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The Queen and Prince Philip own personal matters ..

God save the Queen (Coronation of Her Majesty The Queen, 2 June 1953)

We need to search properly, how much time has changed us, since we first heard the shadows music, as the ex/husband favourite.

As adults peoples "we are now", where our parents long - long time ago departed and so our times of young, long - long time ago gone, as well our dreams and childhood left us.

I think the bullies ( ) that hurt me and mine (unborn children, brother, etc) badly, need to have lessons in life of what is like to be me, racially hurt in full public because of my upbringing as Mexican born and splashed my private life worldwide, for endless of their own lies, tales and defamation to my reputation (5 boys, the river, etc), even as man eater, incredible?-

"When in reality I am divorce (2012 - 2015) and the ex/husband sister, social worker eat all my men (ex/boyfriends, friends and family, etc), even today, she still follows all my personal matters, with intention to find that special man in her life and/or start ill spread against my reputation, when all fails?!"-

Unfortunately, the same as my family the ex-husband sister, social worker, Carol Parker, left own prints in everything that they do against me and mine and I find very easy to know who´s done what and who is the matter/s!!!!- 

As the bullies ( ) went on and on and on with their own bullying, for more than 30 years (1985 - 2015) the abuse against me and mine (unborn children, brother, etc), that even TODAY after the divorce, unable to scape own lives and still living with the ex/husband and what was ours previous home, by the level of abuse.

Because the bullies  ( )  and their own "family problems" would not stop sending peoples against me, when it is not me the "problem", but their own past - present makings, as (own mother told me since "before" 1985) all is/was removed ( ) from me (the law, family, friends, country of birth, etc) and passed to the ex/husband sister, social worker, Carol Parker including, "The Cream From Rome (as the ex/husband told me, before divorce: "I got the cream?"- )" and from the beginning (1985 - 2015) of such lies (5 boys, the river, etc), if we remember?-   

I am not going to start again - as I was told by the council staff ( ), with matters that never caused by my own making, even termination (abortion), because I was unable to speak English when happens and book myself into the clinic, or produce men's own personal matters and impregnate myself, but hundreds of tales - tales, defamation and lies from peoples that planed all, "the bullies ( )", in order to give chance to Carol Parker, the social worker to go to Mexico, before marriage and find after suitable husband (5 boys, the river, etc), education, jobs and with the use of the memory from my unborn children, but what a sicko and how low you can get from such peoples!-

So when I did the matters that the bullies ( ) and own defamation of character against my persona say, I did and since when and by holding own "Bible (see photo of following link)?" -

My blog is to write not to come back with the ex/husband at any time, but settle matters, as murders, weapons and hate propaganda come from and since the shadows music own performance and not by me, or mine, but them.

Where for more that I am trying to visualise and understand, maybe explain to any capacity, where perhaps you can enable me and understand this level of abuse within our family members, that originated long - long time ago (5 boys, the river, etc), as we can now heard the shadows music playing again.

As the "Holly Bible ( see photo )" do not help to stop bullies against me and mine and "satiate their own instincts against us (1985 - 2015), due to own white supremacy, scoring points contest, racism, ill spread, prejudices and hate propaganda against own family", so when?-

I am unable to understand in any rational mind, what drove such violence, criminal activity and murders since day one, except envy.

I found so much bad contents in a short space of time, since I started an investigation (2012 - 2015), that Trafford council staff refused to do such matters to me and mine (with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, as following link comes from the ex/husband sister, social worker, Carol Parker, not me, as I am not a social worker, never was, not even today.).

"As if someone was stealing my personality and leading a double life in Trafford area, not Stockport where the bully ( ) lives presently, but Trafford, regarding myself, also telling plenty lies of my persona in order to hurt, hide, hunt, stalk, abuse, etc ..  incredible, amazing, unbelievable!",  

The matter goes like this: Where the ex/husband sister social worker orders the ex/husband and members of the community, to go against me and mine (children) with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, etc) from her and helpers as haters preachers, that she find them within members of my family (the kiss, the china girl, etc), friends ( ) and now spread to the community ( ), in order for such liers to study, work, live, eat, with the memory of my unborn children: "As some sort of Cannibalism" (see photos from the local church, spreading hate from unborn children? ).

