Saturday, 21 January 2017

Donald Trump: "I swear to be people's President" -

Himno americano subtitulado en Inglés y en Español ..

The New President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump said: "The day has been unbelievable, as White House crowd cheers in support" -

The Inaugural Parade for the New American President, Donald Trump!
So glad to watch the magnificent inauguration, peoples and their own representatives from the front seat and all thanks to the new technology and online social places, wonderful country to admire and wish to die for! - God Bless America !! -

A very symbolic and magic time for Mexico and the American peoples as a whole.
GOD Bless America! -

The New American President, Donald Trump is sworn into office, to represent the American peoples and the world into Politics affairs and I believe strong, the world is pleased with the great news!-

Furthermore, I hope the world will give a chance to change for the better, when a new world order start today, with great promises and blessings!-

The President-elect, Donald Trump sworn loyalty to his own Constitution, Peoples, Country, Land and the begin of a new era and targets:

-Modify Obamacare.
-Enforce tax cuts.
-Heavy mesures against companies, that intent to move jobs out of  America.
-Build a wall on the U.S. /  Mexico border ( which we already have, but Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto need to deal with matters, not us Mexicans when abroad, because we have PLENTY excellent representatives and need to do own job properly, or out for good! ).
-New Immigration changes ( "again for my Mexican President to deal with the matters, not us Mexicans when abroad, as unable to gain such position, place and representation!! ).
-Changes to existing legal and regulatory framework
-Trade: Duty Tax
-Energy policy: "Aims on gas, oil and bring back coal industry, also Climate Action Plan 2013, may scrapped" -
-Strong support for law-enforcement
etc ..

However, with the investiture for the New American President, Donald Trump and when sworn oat of alliance to all American peoples, also came the good, the bad, the ugly and the worse of the worse, with no respect whatsoever for such great day and I made a full call from this side of the world, to our Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto and in order to put order, control, restrain his own staff and restore peace in America / foreign LAND, with immediate effect! -

As we know full well, all is due to new policies from President Trump to Mexico and in general, with immigration issues and wall status and in no time, We Mexicans should take the law into our own hands like vile cowards, DESTROYING our neighbours land, but peace with PLENTY form of communication into such issues / matters, that brings changes into our world and when living in foreign land, as me in the UK and you in America and the rest elsewhere! -

In the real world, this is WHY, We Mexican peoples have EMBASSY and CONSULATE staff to (no avail!!) deal with such matters and HELP us to gain visas and relevant documents, that enable us, to continue LIVING in that foreign place / land LEGAL and not HIDE like vile criminals, or even forced us to make UNLAWFUL actions against foreign land, that can persecute us for life, so please in the name of God, whichever is your God, think twice! -

When in reality, the Mexican representatives (The President, Enrique Peña Nieto and his complete staff!!!) got a DUTY of CARE to us when take such jobs, that get paid to do the service and not us to represent them on the streets - destroying foreign land like criminals and to our pleasure, because that unlawful action will bring us Mexican peoples, a bright red card of shame, instead to demand better services and system in our communities, understood!!?? -

As do you want to have a red card on you for ever, unable to gain anything good in life, destroying your life into tiny little pieces and bring bullshit to you and yours with endless harassment acts, hide secrets, visions, bullying, or leave such jobs to the government staff, otherwise such peoples will use you as TRADE meat like Chapo, Florence Cassez, me and you is going to be next, or go home and switch the loot and next day visit the foreign consulates - embassy of your country to help you and let them to shit themselves, instead of you, me and the rest, understood? -  As the penalty is too high when commit an offence, the regret is for ever, the control infinite and even remove the laws from you to stop you gain help and TRADE YOU as meat, so please lets go home an press hard to staff that represent you and when abroad, never again!? -

The English police travels to Spain ( and brings order to the Spanish resort, furthermore when trying to bring misconduct to foreign land and unable to tackle such peoples, by the Spanish law and order as different and then, I ask the same to Mexican government staff, why no use same responsibility and measure for our Mexican peoples when abroad, as now.  The new American President, Donald Trump and his policies (mention before), that affect badly the Mexican government, land, glory and peoples and as such, Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto is full aware ( and acknowledge same matters / issues and from long time ago, even by law (immigration and the wall), but prefer to send his own messy government staff (not matter which political party represent, but represent us Mexicans at home and abroad, to no avail!!) to help and even promote foreign vote (, instead of use communication to resolve problems (wall and migration), but take opportunity paying back favours and graces, when change of American government (Obama - Trump) - "which is not our government to deal with" and as now, which is unlawful the interference, abuse of power and profession and help itself, "when take sides", breaking our Mexican Constitution into two sides (parts and ways!), laws, regulations, rules, aims, ideas and ideals (PEACE no WAR!!) and even destroy any trust left between us Mexicans, with the Mexican State and any foreign hospitality ( as news shows, the more the merrier, "Clinton Feminism", so it comes an avalanche!! - ) to us when abroad, the worse possible ways, forms and shapes to handle a government that hurt and persecute Mexican peoples badly ( and then, why we are so famous and for the wrong reasons??!! -

