Thursday, 6 July 2017

Theresa May: "Britain must live within means" -

            No Music, when BULLYING the community! - 

Theresa May: "Britain must live within means" -    And I would like to say with respect:  "*~* !!Whatever that means!! *~*" - 

On Tuesday (4/7/2017) afternoon, I went shopping, mean living within my means now, a single month in one week shopping, including my place got a single bed and 3 chairs, all I was left by the "family problems" from ex/husband and his bullies (!! -  I refuse to ask aid, as when requested on time, "refused", even DWP owns me back pay, that I can use and pay my creditors, instead I get the red mark, banks refused to help if intent to start any business, plus the ex/husband keeps my sacred name attached to our previous home, not that I care, but make things more difficult for me?! -

All the problems to me, even the ex/husband heredity TODAY is thanks to his sister social worker (, as he told me before divorce (2012) "and reasons of the same", that she was representing him in everything, plus went to mexico before the wedding to "check" my family background, mean carol parker in power of our life no wonder is destroyed "into tiny little pieces", plus bonding in the background when nobody was looking her, with endless problems that create an infinite problems to us, even enter the UK to cause more pain to our life, confusion, harassment acts, unprovoked attacks, violence, hunting, stalk, malicious intent and as such, the bullies (mara, rafa and carol parker) exposed by me "in public and for public concern" and as student of law, as the killers of my unborn children! -

I got enough material to press charges of criminal nature, sexual harassment, violence, lies against my reputation, removal of my human rights, plus my blog that contain and explain the same with more than 560 + notes, when your peoples need only one time to explain the same matters, but your racism deny like Judas ( ) all my birth rights and against carol parker, mara and rafa for crimes committed to me and my unborn children mention before, as the previous video exposed with the "little britain" is not for me, but the ex/husband bullied by his own family, today I am frame / blame of the same to hide the real bullies, perhaps become one of them! -

I asked the ex/husband years ago, before divorce of our unborn children and he told me "who gives a shit (as link explain: )", so he is not interested except me, as the mother of those 3 unborn children killed by the 3 bullies (mara, rafa and carol), that I want to press Criminal Charges against them, mean I am in charge! -

Not that I want to comeback with ex/husband, but need to EXPLAIN my situation fully, as the pain is more than I can describe by the abuse of power and profession, as professionals are unable to work within own family environment, or lose own licence with immediate effect, but the ex/husband gave full reign of terror to own sister, social worker, carol parker and in exchange, she opened the doors to the rest bullies ( ) family of mine to aid her and got advantage, with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) that landed in the UK and when nobody was watching, exploiting the resources fully and everything for free ( ), then left the bills to me and mine (children) and I ask why, when everything removed from our reach and since years ago started ( ), now nobody remember?!-

I am unable to live well since emigrate, when ably by your rules since day one (1985 - 2017), half of my life went to the waste, so the parasites that stole my life can live well the carnivores, forced to pay your taxes, but all removed today from me with excuses ("Britain must live within means"), even simple services in the community deny to me:
and etc ..

This is not the first time, neither my case is isolate - the only one, when the UK government interfere fully in foreign affairs / matters, want to create a problem that never exist in the first place, but the idea is to steal resources from victims with no respect, as happened to me and my unborn children with the ex/husband sister, social worker, that create a world of defamation of character, slander and endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, such move enable her full control and ownership from me and the ex/husband private life, like happened to Bashar al-Asad, Saddam, Ghaddafi, Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and etc (, even force own peoples to act against own peoples like happened to me in the UK, when removed of any kind of law to assist me but left me with the bullies ( ), members of my family arrived from Mexico to the UK with loads of extra lies to gain food, education, benefits, housing and you name it and I sad this matter, as Mexican government got different kind of system that the British, so let's me today, not to stop you with the deals! -

I feel sorry for me, worked all my life in the UK (1985 - 2010) and resources closed for any kind of assistance, even the taxi man need to carry my matters, instead the correct services in the community, but with no services for me, removed  ( ) in the past by "your own means", ways, forms, lies, slander, defamation of character, envy, confusion and interference from unknown sources, that hide in the background with "confidentiality acts" the cowards, but comes direct / indirect from "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, that aid each other (mara, rafa and carol) - since day one (1985 - 2017)!-

Now place my kind (children) the duty of your local services, hide the past abuse against me and mine ( ), that "control my life with intent today", mean, "my kind work for free and your staff get rewards", then refresh me today, why I am forced to pay taxes, mean after arrived from hours of shopping, enter building with heavy load, then appear out of the blue maybe your staff, ask me if could help me (with thanks!), mean seconds of finish everything by myself, how accurate?-

