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Servants of The Queen, Country, Land, Glory and UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) Peoples: "Tony Blair" ..

The Purpose of Terrorism lies not just in the violent act itself. It is in producing terror. It set out to inflame, to divide, to produce consequences which they then use to justify further terror, Tony Blair.  - 

I am unable to conceive Tony Blair own words as mention before me, as if he was telling me of his terrorism and purposes, teaching me of his terrorism and purposes, or lying to me of his terrorism against humanity and purposes and by his own words never mine, because only a master criminal could speak that way, when understand the meaning of such powerful words against the human race.  As those same words by Tony Blair used and in that order, to attack, kill and murder the Middle East politics affairs, government and even community, with the excuse of "war on terror" and that my Lord is my witness, so help me God!  -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker

קליפ מרגש עד דמעות שוואקי שמע ישראל.a la memoria del pueblo del eterno

I am not sure if we are witness today another HUMAN HOLOCAUST like the previous one (WWII), but in the Middle East victims of war are fleeing and arriving to the European Community out of pure basic necessity and out of find a peace land, because their own is in state of complete turmoil and wars, thanks to those war criminals (Tony Blair, George Bush, etc), that went against humanity, against their own principles and against life itself! - Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart, don't know how to laugh either, Golda Meir.
Today perhaps is too late to save millions of victims of war in the Middle East, but at least I can say, that not on my name of such wars and crimes, that I am setting the example to stop the war, bullying, abuse, racism that segregate different cultures, religion, creed ( and crimes when detain the real criminal/s (Tony Blair, George Bush, etc) that started and masterminded the holocaust.  - We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel, Golda Meir.

The WWI was the following after the WWII, by Hitler himself and his own helpers (Mussolini, Stalin and Franco) that killed together a whopping 70 Million victims of war, in which, 6 Million Jewish Victims of war perished in the most horrendous ways and circumstances imaginable to mind, again not on my name, but the peoples that stopped the war.  As such HUMAN CARNAGE (70 million victims of war) the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY was born, in order to give you a peaceful land and all thanks to the elders that wanted peace for own children living in Europe. - One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present, Golda Meir.

As the world witness, the EUROPEAN referendum expressed the will of the peoples and mostly voted OUT with a majority, now if you change your mind then why VOTE in the first place, because I never did such matters to be blame after (see photos as foreign national with UK citizenship and the thing is, you choose and then after don't remember or perhaps wants out, but such facilities are not available to foreign nationals that experience extreme pain, when need to get your wars, your bullying, your wave of abuse, your intolerance, your genocide, your massacre, your racism that SEGREGATE their own culture like the Middle East Victims of war and during Blair and Bush times "war on terror" and even today (, still fleeing and arriving to Europe exposing themselves to extreme pain, intolerance, discomfort and lack of help whatsoever and in order to survive? -

I believe strong, the UK peoples has the RIGHT to choose who will represent them as Prime Minister of the UK, with a new vote when David Cameron MP leaves own post, but I never signed, voted or gave you my consent, so why to continue passing the law, by cutting ties, ways and routes:


- I particularly don't care who wins the Tory contest, as soon as the UK choose well this time, or perhaps as the matters stand today, we should let the course of the law to continue, mean protecting furthermore the interest of the state: "The Queen, Country, Land and Glory" and let an experience Prime Minister, as David Cameron to continue representing the UK peoples, until matters settle back again and in order, to offer protection "the space (Prime Minister) that presently stand almost empty", then we should take the next stage, but one step at the time and of course, I don't want to impose:

- Britons who voted to Remain in EU should be offered GERMAN citizenship  .....  and I question legally, how you prove matters? -

- "Any attempt to overturn the referendum would invite mayhem of the most grievous kind." Lord Nigel Lawson warns of the danger of another EU referendum, calling the opposition to the Leave result "irresponsible" and an act of "playing with fire"-

- "It's completely disgusting that you've got a candidate for Prime Minister who seems to think that human beings are bargaining chips." -

- The lack of fast reaction to leave the European Community and honor your vote by the UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England) peoples, only brings misery to the rest, when unrest cause the same, then please don't ask where, what, when or who's cause the abuses, mayhem, intolerance, crimes, bullying, etc.

I already spoke of the European referendum when vote out and won by a majority, "Not me but You wanted out of Europe", so no point to speak again (To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don't be, Golda Meir.), but we should honor own meaning, action and even words:

etc ..

