Friday, 1 July 2016

Brexit: "Freedoms of movement to all, not matter colour, culture, age, disability, religion, country of birth, sexual orientation, etc" ..

Greece should receive a big award, when handle humanitarian immigration crisis, without own fault, but respect.

Сюита из греческих танцев "Сиртаки-Sirtaki" 1-я ч.

Why Jeremy Corbyn or David Cameron MP need to resign, when they never VOTE on behalf of the UK peoples at the referendum for the European - Brexit, but GAVE the chance to UK peoples a way to express a FREE VOTE in a Referendum, as such, there is nothing that the law said was done improperly.  It was Farage, Boris and own helpers that mislead the country into believe that if you vote LEAVE Europe was better, today we can see the chaos, mislead and financial turmoil, furthermore the way to gain votes and caused this kind of mess "against" their own Queen, Country, Land and Glory, but opportunity for the rest to act as ASBOS and blame immigration:  

- Donald Trump / EU Referendum: "In or out?" -
- France request the UK: "Take Back Your Border"
- Paris and Berlin working together into agreement, regarded Brexit
Including ..
- My own Brexit from Family problems: "NEVER AGAIN"..

It is understood that Prince Charles plays a big part in Government affairs, also Tony Blair and the rest, perhaps cause confusion in the matters by the interference and breaks the good work that The Queen and Prince Philip done to repair the UK after WWII, so learn to listen to each other with respect, freedoms and rights, particularly our young ( generation, that stand to lose a lot by mistakes of the rest:
etc ..

'Our nation is in peril': Tony Blair urges calm in Brexit talks.  I believe Tony Blair should be thinking of the same words ('Our nation is in peril'), when he and Bush went against the Middle East victims of war and today arrive to Europe looking for a safe land, as own countries are torn apart by wars, the same as my problem by the ex/husband sister that went against me and my own peoples (, today I lost all and everything! - 

What is happening to the UK should be a warning to the rest of the European communities, if ever they intent to leave the safety net, because once the damaged is caused, there is not a way back!!- 

I am labour member, as this is how I came from England to Scotland, in fact I put my name down in the past to represent my area of Altrincham, Trafford (, but caused envy and unrest to my life, it went complete horrendous!-  I said this matter because a Jewish woman ( ) was left in tears by a public servant and representative, without motives, reasons, or excuses, but looks as if we are going back to Apartheid ( times and I intent to withdraw complete my membership to the Labour Party:
etc ..

In the other side with respect, David Cameron, MP went angry ( and upset, when NOBODY asked him to leave his conservative political party after the Brexit, as the UK peoples got FREEDOMS and RIGHTS to vote to any side (leave or stay) not him, perhaps mislead by Farage and Johnson, but such peoples (farage and johnson) should be account in law, not the rest, or reasons to go against other politicians, communities, races, colours, ages, disabilities, but the correct culprits. 

After removal of everything as "MIGRANT" with UK citizenship (, that pardon me when I said: "What an hypocrite peoples you are and with respect", but the UK peoples should be thinking of "freedoms of movement" and "when yours was never restricted at any time but the rest", before you went against the Middle East peoples and even my own Country Mexico, not after voting! -
etc ..

If I make my note today as Jewish descendant ( from Spain by my parents - parents, I bet you would not be interested to read matters fully well, even if the most successful and LOVED women in the world comes as well as me, like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Golda Meir, Scarlett Johnson, Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Taylor, Tamar Gverdtsiteli, Natalie Portman, Marilyn Monroe and etc, so please check you own background before is too late and stop intimidate by immigrants! -  "As we are all the CHILDREN of immigrants parents, even in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the whole wide world" .. what I care most is the waste of lives for nothing, because you have not learned nothing from the past wars (WWI - WWII) and with my fullest form of respect (RIP)! -

The survival of our RACE as JEWISH Ancestry is the survival of the whole complete planet Earth, because even your own GOD is one of us - used to represent the world most elite religious affairs and leaders, like the Vatican and we should not accept insults towards - against us at any time, but respect, particularly when we lost so much land from our ancestry of the Middle East and since DIASPORA times and all from a Racist Segregate Culture, with HIGH level of Antisemitism and Racism towards and against us, but again, please check your ancestry! -

As Theresa May said: “I don’t gossip about people over lunch. I don’t go drinking in parliament’s bars. I don’t often wear my heart on my sleeve (Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart, don't know how to laugh either, Golda Meir.). I just get on with the job in front of me.”- So I hope you choose well this time and with respect, as the vote comes from the UK peoples, not government and/or politics affairs.  Nobody has the rights to force the other, to be in the center for political benefit, leadership, or even contest, but with freedoms and rights and I don´t remember to be given mine to anyone, except in the past to help the same local (altrincham - trafford) community affairs! - 

As Golda Meir said: We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel, Golda Meir.  As such, please don't expect me to be happy with your own future when left out of the European Union - Euro Zone, as this was my life from day one when left (1985 - 2016) my Mexican country (, family, friends and complete life, that becomes a norm today and lost all and everything, due to lies, tales and defamation against my reputation! -

When I finished the following note as the link explain .. .. my heating works, my t.v works, my laptop works, my idea to start small business - magically passed the test and mean in law, the EXTENT OF POWER OVER ME, BY THE EX/HUSBAND SISTER SOCIAL WORKER (by the use of the ex-husband, members of my family and helpers, now using my children to hide past abuses - against me and mine ) and since day one (1985 - 2016) and as such, mean in (criminal) law, that what I wrote in my blog from day one was the true regarding "family problems" from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and own helpers and never need to arrive to note 460 as today, "if you ever trusted me", but wanted to exploit my capacity and position for government affairs and deals, mean in law as well that, if I never wrote the note ( ), "I would never be release", also mean the extent in which my life was abused, abducted, sold and hijacked in the UK for lies, tales and slander against my reputation with the help from the UK system.  In which, my unborn children, brother and sister passed away without justice and I hope you see the extent and severity of the matters by the ex/husband and his sister, social worker against me and mine (family), including the holocaust against my own peoples and I expect justice, reparation, memory and non-repetition of the crimes committed against my peoples.

Today I leave The Crown Her own peoples (the ex/husband and his sister social worker, also johnson, farage, blair, etc) with respect and I expect to have a proper response regarding my matters as the law state, order and command, with respect, furthermore protection rights (to me and my children), because I never caused the fall of anyone, anywhere and anybody, but your peoples against mine, with crimes against humanity!- 

EU Referendum after 460 notes from my blog to highly the importance to be inside the Euro zone, as the world celebrate 2 of the most bloodiest wars (WWI - WWII) ever existed and mention before, as such, time to be grateful to your elders peoples for the peace that Europe enjoys today, as you were warned several times: 

etc ..

At the end, it was the UK peoples own decision to vote leave or stay, including to enjoy the benefits of unity within the European frame - work, freedoms of movement and protection laws (human rights, etc), when a clean vote WINS to EXIT the same and perhaps influence by Boris Johnson (, Nigel Farage and own helpers, in which the second one (farage) went to Brussels early this week (with thanks!) to present himself from own mistake and mislead to the UK, but the first one (johnson) decided to leave the election and country in great state of turmoil and not immigration fault here, but your lack of responsibility when employment.   I thank you to The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip, to give me this opportunity to expose my case "in public and for public concern" and I hope in my own heart - you pardon me and mine (children), for anything may done improperly, way out of order due to the severity of my case and perhaps unaware as Mexican born and with respect, God Bless, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  


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