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I, Damian Green, “The unfair Work and Pensions Secretary" ..

God Save The Queen - For Her 90th Birthday!

Tory welfare chief wants to stop mentally ill people (, "sitting at home living on benefits"  And same Tory frontbencher, I, Damian Green arrested, as part of an inquiry into the Home Office, but never case investigate properly - when against the law, as today Hillary Clinton (e-mails)?! -


COPY OF REPORT (So I hope, when sitting at home doing / copy report, I do not jeopardise any health and with respect!- ) in case if removed from the Internet and with permit to may concern matters, including the owners rights, but as student of law, I believe strong report is very important and by the severity of the contents, "on that time which was November 27, 2008 ( and this time as, November 2, 2016  ( no difference, but present with Hillary Clinton when accused of the same matters, charges and misconduct (important information may distributed and damage national security!) - as follows:

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Q&A: Damian Green affair 
 The arrest of Tory frontbencher Damian Green as part of an inquiry into Home Office leaks was "not proportionate", an official report has found.

How did this all start?
Mr Green, the shadow immigration minister, was arrested and held by the Metropolitan Police for nine hours on 27 November last year. His offices in Kent and in the Houses of Parliament, and his home were also searched. He was later released on bail. 

Who is Damian Green?
Firmly on the moderate wing of the Conservative Party, the Ashford MP is a former television journalist and adviser to John Major who entered Parliament in 1997. He has held the immigration brief since 2005. 

Why did the Metropolitan Police arrest him?
As part of an investigation into alleged leaks from the Home Office, a junior Home Office official was suspended over a series of items of sensitive information and the matter was referred to the police.  Christopher Galley, who passed on information to Mr Green, was arrested on 19 November but released on bail without charge. The police said they had arrested Mr Green on suspicion of "conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office" and "aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring misconduct in a public office".  When they questioned him, they are said to have suggested to him that he had not "simply received leaked" information but had "groomed" a civil servant to pass it to him. Neither Mr Galley nor Mr Green - who have both denied any wrongdoing - will now face prosecution, the CPS has announced. 

Who authorised the arrest?
The then Acting Met commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson - who is now the permanent head of the force - said the decision had been taken by a team of officers under the command of assistant commissioner Bob Quick. Mr Quick resigned earlier this month over a security blunder - he was photographed with a secret terrorism-related document on show when he arrived for a Downing Street briefing. 

What about the Commons search?
Speaker Michael Martin said one of his staff, the Serjeant-at-Arms Jill Pay, had allowed the police into Mr Green's office without a warrant. Instead, she signed a consent form allowing the action. Mr Martin was told a search of Mr Green's office might take place several hours before it happened - but he insisted he had not been told the police did not have a warrant. 

How serious were the leaks (exactly the same way, as Hillary Clinton is held now?!)?
The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee has published a report saying civil servants "exaggerated" the seriousness of Home Office leaks which led to Mr Green's arrest, possibly out of "frustration" at the situation. It had been "unhelpful to give the police the impression that the Home Office leaker had already caused considerable damage to national security", it added. 

And the rest - no difference when disclose important information, that may damage considerable the national security, except Assange, Manning, Snowden and Journalism itself, which mean distribuite important information direct to the public and as form of duty and in order to protect, which is a human right, but not part of any government / political affairs like Clinton, Damian Green and the rest (, when sign understanding of employments standards and as such by law, another rules, laws and regulations should apply:
and etc .. 
Rosario Castellanos de Parker )

Why are MPs angry about a police raid on Parliament?
Some believe the police breached parliamentary rules put in place after Charles I sent soldiers to arrest MPs in 1642. On that occasion the Speaker refused to co-operate. Other MPs have raised concerns that police might be able to seize material given to them by their constituents, including information critical of the police. The Tories said the material police were searching for had been used in the Commons by Mr Green, and therefore should be covered by parliamentary privilege and not be used in a prosecution. 

What was leaked to Mr Green?
There have been a number of high-profile leaks of information from the Home Office, stretching back to 2007, including: 

• An e-mail (e - mail like Hillary Clinton now!?) from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's private secretary showing she had chosen not to publicise the fact that licences had been granted to security guards who were illegal immigrants. She denied there had been a "blunder" but later admitted as many as 11,000 illegal immigrants may have been cleared to work as security staff. 

• A memo to Home Office minister Liam Byrne - now the Cabinet Office minister - revealing an illegal immigrant had been employed as a cleaner in the Commons. 

• A draft letter from the Home Office to Downing Street in which Ms Smith warned a recession could lead to a rise in crime. The document contained draft advice not cleared by Ms Smith. 

Has what happened to Mr Green happened before?
No. It is unprecedented for an MP to be arrested and his office searched by police in connection with a leak inquiry. Mr Green was suspected of committing a common law offence under an obscure and little-used piece of legislation. 

Why are there fears about its impact on democracy?
There is concern the police are being used to silence critics of the government and prevent disclosure of embarrassing material - something firmly denied by ministers. Opposition parties and journalists have long relied on leaks of sensitive material to help them do their job of holding the government to account. Many internal leak inquiries have been launched over the years, but the perpetrators are rarely caught. The police have occasionally become involved but successful prosecutions have been very rare. 

What reason did the CPS give for dropping the case?
Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said there was a "high threshold before criminal proceedings can properly be brought", and that he had considered the "freedom of the press to publish information and ideas on matters of public interest". He said the information leaked was not secret information or information affecting national security and there was "insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction against Mr Galley or Mr Green". 

What was Mr Green's reaction?
Speaking outside Parliament, the MP said: "One of my jobs as Conservative immigration spokesman is to expose the many failings of the government's immigration policy. That's precisely what I was doing in this case and that's why ministers were so embarrassed." 

