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Morissons Taxi Driver ..

Joe Dassin - et si tu N'Existais pas - (version symphonique)

Incident to me today 13/3/2017, between 7.30 - 7.41 pm, by the TAXI man / hire at Morrisons super - market and by the use of own phone inserted, free and inside own premises, starting from Rue End Street, Greenock to my place, when the old man / taxi driver smashed my trolley with food inside his own car and after, landed on the floor and broke to pieces and in order to relieve bullies ordeal and satiate own insides, perhaps hours after my blog note (https://tinyurl.com/joglcg3) came alive and demonstrate with the old man´s attitude and hands of maradona (pancho), pretending too heavy item - slippery, but smashed on the street floor with no pity, remorse, or care and as such, I need to bring this ASBO attitude (http://tinyurl.com/nvho5lg), bully, criminal intent, abuse of power and profession and show off nature against me, member of the community to "the public and concern of the public", I deserve better treatment, respect, tolerance and entitle by law to expose (http://tinyurl.com/pz55fy4) ordeal, when I never gave him any reasons to attack my persona, but complete wrong, uncontested in law, coward, bully, ASBO, extreme, abusive taxi driver, against a woman with no form of defense! -  https://www.inverclyde.gov.uk/law-and-licensing

  The reasons why, ex-husband kept the children and in order to protect him at home, on the road, inside the shops and even at work, he is accompany by another man, he is never alone, it must be for a reasons in law, he must know peoples, background, environment, matters and even reasons to safeguard himself, but not the rest as me and mine (children), when left alone in a foreign country, unprotected by the law!! - http://rcp13.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/incident-report-at-m-shop.html 

For me is to probe legally of what my blog (https://tinyurl.com/joglcg3) speak clearly, from "family problems" and BULLIES, that travels to your area by themselves, or by the use of council services, destroying your peace, life and reputation into tiny little pieces (Betito told me years ago: "te vamos a hacerte pedasitos paty?"-I wonder where is his father, beto hazz to control his own child and/or who is in charge of the man, with trashing attitude against his family, no RESPECT and today a reality his own past words, so who is next in the line?!!)", as ex/husband told me before divorce, "wherever you are in the world, I will be there" and happened to my brother (jose) - hatred arrived to Tierra Blanca, Ver, as form of "testing time" and in order to see, if the victim (jose) survive the ordeal, then Puebla, with sisters (soco, lupy, flor, etc) and now? -

My elder sister (josefa) asked me years ago (2010) to shut up this kind of abuse and crime (as explain in the link: https://tinyurl.com/joglcg3 ) and I still got the form of communication to probe legally, when bullies (http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr) are destroying my family into tiny little pieces.  I wonder why of the abuse, who is in command of our life and in order to survive own hatred, malicious intent, mania-tic pursuit, hunting, bullying and abusive attitude, like ASBOS.  I wonder who she (josefa) left us with in charge and in order to deserve the trashing, murder spree (with my unborn children, that was made as forced termination / abortion, but murder with intent to pay own mandas, lies and slander against my reputation, then my brother jose and followed sisters: soco, lupy, flor, etc!!) and killings and how many more victims, before bully satiate own inside?-

I lost unborn children to pay and re-pay family feuds, mandas, debts, deals, slander, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and defamation of character against my reputation, including ex/husband mother trashed, bullied, hit several times and landed in the hospital by bullies of her son (ex/husband) and daughter (social worker), that she was in charge of own mother, but neglect and her medical records should speak louder than my own words, when near at the end and as mention before, "as form of testing / survival", my children need to help  her (http://goo.gl/RG9NB0) for a few months, before passed away! -

What hurts me is that, I was not aware of any "family problems (family problems and since when, as I never spoke / be-friend that woman, as she mad?)," to help, aid and assist properly on time and from day one, when started / develop madness (1985), but years after, when all criminal activity passed away, bullies satiate own insides and still today (2017) after divorce, as mention with Morissons taxi driver, never happened to me before in the UK (attacked by a taxi man?), but reflects in my blog the continue, non stop intolerance (as ex/husband mother told me of own children, ex/husband and his sister social worker, "fight all day and non stop?"), when trash family life! -

The Morissons taxi driver was sent to me by the gestapo, to destroy my nerves, peace and trolley, perhaps wanted a bad reaction from me, when in reality, I was assessing his careless attitude, that can land him with a mental ticket, when attacking a customer (me) for no reasons, perhaps a reaction from my note (https://tinyurl.com/joglcg3), because on the moment when the trolley landed on the floor, "the taxi driver saw himself, if nobody was watching him from the neighborhood and left like a shot soon after, so why he cares if someone was watching and why the rush?"

 Unfortunately / fortunately Morissons taxi driver is the probe I need in law and in order to expose legally criminal activity between families, bullying, hatred, ill spread and whoever HIDE in the background ready to strike and this time is me, but my sister (ana pia  http://tinyurl.com/z7gtl84) blames me of my brother's murder ( http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy ), so how it's me, if I am in the same place as my brother (jose, when bullies travel no time, dimension, country, or space!) - "form of survival / test time" and with no weapons and no ID that shows the person was me at any time (please refer to O/J. Simpson movie and gain knowledge in criminology, that demand weapon in any criminal fields, not gossip, neither ill / sick spread, but weapons and ID's, nothing else!!!), neither I (or my two children and ex/husband) had been in Mexico since January 1st, 2010, till today 2017 and as such, our UK passports should show the same at any time! -

I am not responsible for mad peoples and own believes in life and inside their own minds - ready to strike with any opportunity, but professionals themselves, that knows fully well the game of the law, career limitations (http://tinyurl.com/ndpyqmx), duty of care and responsibility within society and community affairs, furthermore spreading ill against own family members (me), when holding a reputable job that can be an advantage / dis-vantage to the opposite party (which affected me badly!), with no probe whatsoever, except gossip (because the ex/husband still alive, well and working full time!), mean how things develop and happened (between me and the ex/husband incident when empty the dishwasher?!), by taking one side of the law (which I believe was the ex/husband) and never my side of the story exposed (until now and with this blog), as the law require, demand and order, and explain in this link:  https://tinyurl.com/joglcg3  because the ex/husband sister, social worker own parents were not clean of sins themselves and used to fight like hell and back, "trowing plates to each other and/or slammed on the walls (the ex/husband told me!!)", but did carol parker, social worker and sister of the ex/husband ever told anyone about the mess and in order to kill / assault one of their own relations, like my brother (jose), but her brother is alive?"

So much bullshit between women hatred - against each other, while I don't have any contact with any family myself, but as you can see the ex/husband sister, social worker against me since emigrate (1985 - 2017) from Mexico (5 boys, the river, etc) and members of my family which are mainly women, that celebration should not be called, "International Women's Day", but "International bitch's Day" and that is a true fact with respect and I lost unborn children by their own hatred, ill spread, gossip, carnage, mutilation, freak attitude and recorded in my blog with more than 500 + notes, when destroy each other, that such brilliant bullies ( http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr ), put victims (me) to "surviving test" and honor own offensive, abusive, freak behavior, attitude and own weird world, because as woman, I can not accept this bullying!! - NEVER AGAIN! -

I protect me and mine (children) with the power of the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law! -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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