, like the pet (cats) sanctuary in Trafford, Sale Area, just passing the river.

Again, I confronted the ex-husband yesterday with his own (pistol) child tool (as you can see photo), that is used against my children's pets, when they do wrong. As if I don't know where all this crap is coming from and use now my children to show them up, as I was, instead of him and his vindictive emotional breakdown and twisted sister, social worker, as if was not for her 5 boys and the river, we would not be here ..

The tool that you can see the picture of brown bottle with spray, maybe innocent tool as you may recall, but not when I used the same bottle and tool.

When the ex/husband David Bernard Parker was sitting in his desk and I grabbed from the same, his own tool and bottle (with fresh water as he refilled, just there!!) and pointed the innocent tool to him, exactly in the same way as he does to my children's pets, acting as real pistol, acting in intimidation, acting with no respect, love, or small affection.

As I hold the bottle, I asked the ex-husband without dropping a small tiny little drop of water to him and by holding his own Bible, that this is the true, as love to twist matters all the time and my brother passed away of the same.

I asked the ex-husband when holding the water bottle, pointed direct to him and when nobody was there watching us (as the waitress does to us, when the excuse to clean tables, but arrive with, the intimidate bottle!!), if he likes the bullying, when I stood there holding the bottle that act as gun and against him, as him and his lier sister use, against me, mine and my children´s own pets?" -

You may wanted on the time, the water cannon tool to be real, exactly as the ex-husband and his own sister social worker, killed my unborn children as some sort of cannibalism scoring points (as explain in this note  with respect to The Queen and Her Husband ) and hurt my brother badly, with no form of mercy, respect, nothing, but he is alive, well, happy and in full time work, enjoying life with his own sister, social worker and even tell, the tale, because me and mine do not have such feeling towards humanity, very much like nature acts! -

I love and I adore pets, particularly after I sow my unborn children depart and how easy is to lose your own, as I see pets as part of my lord's creation with respect, so I don't tolerate for them to be bullied, teased with water, or abused, small smack should suffice matters, but not intimidation with help of bottle, pistol, guns, no way! -

Neverless to tell you, that the friends ( of my children and my own, arrived soon after the incident with the ex/husband, mean that the ex/husband speak direct with his own sister and she speak to the relevant services in the community after, and/or to give advice (as the spray water bottle) to him in everything and then him pass the idea to the children and so on around goes in circles.

The matter reflects when my sister (ana pia) told the other sister (soco) to throw water from her window house (#8) and neighbour's child (house #12) was affected and this reflect as friend of mine (gillermo encinas) brings music to me and to my mother's home and my sister (ana pia) throw water to him. Now any problems, please direct to the peoples that committed the matters, not me, as the ex-husband and his own sister social worker very much in touch - contact, as stole all and everything from me and mine (family, friends, etc), so to them, not us (me and mine children).

I probe in law of where the "family problems" comes from and in order to protect me and mine, as this "family problems" with such paranoia, excuses to inflict pain and revenge all the time need to stop, full stop, as only excuses to hurt, kill, abuse, tease, bully, etc.

I came downstairs back again, holding the ex/husband own Bible as you can see the photo and please forget the (bleeding) words, only to ask the ex/husband if he remembers such holly book and words to me and mine in the past, with such respect that is all forgotten today, even animals rights are lost with the HOLY WATER CANNON and he deny to be his own Bible and his own Book?-

I only need to probe in law of certain things later on, as I will post the next note soon, with more relevant matters.

I want you to understand that in law (as I studied the same for a purpose, not a child game!), our pets and animals comes with own feelings and can communicate of the same when piss off, as you can see the reaction of fiery animals when are used/abused even as business ventures and teased mercilessly, because our pets comes with own feelings, birth rights and protections laws, as me and representative worldwide, if nobody (gives a shit!!!) cares.

As this is what the ex/husband told me when I confronted of my unborn children: "Who gives a shit?" - As some sort of canibalism, as I explain in this note with respect once again, but all comes from the sister, social worker that manipulate matters, as if the 5 boys and the river never existed because in reality are lies, then we will never be this far and with such BIG problems, in public and for the "public concern" from me.

