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French President Francois Hollande says that the Brexit decision "cannot be undone and cannot be delayed" ..

French President Francois Hollande says that the Brexit decision "cannot be undone and cannot be delayed" ..

The Flower of Scotland live ..

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved Husband, Prince (King) Philip Of Greece And Denmark, Duke Of Edinburgh, Earl Of Merioneth And Baron Greenwich, opened the Fifth Session of Scottish Parliament: "Time for hope and optimism", in which The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon wished Her Majesty The Queen a "happy 90th birthday", but stated clearly, that Scotland "will not shy away from any challenge" - The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon went on to stress the "open and inclusive nation that we are, the open and inclusive nation we are determined to remain" -

I was not wrong to choose Scotland as my emigration status from England and as such, prove over and over again the strength and power that this nation portraits not just to me, but to the whole wide world, as The Queen Mother, The Queen Elizabeth and mother of The Queen Elizabeth II, but please don't expect me to take sides and I wish both well.

I am foreign national from Mexico, with UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) citizen, I will not stand or accept to be in the middle of anyone from any government deals or politics affairs on my behalf, please I am requesting you - to respect my wishes! -  As such, you can if you wish, reverse ( anything you want, furthermore when you are 100% sure and deep down in your heart, that what you wish (member of the EU) will prosper the peoples of Scotland - as one nation, but not blackmail towards and/or against immigration, migration, or anything that contain foreign status, because we are human people.  I only need to know of your wishes, in order to pack my belongs - no problem, or stay safely within Scotland soils, so whichever Scottish peoples wish, I will respect your wishes with honour.  

When I read a story years ago, from a French National ( was wrongly detained and hostage by Mexican authorities, politics affairs and government staff against her own wishes in my country Mexico, I did advocacy for her safe release - with immediate effect.  "Mexico will never keep anyone from any nation around the planet Earth against own wishes in my country, as my father always told me, that we were born free and soberans" -  So when I read the case of Florence Cassez a French national ( in my country Mexico, I understood immediately my father own words.  

Florence Cassez was detained and frame her reputation badly by my Mexican government in order to hold and manipulate her ( own French government, when dealing with foreign business affairs, pretty much like my case with the United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) government against me and mine and used the ex/husband, his sister social worker ( ) and some members of my family to play the part and pre-fabricate (Factory Zermatex see link: hundred of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and tales against my reputation and in order to get hold of me - against my wishes and persecuted without a trial, but deny justice and my unborn children, brother ( and sister (detained under the mental health act) hurt badly and perished as result of the abuse from power and profession.

Florence Cassez case attracted me to the most as my similarity, lack of foreign language. Particularly when started (2012) studying the UK law ( by myself and to my defence, Florence Cassez lack of Spanish language as me with English, but used, abused and frame badly, by the local community, government and politics affairs.  In other words,  Florence Cassez and I used as victims and frame badly by whoever wanted, furthermore when on trial and lack of understanding due to language barrier, differences and environment, but she received trail and justice in Mexico, I never in the UK, but everything removed. 

As the ex/husband told me before divorce (2012), that "the English system for the English peoples", after I paid all my UK taxes and removed everything from me in the UK with that excuse, perhaps for me not to know of their own criminal activity against my reputation, but again no trail, no justice and no nothing!! -

I have sisters and family in Mexico that speak fluently English when deal with the ex/husband sister, social worker before I got married (1985) with her brother, contrary of myself in the UK and this was the case with Florence Cassez in Mexico and I even helped the ex/husband sister social worker to find work as English teacher ( when I was learning the language myself on the same place and moths before I got married, but frame by bullies.  The same as Tony Blair that went against the Middle East ( victims of war, the ex/husband and his sister social worker went to Mexico for the same purposes, perhaps by own government and after the high level of criminal activity against our peoples, but deny us from justice and in which grounds in law the abuse?-  

Everything that was mine from day one (1985) was removed without pity, remorse, or justice but passed to the ex/husband sister social worker and whoever the woman wanted, today (2016) I lost all and everything, so I hope the UK accept own fate!! -  French President Francois Hollande says that the Brexit decision "cannot be undone and cannot be delayed  (" and I urge the UK peoples, government and politics affairs to honour their own free vote and leave the European community without delay and by own wishes, nobody else, not even immigration status to blame! -

With the level of abuse against me and mine peoples ( for so long (1980's - 2016), there is no way back to the European community, when FREE VOTE mean the same, that was your wishes to leave the European Community and nobody else, no laws and no treaties can repair the damaged and what is broken cannot be repair in any language, form, or shape, neither used in any government  / politics affairs and/or deals, as explain before.

We "foreign individuals" are human peoples (, that comes with HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS not your trade business, because even slavery is a crime nowadays, NEVER AGAIN! - The Article 50 forms part of the Lisbon Treaty which was signed by all members of the European Union in December 2007 (, but unfortunately a CLEAN VOTE was used by the UK peoples and in order to leave / stay the European community and in this case leave the European community won, now please honour your own words, meaning, intentions and with respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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