Sunday, 11 June 2017

Theresa May, Prime Minister: "Downing Street made error statement" -

Downing Street made statement on DUP deal in error.

National Anthem of Ireland 

It already killed my unborn children and I don´t need the bullies ( ) and bullying to repeat the action once more time again and again and again, to remain me how bad it was, how bad it went, how bad ended, how bad started, as now, today, but I intent to use them instead and in order to see if they like to be here, with me, enjoying the view, now and exposed "in the public and for public concern", as they placed me from a long time and day one (1985 - 2017), by the hypocrisy from the UK - Mexican government, that same to use our stories as political pawn, gratification, benefit and endless deals, with no remorse, mercy, pity, responsibility for own criminal actions, furthermore no care, no respect ( and no love, as if life is a (FUCKING!!) gamble, well - not this time! -

It is confusing with the women choices, but not to the point that, I know fully well what I want, neither I am standing like Judge, as I know women can not create a baby out of fresh air, but need the man and as such, who I am to condemn, or better to say it, who shall I condemn for not to be responsible and use the matters in a proper way, where both agree into the family and baby? -

The Irish peoples so proud of own religious Christianity, religious believes, religious principles, but probe once more, that all is endless lies, as if ever, never - never need to use innocents unborn children to own gratification, so pardon me today, if I use the same low standards and heartless manner that you intent to use in your agreement, gamble and deals and in order to see, if you feel our pain inside.

It said: 'English votes' rules used.  But also said: the SNP said the changes were "driving Scotland out of the door"-  Perhaps is not Scotland we want out of the door, neither Wales, England and Ireland, but the Conservative and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) deals, "out of the door" and for good.  No good and no welcome is not veto in any parliament, is not veto into the UK law whatsoever, is not veto in the rule of the law at any time, is not veto in the magna carta by centuries ago, is not veto in the human rights acts, as a result of more than 70 millions of WWII victims, is not veto in the code of canon law (the Irish peoples use, within christian belief!) where speak of religious freedoms (human peoples not matter age, color, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc), is not been used before the system (in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc) and can jeopardize and backfire The Queen, Monarchy, Country, Land and Glory.

So no, means no, until probe of what intent with the matters legally (Conservative and Democratic Unionist Party deals), no more lies from the Prime Minister, Theresa May, taking the UK to many different issues, ideas, ideals, aims, brexits, violent outburst (terror attacks) and nothing is clear, nothing works, neither deals, in a land, where peoples and parliament got a right to debate, choose and vote what's best for them! -

Furthermore when such deals (conservative and DUP) comes against the community (see photos), mean "whoever" brings from own country such ideals, ideas, aims into the English, Scottish, Wales and Irish peoples and vice-versa need to be agree first, perhaps by community affairs, vote somehow not passing the law, never use the force, like Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, otherwise you will see clearly, how the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) will respond.  

The Prime Minister, Theresa May can not just handle matters direct to The Queen anymore, before is fully veto in Parliament, perhaps make into a law, or whatever the issue / matters concern, comply with the Community affairs (council issues) regulations and use the relevant level of achievement (mean address the issue FIRST with staff, then secretary and still no happy manager, never direct with the manager and in this case The Queen, until fully veto by the state, comply with all levels and requirements?!) to gain the pursuit, in the same way as the rest, before arrive the matter direct to The Queen.

The Queen need to be informed of anything that concern the state and with a letter as form of probe, where explain issues, steeps and time to achieve matters and in this case, the general election enfolded and ended, soon after, Theresa May went to see The Queen, but "before", she spoke to DUP (make deals, before ask The Queen permission to form her government and avoid the rest, so how she is going to make her government?)? -

The action itself (Theresa may spoke to DUP) mean, the close relations (conservative / DUP) and the Prime Minister is ready to leave us with uncertain times / deals, different from England! -

As UK citizen that swear alliance to the Queen, I don't see what is the point of the matter, when the communication is going to be closed by the Prime Minister, Theresa May against the community, as monitor every steep, unable to warn, may happens like Russia Royal Family against government.

I am not into politics affairs, neither for / against any politician, but my duty to speak open of any issues, that may concern the community, as UK citizen and Mexican born! -

If I am alone in this matter / pursue with the DUP (see photos), so be it, this is how I walked the line for a long time and since lost my unborn children, today is my turn to defend life and my position, unable to live due to "family problems ( )", but politics affairs use as pawn is another different matter, that I will not tolerate, as enrich life like carnivores, neither solution by the UK government (David Cameron or Theresa May) to me direct, after endless notes in my blog, courts appeals blocked ( ), justice deny, compensation, memory, but intent to ban communication, after gained what the government wanted from us?

- I was expecting better from the Irish culture not deals against humanity, but what can we expect in question of money, anyone can change at any time, even religious veto goes direct in the bin, where corruption belongs! -   The Election result: 6,500 votes 'lost' in same marginal Plymouth seat.   Labour need 2,227 ( to make the target, less 6,500 lost in some places of the UK, "no counted", may can keep the change (6.500 - 2,227 = ?)! -  The Scottish Independence was stopped by Clegg, Cameron and Miliband years ago, then I believe Brexit should stop for England ( ) and in that way, we make things equal. 

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide and that my lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law!- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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