Today, the bullies ( ) unable to handle me now, when I am copying their own making (as their own mother told me of the ex/husband and his sister social worker) in full public and for the "public concern", as the criminal activity of such peoples that calls family whent beyond words (as cannibalism), that hide in "confidentiality acts", the cowards?!-   

In other words, the weirdo ( ) went crazy against me and mine, including her own brother, as the ex/husband badly affected, as (we) I lost unborn children, brother and sisters detained under the mental health act (Mexico and UK), by the same apparently friendship (azpiri, etc), but selling own family for pittances.

The person that wants to reflects as me to mislead and still today, with a form of a woman, as the ex-husband mother passed away last year (RIP), so it is not her but falsely accused as I was in the past, still alive today, for the continuance of criminal activity to me and mine (children), so I need to discard the person complete (RIP) and the person is left, is the ex-husband sister social worker (Carol Parker), that works for the community.

In other words, the social worker works for the community, not the ex/husband that works for transport (Manchester Airport), but trying to confuse and not to me, but swiping cards, in order to remove all from me and mine (children), as nobody is above the law?-

"As an incident happened today 25/9/2015, with my own peoples driving lessons, cancel, after I posted a note in my blog, maybe as form of revenge  Where the driving instructor was poorly and the ex/husband arrived soon after, my own left the place, never before, spooky?" -

"I am unable to move from my present position right now, but need to wait, as it was not me who caused the matters ( 5 boys, the river, etc  ), but the ex/husband and his sister social worker, from a long time (1985 - 2015) ago the bullying" -

As the ex/husband mother told me: "that her own peoples will have her", probably refer to her real child, carol Parker, social worker, that confused matters (5 boys, the river, etc) since day one (1985 - 2015), but as you can see, I was removed when she passed away (RIP) and I thank my Lord for the matters!-

What it hurts most is the bully ( ) own brother, with funny remarks, teasing, abuse, laugh, silly jokes, spread and then the other bully as the ex/husband, comes to get me after, in order to get out of his own chest the bullshit, that goes on and on and on and one .. and with no ex/parents around anymore (RIP), so when and who controls the abuse, as me and mine are out of the game, for good!?-

As I understand now, the level of abuse went beyond words can express in my writing the illness, sickness, paranoia and complete abuse of power/profession itself as social worker, as who will go against own family, as the ex/sister to him, who? - 

Because if the 5 boys and the river never - never started and took place such lies, malicious spread and defamation against me and mine, we would not be here in the first place, as I was cancelling the wedding from day one, but forced.  As the ex/husband sister social worker, wanted to control and pin me and the ex/husband together after the termination (abortion), so she can continue using all me and mine (unborn children, family, friends, children, go to Mexico, etc) and not her own (body to have children, marry, etc) and hers (aptitude to do own university education, but use her parents) own matters, but me?" - 

I am unable to understand what the ex-husband is doing in all this matters, when he himself told me that his own sister was taking charges of his own affairs years ago and I believe the matter was a big joke, also that he left his children to her own sister charge, just before the divorce (2012) took place, not after the marriage (1985), in order to take advantage.

My question is why Carol Parker do not use her own means, ways and body to have a family instead of me and mine all the time and why the brother need to be all the time him and anything relate to her brother as me, why, why and why and not her and hers, WHY not (grrrrrrrrrrrrr), as she knows the BULLY  ( ) who is facing, the (bleeding) coward?-

As if the ex/husband was some sort of incapacitate moron imbecile, but lazy - lazy father figure, because who will leave own children to his own sister social worker, also his own mother told me to call her daughter, social worker, carol parker, when I made a phone call to her before she passed away and placed a complaint for the complete abuse  ( ) within the family, but I never called her (bully) child at any time (26/9/2015) and I done my investigation instead, as Trafford council staff refused!!-

The abuse is so bad that can lead to a public persecution legally, particularly from a family member of mine, to and against another, because the ex/husband and I never at any time gave our statements in law to any, court of law that I am aware off and in order to clarify anything relate to termination (abortion) matters, but only God's knows what went on and the reasons why the sister of the ex/husband as social worker is in charge of her (little) brother, as if he was a small boy, but a grow up mature father of his own children, that can stand by own sister bullying and I am put him right now, because what she done to us is abuse of the worse.

