Friday, 18 December 2015

Mexico, Middle East and UK Political Party 2015 Christmas Cards ..

Mexicans, Middle East and even UK victims sacrificed for political correctness, benefits, riches, mayhem, bullying, destruction, criminal activity, abuse, destructive behaviour, revenge, lies, tales, defamation, mislead, intolerance, hate propaganda, ideas, ideals, idealism, instead to deal direct with bullies and own crime, but destroy innocents lives instead, without any parole, hope, mercy, pain, pity, nothing at all!!!   ..

El niño del tambor

-  First of all, I am writing this note with my fullest form of respect to any colour, disability, sexual orientation, country of birth, age, religion, gender and victim.

- Second, nothing that I write here will ever replace my unborn children that perished in "family problems" of the (UK) ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers members of my direct family (Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun, etc), in which the bullies use now my living children to divert own criminal activity since day one (1985-2015), hide the coward bully that went into full rampage of hate against me and mine for more than 30 years (1985-2015) non-stop and blame somebody else innocent instead, like my children.  As my unborn children are not enough to satiate own illness of such hatred preachers, so need to hold into my living ones, because I can not see any other reasons legally to continue hurt, control, manipulate, spy, hunt, stalk, follows, mayhem and attack me and mine with any reasons.  When it is against the law, profession and living standards, such practise of hatred and mean for the benefit, not against society!!- 

- Third, nothing of what I write here will ever return my brother alive, well, happy, content, rich, successful, prosperous and ready for 2016 and beyond! - 

As the ex-husband parents told me of own children when emigrate to the UK: "Non stop fight, as bad as each other and fight all day long and surprised me today, that nobody remembers now!?"-

For me, the ex/husband and his sister social worker "family problems" are the same as the Krays brothers, when believe they own the area ( ) and control the same based on fear, crime and abuse, with all kind of threats if ever anyone comes forwards and speak of the matters, including own mother (RIP) as if she was my own and explain properly on her medical records. 

What happens now after the ex/husband and his sister social worker separate for more than 30 years (2015) and after the marriage (1985) - now divorce (2012), their own hatred passed to me and mine for so long, that is almost forgotten!!-

Today, I get the other end falsely accused and blamed by the ex/husband, his sister social worker ( ) and helpers "family problems", when I don't bring this kind of hatred to any them at any time, except expose to the public and for "public concern" their own criminal activity against me and mine and for so long, that almost forgot!-

My children and I are not responsible for the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers criminal activity ( ), that financially gained helping the abuse towards me and mine, but the UK state.

As if you bring this kind of ill treatment and hatred towards me and mine ( from any part of the UK, including my own family from Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Veracruz, with intention to help "family problems" of the ex-husband and his sister social worker lies, mislead, intolerance, hate propaganda, tales, cosa nostra and defamation against my persona, "without telling me first what the problem was/is", but in order to destroy my reputation badly, abuse the UK system and satiate illness of your own UK peoples (the ex/husband and his sister social worker) with racial stigma against me and mine, which is against the law such hatred! -

As nothing of such lies against me and mine by the tales - tales, mislead and defamation bullies of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, the hundred and one lies !! ) has been probe (up to 18/12/2015) of the same matters in a proper court of law in the UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England), or even Mexico, without my consent, permit, knowledge of the matters, "where we are both sitting in the same bench in a court of law and read of the charges against each other", but hide in "confidentiality acts" the bully coward, brutally hurt the law, abused profession, pin victims in the wall ( and mayhem my reputation badly, without mercy, pity, or hope, then by law, I am allowed to use exactly the same principles of laws, vengeful system, hatred intolerant bullies, ill - sick spread, pervert actions, hate spread and wave of intimidation against the same bullies, that came against me and mine, destroying my world into tiny little pieces! -

As I lost unborn children by the same abuse from "family problems" of the ex/husband and his own sister, social worker, unfair to carry on holding something that do not belong to me and mine at any time, but divorced, when nobody see own hatred against - towards me and mine but hide in "confidentiality acts" the cowards and only read my matters when exposing, because I lack of protection laws in the UK! -

So where is my crime, when exposing hatred from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers ( ), that are dragging me and mine (children) to continue teaching low standards, in order to satiate ill instincts, control our environment, pin us in the wall ( and humiliate in public, with no mercy, hope, pity, protection, nothing!- 

 As I am not allowed to protect me and mine in public and for "public concern", otherwise my unborn children and brother would be alive, when exposing such hatred, malicious ill spread, violent outburst - behaviour, intolerance, abuse, criminal activity.

