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The former actress Nancy Dow and mother of Jennifer Aniston just passed (RIP) away, with respect! ..

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Jennifer Aniston's estranged mother and former actress Nancy Dow, passed away age 79 (RIP).  It was reported that Jennifer Aniston and her mother Nancy Dow comes with "family issues" as many of us understand very well, that sort of broken road and reasons why, they were not very close.

Jennifer Aniston said:  "Nancy Dow was very critical of me (the same as my "family problems" from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my direct family, that are over - critical of my personal - private life, as if they are so white themselves, as if belongs to all of them and in order to destroy it, or as if they are so perfect themselves, that are unable to see own mirror with me by own hypocrisy, etc") -  "Because she was a model, she was gorgeous, stunning and I wasn't. I never was. I honestly still don't think of myself in that sort of light, which is fine (well, I was called "the ugly ducky" and that can give you an idea of the bully people themselves, so weak, so trashy, so crap, so full of themselves, and so I refuse to arrive to own level and so, I remove myself from own sick environment!!) "  -  "She was also very unforgiving. She would hold grudges that I just found so petty ("tell me about it, I am still holding and hanging FOR EVER  "1985 - 2016" with:  5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl and a wave of lies, tales and defamation against my reputation, because the reality and truth of matters was hide most of the time and perhaps never existed, but own mind, perhaps to STEAL all me and mine, perhaps to EAT from the lie, perhaps to SELL own family as weak and bullies with full of own bullshit  themselves, etc!!")"  -

Unfortunately the relationship went down the drain, when in 1999 Nancy Dow published a tell-all book, "From Mother and Daughter to Friends: Nancy (Dow) Aniston, A Memoir (I refuse to sell own family ties, but made a blog instead and expose this sick family issues - environment, that is no healthy but destroys life!)"

The current status of  Jennifer Aniston with respect do not affect only her persona, but me, Sinead O'Connor, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates and a wave of victims from the same bully, sick, control freak, inconsiderate and manipulative environment and before my own children think that this is "a normal environment", I prefer to come out in the open and expose the criminal activity, bullying, control freak and abuse! -

So, welcome to the club:
etc ..

The abuse from bullies that come from your own mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents or even at school, work, shopping, visit the doctor and etc, but act as DICTATORS (Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Franco killed more than 70 million victims of war during the WWII, because wanted "perfection" that only exist in own mind with respect and nowhere else!!), that with time will destroy your own persona, personality and soul with anything and any-time, so better avoid at all cost and save your life while you can, because for me is too late, I lost unborn children, brother ( ) and a complete family abuse, crime and carnage! -

The VICTIMS either men or women are not WEAK peoples - please read properly, but gently, kind and human individuals, unfortunately predators bullies and their own bullshit see us an easy target and I refuse to change the conditions of my heart and feelings of the same and become one of them, but expose to "public and for public concern", because this is the worse treatment to anyone, in order to downgrade, minimax, subjugate, control freak and reduce peoples to (tears) zero and all due to own ENVY.

As such, "I prefer to have a QUICK DIVORCE from bullies ( and own bullshit, that become part of their own sick and weak environment, perhaps the rest should follows and request proper laws, in order to deter the bullying, violence, abuse, criminal activity and full intolerance !!! -

I remember my own mother holding into (tears) the holly Rosary and pray all day and night in order perhaps, to request FULL STOP the (bullying!!) ordeal from my elder sisters (accused of sleeping with church priest by mara, soco, tere and of course all was lies, because I used to accompany my mother everywhere, but just envy, they wanted to divorce my parents - as divorce themselves, as I defend my own mother, they came after for me, trashing everything from me and mine even brother  horrendous, paranoiac, criminal and the worse treatment ever existed against own blood, family, etc! -) against her persona, because own bullying and complete SICK ENVIRONMENT in which we need to deal on that time was a complete ordeal, with full of lunatics and own lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against the rest, affect BADLY parents, children's, brothers, sisters, family and the merry goes around with a never end, until you stop the BULLYING, financial exploitation, abuse, intolerance, criminal activity, crime, criminology, destructive behaviour, and bullshit stop, FULL STOP!!-

The United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) law would not accept responsibility that we got a problem in society and for much that I am a person that holds psychology experience and understand matters fully well, particularly DESTRUCTIVE syndrome and factor behaviour, but the law is letting us DOWN badly, as now that I am studying the same, I find in the UK is a passing matter, but Latinoamerica ( ) and Mexico a true SAD reality, not that we are perfect quite contrary, but at least we ACCEPT and understand fully well our responsibilities within the community affairs, including that we have a problem, with complete destructive issues between family members that EXIST in REAL LIFE and any walks of life ( and not our mind is playing funny at any time, but the BULLIES mind and until we don't get the correct laws, treatments and protections laws, we will continue with the merry goes around (see circle of POWER and CONTROL and if you find yourself within the matters, remove from the abuse, but don't gamble your life!  ), non-stop and BULLYING ( ), abuse, intolerance, criminal activity, because the professionals ( are supposed to be with the community, not against our well adjusted society, community affairs and family issues?! -

I request to be remove totally from my family (except my children!) like Jennifer Aniston with own mother and even divorce from the ex/husband for the same reasons, until I know fully well, what happened to my brother and me during the "family (abuse) problems", holocaust and reign of complete terror, which currently I am investigate matters!! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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