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WANTED Peter Barnett, a barrister in law: As the UK law just died ..

The British Prime Minister David Cameron own brother Alex Cameron, won a landmark court case against Government's cuts: "Legal Aid" ..

A Fistful Of Dollars by Ennio Morricone

Peter Barnett, a barrister in law avoids pay cash in rail fares, when crime went unnoticed for more than two and a half years.   The incredible thing is the length of time that nobody from Rail and the Courts Services Staff avoids and checks properly, in order to FORGIVE prison sentence by such professionals "as BARRISTER in Law", that should know better, but save the man's career with any excuses.  

I wonder "why" sometimes, we have the law, as you can read the Barrister in Law saved his own beacon, from community services charges, after crime.  Exactly the same, as ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (members of my family, neighbourhood house #11 as friend of the ex, trafford council staff and community in general, that helps spread crimes, etc) SAVED from murder charges of my unborn children and brother (, but swiping own professional card instead and between themselves, aiding each other in the pursuit and now using my children to divert own past criminal activity, with any kind of excuses, when butchered the community.  As carnibal butcher and eats own peoples, my own (unborn children, brother, sisters detained under the mental health acts, etc) perished with no mercy, pity, respect at any time (1985 - 2015), as explain in this link  and with respect to, The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.  

As Deputy district JUDGE Olalekan Omotosho told Barnett his "serial fare-skipping" was a "serious offence". She said: “There is a need not just to punish you for the offences, but also deter others from committing offences: “It is a shame, really, because you had it all. It remains unclear why you acted so badly. You let yourself down and your family down, particularly in light of your profession as a lawyer.” In my point of view here the Judge, Olalekan Omotosho is "letting down own carrer" as well, as "serious offence by assisting and hiding the correct law" to the Barrister in law, Peter Barnett due to own similar jobs. 

- In other words Barrister and Judge helps each other in a court of law, which is a place of respect, as if the person was a nobody, the sentence will be the hardest that you could ever - ever handle in your complete and entitle life, for a minor matters, that may due to lack of jobs, opportunity, education, cash, etc. 

- I wonder, what the Rail company has to say about the missing tickets, in order to recoup all duties, monies and charges, perhaps to give the money ( £19,689   ) and all the monies due and direct to my own charity. As I am unemployed, removed and stripped of my help to the community by the same corrupt peoples that call themselves family and removed all from me and gave my matters to incorrect peoples, now you can see the abuse of power and profession, violence, crisis, criminal activity, murder spread, criminology, butchery by cannibals (my unborn children, brother, etc), etc?-

"As the same law apply, "whoever commits the crime, to whoever hide the same crime", no difference, means in law, that if you "assist (as the Judge and Rail staff)" somebody no matter reason, or set of reasons, you are also committing a crime by hiding the same law, people's, criminality and abuse of power and profession (as Paul Barnett, barrister in law), so no excuses!!"- 

I wonder why the community is so twisted, corrupted, mislead, lied, violate and rape in full daylight and who helps them to overcome from such bandits, as went unnoticed the same law in a form of train ticket, as if invisible for same individuals, thanks to such Judges, Barrister in law and Rail staff that should know better, as the ex/husband mother said to me so many times, about her own daughter, social worker, Carol Parker. 

 As the blessed son of God as Peter Barnett, a barrister in law avoids penalty as you read, but the rest of the community is forced to pay penalty by the UK Rail, Courts, Judge and Staff, even when poor beyond control to the rest of the community, but lands in prison for a minor matters beyond own control as poor, no education, no means, ways, or forms, nothing, but such professionals that comes with loads of cash in the pocket (Peter Barnett, a barrister in law ) got lightly in law for the same crime committed, loads of mercy, pity, respect, love and from own community. 