As the bully cowards hide with "confidentiality acts", from same "family problems" of ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against me and mine, but continue living in the wall with no time parole ( - justice, on hold, unable to move, full control, unable to defend myself or my peoples and request help to anyone, but receive all your hater preachers and in which grounds in law the assault to my persona and everything that is mine, which grounds in law you got to carry on the racial discrimination/intimidation, racism, defamation, mislead and who is going to win the war this time?!" - (read link/s!)

In the same way as the rest of my family, I need to carry the elder sister's offspring and used as meal ticket, when forced to live in their own home instead of mine and in order to pay for own education, food, travel and clothes.  Today my elder sister's children gained not just profession, but a fine a way to continue exploiting us, as real meal ticket and enter into our personal life, with the full help from the ex/husband and his sister social worker (, keeping everything from me and mine, including family, friends, boyfriends, ex/husband, etc.

As Mexican born with UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) citizenship, I find extremely hard to accept your bullies, abuse and hatred preachers (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), that arrived after married your Englishman and pinned me to the wall ( by their own lies, tales, intolerance, hate spread, exactly in the same way, that happened to the Middle East victims of "war on terror", by Bush/Blair.

As a compassionate country you wrote: "We are compassionate and generous people," BNP chairman Adam Walker writes, "Giving aid to others while British people suffer is fundamentally wrong. "The BNP puts British people first every time because charity begins at home. This Christmas our thoughts go out to all those betrayed by Cameron's government." ..  .. Then please, I request you to show me this compassion in full public and for "public concern", instead of hatred, confusion, abuse, intolerance, racial stigma, but take responsability of your own actions against humanity! -

"I am sick of my own peoples badly hurt ( ), or killed as my unborn children in order to satisfy - satiate illness, like the ex/husband sister social worker that give priority  - chance to live, educate and visit Mexico before the marriage, but what surprised me now is that nobody remembers such times and bring something else to direct matters elsewhere and even use innocents peoples as my living ones ( ) unable to move from present position, but save own father, what a decency!!" -

Now would you be happy if my own peoples were your own ( not matter age, colour, religion, country of birth, disability, sexual orientation and why mine need to witness such hatred, matters beyond own means/ways/ and education, exposed in public including their own parents, but not the real bully, culprit and violent lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl)?!" -

With the similarities of the Middle East matters, maybe happened exactly in the same way as me and mine, that arrived in my country Mexico, "before the wedding" as the ex/husband sister social worker, hate propaganda (5 boys the river, etc), purchased and pulled the rest of my family and friends, with financial opportunity, educational prospectus and big rewards, equal as "war on terror (Bush/Blair in the Middle East )" against me and mine in the UK, leaving our world totaly destroyed, crucify us ( in the wall unable to move, forced to pay food, clothing, education and opportunities to my own children alone in the UK when married, benefits and jobs removed after based on same lies and SATIATE the same "family problems (5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, etc)" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers!!-

So why me all this wave of abusive bullies ( and not you with respect to receive your ill society, hate propaganda, intimidation, bullying, killers, murders and haters preachers ( ), because at the end of the day it's your own UK peoples, not mine at any time to control, but the UK system? -

I saw all my matters (jobs, education, business, trafford disabled groups, etc) passed to the haters preachers (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) with so easy, never not even once, we went to court and testify of the same ordeal, lies, tales and abuse, in order to clean my name, incredible to believe, even bullies ( ) passed all my leftovers, jobs, business, sweat and hard work - effort direct to your own peoples, after pinned me and mine ( on the wall, unable to move, speak of the ordeal and defend my peoples, but used as hook to bring wealth to the community (as example: I got bus pass and trafford/altrincham got refurbished the bus station complete?), now would you be happy, if I use the same system to you and yours, in order to eat, educate, pay my bills, purchase a mansion, cars, holidays and why me and mine? -

Trafford Council (scandals): 
etc ..

