Tuesday, 10 November 2015

ao.com .. you failed!

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ao.comIN BREACH OF TRADE DESCRIPTION ACT 1968, MISLEADING (the public and buyers = me) DESCRIPTION (when in reality instead of A, trade companies gives you B, or nothing at all, also they give you for the job pittances, no time, mislead, lies, cheat, bullying, make you fell at fault, make you fell a nuisance, make you fell a time waster, give you false promises, never arrives, arrive too tired (5 minutes before schedule), lack of description and profession, mean you hire companies for the role, but fail to deliver the role "after (not before?)" unable to comply for hundreds excuses, like they are not electrician, musician, etc?) AND SELLING (many times the wrong item, unsuitable, no up to the standards, or requirements, etc).

I purchase 3 items from the company ao.com, in which the ex-husband agree to pay for the dishwasher as the old one, that I intent to bring from the old place broke down the pipe when he took the machine out of the place (not me, but him!) and was the same one, that killed my brother with the lie of the dishwasher tale - tale, from the ex-husband against me, when in reality, I was empty the dishwasher and he stood on the way.

What upset me most is the control freak in which the UK is manipulate by the ex-husband and his sister social worker and today, I am able to probe such matters to any extent, consider that I was unable to get the 3 items as the driver from ao.com never bring such items to my place, but himself and the helper instead.

Not matter how upset I am, for the matters from ao.com, but TODAY I am able to probe to the world in general, what I wrote yesterday (http://tinyurl.com/nfen5tc) of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that act as the "Krays Brothers" = controlling the area (not matter which area) and I am not going to be surprised, with the help from (local) government staff, when is a crime bullying, spy, following, stalk, hunt, mislead, interfere, etc!-

Now can you imagine, if I do the same to the ex/husband and his sister social worker, where I could be today with the stalky, hunt, spy, follows, control freaks (etc), but not them, as protected by the same (corrupt) laws, that hide criminal activity, crime, criminology (as my brother) abuse of power and profession!- http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy 

What it hurts most was the dishwasher matters by the ex/husband, his sister social worker that fails to accept the lies that drove the crime, but use my children instead to help and by a social worker that is on "benefit" of the community not "against" and always twisting matters, because is not just my brother ( http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy ), but I have two sisters detained under the mental health act (one in Mexico and another in the UK) and I am not a social worker ( http://tinyurl.com/ndpyqmx ), when in Mexico do not exist "community services and up to 10/11/2015, so how?"-

Because one thing is to empty the dishwasher and the ex/husband standing on the way "teasing me" and another matter very different is the full extent of lies that use my own children to help now, as he is alive, but not my brother.

As if was not enough my terminations (unborn children) to please the ex/husband sister social worker, in order for the woman to go to Mexico (1985) and find a husband, education, life and when return to the UK used lies (5 boys, the river, etc) against me, but trying to make another show of the "river" now calls "dishwasher (2015)", when in reality, the ex/husband and his sister social worker are both alive, happy, content, but not my brother, or my unborn children and on the top of that abusive peoples, I am falsely accused, unable to clean my name in a court of law as everybody "normal" does such matters.

The lack of respect from ao.com staff regarding the dishwasher, when is not their own business but stand next to the ex/husband and his criminal activity, crime, criminology, imagine if reverse matters in order to understand (RIP) and with respect, but you got no respect, as if the passage of my brother, unborn children, sisters and complete holocaust from both families was something to be used, abused and amused.

The MISLEAD from ao.com staff, that came direct to the place of the dishwasher, which is the kitcken and with all installed, plug and ready to run as the ex/husband told me (which is a professional qualify electrician!!!), but refused to do so, with the excuse that they were not electrician qualify, mean I purchase a product and service (of installation £29.00 = no cheap!) which is a MISLEAD and at the end, I need to relay from the ex-husband to do the matters for me?-

On the top of everything, the driver refuse to install the products, also the company ao.com asked him to take pictures of my place, without my permit, consent and knowledge, what a decency by the BULLIES and ao.com company tried to make me to be the "problem", when my fault was to purchase and paid extra for the installation, but comes from the ex-husband paypal as paid the dishwasher, then excuses to rip all my matters after as today, when tried to use the paypal - ebay system = blocked!!-

The picture that I took when I was waiting for the ao.com company and staff was of two men wearing yellow jacket, staring my window and flashing own cameras to me and to my dismay and worry was not the flashing the camera, but the lack of means by the company that hire such workers (as council, etc), also the day was raining, wet, slippery and such peoples standing, bending and working with not health and safety and placed on the top of the roof from next door house?-

Again, what was my fault when took the photos of such peoples in order to show them to the public and for "public concern" as lack of "health and safety?"-

When I can gain access to the photos you will be able to understand the level of stupidity by irresponsible staff and company that put such peoples in that position, "on the top of the roof" with no "health and safety whatsoever" and believe me was not very nice the view, dangerous, irresponsible and lack of protections laws, but the ao.com staff , took photos of me as form of revenge, also to probe of stalk, follows, bullies, control freaks and those that check on me 24/7/365, like the ex/husband and his sister social worker that tale the tales, but not speak properly of the reality from any matters? -

This note redacted by, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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