Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Theresa May appointed by The Queen, then she appoints Boris Johnson as foreign secretary ..

Nicola Sturgeon calls ( on the new Prime Minister to guarantee the right of EU nationals to continue living in the UK: “Theresa May was conspicuous by her absence in the EU referendum. I hope she shows more leadership in the months ahead.”

Rachem - Shwekey Caesarea II

The Queen Appoints Theresa May Prime Minister and she said:  "Right now, if you’re born poor, you will die on average nine years earlier than others. If you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white. If you’re a white, working-class boy, you’re less likely than anybody else to go to university, etc" -

So whichever you are in life: "Poor, rich, tall, short, white, green, disabled, able, unable, religious, age, sexual preference, married with / without children, single, divorce, right, left, blue, red, then blame to somebody else for your misfortune, for your preferences, for your faults, for your loss and for your life, pretty much like the ex/husband and his sister social worker (Theresa May against Andrea Leadsom ), that since day one, "1985 - 2016" blame me of everything that happened to them, using all the time "emotional blackmail" and in order to win / remove all that is mine, based on lies against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) to segregate my culture, hijack my life (like Florence Cassez case read link: and enhance their own culture for free, without work, without sweat, without long hours, without own merit but stealing, stealing, stealing and stealing, which is not good example to our young generation and develop parasites unable to gain own life success! -

Theresa May Prime Minister comes with a target of £35000 for FOREIGN peoples living in the UK and need to get work, neither of those matters I qualify / satisfy her immigration status even as UK citizen, because all was removed by the likes of her peoples, that steals all based on "emotional blackmail (" and in my case is the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that stole everything from me and in order to enhance own life and for free: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc.

The same as anyone that vote to stay in the European Community, except that I never vote for any way (see link:, I don't have the experience with Brexit, furthermore the betrayal to own peoples, that are going to be used like Florence Cassez when hold against own wishes, furthermore the UK is present hold in state of Coup d'etat, because nobody can pass the law, or crown oneself, impossible! -   As I said before and all over again, what Theresa May is doing - against the law, not just me but the rest.

- My elder sister (josefa) long time ago - gave me a tour in Mexico city and where her husband worked for government (El Palacio del Gobierno en Mexico), she told me that I will never get payment for my work (I never knew what she means on that time!!?), contrary of her husband that my father re -position his old job so many times, when lost in Mexicali, Guadalajara, etc.  I never asked my elder sister (josefa) questions except today, I know full well what she means her own words, that stand as tread against my life, when intent to remove from me, all my opportunities, jobs and everything and pass to someone else ( ), exactly the same as the ex/husband sister social worker against her own brother's family (a match in heaven! .. when the ex/husband mother told me several times, her daughter is a social worker, she knows "full well" what she is doing and I would like to question the same today, when her own country is hold in Coup d'etat and sold her brother's family, the same as mine!!) and reasons why of the good jobs, good life and good positions, even gamble ( when purchase peoples lives and level of criminal activity ( ) against me (brother  sister and the rest), when guide by the others sisters (flor, lupy, any), that stand against the rest of the family and at the end all was political matters! -

- The problem happened to another sister (mela) that lost her job with the Mexican government (Palacio Nacional), but she needed it badly, as she was disabled and also single mother, because I am a witness when I need to hold her child all the time and help her to open the doors to my parents home and on that time, my father went mad and terrible upset with my elder sister (josefa) when he knew the news, in fact he told her:  "To remove her own blood if she was not her sister / family", then my father was ill for a long time with heart problems and used antibiotics, the same as me in the UK removed all treatments but antibiotics and the same as my brother (jose) stuffed with antibiotics and I saw my sister (flor) inject him of the same and I am unable to understand this level of abuse, crime, and intolerance!-

- A similar case happened with another sister (mara) that was living with my elder sister (josefa) in Mexicali and Guadalajara, when she wanted to work in government, my brother in-law (javier corona) told her that she need to sleep with him first and the rest is history and the reasons why I am here, as I am blame, when I have nothing to do with this "family problems!" because even the mother of the ex/husband told me several times: that her daughter Carol Parker was a social worker and she knows what she is doing, and I question today the reality of her own words, when we are all hijacked in the UK by her own government and in state of Coup d'etat.

My elder sister lost her own child (, the same as me, when I was forced to have a termination (abortion) as explain in the photo and link.  I never went against my own family, but used this way as blog to communicate any kind of problems that we may have and the reasons why, I refuse to have contact with them, that are "match in heaven" with any kind of "emotional blackmail" and in order to destroy the rest.

When I see the criminal activity by the elders sisters against the rest and the ex/husband sister against her brother, even her (josefa) own child is not happy, because when she went against me, she went against her own child that can see everything, against my family and against any principles that we may have left.  What my elder sister (josefa) never knew was that - what she did against me, affected badly not just me, but her own child as well, when the infant can seeing everything!-

What I said to my family, I said to the UK peoples when abused your own system badly, to no repair, as we stand divide (, the same as my family, hijacked and in state of Coup d'etat.  Today after my shopping was finish, I was followed by 2 women in uniform as careers and I am telling you, that I intent to show photos of any events in my life even if nothing is wrong, because the peoples that you need to follow, stalk and hunt is not me, but those that caused the criminal activity against your own Queen, Country, Land, Glory and even Crown ( themselves, with respect! -  Particularly when you fail to put value into vote and democracy is lost and become a two way system, when there is money into wars more than awards and poverty than riches, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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