Thursday, 19 October 2017

"Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo and Trans - Mesh" -


This note is relate to me, any other similarity is not my matter, neither my case, or place to speak on behalf of the unknown, but highly to make the relevant authorities responsible of the mess, that many women land, with little support. 

1 - There is strong allegations against the film producer, Harvey Weinstein of sexual harrasment, sexual assault, or rape.

2 - The organization ~ #MeToo ( ) - exist for women abused.

3 - My case of #MeToo ( ) exist in real life not with strange peoples, film producer, neighbor, friend, but blood brother (rafa), someone that you are supposed to place your trust not backfire your life and when exposing matters, many individuals may think that I feel revenge inside myself, some kind of satisfaction, but no matter how much I write over the ordeal to highly my problem/s, there is always "something new that comes along"as "if the bullies are feeding your life with the information, little by little"and in order "to continue entertain the media with such hurtful matters, acting like Roman Coliseum ( )" and/or "instead to use the courts of law, finish everything, but removed the law from me, with full intention", continue exposing my family for what they are in reality:  "Cain and Abel of modern times, Carnivores that eat human flesh until satiate inside with vengeful manner, Parasites of our society, that enjoy to live FREE and from the rest!"-

4 - What I hate is to be used by the same "family problems" of mine with the #MeToo, that cowards cannot represent themselves alone, but love to bring own matters together with mine, hide from the background where I am not looking, stealing my things to take full center and "mix match" to own advantage.   As this reflects with sister (mara) that blamed brother (jose) of sexual abuse (I have to pay after the lie, with brother rafa?), reasons why she was posted to mexicali / guadalajara away from him (see the 5 of us in the photo, as probe in law), and when she saw my life then come back running to destroy, but this time blamed my elder sister husband (javier corona) to be left of the hook, so everything was lies, taking advantage of the family, because I also need to pay with sister (flor) husband (azpiri, why zermatex factory was born:  ) to "mix matchalso carol parker against her brother ( ), because during marriage I never saw ex/husband against his sister, social worker ( ) to be "mix matchedwith them both by my family, mean placing me as problem and not the real problem, neither saw my brother (jose) with sister (mara) ever again together, but separate lives after she returned from sister (josefa) home, in fact she married and moved to mexico city and him to t.b. veracruz, as sister (ana pia) arrange that way since day one and used me (with brother rafa, in fact he won the 16 de septiembre for same reasons!) to re-direct matters, avoid a big problem in the family, because I never saw the husband of my sister (josefa) at his home and few times I meet her, but always working (see my sister with her 3 children, where was the husband in the photo, not even in pics?), so when to a-merit my brother being hurt ( ) badly? - 

5 - The matters of #MeToo (brother rafa) followed me until married, but continue in the background of my life, taking full center of my life, reasons why I lost unborn children as "orders" and look that way, instead of murder with intention.  When brother (rafa) and sister (mara) got hold of ex/husband sister social worker, with excuse of representing her brother (as he told me, reasons of my divorce, as no professional can represent own family, otherwise lose own certificate by the abuse!) to dominate and destroy our life to the core, like she (mara) did to the rest of the family (soco got hold of norma hazz, etc) out of envy and after divorce come back the strong ill, sick and deprave spread against my reputation and his reflect with transvaginal mesh ( ! - 

As this "sexual matters sicko-sis, illness of sexual predator and nature, etc" is what attract such depraved, sick and ill family of mine (mara and rafa) since younger (, joined together with ex/husband family, also reflects with everything in my life to be used, abused, frame, blame and pay for own sexual life, gratification and fantasy and is today, that I understand from where all comes from, incredible the abuse!?- 

I am glad of divorce the ex/husband, that lack of character and love to please everyone until satiate own sickness, madness, illness and in order to stop the non - stop and continue depraved life against my body with no respect, by bullies, when my body is my Lord's Sacred Temple to be harassed with sexual ( fantasy, because I never gave my permit, consent and knowledge into the matters, until I read the stories myself and I put 2 and 2 together and today I question legally!!? -  

Basically after the news, I still walk in complete shock all this week, unable to understand the abuse, stunned of such depraved individuals that landed in my life, and I am unable to see where to start first, with husband, GP, or deal direct with family, because who gave the order of the implant, I never!!? -  

As such implants destroyed my life not just sexual, as non existence, but terrible pain, mean in law, the family check my life with such frenzy illness (, even as sexual fantasy, this reflect as mara and rafa with help of ex/husband and his sister, social worker and in order to satiate own insides against me, joined together with endless lies against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), including manipulate when to get pregnant and the man to leave me after, controlled, programmed and even interfere medically (, like WWII and Franco's times? - 

As years ago I landed in a poll of blood, only used hormone therapy to stop the bleeding, instead the ex/husband to tell me the truth and seek help from a GP, but deny even that right, except misguide over matters, reasons why I went to the courts of law and to report sexual abuse by him to me (see link: ), without thinking the rest (mara, rafa, carol, etc) may involve?- -

The sexual sickness / illness started from paty ariaz, when sister (mara) falsely accused me and the other sister (mela) as witness and I need to live the horrid ordeal with sergio gomes pintado (as sexual abuse!!), then "mix matchedwith ex/husband (carol parker) to continue the complete madness and I question who is liable in law (with pelvic prolapse / urinary stress incontinence, but funny enough, I don't remember any of those symptoms in my life, except ana pia told me of foco's mother, as she was weeing in my mothers home furniture, when in reality was rafa / mara friends with his family, when ana pia was in t.b. ver, so why me, always blame / frame? - - 

I am unable to know where to start with the matters, I am still in terrible sock and want to remove for my own safety and gain my life again, but how I will trust a doctor that way, peoples that I was supposed to trust betrayed me to the core, so where we go from here!?-   While I am writing here, I want my children to know that is not only me, but millions of women worldwide with the sickos, illness and spread of predators.

I have no won a penny for my writing in my blog and perhaps reflects with sister (ana pia) used by same government (corona) affairs, keeping you waiting for ever for any decent wage, so such peoples can live well and steal everything from us, pretend it comes from them, then pass rewards to someone else to confuse, like the WWII victims (, that worker for free, or lived with fear, but in the XXI century, also when child myself, forced to look after 5 children (azpiri) for free and everything from me need to be working for zero hours, like slave times and me thinking was a crime in law such abuse?-

I protect me and my children with the law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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