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I dedicated my whole life to my children — then, my child abandoned me ..

How many parents speak that way; "I dedicated my whole life to my kids — then, my son abandoned me" -     I disagree with such words of complaint, sadness and moaning ("I dedicated my whole life to my kids — then, my son abandoned me" -), because children not matter age are not the property of the parents, neither of the grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, brothers-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, nephews, nieces, or any relation / family in general, but born free not manipulate, controlled, programmed, etc! -

Not matter how hard it sound to the world, but parents, or any family in general need to understand fully well, that our children and members of the family are not our possession to control, steal, order, dictate and mandate, because such entities do not belong to us at any time, but born with freedoms, rights and responsibilities like the rest - not a "punching bag (" to satiate mad peoples, because that is illness, neither a selling machine to be used as "slave (I looked after my sisters children for FREE and none of them died, killed, murdered, or abused in any way, form, or shape but respected, alive, content, happy, but in exchange to come against my reputation badly, destroyed any sense of family respect whatsoever and if ever existed, received endless favors, graces and luxury life in exchange for own lies against my reputation?!-  )" because that is crime in law, furthermore act as if "we" belong to the family as "possession (like myself with my blog as writer and Nikola Tesla as genius, but never recognize our work, because is complete stolen and in order to feed parasites! - )", because that is way out of order legally, "as nobody belongs to the other", but treat everyone with respect, trust, love, tolerance, also respect our work, privacy, life!-

- The reasons why, professional and non-professional members of the family ARE NOT ALLOWED by law, any law worldwide to work within family members and in order to avoid the hold-tight-for-ever, possessives, favoritism, control, manipulation, corruption, selling as slaves, cash and/or can lose own licence and rights for good.   

A- I learned the matter, when my father was very ill, my cousin (pepe castellanos perez) which was a register doctor, used to play a visit to him, check, chat and in the between, my father asked many times for different kind of treatment, he told my father very clearly, that he was not allowed to give anyone, near his family background, any kind of medical treatment, advice, prescription, or he could lose his own licence for good?-   

B- It's my unbelieving how, the other cousin (soco mora castellanos) doctor, never followed the same rules, or lose own license for good, as I was told by sister (ana pia) once, that she gave her a prescription for a chest problems and regular check ups?! -   

C- Now if you balance one cousin (pepe castellanos perez), with another cousin (soco mora castellanos) actiosn, then you will understand the extent of exploitation within family, members and request, furthermore who is/was manipulating the same problems and even illness at home, to the point to travel as far as the UK, which is me (, then sister (soco) detained under the mental health act, but as happened in the UK, I was blame / frame for sister (soco) after not the real peoples and culprits that caused matters, because sister (mara) is very close with cousin (soco / beto mora) and sister (soco) baptismal (pepe castellanos perez) issues, also ex/husband sister social worker (carol parker) in close touch with brother (rafa) and sister (mara), pretty much like sister (soco) husband (beto hazz) and his sister (norma hazz), also (carol parker) represented the ex/husband soon after the marriage (1985) and told me 27 + years after (2010 / 2012), reasons of our divorce, as no family member can holds any family and members into any profession, or lose own license ( for good.

So as you can see matters, between family manipulation against the rest is a merry goes around, that I prefer to avoid, as I lost unborn children, only sick peoples ( goes against own peoples, while I can not contest for any cousins to another, neither brothers, or sisters actions, but themselves alone by the law.   

I only ask my own children to change and follows from Christian to Anglican, by the severity of holding certain child after baptism ( ) in the Christian world and explain before of the dangers.   

As such, I was not aware of the possession after any baptism, but after, even dialogue with a priest from the Anglican Church in Sale, Trafford, that accepted me and my children with the transfer and the ex/husband was present with us (me and the children) in the mass of celebration.   

On the day, I reminded the ex/husband of the reasons why, we were in the Church of England, Anglican, he was never kept in the dark with anything and even meet the priest beforehand and the children far too young to explain, except today, I am explaining my own actions, more of protection because I lost unborn children, than possession.

As in my world, mind and environment my children are born free, not with strings attached to be manipulated, controlled, posses, hold, pinned in the wall, corrupted, cashed, used, abused, while I don't mind to be close with any family relations, but I need to explain the pros and cons on such terms, environment and family.