Please tell me if we are not twisted, racists to the fullest and criminals in all contempts, by "assisting" and "hiding" the same abuse of power and profession of such professionals that corrupt the complete system, except me, that request the complete law and the same law APPLY as the rest properly, to Peter Barnett, barrister in law, starting by removing and stripping his own career and profession, card and even registration number. As this is the second ( City of London magistrates court heard he had received a conditional caution in 2010 for a similar offence. The father of three was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.  ) time, that Peter Barnett, a barrister, fails to pay own duties to the community, with years and years of the same abuse the system, power and profession and as far, as we are aware. 

I was forced to stripe of my own (unborn children, country of birth, family, friends and even life itself!) matters, when I was not guilty, when it was not me who done the crime, abuse, malice and by lies (5 boys, the river, etc), even when beyond my possibilities, as hard of hearing person (as the river = rio nazas # 5015, but me and my brother never went to the river but killed with no mercy spare   neither the victims went to any rivers, but lies, as never came back with wet hair after the river, but all nicely done, as if left the hairdresser, so when of such lies, defamation and contempt of murder?! -  ), in order to frame and de-frame me of matters, that on that time (1985) and on this time (2015) way out of my reach, by a group of unsolicited criminals and their own activity, from same lies and defamation (5 boys, the river, ec) to my reputation and hate propaganda, starting from the ex/husband, his sister social worker (that should know better, as their own mother told me, endless times!!) and members of my family that (are as bad as each other, as the ex/husband mother told me, from her own children!!) assisted (in everything!!) each other, plus the community (trafford council staff  and neighbourhood house #11) staff, that acts as real bullies, cowards when went against a person with no means to deffend me and mine as today and greatsby of ASBOS, that BLAST the community complete, with real fire, with real crime and with real and total abuse (cars blow up, etc..  ), but falsely accused, with no time of parole, no pity to me and mine, compassion or even respect to the memory of my unborn children, only as butchers does to own peoples, as canibalism and nothing spare!! - 

- However, I saw the "modern cinderella movie" yesterday next to my child and at the end, she (Cinderella) asked her twisted family to receive exactly, the same faith as she was forced to endure since child (me 1985 - 2015) and believe it or not, but she got what she requested and from such evils and malicious contempt as peoples did to her in the past, after married a prince.  

- As you may think it's a movie Cinderella abuse, game as we all went the same bully (shit!) patern in lfe as me and mine, or whatever it may comes RIGHT in the middle, as the water ( cannon abuse, that mess people's lives (as my children in order to protect own father, his sister social worker and members of my family!) to the extreme measure, with any kind of ideas, but in reality apply the same hate, game, movie and whatever. 

So in other words and in plain English, your choice, your pic and even your own movie for a laugh, but the law is not going nowhere and stay right here with me, because I never studied the same law, for pleasure, laugh, or joke, but I intent to use it and to the best of my ability, even with a second hand books! - 

- My Prince as you know from Cinderella movie, long time ago gone - gone and super gone and I do not think he will come back to me ever - ever again, furthermore, after he see me doing all these shows in full public and for "public concern", including such matters, that I was forced to terminate from day one, but not the law, that still exist today and is not invisible. 

- So as Cinderella herself in me yesterday (1985) and today (2015), I want the same wishes in order to persecute legally my own family, or such peoples that called in the past family, but butcher my own matters (unborn children, brother, etc) like cannibals does to own peoples, with no sense of pity (to my dismay!), no regret (who gives a shit, as the ex/husband told me of him and his sister, social worker, regarding my unborn children!) whatsoever (not even the ex/husband Bible does the cristian effect! and respect if ever existed such element. I was forced to endure for more than 30 years (1985 - 2015) of self destruction, by own tales, lies and defamation (5 boys, the river, etc) against me and mine, with no time for parole, not even after divorce, as today (2012 - 2015). 

- In other words and in plain English and as the law state by your own English Laws, not mine (Mexican born), that dictate and orders, as we request EXACTLY the same that happened to me and mine as victim of crime (1985 - 2015) and my blog ( state very clearly of such crimes from violent bullies, against me and mine as member of the community, that now use even my own children with no sense of mercy, no respect, no regret, or no pity once again and, for, whoever holds the UK laws (no me as I was removed all, remember?) to apply your own and same laws direct to the bullies, ASBOS of society and intolerant (criminals) peoples, that endanger lives. 

