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BREXIT: "The Next BREXIT (Divorce) Steps"s" ..

God Save The Queen (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

 It is understood that the EURO enthusiasts won, with Supreme Court defeat order: "Parliament must give Article 50 BREXIT the go-ahead! - Lord Neuberger: "The United Kingdom government cannot trigger Article 50 - BREXIT, without an Act of Parliament"   


I spoke of the issues, that without a Parliament / House of Lords there is not Queen, country, land, glory, neither democracy, government, or even politics affairs and all goes to complete shambles (, exactly where UK is heading - if not stop on time  ("The United Kingdom government cannot trigger Article 50 - BREXIT, without an Act of Parliament") and order: complete submission to The Queen Elizabeth II, with an oat of alliance from Her staff (primordial), supervision into the state affairs, restrain of misconduct within the community, accounting properly the UK state purse, complete clean up in government / politics affairs (NHS, DWP, HM Revenue & Customs shows loses / no gains, with food banks!-) and in order to offer Brexit (mean exit from the European community and market!), after a good investigation into the matters of BREXIT with pros and cons of the same ("and probe in the hand of the same benefit as the United Kingdom government implies, no simple words, but probe of reality, like when said that the moon has life, then where is the probe, as peoples, customs, life, etc?")including in which way BREXIT can affect the Monarchy (again, with pros and cons and as state before of reality / real matters, not expectations!) direct if leave / stay, but not before, and then after, when accomplish all and everything - offer the vote of referendum as BREXIT ("The United Kingdom government cannot trigger Article 50 - BREXIT, without an Act of Parliament"-), but not before, when looks today all went badly wrong from the start, including lies (see photo) to gain the scheme - Brexit !?! - 

Now I leave you to the same debate and link (, but looks to me is closed now, including what is my own "personal opinion" as UK citizen and someone that swear alliance to The Queen Elizabeth II when become UK citizen, "in which soon after watching the same debate", my laptop was affected badly - the battery and internet issues, then I guest, if an UFO from foreign worlds and lands was watching me?! -  

DEBATE:  I notice during debate time (, the Prime Minister, Theresa May left the same premises and DEBATE (Government response to Supreme Court defeat over Article 50 ) half way and before finished.

So how Theresa May, MP is supposed to follows her own Brexit matters, if she cannot stay until the end of the same debate ( ) and vote and gain understanding into the same issues relevant to The Queen, Country, Land and Glory, anyone!? -

I notice, MP´s are asking ( ) open communication, rights, measures and even paperwork (white paper, plan etc) to check and discus matters and in order for everybody to see the step by step develop of Brexit and as such, the person in charge should comply by the law and show some respect to such request and requirements, when such peoples responsible of own areas, counties, lands and unions (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England) that represent! -

In other words and plain English, how do you expect Theresa may, MP to respond to the press direct, when she is not present in debates and votes ( ) and lacks idea of the same purpose and develop, when leave the premises before even finished (as you can see debate itself -  .. !! SORRY is gone !!?? )? -

This is my first time to see a proper LIVE debate: "Government response to Supreme Court defeat over Article 50 (" and I gained idea into what each Minister wants and if the Prime Minister, Theresa May is not present, then what the UK holds into and /or, are we going to be in the dark for ever from Brexit matters, issues, develop, ideas, white paper, plan, etc? -

Now the new Brexit negotiator left a man that resigned (, my question is if such peoples are put into the job by, "knowledge of the same Brexit", or by "who is your friend", otherwise it reflect when no proper answers to the questions ( and if you want Brexit to happens, then need to hire the correct staff to develop the same.

My aim is not to make a sharp comment to the new Brexit representative (, as I can see he is struggling to cope with wave of demands into questions and holds responsibility with non - training whatsoever, proper investigation into matters, reference to the case and clue of the same Brexit! -

The UK parliament should consider the EU as well and in every step of the same Brexit - exit plan, as form of negotiator, furthermore when need to trigger Article 50 ( Lord Neuberger: "The United Kingdom government cannot trigger Article 50 - BREXIT, without an Act of Parliament" ), but not before a proper clean up UK state and investigation into Brexit and what wants to achieve by the same mandate!

I hope that ALL the UK Brexiters agree with me into the state of the UK government / politics affairs, with NHS, DWP and even Revenue Customs failures to collect the correct taxes, services and benefits, with food banks, poor services, no benefits to sustain the community in hard times (as me!), when lack of proper revenue into the same UK purse (no cash to inject, from where?!!), before anyone offer BREXIT and in responsible way / measure to all (the in's and out's), then exit / stay as you wish, I don't care either way is fine by me (, but not before a proper investigation into matters! -

I hope, that you all agree with me, before we all submerge into a big dark hole, with no clue of what Brexit means in reality, neither in law to control and as such, is important never to lose control of own country, order and mandate, but stay focused into the same responsibility of a job (I am unemployed, so don't bring your mess here!) prospectus and reasons why, you were hire, with proper wages, as none of the politicians are free, but come with proper wages to represent The Queen, Country, Land and Glory, amen! - 

"The negotiations is not complete and which negotiations David Davis speak and mean and in plain English for everyone to understand the facade (, because a few days after come the following links (so probably they are moving own bottoms fast, before the lie gets direct to them?):

Brexit trigger bill laid in front of Parliament

Article 50 vote to be held within two weeks

However a small victory for such peoples that want to stay and remain close to the EU nationals / community ( ), let's be frank, not even the tea bags are complete 100% British foundation, but comes direct from India, so mean, we all relay into each other not matter train of departure ( ), so let's be polite, respectful and kind!! -

I stop here and now, as the next BREXIT develop comes soon, with more news of same matters and goals!! - Please notice photos, links and rest peoples comments ARE NOT MINE, but share! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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