Monday, 1 February 2016

Prince Charles is learning to live by own means, ways and painting ..

Prince Charles, the multi-million pound artist, with respect.


Who is Prince Charles?
HRH Prince Charles is the first son of The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved Husband Prince (King) Philip, also the first grandchild of The Queen Mother, The Queen of Scotland and the great, great, grandson of The Queen Victoria.

Prince Charles loves his pints and he is not shy to show his heart content and even pulls one to his señorita.

Prince Charles walks in any weather ..

Prince Charles loves all natural ingredients and freshness of the day, including his dialy bread.

Prince Charles like horseriding and polo.

Prince Charles enjoys to bake cookies and Camilla helps.

Prince Charles earns millions with his own property empire/portfolio.

Prince Charles worth a multi - million signed lithographs (so start placing your court claims to gain compensation for past matters!).

So as you can see Prince Charles is an independent and multi - tasked man, that surpassed the good, the bad and the ugly, with success and respect, so the rest.

- In other words and in plain English, We, The Peoples can start earning our living bread in a honest way, exactly in the same as Prince Charles with own painting - creation, without suffer any restriction (color, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender, mockery, mislead, lies, defamation, tales, bullying, disturbances of the first, second and third world, etc), frontiers and obstacles, like my blog, career and writing, with thanks!-

- Prince Philip with respect, stripped of any achievements, cash allowance and multi million cow machine, like his son Prince Charles. In other words, Prince Philip is not allowed to be crowned as King, like the Queen Mother was when married a member of the Royal Family, which was King George VI, not even with the vast amount of wealth pulled to the UK since and after married his present wife, The Queen Elizabeth II, not this is not envy, but equality! -

- Prince Charles brother film company closed years ago, when trying to highly the problems at home with Lady Diana and Prince Charles, but deter by his brother (Prince Charles) "ultimatum", that resulted the company was closed with any excuses and without warning, pity, respect of own work, status, nothing at all!-

- Prince Charles constant meddling into the private life of own brothers, children and family, with intention to expose them all in full public, while his rosy past is hide.

- Prince Charles encourage and entourage a "club of wives bully syndrome", with victims like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates and myself, in order to create a living show that remove children after, with fatal consequences, in which some takes own life by the abuse, bullying, bullies, bullshit, criminal activity, crime, etc?-

- I still insist that HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver (the 3 d's) perished in non/accident, like his own cousin.

- I, Myself constat removed of my blogs and writing matters, passed without care, permit, consent and knowledge to unknown peoples and benefit, as I call them the "chosen ones", including politics and government staff, that are not my concern, but get no pay, no way to support my living standard and no nothing! -

My first blog removed and hide:
My second blog removed and hide:
My third blog removed and hide:
etc ..

 -  Prince Charles bully staff ..

- I understand that bullies / bullied Prince Charles when younger, but direct with peoples involved in a court of law to clarify equal and in a proper statement, not taking the law and taking the rest (as my children and I by giving support to the ex/husband, HRH Princess Diana of Wales in order to give support to Prince Charles, Paula Yates in order to give support to Bob Geldof, etc) to the cleaners, to the worse possible ways imaginary to mind with criminal abuse, because that is crime, murder and against the law / principles, in which Prince Charles beholds, but could be stripped if not used properly!!-

Can you imagine if I remove and hide Prince Charles own personal matters as paintings, property portfolio, living foundation, creation of his artwork with respect, where he would be in status today, bank account and financial world, or counting pennies like me?-

When on flight vacation with Monarch, I landed with a cup of tea of someone. I believe strongly related comments from my blog, as I mention Prince Charles was not my cup of tea and out of respect to Camilla (as if she got any respect for Lady Diana Spencer?)!!!-

I wonder why I have to get this aggressive psychopath attitude and not with the rest of writers - bloggers worldwide, when address matters towards Prince Charles, because bullies always hide, frame innocent peoples and attack without warning and I wonder if this man is fit to be King, with respect and I wonder if I need to act with the same respect that I address to his mother, or run while I can and forget the UK citizenship?-

The reasons why I keep asking my children not to get involve with own father affairs, as the connection (with Prince Charles, etc) that breeds this kind of abuse, can be badly frame in the future, but left own father to fight own corner with me in a court of law, if I am ever wrong! -

Where if something happens to me and mine (children), direct to Prince Charles, the ex/husband and his sister social worker and protect us with my Mexican laws.

