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Prince Harry Royal Status of LOVE !!! -

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It is not nice, that direct actions of a third peoples - need to become our problem and in the case of this Lady, Meghan Markle, one member of her family, when she set an excellent example, divorce, but Prince William is next King in-waiting and when the time is right, or somebody is trying to snatch / steal his place (, before his time, otherwise my concerns into the other Prince William (of Gloucester) is confirmed here, now and real? -

Prince Harry is going to marry Meghan Markle , or her brother, then why she has to endure the matter, when she never done the action herself? -

And what about the rest of Prince Harry relations are clean of sin, never done a thing to be shame, to regret, to be frame / blame after and mayor stuff on the news, no, never, nope, not even Prince Charles with Camilla's ultimatum, forced to divorce his wife, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and with respect? -

At the end of the day is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle involve, nobody else. I trust Prince Harry own judgement, that he will not let down nobody and he will behave like an adult, exactly like his mother and particularly, when made his own choices, but again his position is different to Prince Charles and Prince William - when become King/s, because "no divorce is allowed!" -

We all had been suffering enough for so many years now with melodramas, ultimatums and family betrayals, furthermore when gambling the Monarchy itself and for LOVE, but full aware of responsibility since day one (, that when a little bit of happiness comes our way, there is always somebody there and ready to mess life of the rest back again and if you let them, so be aware!! -

Now, If Prince Harry is happy, then everybody is happy - including myself, in fact over the moon with his own personal choices in life (, as I want to see this boy develop the same as his brother Prince William, happy, content, fulfilled, enriched, well settled, married and with family to whoever he choose with, not me, not you, NOBODY ELSE choose here, but him! -

I could tell which way to go best (, but I could get blame if things don't go as predicted, like his mother HRH Princess Diana of Wales, neither I want to take one girl against the other (like happened with Diana Spencer and between sisters: "pues la información le llegaba irónicamente, a través de Robert Fellowes, su secretario privado y cuñado de Diana, casado con su hermana lady Jane Spencer" ) and/or used to attract the one Prince Harry wants, because we are not fish-nets of nobody and this is not nice gesture of a gentleman.

Furthermore when the person involve against us is member of our direct family, that knows all our secrets (secrets are powerful tools against human kind, the worse of the worse to destroy!) and in order to trade us / hurt us badly (as my direct family and ex-husband´s family that "trade me" for peanuts, graces and favours, same Robert Fellowes against HRH Princess Diana of Wales; "pues la información le llegaba irónicamente, a través de Robert Fellowes, su secretario privado y cuñado de Diana, casado con su hermana lady Jane Spencer?" Furthermore when Robert Fellowes knows full well his position into a Royal job and not to bring his "family problems" into employment, neither take advantage of his job status to please the Spencer family, his wife, or even his sister in law, Sarah Spencer, as she was connected previous with Prince Charles in the past  ..  .. but DRAGGING Diana to extreme measure and in order to achieve own purposes, malice and abuse, the same as my direct family against me and from both sides!- NEVER AGAIN! - ), misleading the course of the law with endless, lies, defamation of character, tales and even mental issues (as I don't know of which dementia are we talking about here and with respect, when David Cameron said: "an inevitability of later life"  As in my case, all my sisters told me in "confidentiality"  own personal matters, but when falsely blame: "I need to set the record straight"  so no betrayal from me with family confidential, as explain in my blog with more than 500 + different notes / cases.  As I believe strong, I was set up, or someone is setting me up and my family, pretty much like Robert Fellowes against his sister in law. Diana Spencer and perhaps the same Spencer family! - There is not "an inevitability of later life" but DRAGGING / insulting peoples lives in public and I question legally of  "mental status / issues (", furthermore "an inevitable of later life" and which person is mental here, but fake / take advantage of own position and in the case of David Cameron - Jewish peoples, when this is against own principles, when such peoples falsely blame during WWII of lies, so what changed today? -  Furthermore, why I am dragged here, when I was born in Mexico and raised in Veracruz "as video express here and this note with music, dance and happy songs, this is Veracruz life - where my family comes from, so who is trying to confuse me and my background / family, when misleading the course of the law?"  not UK, but citizen, so how come I end up in this mess blame / frame, including members of my family, as all what you know in my blog and started after my divorce 2012 - never before "1985 - 2012" told a soul and all because I was falsely blame by a sister against my brother  but before that, nobody, so who was selling us - my family for peanuts?!!-  "Because one thing is dementia illness and with respect - "an inevitability of later"  and other matter very different is to keep secrets in confidentiality as my case, with my sisters, "they told me own personal matters in confidential", but now, "an inevitability of later", I am forced to speak years after of such confidential status, when "falsely accused" without probe to me and even use my children  and/or without weapon, "from me against my brother"  because, I am still in the UK not Mexico "2010 - 2017" when accident happened and my passport speak Lauder than my own words, but my reputation trashed  with lies, then by law, I have the rights to stand my own ground and prove, even if I need to disclose confidential material, but with the case of Diana Spencer, she herself went to public and her own family; "Windsor / Spencer" acknowledge everything and saw the t.v. documentary ( with matters, issues and charges, "from Diana against the establishment - Robert Fellowes" and on time, perhaps to save her own life, to no avail! - So what is "an inevitability of later" that we are talking about here so irresponsible attitude, as nobody give a shit when Princess Diana appear on live T.V.  "requesting the public for help", then today still on the same spot the issue as, "an inevitability of later" and I was not aware of any "family problems", but misleading the course of the law and in order to hide the real culprit/s, criminal/s, bullies ( and own purposes, even government staff /politics affairs as if members of the community, including me and Princess Diana were trade meat!? -   As soon after Tony Blair came to power Princess Diana died, like my brother perished after David Cameron came to power, then present Prime Minister Teresa May, after my sister "soco" passed away, so what is the connection here and why, who sold my family and reasons in law? -  Now trying to drag my children along the way with tales: 5 boys, the river, dishwasher, the kiss and taking opportunity and HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children, Prince Harry and Prince William with any matters, as state before and links include! - I want you to know that, "the reasons why, I learned the English law / Criminology, plus understand Psychology", in order to protect our "children" and NEVER EVER members of direct family, as Robert Fellowes with Diana Spencer and family of my sisters, brother, ex/husband against our reputation and trade  us for top jobs, education, housing, food, grants, sponsors, vouchers, favours and even graces! -  NEVER AGAIN!! -)?!-

I hope all develop OK without any further hiccups, or melodramas, but happy, furthermore, Prince Harry choose well and by himself - the love of his life and stand firm against any kind of controversy, that can damaged his place into Royal Life, Monarchy and The Crown, furthermore learn by mistakes, as nobody is born perfect! -

I protect me and mine (children) legally as student of law and even HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children (Prince Harry and Prince William), as the reasons state before, so help me God, that my Lords is my witness and so be it in law! -

God Bless The Queen, Prince (King) Philip, Prince Harry and Prince William!-

Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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