I question many times, if I shall exchange my Mexican government for Chapo and I rule my country alone as now and hope for the better, even if a dream, because we live in Mexico with a complete nightmare, instability, lack of order, respect and tolerance "and is not only Peña Nieto as problem", but his complete Mexican government - politics affairs that need to do own jobs, instead of using us as meat deals ( Chapo, Florence Cassez, etc ), or make a new fresh start and break the corruption as President Trump wants and who said: ME!? -

I am sick to do a job that is not mine for FREE and I get no rewards, premiums, cash allowance to subside my life, but leading my country Mexico for the better, even alone!-

Please don´t do any stupid things, that you may regret later and think twice before anything, when abroad and at home, think if it is worth the penalty, just for a meagre pencil, sweet, or even destroy morality (break a shop window, etc) like happens in America land now, with the new American Presidential investiture and if was your investiture .. would you be happy with the carnage, so why Donald Trump need to accept the BULLYING, abuse and bullshit!? -

As I went to Canada when younger and my sister (tere) left the shop with the items in a hurry and I was stopped before left the shop, then my sister (tere) was stopped after and outside the shop, with the items inside the shopping bag and reported back home Mexico, also removed our passport and because I was under age, we avoid the full penalty. Now more than 30 years passed, I faced my sister (tere) for the reasons in Canada and she (tere) told me that our brother (rafa) sold our tickets and no money to return back home, in which, I know full well, another sister (mara) that worked in travel agency sold (us for peanuts!) the tickets! -

The sister (mara) and my brother (rafa) close relationship started since they both and together stay with my elder sister (josefa) in Mexicali and for some many years the bonding grow stronger, when my parents unable to tackle any of them (mara against my father and rafa bullying my mother non-stop!), then they (mara and rafa) passed to me (blame / frame) their own problems to deviate and all due to family new commitments (marriage, etc) and this is how, I end up in Canada, then forced to terminate my unborn children, friends and everything that was mine - finished / destroyed for good and I hold witness of the same, as the last time in contact was 1978, when finished high school.

- When my sister (mara) went to Mexicali (as she blamed my brother jose of sexual abuse and perhaps why he died  without javier corona knowing that mara blame him as well and with the same issues / matters: sexual abuse? ),  I have to re-do my primary education (perhaps as punishment!) and start from ground zero and in fact another sister (ana pia) helped me without knowing full well, that she (ana pia) passed me her (ana pia) journalism and I am able to sustain in this profession alone today, helping the rest in my position.  So mean in law, my sister (ana pia) knew full well and since that tender age of primary education of the matters, that was to come against me after (blame / frame!!) and reasons why, I will never know, except abuse, but she (ana pia) was upset in my elder sister home in mexico d.f. when she asked me why I never told her of Tierra Blanca's Wall and when she (ana pia) was to tell me of the rest against me, as now, that lost all?!.-

- When my sister (mara) returned from Mexicali, but this time she was in Guadalajara, (as she blamed my brother in law, javier corona of sexual abuse and same matters as my brother jose, except that he still alive? - ) and as I mention before (I lost everything and landed in Canada, then forced to terminate my unborn children, friends and everything that was me an mine complete finished and destroyed for good and I hold witness of the same, as the last time in contact was 1978, when finished high school, never again!), with a wave of intolerance against my reputation and by the direct actions of a third peoples that messed my life badly and I got the ticket for them and never the real criminals and their own criminal activity, because everything that belongs to me was passed to her (mara) and the rest bullies lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), so when in troubled, I get the blame / frame.

So my sister (mara) gave her (mara) beautiful arse for a job living in government (as you can see the trashing in my family!) to my brother in law (javier corona) and with respect to my other sister (josefa) and placed me in a horrible spot and hatred position and in order to hide the real bully (mara and helpers: 5 boys, the river, the china girl, etc), that I am not going to be surprise "if this intimate and close relationship bonded strong" and helped her (mara) to gain all and everything she wanted, even my other brother's (jose and rafa), that is not for me to say the matters "as all is clear as water", but for them (jose and rafa) to demonstrate otherwise and legally and now more than ever, I know fully well, who killed my other brother ( and even reasons, to be place the blame / frame to me after, even with another excuse that was not the 5 boys, the river, or the kiss - my arse, but dishwasher and even better, to use my children (our blood children, from the ex/husband and I, as if our unborn children was not enough to satiate ex/husband own instincts, but need more and more blood and from his own blood children to help and hide his bullies ) and in order to testify wrongly, "when on that time (dishwasher time!) nobody knew as far as today" and for a simple action of empty a dishwasher, become the excuse to go against my brother and hurt him badly ( and I end up with the bullshit once again?! -