As not just my persona, services in the community, system, blogs fixed with paypal account but unable to use it - except Prince Charles with his own painting, my online social places hide from public view - unable to relate properly and earn a proper living wage because it's closed, controlled, frame, used/abused when against the law as my private matters, but exploited like HRH Princess Diana of Wales used/abused with more than 500 charities round her belt, also Paula Yates pay all the bills at home and the big (bully) boys today got everything, including our children?-

+  As what I can see here is that, if Prince Charles brother production company performed the passage on live tv (on that time, not this time is far too late!), regarding own brother's "Prince Charles" problems as all of them wanted including HRH Princess Diana of Wales, maybe with any luck she would be well, alive and preserve her life, but become a "permanent fixture in the normal news" and removed own brother of his own living ( out of envy, but he can sell all his paintings, amass a large - super large fortune in property, blame own parents for anything the bully wants and bully - rule the complete family with iron hand.

+  In my case if I ever came on time, my brother (  ) would be alive when I wanted to speak with all and everyone of the "family problems" of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family and friends that they were lying horrendous of my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), my brother's reputation and my brother's in law reputation, but as you can see during the 27 years that lasted the marriage, the BULLIES become part of "permanent fixture in their own news/gossip", part of each other to survive, eat, educate own ofsripng and to use me to BLAME (the same as Princess Diana, Paula Yates, etc) after, like point blanc and gain anything.

"So why we have to have pity today for those BULLIES that destroyed our life to the worse possible ways, forms and shapes, when in my case the ex/husband has 27 years to tell me "all about the family problems", but never, today I used in my blog to repay all the damages to me and mine, until gain a proper compensation, justice, memory and non/repetition of the abuse against us, holding them as "permanent fixture in their own news and even gossip" ..

And at this point in mind is what I call "criminal activity", because such peoples that call family and even such peoples that call friends, but took advantage and destroyed any norms of decency, my reputation with no mercy, care, respect trashed and in order to eat, educate, live, study, work, because nobody in my family told me in plain words, "what was happening to me at any time", never, ever, neither we were ALLOWED to speak to my brother (RIP), and brother in law of what was happening to them and reputation ... until now and by myself.

"The reasons to divorce and break the SICK, control freak and manipulator circle, to no avail, as they made deals and more deals and until the law do not step up and stop the bribery, lies, corruption and defamation, the family destruction would never end!!!" -

The reasons why to bring to own parents - families, their own dirt and mess including my family and in order to clean afterwards not me, but them and in the case of the ex/husband and his sister social worker parents passed away (RIP) long ago, so who will collect matters, because my children and I refuse totally to play the games, with respect.

I warn my children of the peril in which we will step up, if ever consider to help own father and reasons why of my blog, so they can read in plain English, in which peoples think it's lies, revenge, defamation, or whatever, but is time, before the truth comes out!!" -

As the ex/husband told me months before the divorce that friend of his own work son was with problems with the law and I believe strong is another way to frame my own children now with own past, in order to protect him and his sister social worker and who protect us, but my Mexican laws to deter the abuse within families! -

Where groups and more groups are BORN each day from the same lunatics and their own "family problems" in defence of the same bullies that bullied us the victims for endless years (1985 - 2016), but stood ALONE - all ALONE because even in the case of HRH Princess Diana of Wales we read every day of her ordeal in the news, the same as Paula Yates and now the community can read my life "as permanent fixture in the normal news"-

And who give you the rights to own our life and what is the reasons to hide my blogs and online social places, which is my living the same as Prince Charles with his own paintings, but used to dominate even politics affairs and who is Prince Charles to manipulate,control, use as open gates between government to government, without my permit, consent and knowledge, but taking advantage? - "

What kind of community, government and politics affairs holds this sick showdown "as permanent fixture in the normal news" to manipulate matters, hide corruption and mislead the public to take matters elsewhere.  As if TAXES are worth PENNIES and why the UK peoples arrived so low to believe lies, tales and defamation, murdering own country, land and even glory  .. reputation, but blame foreign peoples ( and what we ever done to you bullies, since when we address to you with this kind of hate and where we meet before with such lack of respect towards and against our persona?"- 

The same with HRH Princess Diana of Wales spend her life inside the BULLIES "permanent fixture and news/gossip", with full permit from own husband, as this sells / feeds and distract, while they burn our countries alive! -

- The "family problems" that sells own family happens to all of us not matter background, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, country of birth, including The Royal Family of Spain, that sells own family reputation for nothing, like mine. As student of law, I have been taken this case with me, because it's not possible to be used as hook to feed own family and pin us in the wall, "as permanent fixture in the news" 
The brother's wife of Infanta Cristina from Spain worked in the press as my sister (anapia) who teach me her profession when I was in primary education, plus currently studying the UK law and when child I was prepared with psychology when lost part of my hearing thanks to my parents, as elder sisters (flor, lupy, etc) removed my education, the same as the rest of my sisters and reasons why such peoples need to hold into own family in order to survive, even with lies.