- Tony Blair opinion direct to the public, that made me to response his own actions that speak Lauder, than mine: "The will of the people is entitled to change by Tony Blair" -

- My Response, with respect:
Tony Blair say that people´s will is entitle to change, may I know why I was not FREE when I REFUSED to marry (1985) the ex-husband, neither he was FREE to marry whoever he wanted, but forced by the same "family problems" and full control of his own sister social worker against us, from day one and her own issues against me after married her brother and we come back from Mexico / wedding: 5 boys, the river and etc and in order to remove all my matters, family, friends, unborn children, brother, sister and the rest and keep my matters for herself when it suit her, or simple the left overs passed to whoever she wanted. It is not just me that speak of the same criminal activity against foreign peoples, but the UK ( citizens speak and from years ago, "why nobody listen (?)", until is too late and immigration from the Middle East is right in our doorstep begin for a bit of pittance, a bit of hope and a bit of peace, why, why and why and who give you the rights to murder, kill, destroy and exterminate the human race? -

(I wish you could feel my pain today, my form of despair and life lost with no form of direction to any (fucking) way, but stuck in the limbo, until I gain justice for me and mine. How I wish, I could pass to you my pain and in order for you to understand what is like to lose not just your life, but your unborn children, sister, brother, family, country of birth, food, environment, sun, weather, reputation and everything! - I gave my past to the ex/husband and his (bleeding) family problems in order to marry, make a home and live in accordance of my Lord's scripts which is peace, respect, tolerance and a bit of love, but instead I lost half of my life for nothing, for lies, for cash, for bullying my own (  ) and then, I gave him my trust to be hijacked and sabotage after, also I gave to the UK peoples 460 notes in my blog and in order to bring the true, nothing, absolutely fuck off, but laugh, shred into tiny little pieces, enjoy and even make jokes by the bullies and own bullshit ( ), so in law is crime whoever murder, to whoever hide as he (and his sister social worker ) does with my children now, as if my other children died for nothing (RIP), then don't question why I never said anything before, as even FB - internet social places was not born on my times, but a load of bullshit?!! -Rosario Castellanos de Parker).

I don't want to be the fore-frontier when dealing with Tony Blair (George Bush) own matters, including his "war on terror" but the last person to judge him, as this massacre in the Middle East by the UK peoples that hide and cover the murders gives me no pleasure (The Egyptians could run to Egypt, the Syrians into Syria. The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight, Golda Meir.) whatsoever, but request to bring charges against humanity, against criminology and against abuse of power and position. As such, the Middle East leaders (Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, etc) were given to own peoples and in order to destroy them with own ancient laws, perhaps the UK peoples could do the same here in Britain and start getting responsible of own criminals, even by the use of your own ancient laws and those responsible professionals, that goes AGAINST humanity by hiding the true course of the law, or by own actions!-

It is not just mine the argument and problems against "the English peoples and their own English system (as the ex/husband told me before I divorce him, after I paid all my duties to the UK system, but removed all and everything from me!!)", but "the will of those peoples entitle to change" and I mean the Middle East peoples as well as mine (, perhaps Tony Blair forgot all about his "war on terror" and went against victims of war, that hold no tools to fight back, as me with the ex/husband sister, social worker that ripped from me, my unborn children, brother, sister and the rest, here is the Middle East peoples against Tony Blair (George Bush), with no difference whatsoever, the same abuse and crimes!-

The ex/husband sister went against me and mine as explain before and including and non - extent my blog (, with more than 460 notes to DENY every single one, exactly the same as Tony Blair DENY the Middle East "war on terror" since day one and if we remember years ago the investigation started, when against not just the Middle East victims of war, but the Mother of the Future King of England, which is HRH Princess Diana of Wales ( and by his own book account (see photo), that I hold copy of the same and I hold this man TONY BLAIR (perhaps his own wife as well as law abide peoples, but ignored the same principles!!) "of one responsible of her death", when neglect the woman alone in a foreign country trying to blame the French peoples, but the UK have the facilities and resources to assist fast (as Malala case rescue in her own country, by the UK ambulance, so why not HRH Princess Diana of Wales and future mother of the KING of England in Paris, which in my believe, the trip perhaps is short, fast, secure and accessible?!! - ), efficient and protects, as I believe the UK holds the Air Ambulance (see photo) and by Her own son, HRH Prince William with respect, that perhaps can assist me in this matter and clarify the same and all because of religious (Muslim / Middle East) believes and I question legally, what LOVE (Diana and Dodi Al - Fayed) has to do with RELIGION and since when stands as treat in the world, but holds laws and even freedoms? -