What does the government say?
Then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said it was her job to protect the British people and the sensitive information about them, which is what she has done. Earlier, she said no government minister had known Mr Green was the subject of a police investigation or that the arrest was going to happen. She added that she "wholeheartedly" supported the rights of MPs to hold governments to account. However, the "systematic" nature of leaks had threatened the integrity of the Civil Service, she added. 

And Parliament?
The Speaker appointed a committee of seven senior MPs to investigate the issue and ruled that, in future, no MP's office could be searched without a warrant (not even if details may damage considerable the national security, incredible?!!). 

What about the police?
Ex-British Transport Police chief Ian Johnston was asked by the Met to review the investigation. His report concluded that Mr Green's arrest was "not proportionate", that the leaks resulted only in "embarrassment" for ministers and that they were not "likely to undermine government's effectiveness".


I, Myself - feed up with this BRUTAL regimen and politics affairs, that hijacked the UK since day one (, and insult ( our intelligence  ("mentally ill people") not matter colour, age, incapacity, religion, sexual orientation, country of birth and etc, because we do not work for such FAILED government places, that do not DELIVER what intents direct to the community, but only play bully ( ) games with the most vulnerable peoples of our society and community affairs!-

I, Myself, No Happy and feed up by job performance and BRUTAL attitude to members of the community, by bullying ( ) direct from Damian Green, when act like ASBOS instead of proper politician, because lack of understanding and capacity to own jobs and description, as if peoples are without jobs comes from own staff which is DWP not us - unemployed, otherwise such high level of present unemployment in the UK would be a thing of the past, not the present sad reality! -

From here and with this photo, I am unable to see properly - if Damian Green and "with respect" is actually sitting at his place, or standing up for the rights of such peoples that he represent, but with his own words may not doing his job properly, because a politician who knows his own fields and reforms very well, never hit vulnerable peoples of our society - when in reality welfare should assist, help and promote, never denigrate humanity, hurt, abuse, bully, STEAL, kill and even murder with intent?-   NEVER AGAIN the segregate culture!!-

It is funny enough, how my job and research in the UK as blogger worth pittances and exploited as now ( ), but in another country the same job, blog and services worth a fortune, so it is me, or the DWP staff fails us badly and furthermore, when making claims is select procedure, when in reality never deliver the job, help, or benefit, otherwise unemployment would not be so high?! -  As soon as link  appear in my blog with documents and details, the place where I live now holds dogs barking and in order to keep me recluse at my place and put the fear to me and I don´t work for such places and services, but the ex-husband friend (Elaine Grant), that place my children now and in order to frame after?- In other words and plain English, DWP staff bully peoples from years ago as my case ( ) and note explain, but today hide and who protect me and mine (children) and where is my money, because if removed of benefits and financial support by law (since 1985 - 2016), I can claim back payment (as your note said; "I call it living within own means" and I don´t make the government rules at any time and in order to be blame after! - ) and all benefits past dues and even interest and in order to start my own business and pay my duties and no need to sit all day at home as Damian Green, “Work and Pensions Secretary" with respect mention and fully express "in public and for public concern!!?" -

(FB staff ask me to put numbers and letters after I write the previous note - similar as this one, when it is not me the one that insult UK society but Damian Green MP and by his own words (mentally ill people, "sitting at home living on benefits" not mine, neither the photos "unless stated" but my notes comes with links and my job is to defend myself and those vulnerable peoples of society, that are unable to speak for themselves for whatever reasons and in which world we live nowadays, full of bullies and own bullshit  protect by the media and the law (alleged leaks from the Home Office!!!), but then "who stated first insulting vulnerable peoples (mentally ill people, "sitting at home living on benefits"" and where is the law to STOP politicians that ABUSE own position, post description, job and trust of the community as myself.  I take every single word (mentally ill people, "sitting at home living on benefits" to heart and from Damian Green MP as personal, when my PRIVATE LIFE is mine alone - nobody else and why, I AM ALONE in this pursuit / crusade, when I am Mexican born not UK, but citizen, that pay own taxes and duties to the Queen, Country, Land and Glory, but harassed, bullied, spy, hunt, trashed and insulted by Her own staff from government / politics affairs, pretty much the same as the ex-husband when married, then why divorce exist when the reason to be left alone, respect by the community and start again solo, not with the same bullying, bully and bullies = ASBOS of today society  and with respect to may concern, but your peoples and staff not my problem, neither my children´s, but the English state as they get paid for the job, not us, but forced, dragged, frame, etc!) ..

I hope you understand that I lost unborn children due to same bullies and bullying against me and mine, as such today, there is FB and internet services to protect my kind when removed services in the community in the UK - but not the past and perhaps, as segregate culture and I mean if something happens to me and mine (children), then we know fully well where all came from, as the ex-husband keeps sending my children in the past / present to send me messages and details instead of himself - as I did myself today (when wish him happy birthday!) and in order to frame, or blame me and mine (children) after and "that child attitude when hide after the malice is not acceptable anymore" and due to current present situation and circumstances, when I don´t trust him, neither himself to me! -   I do not think, The Queen and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip deserve this kind of UK government, that mislead the course of the law and the links mean and protect myself.  And I hope, when The Queen Elizabeth II see me today after my parents passed away (RIP), may can visualise the future of Her Royal Family, with respect.   And I hope never, but when the elders sisters and brothers personal problems against me and mine (soco, jose, etc) and for different matters - may perhaps reconsider the position and The Royal Family status and with respect once again, Rosario Castellanos de Parker

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