I was blame to me as to be the "problem", when in reality was the "family problem" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker ( ), on the top of that stealing my personality, dealing a double life pretending she was me and taking a full advantage of our situation and termination (abortion), when all was to please the sister, to go to Mexico and have a life after and murder my own instead.

You may find me odd, but I am trying to revive what those peoples did to me and mine (victims of crime: HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates, etc) apparently family but against their own family and they don´t like what they see NOW in my blog, after more than 30 years of BULLYING to me, trying hard to hide and continue by the use of the public interference, as I mention the driving lessons!!-  

In which in my opinion, it will never end the abuse, until we all stop and acknowledge that we have a problem in the community, without taking sides, without hurting such peoples as myself, Lady Diana, or Paula Yates and accept the sad and pathetic reality ( ), instead to cover up the bullies!-

Because in crime is equal the person who commit "a crime" and the one that "hides such crimes" and this demonstrate with the Krays brothers that both bullies ( end up in prison, sharing own load, while in reality was one brother who was the strongest (carol parker) and committed abuse and criminal activity towards and against community, but the weak twin (ex/husband) cover up the matters.

As Prince Charles was bullied when younger do not give him an automatic rights to bully another set of victims (Lady Diana, Lady Kanga Tryon, etc), as this spreading not stop, but continues today, with me and mine (, because I am not stupid to know full well that there is not a case that is similar to the rest.

As the ex/husband mother told me, after married 1985, that an Ascot friend - Royal family member was helping her, from me perhaps, as I can see the extent of bullying, similarities, defamation of character, lies, spread and intolerance, like HRH Princess Diana of Wales and left in solitary after all removed from her, as me.

As removal of all kind of witness and leave the victims alone, as me, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Lady, Tryon, etc.

What I was not aware is that, the ex/husband was bullied as well as me, by his own sister, social worker, carol parker lies, defamation and tales of reputation and need to comply in termination (abortion), as form of punishment to control him, by the level of abuse, "apparently", when I never saw the ex/husband against his own sister, that is a lie, but he came against me instead!!?-

Exactly the same, as ex-husband sister social worker, that keeps sending me more and more and more and more people into her own defence against me and mine (children), as you can see today with the driving classes, very much the same as "Dad can you tell him?"-

When I myself witness the millions times of teasing her own brother nonstop, jokes, pranks and abuse to him (, "as it shows to me today" in full public places, as I witness, horrendous!-

Exactly the same as for more than 30 years she sent her brother to me, with the "go and tell her (me?)" of what exactly ( as her paranoia perhaps, because as mention before, I never spoke to her at any time (May/1985 -27/9/ 2015), except to wish her "happy birthday" and in front of her own brother, apart from that is a bunch of lies, never - never.

As before the marriage Carol Parker the ex/sister, social worker came to me, "out of the blue" and in the kitchen of my mother's house, she started spreading HORRIBLE - HORRIBLE lies of her own brother and acting as if he was there on that split moment, which I saw nobody as he was in England (????) and she gave the complete freaks of her attitude, also she told me that I will remove her from my family, in which that is another lie, as I lost family, friends, unborn children, brother, country of birth, jobs, system, area of Shaw Oldham, now Trafford and use of my children, so who is next?-

As the idea is to remove all from you and leave you with no form of defence as mention before, with HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the rest of victims, horrendous!-

I wanted to cancel the wedding (1985), as I notice ex/husband sister social worker personality and put me in set of full awareness since then. I explain the ex/husband of the matters, "at my mother's kitchen incident" with his own sister and by the use of his Bible (, in case if he do not remember, as not even one phone call (May/1985 -27/9/ 2015) from me to his sister social worker, to a-merit the "go and tell her (which is me?)", in order to set the ex/husband and my family in Mexico against me, the rest is complete abuse!-