- As if was a pastime my own peoples (unborn children, brother, etc) that perished and terminate, like butchers kills and eats own peoples as cannibals, with no time for parole and this is the law and by holding the same UK laws, as using your own books and Holy Bible (see pics) and by own words of the ex/husband since day one, that state very clearly and in plain English, that him and I had not problems, but his sister social worker ( ) and own helpers that destroyed all me and mine, as if was not tomorrow, as if my God do not exist, as if she and her bullies were the Queen's of England, with such in-respect, passing and hide the (magna carta) laws and confusing our complete environment community against me and mine.

- As I was forced to live in a country that the place - never loved me, by the same ex/husband sister, social worker and for her to have all me and mine (family, friends, children, etc) now and I endure your English community, weather, peoples, profession and living creatures does to victims of crime as me and mine, no more and no less, but exactly the same: "A solitary confinement as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed, the Driver, Paula Yates, Hutchence, Peaches, Lady Kanga Tryon, my brother, my unborn children and myself need to endure (1985 - 2015),  with no time for parole to such bullies" -  

With my fullest respect to The Queen of England, Elizabeth II and Her husband Prince Philip, but we are not the laughing stock of nobody, not even our children and we are not going to start all over again with matters, that we never did such matters, but falsely accused. 

 As I was told by Trafford council staff ( that I need to start all over again and in which grounds in law the abuse of power and profession, when not received such matters, grounds in law and even hearing with me present in a proper court of law, never - never ever (it was me against Trafford council, never the council staff against me, but I took them to the courts, for the same judges to wash all under the holly, almighty and - ever ever lasting carpet, as you can read in Manchester county court last year and about this time, october 2014), but the bullies ( ) that destroys society, not us, but such peoples that use, abuse and hide in the law (confidentiality acts  ), principles and community will need to start all over again and pay for all the criminal damages direct to the community, not me and mine, but the bullies.  

Peter Barnett, a barrister in law avoid pay cash in rail fares, when crime went unnoticed for more than two and a half years. the incredible thing is the length of time that nobody from Rail services staff avoids to check properly and the FORGIVE prison sentence by the courts as judges, that should know better, but save the man's career with any excuses, no wonder my matters keep flaunting the law, with little, or no respect. 

I wonder sometimes why we have the law for and for who´s intent such laws, as the blessed child of God avoid penalty ( ), but the rest of the community as myself, forced to pay penalty, even with higher cresses than the rest and when poor, or beyond our control as my case. Where We, The Peoples said no more and the bullies will need to start all over again and alone in solitarium (, not us, but the bullies ( that destroys society. 

As I don't remember teaching my own children to go against me, mine, or society itself with any matters, excuses, or mayhems, that do not concern to them direct, as the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and own helpers, but the law. 

As the video and following note explain, why the likes of the ex/husband and his own sister social worker, that use jobs to flash own cards against the community  The bullies brings such criminal matters into the victims of society (with respect to Prince Harry, as this represent the social workers world, nobody else! - ), not me or mine, but the trolls, corrupt, bullies and violent professionals (not all of them, but 50%), that hide in very smart suits, destroying our complete world, that when someone acts, exactly in the same manner and in the same low ways ( as the bullies to us is news all over the world, but never themselves as professionals (, destroying the lives of the rest, as me and mine.

With respect to UK peoples, but we are in the same boat, badly bullied by your own system and I am falsely accused, while it is not correct to take own laws and should not be at any time, but there is not laws that acts in defence of our personal matters, by such peoples that should know better - as professionals and as my note explain with 4 letters as you read, but thanks God, I just find the other half, that collaborate, that I tried to fix (tax credits) the problem on time and well time in advance, but "ignored - totaly ignored and with excuses of delay", until "after" passed enough time to charge, but not to me, with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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