Saturday, 20 August 2016

If Vatican don't protect own Christian values, "as Mother of the Church" .. WHO WILL? -

If MEN don´t protect his own manhood from wondering off  ..  WHO WILL?-

John Lennon - Mother ..

As women - mothers are unable to conceive LIFE without manhood and time to make men full RESPONSIBLE of own actions and respect women, because who started first and who is at fault? ..

Time to set the law and facts of life properly, instead of HIT women all the time! .. 

As who I am to condemn the rest of women worldwide - when own choices, "after" impregnate own bodies by men and why the rest feel free to do so and who give you the rights? ..

When is not women that impregnate women, but men, so when?..

While I am against, also I am against men that abuse women, without mercy, pity, or remorse for own actions, but with intention to expose the victim (women!) and live super well (£££££$$$$$) from the "apparently" ordeal, when in reality women cannot impregnate women, but men to sell us, so when?-

As how would you be feeling, if women deposit matters inside your own body, without your permit, consent and knowledge, until too late and then "after", women is blame for own choices in life, but how women managed to get into that place (pregnant) and without any manhood, except men? - The hypocrisy is way out of order legally and against the law, "as women lacks manhood" and in order to get herself pregnant, furthermore the abuse, that bully horrendous the reputation of vulnerable women worldwide, NEVER AGAIN! -

Perhaps a very cheap way and old fashioned system to gain FULL control of humanity, when politics, government and religions affairs that holds HUMAN PEOPLE like SLAVE, but 
against the United Kingdom ( Laws ( and International principles (, also against the Pope / Vatican (, as inflict badly with own FREEDOMS, CODE OF CANON LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS (men / women), also women hold against own will, because many perish for the abuse ( like happened to HRH Princess Diana of Wales when on time of Tony Blair and his "war on terror"   /  Muslim   /  and even used Mother Teresa of Calcutta, also happened to Julian Assange with UK politics affairs / Australia, read my blog and link explain:  and Florence Cassez, as wanted to hold France by my Mexican government, read link  and me, with Mexico - UK government and since 1985 - 2016, by ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers "family problems (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc)" against me, that killed my unborn children by the abuse, lies and tales and exposed in my blog now want to use our children to hide own past and continue CONTROL, also reasons why, millions of human peoples are withhold and detained against own will, with no time for parole and for political matters worldwide! - ), for any reasons, matters and use anything even termination (abortion) excuses to withhold people against own will, with no form of respect whatsoever for what LIFE in reality mean / stands for  ( in order to gain full control / power from the victim (women), eat from the abuse, slander, lies and tales and bend country to lowest forms and ways imaginable to mind, NEVER AGAIN!!! -

Pope Francis request women to be pardon (, but with respect and in my case, we don't want pity / pardon, but place full responsibility direct to men and their own manhood, because with / without such matters (manhood), women would not get pregnant and hold against own life for in-definitive time for the purpose, furthermore when want to make own choices "after" the incident, not before, but "after (", furthermore when lack of capacity to create life (manhood) - only men, but falsely accused, raped and abused, NEVER AGAIN!! -  

I lost unborn children during the "family holocaust (" and in order to satisfy lies (5 boys, the river, maradona hand, the kiss, etc) and I lost half of my life with such bullies, problems, matters and emotional blackmails, that use bribery and cash human peoples and at the end is not us / women that create life (as lack of manhood) / problems, but men, NEVER AGAIN!! - 

So you Broke it, then you FIX IT (, including your own government affairs, full of bullies and in order to control life, hold peoples against own will, hijack the Queen, Country, Land, Glory, command peoples, abuse when hide, gain power and even repel own principles! -

As I am sick to be blame (I was also called WHORE by peoples that speak family life, religious affairs and principles, that stand blood and aid together with the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that act as whores themselves, when sell family values!!- by the factory (Zermatex read link and in my blog: ) full of lies, tales and defamation of character (5 boys, the river, the hand of maradona, the kiss, etc) against me and mine, by such WHORES, that sell family values for pittances and for nothing (as I was born a woman not a man) except envy, but denotes lack of capacity and respect for family values and blood (imagine if abuse happened to corona sanchezazpiri mercadomatamoros gamboadiaz morfinhazz herreradelgadillonuñez fradesotelo figueroaparker ..  ), NEVER AGAIN!!! -

When I was sold by my own family / blood and in order to feed the rest ( Like HRH Princess Diana of Wales and affected badly her party: Dodi Al - Fayed and driver, as lack of capacity to work by own means, ways and forms, while my parents wealthy and no need of the abuse, bribery, selling and corruption, but forced to live with elders sisters and in order to feed their own children / family and life, pretend them (and not my parents?! -) to be rich, wealthy and successful, but where all ABUSE started (Zermatex factory of lies! )!-

I refuse to remove this note / blog, as termination (abortion) matters passed "the sell by date and ABUSIVE LEVEL and LEGALLY", with no form of respect whatsoever, for the memory of my unborn children (RIP) and with any excuses, even HOLD my living ones (children) today and in order to hide own father sins, his sister social worker hatred against me and relate family past abuses against my reputation, because I am not responsible for the rest of women worldwide and own personal choices in life, but use me - without my full permit, consent and knowledge, then please, do not complaint after, if I copy your bully attitude, child reactions, actions and bad example and even expose your abuse, because there is not one law for you and another law very different to me, both laws apply and before my Lord that is my witness and so be it in law!- Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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