I invited the ex/husband parents to meals and days outs and they bring own daughter, the ex/husband sister, social worker, so I am not liable, of any: "Dad can you tell him?" but I notice was a BIG problem (shit), for the ex/husband, with the teasing and funny remarks, as he was unable to do absolutely (fuck off!!) nothing, except to get with me after (grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!)?!-

Where I believe strong the matters was coming from the ex mother to us as family, as the ex/husband sister social worker, carol Parker told me before I split from her brother "several times", that "her mother was senile", but she passed away last year and the matters, spread and hate propaganda against me and mine is not stopping as the driving lessons, but increase in side and I don't know who is senile in this case and against us?-

As we can see the amount of bullies that come purchased in "favours" by the same spread, intolerance and hate from the ex/husband sister, social worker, removing all from me and mine (children), even my unborn children, to pay for past hate from the ex/husband to his own sister bullying and then, she used the termination (abortion) after, to pin us in the wall with full control, gain life, education, etc, as if some kind of cannibalism?-

What are we trying to create, with "taking sides" with the saints bullies, that hide in sainthood's as the ex/husband sister, social worker (, more spread, more hurt, more abuse and more cannibalism, (eating unborn children to control "family problems", etc), while such peoples that abuse the community does nothing good, leaves door open for more abuse to own family and peoples like myself exposed, blamed, and hunted, when it is not me?! -

I am sorting the "family problems" of what it was my family, "the best of my ability and lack of resources" as all was removed from me (, so I ask respect with my matters, because I never asked to be here in the first place, and so yourselves should be sorting your own business, mess and family, in order to stop, full stop the abuse within families. As I never comes to you and yours and sit next to your own matters, to continue the faena, instead, I am trying to stop it, the same as The Queen and Prince Philip ( and best of our possibilities, but not our responsibility.

The ex-husband and his sister social worker are not small children, but the same age relate as me, with 5 years older by the ex-husband from Carol Parker and myself. Again I do not see nothing wrong with the ex/husband except, that he bully me after, instead to stop, full stop his own sister and for good!-

The same Prince Charles, Camilla and Lady Sarah Spencer, so no excuses to cover and hide, after the criminal activity, that left own parents in turmoil, exposed and in full public and facing even charges of manslaughter by own children crimes, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and the Driver. We also got the case of Paula Yates, Peaches and Hutchence, including my unborn children, my brother ( ), sisters (2) detained in Mexico and the UK by the use of the social worker, sister of the ex/husband and only God's knows who's more.

While you may find the matters odd, spooky and errrr circumstances, I find the matters with full respect to those living souls (HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed, the Driver, Paula Yates, Hutchence, Peaches, etc) that departed in a tragic ( circumstances and I am not making a penny right now and out of understanding of such pain, loss and abuse, but this is not my place, but you and yours!-

I  and my children shouldn't suffer any kind of hate propaganda, intimidation, abuse, repression, regression, hunting, stalk, violence and all kind of abnormal matters in order to force me to hide such crimes, as again all is done to such peoples that departed, with my full compassion, respect, love and understanding (as I am in the same boat!) and we have to do, what has to be done in life and repair what is damaged!!-

I address with my fullest respect to, "The Queen Elizabeth II And Her Husband, Prince Philip Of Greece And Denmark, Duke Of Edinburgh, Earl Of Merioneth And Baron Greenwich" -  own matters, as in my point of view, you both works so well together and for the well being of the community as part of a team and not just as husband and wife with respect, but all relate to society of the UK and beyond the Seas, as Commonwealth of Nations, with thanks!-

I understand that The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wants to retire and pass a bit of the British Empire to Prince Charles, but I am looking forwards to a peaceful life, after more than 30 years of falsely accused, defame my reputation, lie of matters and even wars for nothing as all was lies of the lairs, between families and their own problems. 

In other words, I don't trust the ex/husband weak side with his sister social worker and together, with my own children as the game is going to be transfer with my own peoples. I lost unborn children with the matters and abuse, so I need some form of reassurance of the matters, none repetition of the crimes committed and justice towards my own with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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