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Post - Mental issues launched today, by the Royal Trio: "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry" ..

"We can all play our parts by talking and listening to each other", Prince Harry. 

Pedro Fernandez "Dicen Que Los Hombres No Deben Llorar"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry launched  mental well-being campaign, in order to address present lack of support, when psychological problems.

When we address mental psychological problems, that is exactly what it means, the rotten problem of today's society, that affects more one kind of peoples - than the rest somehow, not matter country of origin, language, sexual orientation, age, religion, colour of skin, male, female, etc.

 The psychological problems usually happens, when the victim endured SHORT / LONG term-time abuse, rape, bullying, war, repression, murder, emotional blackmail, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, domestic abuse, public exposure, endurance, resistance, hide, steal, robbery, oppression, "stalk", spy, monitor, slaver-ism and the list is endless, unlimited and comes with no end.

I let the victim/s of "stalk (as only one issue!)" to speak open ( the ordeal and not just me this time, as (as what she is living now, I become a victim since 1985 - 2016 from the ex/husband and his "family problems!") I am unable to understand how my brother (was living in Mexico, not UK!?-) followed me in the United Kingdom Trafford Area and perished ( ) by the same matters that was my private life as "Slot Machines" and in order to run from domestic abuse at home, caused by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) against my reputation, that attached themselves into each other and since day one (1985 - 2016)!? -

As I understand psychological since younger, I don't let the bullies to affect me, but how you deal with your own blood, family, sisters and brothers issues, please tell me how (?as you can see photos family was part of my life, but acting as if we were in war: the 5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, etc ??? ) and the only way to understand madness was when I started studying the WWII and the victims of war basically healed me totally - fully and made me to enjoy life again, which was very difficult to trust peoples again, the shock was enormous, the abuse between families infinite, the BETRAYAL was the full blow!! -

Today, I represent Israel Online Ambassadors ( even as name only, with no cause in the matter but make me feel whole, complete and healed, somehow this lead me to make my own blog ( to express myself, then I discover that I was not the only victim of "domestic BETRAYAL, bullying and abuse", but the rest, with similar mirror lives than mine and we attached into the same stereo types and this is exactly what I want to BREAK today: "The Stigma", where such bullies think that they can get away with the intolerance, murder, abuse and criminal activity, NEVER AGAIN, not matter if family, NEVER AGAIN!! -

etc ..

I only ask one think today and is not to see my family from both sides including the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers (except my children), until I know fully well what happened to my brother and the rest of my personal issues, otherwise they use anything in order to frame me after, use me after, or blame me after and I believe today, enough is enough, NEVER AGAIN! - 

Usually such matters mention before (abuse, rape, bullying, war, murder, etc) are very commune to find and experience in countries that are currently suffering war conditions somehow, as well the after effects can be passed to own children afterwards as form of shock, particularly when not heal correct and properly, when no proper medical attention as stigma, when nobody talk about the issues due to "what people will think of us (I don't give a shit, when bully, abuse and murder my own peoples, full stop!!)", when nobody connects with the rest for unlimited of excuses, stigmas and repression and "in order to take the mental issues out of your system and heal fast"- Furthermore when countries that repress the matters "inside of our system" and require full HUMAN CONTROL, but we must to remember ONE THING: "that we are not ROBOTS to keep things inside as form of repression, regression and stigma, but HUMAN PEOPLE that require proper treatment in order to heal (and if mean to speak, to speak, to speak and to speak of the ordeal until satiate, so be it in law, who cares "as soon as it comes out, the rest is not an issue, but a basic human necessity!") fast, very much the same as the rest part/s of our body and the rest is complete crap, bullshit, bullying and repression, regression, intolerance, abuse and corruption "after the abuse, murder and crime EXPERIENCED, no way (who is going to keep inside, nobody, then why us!?), NEVER AGAIN!" -

