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Rio Ferdinand and learning to live again, after Rebecca ..

Joe Dassin - Et l'amour s'en va

Rio Gavin Ferdinand, alias "Rio Ferdinand" is an English former professional footballer, who played as a centre-back.

(However, I can see my immediate family taking the center stage and the cash machine ready, trying to take any opportunity, furthermore when I am writing over matters of this famous man, in which I am not part of this selling / bullying process, "that hide when I am not looking, stealing my hard earned work", neither I am responsible for those peoples that take any opportunity, even as family relate.  I can only contest for my children - not matter age and myself, also I will explain the reasons why with this note, mean the rest of my family at this particularly point in my life are complete irrelevant to me, furthermore when they kill with intent, lie to hide the real bully and spread pure hatred, then cover own malice with "confidentiality acts" and in order to frame / blame us <me and my children> after, even intent to teach my children the educational process and reasons WHY of my blog and in order to stop abuse, spread, crime and mayhem! -)

When I see Rio Ferdinand in the video (, holding tears of despair, guilt and pain, pretty much the same as seeing myself years ago, when my dear brother (jose) passed away ( ), by some kind of "family problems" that develop from the ex-husband, his sister social worker (, and some members of my family (now try to use my children and hide, perhaps erase the past!) when played the lie, game and bullying, by then my family fallen for the worse nightmare, abuse and bullies, ever - ever existed.

On that time sister (ana pia) and with respect (, believe that I have something to do with "family problems", which was unknown to me and mine (children) and saddened me today and to know fully well, that we know each other so little, because I never would sell my own family, blood and peoples and I can not be accounted for the actions of another human person, furthermore their own tales, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and defamation of character, except for my children and the reasons why, I made this blog, that holds more than 530 notes to prove the same legality.

In which, I hold emails, letters (see letter) and form of communication between family members and even professionals requesting to speak "on time", with the hope to stop the intolerance, to no avail. I received in the other end, endless insults (mara's child rocio instead to say hello to me, she trow a wave of insults and still hold her emails, complete different from her sister, claudia?), treads (pepita jr "before my brother jose passed away", she told me, that if I mess with her family bla, bla and bla and still got her email and I question when, but her perhaps with mine, as using her own father political influences!), abuse (as if family members and between themselves on war and since when, are they mad, as nobody can go against own blood - unless teach that way - unless they are not well themselves, etc?- and the services in the area complete ignored my pleas for help (with respect to The Queen:  ), "as fixed that way"-