- Nothing of what I write here will ever restore my previous "faith, family and life", but live the best way and financial possibilities, that the ex-husband sister, social worker together with UK local government and system, destroyed and ripped everything from me and mine, based on defamation, lies, tales and hate spread! -

- Nothing of what I write here today gives me any pleasure of anything and even the simple way of thinking realistically into why: "the UK peoples are compassionate, generous, aid to others and even charity begins at home (, with respect", makes no sense to me now, when all and everything from me and mine removed, killed, ripped apart, destroyed, and badly hurt by your own bullies ( ) and own bullshit, the same as if we said: why more and more immigrant victims of war are fleeing own country in the Middle East to live into your own, any idea ( ), or such lives worth nothing at all?- 

With my fullest respect to victims of war and their own world, but we are in the same place and the reasons why I do advocacy:


I request many times, that if I am lying with my blog, then to take me and the bullies together to the court of law, in order to have a hearing and clean my name, but deny. In fact, I can take HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and the driver case as well with me, but deny.

When deny matters to probe legally of the murders, crime, legality, abuse, corruption, hate, slander, lies and tales in my blog, then I shall not accept responsibility from your own professional world and standards, when writing of problems that affect me badly and even community affairs, neither I should receive any kind of abuse towards me and mine, because it's not my job to regulate your own peoples, but expose the abuse, as lack of protection laws, so how when pined in the wall by your peoples ( ) that hide in "confidentiality acts", any ideas?-

I was told by the ex/husband when living in the previous home, that everything will be done by this Christmas.  I suppose is the same UK system that impose fear to the rest of the community as myself, even when paying taxes and unfortunately happened to my sister (soco), as she was detained under the mental health act, by the ex/husband sister social worker ( ), when against the law the abuse of power and profession - bullying (, because GP's - doctors are unable to treat own family but the rest of professionals, in which I stand falsely accused by the same tales, lies and defamation and I am not even a social worker, so how, but just to pin you on the wall?-

In which, my sister (ana pia) told me exactly the same words as the ex/husband, before my other sister (soco) was detained under the mental health act and her son (riqui) came to collect own mother and bring her to the hospital, as he asked me to accompany him (never I asked him, but him to me!).

This is what I mean before, when I mention the lack of UK laws removed from me by the ex/husband sister social worker, that hide in "confidentiality acts" since years ago ( the following link is not about The Queen with respect, but Her peoples that abuse the system ).

In order to remove all from me and mine, with any kind of lies, tales and defamation acts against my reputation and against the law such abuse of power/profession ( ), unable to gain a decent hearing and restore - clean my reputation in the UK, but need to live in fear all the time by the same malicious spreadlies, defamation and tales against me, from "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers. 

Including and none extent, my sister's/brother own children, that bring to the United Kingdom a wave of terror and hatred ( ), with help of the ex/husband sister, social worker, that sponsor such hatred and pin the rest of the family including my brother direct to the wall ( ), unable to reach for help and then you ask me about your own peoples (, what a decency, after killed all me and mine, with no time for parole, no mercy, no pity, no compassion and no nothing!- 

Where the abuse and bullying ( ) within our family goes around in circles, as bullying enters by the same professional standards ( ), hate spread and propaganda, intimidation, racial stigma, profession and when use the UK services in the community to gain such power, destructive behaviour and hatred philosophy, not wonder 6 million Jews (Arabs) peoples perished during WWII, with respect, but such peoples holds no respect for the rest of us in the community. 

When I need to live in fear all the time in the UK, as I need to pay for whatever happened to this sister (soco) and then that sister (any) and all the sisters in the world, brothers in planet earth, any neighbours, friends when younger and even peoples that I never meet in my entitle life, including the ex/husband sister, social worker (carol parker), and the wave of hatred preachers that come against me from any side of the world, with such assurance, that you will believe every single tale, lie and defamation against me!!-

The sad reality with all this lunacy, I got no contact with any of my family (since 1985), friends (since 1978), primiada (1985) and my children (phone calls!!), because I need to pay for whatever happened to this sister (soco) and remove my own peoples from me as explain before, when my sister detained under the mental health act, but I am not a social worker, so how, but pinned on the wall unable to clean my reputation? -

When bullies protected by the ex/husband sister social worker ( ), that understand very well each other lies, tales and defamation against me, act all together as small children and I am the adult, that need to perform or else, with threats all the time and wonder who regulate this bullying ( ), abuse of power and profession!!? - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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