So how many years is going to be this time for me and as mention before in primary education need to re-do the same shit and start all ove again and then secondary education forced to TERMINATE everything and passed to third peoples all my matters, in which I have not seeing any friends since 1978, so how come I end up in this mess and such peoples called friends, still roaming today into my life, but hide in the background pretending, but taking advantage and when I have not talk, or see anyone since 1978, except to give them a copy of the will from my mother's and request university education for my brother jose's child, but passed the opportunity to rocio nuñez castelanos (unicef, honest, that is the best unicef can do?" - and 2 UK university places and for FREE, not need to steal like in Canada, but sponsor! ) instead and so, who´s the person I was talking and requested my brother´s son to gain the uni place and passed my mother's will, which is not envy or brains, but robbery, using peoples as "piece of meat" and trash own lives to the worse possible ways and ex-husband ready to please with the cream and whip, against me and what he got: job, services, control, etc? -  I always wonder of this "hold" into my life, for the rest to live and I am placed a problem, for the real problems to set them free?! -

I keep asking the same questions perhaps as josefa and with respect: if ex/husband sleep with mara, or any other sister to be so LOYAL - wipe arses and since when BONDED with my family so STRONG to dismiss me as piece of trash and while I was not aware of their own communication, but keep me in the dark place,"sponsor" the rest with my things (as shering, then can I use his home that still appear with my name after divorce and can I use his car, also can I have his job and him placed in the hide as I was years ago, taking advantage, when removed all from me, (as mention before with rocio nuñez castellanos and the rest paracitos, that kill for the trill, to be blame / frame after and with lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc !! -  for them to look so well kept with everything and my children and I need to live in poverty, confused, shaved all over and even bullied to save their own sanity?! ), or perhaps wedding of convenience "parker / castellanos" (as princess diana of wales own family used and abused, then trashed with no mercy, pity or care, when she wanted out, or when she went to the public for help and all for what, who got the lot and when anyone could tell the true and for once? - ) and removed ex/husband from me JUST after marriage, with a wave of slander:"5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc" against my reputation and passed everything from me to mara / ana pia, ex/husband sister and the rest bullies and to do with me, as they pleased, trashed, now with full control over my children to pay and repay loads of lies, slander and intimidation acts and when anyone was supposed to tell me, but vengeance for nothing, for a packet of lies to eat, for a wave of abuse? .. and YES, with the probe of my blog and not simple words, I am looking for compensation in cash for millions and millions of pounds, justice, memory and non/repetition of the same crimes against me and mine (children), when removed the rest of my children and their own brother and sisters to enjoy! -

The reasons why my brother (rafa) was returned from my elder sister (josefa) home Mexicali is unaware to me, but the other sister (mara) told us that when she (mara) asked my elder (josefa) sister husband's (javier corona) a job in government, he (javier corona) asked her (mara) for her (mara) arse, "need to sleep with him"and this matter or lie whichever you want to believe was heard from my parents and reasons why she was returned back to Puebla, not Tierra Blanca Ver (where my brother jos was and blame previous of sexual matter!).  As you can see how the abuse took time, place and nobody told me a thing within my family, even my other sister (ana pia) teach me lessons as mention before, when failed my exams, when in reality the rest messed with my life from the background and since then develop, as I landed re-taking the same course (primary, secundary, etc) and in order to pay for everything that happened to that sister (mara) and own helpers (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), since went to mexicali with my other sister as premium for such behaviour and come back from mexicali and even today continues .. except that I know and even forced my kind (children) to read my blog and understand what is happening between families and avoid the same kind of life for them!-

I only got one question to Raul Nuñez Frade and what he thinks of the results into to know the true as now - today and if was worth the KISS to murder all and everything from me (as he asked me, not me to him, never!), as he was always asking me question - confuse, when he could not believe that josefa was this and the rest of the family was the other and mara was telling him (perhaps lies) and if the same will leave mara (like rafael montaño) today, or stay with her for ever and/or perhaps left before the true came out, exactly like my brother (I remember mara telling me all the time when hide things from the rest, "no conviene" perhaps the same for raul and jose, "no conviene" to know the true? -) and as such, nobody can force me and my children to share the pain, after the bullying and trashing or even pardon, but full compensation for all those years and crimes against me and mine (children), when we lost the rest of our family for lies! -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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