It's now, that I know fully well, all came from the ex/husband and his sister, social worker and some members of my family (now want to hide with my children own responsibility?!) "that assisted each other since day one (1985 - 2017)", even dare to bring peoples from Mexico against my reputation, a complete mayhem, madness, weird world and wave of abuse against me, that invented endless and unrealistic lies and tales (5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, the maradona hand and the latest, "dishwasher" and in order to trap my children into that educational corrupt world, forcing them to help the ex/husband and his sister social worker - aim the scheme and start another issue against me, trap / hold into me once more time after divorce, perhaps continue living from me?-Unfortunately this time, I notice the abuse on time, also I understand the English law and criminology fully well and for those bullies to be aware! -  As the ex/husband is alive, well, happy and the dishwasher argument between him and I - into each other was a simple "domestic abuse", that happened so many times before, so what changed, pretty much as his own parents when trow each other dishes, "after a BIG fight", but nobody murder nobody and nobody made a big drama out of nothing, except my brother passed away, perhaps was made that way, "as one brother to another brother" by same "domestic abuse", but nobody hurt any member of the family from ex/husband mother and/or father (betty and bernard), except mine and is that person the ex/husband sister social worker spoke to, "that I am looking for and is/was in Mexico", never in England and is me, my children and ex/husband that "on the time of my brother", we were in England and still today in England /UK, 2010 - 2017, our passports should speak Lauder than my own words, but I am unable to speak of the ex/husband mother and his sister social worker. So how we did matters, furthermore from where we could pay anyone to do such crimes and where is the weapon, that match our ID's, impossible, but want to frame / blame us into the unknown.  I am not responsible for another adult person like ex/husband, trying to use his own children to save his own kind / sister, with no decency, respect and love, except my children - our blood, as children themselves when happened to my brother and still got letters to testify age, time and moment and even whereabouts and in order to protect my children at any time /cost, so be aware!!?!!- As what never happened and of the blue my children came to help own grandma and recorder in my blog  even time, moment, because we have very little connection / communication "on time of my brother" with my family and/or ex/husband family, so how?-  The ex/husband told me before divorce 2012, that his sister social worker was looking after his own affairs, but unaware since when started, as this explain the reasons why, she managed to hold into all and everything that is mine and since day one 1985 - 2017, playing in the background while I am/was not looking, but stealing my life, including the "go and tell her / him", after "dishwasher / domestic abuse incident", between me and the ex/husband, mean "dad can you tell him"  which she is so famous for and since child "runs" to tell somebody else, personal matters / business from the rest, but then, I need to know who is the person she (carol) spoke too, because that is the person we are looking for, including the ex/husband sister, social worker for create the lie that hurt my brother, "with intent", the abuse from power and profession as social worker -  free card to abuse the system, manipulate community affairs and took full advantage, also breach from privacy perhaps, as "domestic abuse" nothing bigger - not even recorder by the police, because me and the ex/husband alive from the ordeal, but caused "excuse" to attack against my brother with intent / malice and is the person in the other end, (carol) spoke over the phone and in Mexico, that I am looking for, as "aid each other" and since day one 1985 - 2017, so who is the invisible person? - My children can no be at any time, as none of them hold "on that time and this time" any work as social worker, solicitor, legal representative to enable them to swipe the card and use the services / system freely, neither studied the career except myself since 2012, but I hold no certificate, except to protect my children, "see photos", using eBay second hand Open University books and in fact is me asking them to learn the same background and active participate as Jury Service is for everyone to shape society and understand properly matters and avoid in the future to be blame / frame like happened to me, now is happening to own father, he is forced to lie and aid his sister social worker, but not his children?!-What hurts most is involving the ex/husband's children and act for him and his sister, social worker that went to spread the tale and become more bigger than actually happened, when intent to create malice out of nothing, from dishwasher incident and that, should be penalize and punish for the tale that caused the attack / crime, as both understand the English law as social worker and ex/husband participate as jury service, the action itself could cost my children's reputation, work, education, freedoms, liberties, negligence, wrongly and falsely accused, blame and frame, as my brother matters happened in Mexico never England, at any time me and the children were in Mexico, neither present when happened, furthermore any kind of weapon and ID to match, but anything to help own father and this man to help his own sister social worker, that went to exaggerate nothing and become a big excuse to attack innocent peoples - as my brother,, taking full advantage and at this point, me and the ex/husband were/are adults to solve out problems and reasons of me to go to the slot machines so nothing new   but our business alone, maybe the police if bigger, nobody else?!!) to eat form matters and out of nothing becomes a big thing to take advantage and cash?! -

On the time before my brother passed away, I spoke over the phone with some elder sisters to aid and even the ex/husband mother for help, as I was in terrible state / upset ( pretty much as Rio Ferdinand) by the slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc and even "family problems"???) of her own daughter (carol parker), sisters (mara, soco and her children, etc) and even old friends (teresa solana senties) against my reputation and all was made out of malice, out of lies and out of intent to hurt me badly, to the point that I lost unborn children by the abuse, when the cowards bullies never took the same lies, tales and slander to a court of law for a prove, but cashed!! -

 It was the ex/husband mother (betty) who told me over the phone, to speak to her daughter (carol parker), so again was not only the ex/husband, that relay heavily on his sister (carol parker) to represent his own matters as mention before, but her mother (betty parker) put all her trust into her own daughter (carol parker), as such, I believe strong before the law, that my Lord is my witness and so be it in law, that the social worker ( is the person, that I am looking for in question of my brother's life, plus the one, that aid her (carol parker) in the other end, which is Mexico not England, excuse to attack my brother with intent, "as one brother for another brother", as if life mean nothing to them, except scoring points and the perfect opportunity to take my children as witness, when unaware of the English law / criminology to collaborate with no solicitor / legal representative, then place blame / frame after, as before anything:

- My children need to be represent at all times, by a solicitor / legal representative away from any family members, including social workers (as doctors are not allowed to represent own family, to avoid mayhem, abuse and crime!!), furthermore when taken as witness, with own parents incident as dishwasher,  even by menor / mellor incident not matter, but a legal representative need to be present at all the time and in order to protect own interest, legal rights and protection laws, so where is/was that legal representative on the time of dishwasher incident and even today, but forced to collaborate own father words, that only God knows what was said, who was involve, what was taken to the courts and in aid of who's, even forced the order, perhaps against my brother!! -

-  Never at any time, except me and today, writing in this blog, nobody asked my side of the story from dishwasher incident and by no one, as the ex/husband is happy, content, alive and even works, so where is the law to ask balance from two sides of the story (maybe taking advantage), before any case is taken into legal consideration (because in reality, "where is the body", as ex/husband is alive from dishwasher tale and incident?), but frame, blame and even pass the same law, when misleading the course of the law, with tales, lies and slander and hide with confidentiality acts the real bully / culprit? -

Where is the body, weapons and ID's to even consider anyone to hurt another person and even place anyone as me, culprit, blame and falsely accuse for my brother's life, when I was on the time, moment and even seconds in the UK not Mexico, neither me and the children travel to Mexico from 2010 till 2017 and passports should state the same, so where is the body, weapon and id? -

- I am unable to protect anyone as witness except my children, as lack of legal representative, mean nobody advice them, but took advantage to help own side, because realistic, when holding the bible and the law, on the time of my brother's matters with respect, the children and I were in the UK not Mexico, our passports should collaborate the same and on the time from the ex/husband dishwasher incident, basically he is alive, mean lies, as he never went to any hospital, mean no injury at any time recorder, except loads of shouts, screams and tears flooding, occasionally smashed the plates, glasses and etc, as I was empty a dishwasher and he was standing on the way, teasing me, even ex/husband was in the UK not Mexico when the incident from my brother and unfortunately, I was looking at him and he was looking at me living in the same home, together with the children, to even consider him traveling trough light, space and speed, mean one second in the UK and another second in Mexico, impossible, we don't do DR Who's and I know the ex/husband sister, social worker loves the program, but in real life, impossible!-

- I am not responsible of third peoples actions, attitude and even phone calls, as ex/husband sister social worker close with members of my family in Mexico and again, since day one 1985-2017, "aid each other"-

I hold enough evidence before my brother (jose) passed away and wanted to stop any problems between families, as I have not spoke to anyone ( even consider, but spoke to the Mexican consulate / embassy for help and I went to see a solicitor firm in Trafford to send a letter to my sisters (soco and tere) and stop (see letter), I opened a facebook page, "I need help" but gone today is only a memory and the rest is story, because basically "family problems" blocked me the way to reach help.

On the time, before my brother incident, I was not trying to intimidate nobody from the "family problems", but wanted to stop, full stop the abuse within family members and reach an amicable, understanding and peaceful agreement between them alone, "as I don't care about any of them to even consider", but  I landed with a red card by the lack of support from the English LEGAL System ( ), that fail us badly, where only the rich and famous can cry open, show their own emotions and perhaps act themselves in public, but the rest as myself - get the red card?!-

It was a part on the news that Rio Ferdinand speak open about suicide ( and never enter my mind such destructive and self loathe thoughts, words and world, because I understand what happened to me, only need to explain to my children to be aware, also I need to set an example for them not matter how hard looks like, because only BRAVE peoples are need when dealing with "family problems" and their own small world full of crap, hatred and lies, also I did everything in my power to save my brother, family and environment - when possible, but realistic "family problems" blocks my ways so many times and during my life, so how anyone can break the chains, walls and etc? -