As I do care about my unborn children, pets, animals, planet, ocean and my Lord's own creation, by the use of the ex/husband and his own Bible, as nobody can deny such matters, as on that time, we were living in Shaw, Oldham (31 vine close), Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

...... the following note as it comes after .....

I have a page ( that is mine, but lost control to use it, or close totaly, because I am unable to control matters.

The matters happened since I placed peoples to help the page as directors, but when fixed matters again, I was removed totally and unable to go back again, even to close the page.

Facebook would not take the matters properly and seriously as the law state and give you very little tools, even to communicate with own staff over the matters and from the same page.

"Now as you read ( from the same page, anyone can write and post in my page, without my permit, concent and knowledge not that I am concern, except when matters can be used/abused against me and mine (children) and we are blame after, very much the same as "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and their own helpers (members of my family, neghbourhood, friends, etc)"-

In other words, I am UNABLE TO CONTROL THE PAGE, into what and who goes in and out of the same PAGE, place and surrounds (, but can use anything for and against my persona,my reputation and the reputation of the page, including own policiy, terms and conditions of the same. As I represent THE PEACE, not wars of such "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (members of my family, friends and even friends of my children!).

I can end up in trouble as the "family problems" used all me and mine (friends, family, unborn children, etc) in the past, without my permit, consent and knowledge, in order to FRAME me in the present, as today, maybe BLAME ME and mine (children) later - after, when matters goes wrong from page.

"I am pinned in the wall unable to do anything and control page of what comes from same writing, contents and pictures (, very much like, the ex-husband and his sister social worker, that pinned me and mine (children) with matters beyond our capacity, understanding and making, as we are Mexicans and my children Born from a Mexican woman, not British born, like the social ( ) worker and community workers.

Please read properly and from any Social Workers that plan matters ( ) very well in advance, for the same person to come after "as helpers of the community (but does the opposite)" in order to frame, de-frame and use/abuse all me and mine (chldren) after as members of the community, like the ex/husband sister social worker and her brother the ex/husband own personal problems ( ), in other words, "any oportunity to abuse the community" as myself and all me and mine.

As the help I NEED with the page is from FB staff, not social worker, sister of the ex/husband ( ) at anytime, but badly frame past - present and time to stop the abuse of power and profession.

I Apologies to use anyone well in advance, in the same way as such people's use my page to own purposes (, but I need to clarify and even make this note in writing today (30/9/2015).

As the abuse from the past "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker ( ) and helpers (family members, the so call friends and even neighbourhood) is way out of control today, maybe you have nothing in your case, but as you are using all me and mine ( including my own personal page to your own advantage and by Law, I need to protect me and mine (children) and with the use of the same Law, not different, but the same.

As in any case, anything that is write in the contents of my personal page can be used against me and mine (children), as it was done in the past (, in which my brother perished ( ), by the same low standards and abuse of power and profession from such peoples that call themselves family, because you will never go against ( ) your own peoples (carol parker, mara, soco, flor, etc), never and that is when you lost the meaning of life, respect to anything living and the life itself!!-

The same as I act a different person now, when I see my kind of peoples today and then I retract to my bedroom to write the true of our past - present from the same peoples that I trusted them (ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers tales, lies and defamation against me), but what I write is the true, as you can see photos and etc and what the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers wrote was tales - tales, lies, defamation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, dishwasher, palm tree, etc) against me and all mine perished (RIP), including my brother (RIP), sisters detained under the mental health act, pets badly hurt and me and mine bullied, even today.

So in other words, what you see me doing now is what went on and on and on and on and on and still today (1985 - 2015) very much on with the same "family problems" of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers, with the "go and tell her" to whoever, to wherever as she (carol parker) has the flashing professional card and to wherever, as "dad can you tell him?" and what the problem has to do with my unborn children, brother's life and me? - 

Acting as if the social worker, sister of the ex/husband (carol parker) is The Queen of England and the full owner of the UK, pushing me out of the Trafford area, then do not complait why peoples pass the law as well. As the law is only allowed for certain peoples to bully the rest, as Paula Yates, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and me, with respect (, but such bullies and their own violence do not hold any respect towards women, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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