- As the Royal Family passed away at the end of certain time and nobody holds such amount of power and money, without a purpose in life!-

August 25, 1942 – Prince George, Duke of Kent
August 27, 1968 – Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
August 27, 1979 – Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma
August 28, 1972 – Prince William of Gloucester
August 31, 1997 – Diana, Princess of Wales

etc ..

I hold no qualifications whatsoever and I will never use my profession if ever gained the means to go against my own kind, but I hold experience, knowledge and forced myself to educate (psychology, laws, journalism, etc) and always update in order to protect me and mine (children), as I lost unborn children, brother, sisters detained under the mental health act, my children bullied and even removed of own profession as lack of support, means, protection laws in the UK, so I use my Mexican to protect me and my children.

"Abuse and abuse and more ABUSE against my own peoples, family, blood, flesh and principles, because one thing is to be of need from help/defence/laws and another to destroy our reputation into tiny little pieces and one thing is to be noble of the heart and another is the abuse from bullies that get the opportunity to smash and destroy it with no mercy, pity, support, or remorse and I ask why, what we ever done to you bullies and your own bullshit!!!??" - 

I don't intent to drive families apart, but to protect oneself from any "family and their own problems" like myself, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates and even Infanta Cristina that we are victims (in different ways, forms and shapes) of machos bullies, victims of "family problems", victims of violent system that kills, murder and destroy your life into tiny little pieces and victims of criminal activity even by family system, that destroys our souls.

And please me do me a favor not to hold onto me as "permanent fixture", but learn to walk alone in life and develop within your own kind with respect, but always / always hold independence (not dependence) at all the times, put your arm within many inches as possible in length from the rest, keep yourself as yourself and in this way is better for all of us, you owe me nothing, I owe you nothing.

At this present time, I hold so much pain in my heart from "family problems" that destroys even the
meaning of life. I ask respect and time to understand matters, in order to heal, because I am unable to understand the reasons why to sell own family, unless those peoples are not right in their own mind, bloody desperate, confuse as always, or born a natural bullies.

I ask the "family problems (not my children, not me!)" of the ex/husband ( ), his sister social worker ( ) and some members of my family, to arrenge own problems in a proper court of law and when finish to show me the paper fully stamped by the courts, in order to see us again and protect myself and mine (children), because as this stage we lost all even respect, trust and even confidentiality acts, until the paper is stamped by the court of law saying: "that the bullies will stop, full stop their own bullshit and criminal activity against the rest, or heavy penalities and charges waiting for them all!" -

Again in case if NOBODY got the message clear, where me, my elder sister and my children are left alone, totally alone in the "family problems" melodrama, or you will adress to me direct and my Lord's, because as I lost unborn children and my own comes fully protected and me and my elder sister refuse to take something that do not belong to us, at any time! -

As my children, me, my unborn children, brother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates, Infanta Cristina and whoever is in the case are not the breeding machines (charities for your fund living expenses to nobody and enrich as it please the lies, defamation, tales - tales, bullies, bullying and own bullshit, full stop! ..

Now, as Prince Charles can earn his holy living from own "creation (painting)", with my fullest respect, so the rest, if anyone of "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family think that I am lying when writing ("creating in my blog") in my blog, then please take me to the courts to probe my matters, ways and reasons, exactly in the same as they did to me for the last 30 + years destroying my reputation and hiding in confidentiality acts the cowards, except TODAY I am leaving my matters in my blog and wide open, "for the public concern", as I lost so much (unborn children, brother, etc), that I need to recoup the lot in a form of compensationmemory, respect and reassurance that matters will never - ever happens again! -

In other words and plain English, the same as Prince Charles that use different world views to inspire and create world wonders in his painting. I am using the same "system and family problems" to inspire me in my blog and create wonders with my writing and even use them as my role models (as they used me for 30 + years, cashing even with my unborn children, what a sickos?!) of what you are not supposed to do in life (sell your own brother and sister to the best bidder!) and for the new generation as my children learn to obey: "The Queen, land, laws, glory, country, order, respect and tolerance" -

I am taking with me with respect to may concern, the case of HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver (the 3 D's), Paula yates, Infanta Cristina and my own, as student of law, in which you will have to address to me personally and by the use of the Internet - social places, which is my blog.  Anyone concerned by such matters address before contact me, otherwise I will address to you in full public with freedoms and liberty to apply, protections laws and rights, order, respect and tolerance that the case's merit in law, if not happy (me neither, as I never asked to be here in full public display!!!) neither myself, as the abuse within family is more than words can express, as we are not your breeding machines, but your family! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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