With the case of Rio Ferdinand and with respect is "grieve (feel intense sorrow)" and I can relate very well with such strong deep feelings of despair (as I explain before my ordeal, as lack of gain the correct and proper services in the community, that today the bullies left me alone, with the body of my brother, my unborn children and some members of my family that passed away in the process, so how you break the chains in the UK and my family in Mexico no happy, so why such peoples never told me before to act earlier, furthermore who removed solicitors, mexican embassy and etc from me, as I am not happy, exactly the same as them!!?!), furthermore when is not channel in the correct way, guide properly, diagnose correct (as Rio Ferdinand's wife, perhaps to have peace of mind he need to check and double check Rebecca's medical notes, until he is satisfy properly from the matters, as there is a gap between years and times, that should be enough time to save the person life, perhaps gain the correct treatment, but can happen miracles! -, but the pain betray us badly whenever we walk in life and even shows in public (but in my case unable to gain the correct services in the UK, so how, maybe Rio Ferdinand was the same as me and etc, so no allowed to be guilt, because we are not God to make the impossible, but such peoples that we place our trust - fail us badly!), to the point that words choke us when speak, unable to hide the floods of endless tears, pain, desolation and memories, much more is the lack of support for victims, unable to let them to speak and act freely from own ordeal, when is not a luxury to speak, but important tool as form of survival, furthermore when someone is going to bad patch in life, a basic necessity to take everything inside - out, "the sooner the better", because can develop horrid illness, bad feelings and/or sense of betrayal, and "experts" expect victims to act and compose themselves at all the time? -   Realistic, I would like to see how many of those bullies "experts" can manage the ordeal, while inside the victim is dying slowly as lack of guidance and failure to tackle matters properly by a professional standards and on time, that many are consider to take own life ( and many are living misdiagnose, or no diagnostic properly (Rebecca was first treated in 2013, the illness returned march 2015, then spend 3 months in hospital, before she passed away May 2015 RIP, at this point Rio never saw a therapist, fighting with feelings and emotions- perhaps of guilt, in which he started an emotional journey of recovery, together with his own children and self help groups, to see how the rest are feeling and coping, including clubs for widows. ) with respect, but somehow surviving, many are label unfairly as weak nature, when in reality they only need a small push to understand what is happening to them and so many, but so many are shut down and hide from public view for minor offences (my sister soco detained under the mental health act in the UK and I believe probably the same "family problems" -), perhaps as culture from that country, but at the end is the (UK, as happened to me) system that fails us badly not matter color, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, culture, tradition, language, country of birth, background, education and etc, etc, etc .. because every single human person is unique, so treatment is different, but in general after a loss within own family (father, mother, etc) need to pass the FIRST step in life and calls the "grieving process", mean in psychology, the more you let the victim speak open of the ordeal and grieve in holly peace - no rush, the better, because "the body has the ability to heal once self  mentally, spiritual and body", but only if gain the correct treatment, procedure, help and analyses on time! -

So if anyone interested in Psychology and how to repair your own self, which helped me quite a lot since 9 years old, when I lost my hearing due to meningitis and my parents worry about me, but the psychologist was one of the best ever and since then, I read and upgrade my life all the time, because as the same as she went with me with the process, also teach me the career fully.  Please contact me anytime by the use of this blog, if you want to be in charge of your life again, as I need to earn my bacon the same way as the rest and hope my experience as human person and Psychology with no university paper, may help and repair you soul, mean no academic here, except life experience.  As everything in life, we must to be aware of Psychology (sorry, but you need to know the good, the bad and the ugly!!), as good teacher will heal, repair and guide your life fully, the rest can hold into your life for ever, but as a rule, a good one is the one that left you go, after treatment!-

However, the sad and overwhelming deep feelings when someone near us - departs, makes a full impression into our complete, whole, body, system and is call "shock" and can last a day, months, or years to repair, to the point that is impossible to remove the feelings, perhaps of guilt, loneliest, sadness for a long time and from such pain, furthermore when so dear to our heart, that my words are complete irrelevant from the ordeal, cruel moment and sad reality, that prepares us into an unknown facet of life, "when leave us in the complete limbo" - "unable to continue life the same as the rest" - including the vast responsibility of being Mum And Dad alone, single handled, with no financial support whatsoever (from ex/husband), alone in a foreign country / language and disabled as myself is not an easy job, task, but weak, cheap and callous from such bullies, that call family and leave you ("leave her", that is the correct words the ex/husband told me, when I went to visit my sister soco so many times, instead to tell me the Judas, what was the matter / problem!) on your own devices! - It is now that I can place his responsibility as father figure, even if our children are adults, but need to know both worlds and reasons why, me and the children are apart from any "family problems", as we grow up together, away from that environment, to even consider anything, so no pretenses! - My children saw own father very little and the Christmas times were the hardest, in fact, impossible task all alone, so please tell me about it !! -

I question today, if misfortune happens to all of us by the Hand of God, or by the Hand of the Bullies, what do you think and the reasons why, I want my children to know everything with the aid of my blog and as form of communication, protection and furthermore to be aware of the good, bad, ugly, pros and cons! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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