Tony Blair has not power whatsoever in any matters that belong the EU, when charges against him (perhaps his wife as law abide peoples!) for Victims of war as the Middle East peoples and HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver, furthermore such victims of war (from the Middle East countries) are landing in Europe as I explain before, due to own negligence and many perish during the transport and travel arrangements and the reasons why the Euro zone presently holds such lives and issues against the English peoples, instead of England by Tony Blair own mistake and not France, not Germany, not Italy, not Spain, etc, but the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) stand alone with the problem and responsibility. including the mother of our future King of England and her party: Dodi Al - Fayed, the driver and perhaps I include my issues (RIP).

In other words and plain English with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II and to whom concern the matters, but Tony Blair is not in any conditions to negotiate anything relate to the EU, but sit in a court of law regarding victims of war and leave the EU Ministers to carry on their own lives as it please them (, as they are not in position to wait anymore, the same as I have to wait for an eternity and for today to know the true of my position, when lost unborn children, brother, sister and everything, including country of birth, family, food, weather, my roots, language, etc.

As such, when the UK peoples VOTE free and choose to leave the EU, then please honor the same, as I did for more than 30 years (1985 - 2016) FORCED to marry an Englishman and live in a foreign country which is the UK and today, I LOST all and everything because I don't even recognise such peoples that call them my "family", also incredible to believe, but still exist today peoples that want OUT of the EU, not just the IN counts here, but the Out's as well and Tony Blair messing matters as usual with his own believes and principles, that failed millions of victims of war from the Middle East "war on terror" and HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP), Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver, the same as the ex/husband sister social worker against me and mine ( ) and perished quite large part of my family, so no negotiable.

The UK peoples were full aware of the pros and cons as the Prime Minister David Cameron went for years and months before the European vote with the issues, even in live debates explaining the same for a FINAL decision and WARNED of the same to everybody, including leaflets to explain and he said plainly is not reverse at any time, so please honor the referendum vote and leave the EU asap, with respect.

Tony Blair is one of the persons (George Bush) with charges against the Middle East victims of war, also he went against HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver, the same as the ex/husband and his sister social worker that need to contest against me and mine and leave my children alone, when no even born on those times, so no negotiable, because the matter is affecting presently the European community when dealing with high level of immigration from the Middle East victims of war, also HRH Princess Diana of Wakes own children with respect and Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver own families, including mine trashed to the worse possible ways, no negotiable.  I believe, the Prime Minister, David Cameron need to leave own post by the same nature of Brexit, but he never vote on behalf of the UK but own peoples and with respect, but in law should be no negotiable, as this will damaged the country even further, when his place and experience is need at this present time.

As student of English law, my aproach to and different to the UK peoples even by the use of same principles, mine are not transferible, mine are not negotiable, mine comes with no price whatsoever, mine are in conjuntion and union of those of near my Lords, that he / she is my witness, so help me God! -

In between parenthesis, I worry about HRH Princess Diana of Wales own case, for 2 reasons, one is her own words ( against the culprits which I believe was her ex/husband Prince Charles, Camilla and her sister Sarah Spencer, which she believe strong was in a trio, but unfortunately, she is not counted at all, but hold old family issues, when her sister (Sarah Spencer) went out with Prince Charles first and bla, bla and bla (, which is not my business the matter here, as is not a gossip but the law and I need to address and highly matters - as very important, perhaps reasons of the accident and two was Lady Diana Spencer own believe that she (( will end up in a mental place by her own family, pretty much the same as mine ( with my sister (soco) that was detained under the mental health act, by the ex/husband sister social worker and I was blame and framed of the matters which is lies, tales and defamation of character.

As such, I request the following instructions to follow my note (, that still waiting to progress my case, but ignored my wishes, even as student of law, otherwise we will use the old laws of the UK and request to pass all monies and fortunes from HRH Prince Charles, Camilla, and Lady Sarah Spencer direct to HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children, which are HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry to see what is best, also the Spencer Family Home Althorp Estate, because nobody has any rights to remove (, confuse, blame and destroy lives, furthermore when Lady Diana Spencer gave so much to own Queen, Country, Land, Glory and her own Family Spencer, with respect once again.  

I protect me and mine (children) legally and count responsible of anything that may happens to us to whichever is direct and indirect mention in this note, as I have the rights to use the law, as the law state, mandate and order, without suffering repression, bullying or intolerance, that my God is my witness and so God helps me! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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