In my times, I worked for me, the taxes was for to help me today ("live within means"), anytime that I need financial assistance during my stay in the UK (1985 - 2017), also services, as Mexican / UK citizen, but instead my sister (soco) received the aid and complete package, with more than 10 + years living free of charge in the hospital, used as hotel, with all care, cost, services paid, including benefits, food, heating, clothing, medical care and even cash allowance by the DWP, in which all the money distributed between her 2 children (tito and riqui) as she told me, when divorce her German husband represented by a proper solicitor (panone manchester), used the legal aid no problem and even used me as the "other woman" in her divorce papers and in order to gain her husband home, the same happened with the rest members of my family, used ex/husband sister social worker to assist / aid each other ( ), gain favours, exploit the system, based on me and my unborn children the parasites carnivores, that got no respect for her own brother, ex/husband - neither for me, as sister, but like peoples with no conscience eat, educate, live well and gain full life, while mine perished and there is not envy here, beauty contest, intelligence, or another parasite excuse for them to come and continue the robbery, but calls respect, or whatever (fuck!) you want to call, mean would you be happy, if I use you and any family that perished within your family, with endless lies and in order to gain power, services, etc?! -

I believe strong, that I am discriminate badly, controlled even the T.V. monitor, internet, emails and your name it, some of those services are pay not free, even when leave my premises the stalk start and in the other building a couple comes secs before me, "kiss between themselves" then go separate ways, mean same actions from same "family problems (5 boys, the river, the kiss - my arse!, etc)",  replay and replay and replay the same system all over again, on and on and on and is me questioned my mental ( ) capacity and why not your staff, or whoever intent and with respect?!

Acting like Prince Charles with Diana, Princess of Wales full interference into her life, to the point that I refuse to play your games anymore (, mean helps each other, otherwise explain to me why, nobody can stop the ex/husband interference with all my matters, WHEN WE ARE DIVORCE and by the law, no more business into each other, but use my children to aid him, to the point that we lost communication, mean need to report what we speak before, as if my blog is not enough resources to gain the information, but hide perpetrator (carol parker) in the background, with the excuse to represent her brother and then sent wrong peoples against me with intention to hurt, unsolicited hatred, unprovoked violent attacks, intolerance and me begging for services ( )  to stop bullies, gain resources and my TAXES should cover the luxury, not use me as political pawn, to hide your failure?!-

I worked in the past (PAYING YOUR TAXES) helping your old generation, but when is my turn today, your politics affairs mess with my life badly (  ), even my own kind that live within hours forced, with no resources of the same like my sister (soco) children that all her benefits and cash to aid them in everything and fully, while she stay FREE in the hotel bed and breakfast, called hospital and I mean on that time, existed several kind of different benefits for all the excuses imaginary to mind and aid - aid the claimant, but me today deny of my rights, "I need to live within (my F.....!) means" and when I will get my means (  ) as mention before benefits STOLEN, when your DWP staff deny me the rights to earn my entitlements - on time, neither reasons and grounds in law for the stolen??!! -

And the confuse ex/husband complaint of me since married (now divorce!) and I want to ask him with respect, when I REPRESENTED him, but his bully ( ) sister, that is hide today with our children, as if was not enough our unborn children, but use me to hide the real culprits.  I asked the ex/husband on time, when his mother ( ) passed away to gain extra entitlements to him, but complete ignore me, by law all the things that we lost in the past, unfortunately reflects today: WE LOST BADLY, by the same law, entitle to compensation for everything that we lost, including liability, as he put OUR life in charge of his sister social worker, when obvious is not capable and I WAS NOT AWARE OF THE ASSAULT INTO MY LIFE, but badly hurt by the abuse of power and profession, even lost unborn children as a result, so no more excuses and not the business of anybody, but me to sort the problem! -  

I want to know which place to go now, mean directions to the next stage, as in the past all my claims went to no-where-land ( ), destroyed by the same government staff and representatives, maybe helpers of the ex/husband and his "family problems" that comes from his sister social worker, carol parker, as you can see the mess that we landed in the UK with DUP and Brexit and today is not a game, but this is the law and as student of English law, because if received help on time, never arrived to this level, mean is your own making, as I am unemployed and all removed from me, so how?! -  I protect me and mine with the law, any law worldwide if ever existed, that my Lords is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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