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Prime Minister David Cameron: "With respect, but MONEY laundering and TAX evasion is not just FRAUD, but CRIME in the UK / International law and you got a brother who is a TOP QC in Law, so no excuses! ..

This is about HARD work and dedication to own peoples since day one from The Queen Elizabeth II, in order to give "YOU" the very best start, including my children born in this FREE land and to be treat equal, fair, RESPECT, tolerant and ENJOY opportunity as the rest and all for what, a few RICH business peoples SELECT to benefit (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION) and the rest to CARRY the burden of taxes and this is about a full robbery in day light, that STEALS taxes and revenues (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION ) belong to the UK prosperity not foreign land, because I believe strong the money STAY where is create to benefit own country prosperity and in this case is the UK not Panama with respect and this is about "misleading public interest with foreign deals and hide from tax payee (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION)", the money greed, irresponsible attitude and selfish pursuit is not recorder / declare as extra cash and earnings, causing the world ECONOMY to collapse, making a DEEP HOLE in the community affairs and this is not about a Prime Minister own father with respect to may concern, but a MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION practise which is a crime in law, because the thief "avoids paying correct tax allowance as the rest" and this is not about tax from earnings, as I believe the UK Tax Man is checking matters, but earning from offshore (FOREIGN) deals and not declare as the law state, mandate and order, then a crime in UK law and this is not about a "certain" political party (SNP, Socialist, etc), so don't believe lies, but MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION which is a crime in law and this is not about help my pursuit to gain justice to my unborn children and brother (, with 443 + notes in my blog, but to use them in foreign deals (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION) without my permit, consent and knowledge and little respect from the Prime Minister, David Cameron and his own government staff, but complete ignored, washed, evade and full invasion of foreign haters preachers that removed my human rights and I want you to know, what is like to be me in the wrong spot, live the ordeal and to carry the "mea culpa (" when innocent, because the criminal activity against my peoples ( is not your pastime, neither your jokes, let's alone your deals, but a crime in law!! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

El Maestro de Galilea, Ivan Vidal ..

Panama Papers: Cameron to announce tax taskforce to investigate (from same corruption  .. ???????) revelations as he seeks to regain the initiative.  I don't see how, as the trust in Government staff, Politic affairs and peoples in charge is complete LOST without repair, when for so long HIDE so much revenues and taxes (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION) that could profit and benefit the UK financial crisis, with respect, but no respect from such peoples that I believe they should set the good example and the first ones that commit the abuse, fraud and crime: 


Ignorance of own jobs makes the difference complete, when such places are passed from parents to children, but not plausible in law when affect BADLY peoples as me and mine (children), with respect.  

The Inresponsable atittude affects badly the ECONOMY of the country, progression and community affairs (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION), even disabled, low income, fragile, but at risk  Scotland intent to remove "stigma", but then another story as today, with "Tax evasion and Money laundering (cover - up)"-  

Because it's not about Tax Returns (, but MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX ( Heavens ) EVASION and differ one ( from the other (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION / Heavens, neither is the same matters in law, but to cover crime (Tax Heavens) by misleading the public purse with something else (Tax returns)?- 

The same matters happenes with Scotland referendum ( ), as The Queen Elizabeth II has the rights to deffend what is and belongs from Her own ancestry, traditions, roots, past, glory, including Her Own Mother place of birth, which is Scotland: "As The Queen of the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England) either mother (The Queen Mother) and/or daughter (The Queen Elizabeth II)", neither belongs to the present government problems of  MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION to be used as excuse, oportunity, cover - up, brivery (which is a crime in law) and differ to Scotland Referendum!! -

Money Laundering and Tax evasion is a serious crime in law: 


As there is not one law for you and another different one for me, both apply: 


1- "Furious Tory representative wants to stop publish tax .." -
2-  David Cameron family 'misled the public' over conection direct with any foreign "financial" deals ( offshore trust, money laundering, tax evasion, etc).  

I mean to say the last 2 points with respect, because a furious Tory MP ( "threatens bill to ban CURTAINS if David Cameron publishes his tax returns, then I believe matters comes in conection (Prime Minister and Tory MP's) to win votes, to earn commission when selling foreign deals (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION) and miltiple of other matters, but unable to continue investigation, until I don't get a protection order (and remuneration for my work) from The Queen Elizabeth II, as too risky, too much money involve, too much bank interest and influences when there is a regulatory system in place ( the same matters, but passing the law ??!!??- 

The Prime Minister, David Cameron and his brother, Top QC Alex Cameron in my case regarding the same matters (offshore trust, money laundering, tax evasion, etc ), to protect The Queen's Interest, Her peoples, country, land and glory, as UK citizen: "exposed the case ( abuse of job and profession, offshore trust, money laundering, tax evasion, etc) for public and the concern of the public" - I don't care if the mother of the Prime Minister comes in deffence of her son/s (, the same inresponsable atittude happened with the ex/husband mother against me, when this is not a domestic issue / problem, but politics affairs and this is not a tax records matters, but MONEY LAUNDERING / TAX (Heavens) EVASION criminal activity matters and with my fullest form of respect, that I also comes from same background, but different parents! -

With respect to may concern matters, but I believe strong foreign deals without declare before is a crime in law and the trust is lost soon after, as in this case the Prime Minister, David Cameron, his brother TOP QC, Alex Cameron, his family, friends, helpers, business affairs and even his peoples at work (government/politics affairs) and just to start and hundreds of peoples around the world behind bars, for the same reasons, crimes and abuse in law.   

My study of law is basic (second hand OU books), teaching myself of the same matters for many years now and do not come from any Eton academic places / backgrounds, also I worked in banking (Banks in Mexico, WHS Post Office and Foreign Exchange for Thomas Cook, Manchester Airport, etc) system for many years and gained extent experience in the matters, which is regulate by the same organization ( and NOT ME AT ANYTIME but them, when regulate any bad practice / dealings, between UK and foreign banking system (or vice-versa), particularly need to declare money when abroad deals that enters / leaves the UK, "as profits", I believe include land, property, etc. 

I believe my "family problems" could be done in the privacy as the rest when dealing with same problems and request to the Prime Minister, David Cameron and this reflect with my blog of more than 440 notes, but as the ex/husband said the "English System for the English Peoples" and removed all from me just before the divorce, when from day (1985 - 2016) one I pay all my taxes (poll tax, tax when shopping, etc) and contribuitions to the UK state, so basically this is your problem, not me and mine, as my children born from a Mexican mother, full stop! - What I mean to say here with respect, you create this RACIST ("English System for the English Peoples" ) envirolment, then you duty to CLEAN your own place of birth, not me and/or mine that BORN from a Mexican mother, not an English mother, so please respect.  

And by the way, this is nothing to do with religion, creed, country of birth, color, age, disability, politcs affairs, roots, traditions and anything you want for excuses, but MONEY LAUNDERING / TAX (Heavens) EVASION

MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION is not just FRAUD ( ), but a CRIME in law that millions of criminals are behind bars for the same reasons, "to pay back what is owned", so why no the rest and with respect and since when the UK law is used and abused to own financial gain (washing and evading cash), pursuit and criminal activity (MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION), because there is not one law for you and another different to me, both apply!! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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