Such cowards bullies cannot expect SILENCE from us today and I mean my "family and their own problems" from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my direct family, particularly when RIPPED OPEN all our trust and family apart and complete, so NEVER AGAIN!! -

The reasons why I always think, that the best way to address such matters, particularly when many years had been passed of the abuse and burden and here I am talking about the WWII victims of war and is to OPEN SPEAK OF THE ISSUES, BURDENS AND AFTER SOCKS don't hide nothing, absolutely nothing (as you are allowed to grieve, furthermore when your own mother, father and complete family perished and the way they passed away, without saying goodbye, without proper help by nobody, without proper government interference over the "accident" of HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the Blair's went back to sleep after notice of the same and own book from same Tony Blair explains properly, what a decency!!! -  ), "until fully satiate", furthermore not matter time, not matter nation, not matter reasons, not matter family member, not matters conditions and not matter nothing, but allowed to take everything out in the open!!! - Unfortunately what happens if the matter of the WWII happened in Europe and not in my country Mexico, that I was not aware of the issues until a few years ago when I studied matters of the same WWII and reasons why I understand where the problem comes from, by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, including members of my family that they were taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the matters and reasons why, I am here today to stop, full stop!!-

As you are aware and with respect to may concern matters, but I am presently representing HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver case that unfortunately are not with us today (RIP) and trying to understand matters fully well and in order to help even more to me (as I lost unborn children and brother) and the rest, badly affected, as I believe strong that the way such victims perished was not "an accident" but "a murder with intent" -  When I go with the case of HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her party: Dodi Al  - Fayed and the driver (RIP) is a shock to me - to know full well today, that time passed with not result over matters, furthermore for someone with psychology understanding and since younger.  It will take me a full book here to express over same matters, but I am please of her own children taking the lead in everything (, so I am including a few links of my own findings so far to take my case seriously as a-merit and with respect:

etc ..

In order to become a psychological representative is someone that heals and let the patient go soon afterwards, to keep the patient - victim for future references (excuses), not only mark the victim but becomes a burden to society and the idea / rule is: "when someone that holds a traumatic stage in own life, after received the correct treatment (speak, speak and speak until satiate and take everything out, even by tears!!), then we must let them go"  no questions asked, no reference to nobody and "stop then and there, any kind of emotional attachment", because nobody is the property of the rest, nobody, full stop! -

As you will never hold a patient in any conditions after suffering an accident (sunburn, fish bite, ear infection, etc) for AN ETERNITY, so I am unable to understand WHY the victim with mental issues THAT NEED TO SPEAK OPEN OF THE MATTERS IN ORDER TO HEAL and no shame over the matters as HRH Princess Diana of Wales ( RIP, but need to be hold in medical records, as if  life belongs to the medical team for further research with no form of RESPECT, permit, consent and knowledge from the victim whatsoever, and even after passed away is the same possession, control, manipulation and bribery but this time is her own Spencer family, when public need to pay even for a visit?!-,_Frogmore

I got one request over matters from HRH Princess Diana of Wales issues, explain with instructions of the same in the following link:  and for me to continue investigation, now if nothing happens then mean nobody cares over the issues and I will stop matters all together and make a book instead!-  I hold a letter from HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children permit to make a book over her own life, with thanks for the matters, also I am full aware of the money reward from Al - Fayed family with refer to the "accident", in which I believe was a "crime with intent to kill!" and working alone in the case, with no representation by nobody except myself and my full respect! -

I want to receive public respect over my work, exactly in the same way as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that worked for charity worldwide and free by her own choice - never mine, when in my case, I am like the rest that want to receive satisfaction and remuneration ( for own work and permit perhaps by The Queen, Elizabeth II as I got bills to pay, very much like HRH Prince Charles of Wales (, Harry Potter writer, Beckham family and the rest UK peoples.  I ask respect ( over my own choices and how I want to deal with my own matters private, exactly in the same as the rest of UK peoples, with thanks, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.   


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