In other words and plain English, without offending anyone in particular, my children are Anglicans not Christians any more ( and this happened when they were very young not adults, because I can not gamble their own life, as it's not mine to manipulate, neither I hold a magic ball to read the future to safeguard properly and I prefer to be safe, than sorry, not that the family, or the religion are bad peoples, issues and matters, but as how in my family develop in the past with the up-hold, that I can not afford to lose any more children and pardon me, but we are out for good, mean any representative family of mine, or the ex/husband family, after the baptist by the Christian world is complete erased, nil, ruled out, canceled for ever and ever, amen, because my children are not the possession of nobody, but born free!! -

Not everybody apply to the rules with own children, but I believe strong that, when your children are younger, enjoy them to the fullest and when they grow up, learn to let them go fully, respectful, very quite, peaceful, with plenty trust, tranquility and believe that they will become a peoples of substance, always praise - never guess, insult, or use any kind of manipulation, stalk, follows, spy, wars, tears, coercion, tantrums, reminders, bad words, quarrels, but live with the hope that, whenever possible for our children, they will visit us, alone and by themselves, never forced, manipulated, twisted, SOLD with a book (  - DONE WITH THE CRYING?! -  ), or pushed to own limits to please, but by own free will and so I always wait patiently! -

It's cruel for a child not matter age, to be torn between parents ( ) and wife´s / husband´s parents, like in my case was a long - long battle between families (somehow I need to live what everybody's suffer like a Jesus Christ by the confuse peoples, like mara's sister in law lived with her own parents in law and I ask why me to live the ordeal and in order to know where all comes from, because nobody of my family endure this matters, except after by soco with hazz family, now me with ex/husband family, also is clear in law, the complete interference of my family behind my life, hide in the background while ex/husband and his family supported madness and manipulating our environment with endless lies, today mara, rafa and carol parker are full culprit of the murder of my unborn children, made to happen that way to hide own crime and my life destroyed and I wonder to ask, who shall pay DAMAGES when hide the criminal and criminal damaged to own advantage and for so long the abuse, ordeal, etc??!), that nobody won at the end, but destroyed each other with malice, intent, intolerance, between themselves acted more like mad peoples that just left the mental institutions, than proper adjusted adults and eventually after so many "family problems" - as they call, that the ex/husband and I forced to divorce and by the never ending battle-groom! -

Today my children chose their own life, after the father and I divorce, furthermore how they want to live the same with plenty freedoms - not how the "family problems" wants, furthermore when hide in the background demanding endless and impossibles orders, tasks, acting not like proper adults, but mad peoples that left the mental institution ( ), as such, I support my children fully, I respect everything that they want to achieve in life and in fact, I encourage the same freedoms, rights, liberties, dreams, responsibilities, because no-children belong to us! -

Never is the child fault of any family problems / quarrels and in not time they should believe is own fault, neither forced by the family, or even the state to interfere ( like Prince William and Prince Harry with respect, but forced upon with own parents matters, divorce, paperwork, issues and you name it, when such matters belongs exclusively to the privacy and life of own parents alone, never the child to over-pass trust, perhaps the state, as severity of the matters like "paradise papers", but use the correct channels, peoples, representatives  and in this case is Theresa May, Prime Minister to deal with - not children, but parents that invested in such programs, but complete wrong when drags horrible the reputation of The Queen Elizabeth II, affairs at fault and in public, when in real life, She holds peoples that deal with her own affairs, paperwork, money, monarchy, etc!!?? - ), help, place in the middle, or protect any particular parent - father, or mother in general, but let them alone solve own problems, however they want is own problem - never the child, the best of own ability is ability of the parents - never the child to be placed in the middle, handle unknown ability, heavy responsibility, but hope one day, parents will act more like adults, no children themselves, but responsible parents that think of tomorrow, acknowledge own actions, never blame / frame the rest to hide, exactly as my children, unable to handle "family problems", because I never educate them into that kind of life and I keep asking them to keep clear of the battle - ground, that is not our problem, time and duty, but whoever organize the matters, never us! -

I want my children to be free to choose in life, whatever they want, I want they to know fully well, that I am own cheerleader, because I dedicated my whole life to my kids and NEVER EVER abandon me at any time, but want to live own life and the way they see better, fit better into own life and I fully support them, unconditional and with respect to own wishes! - 

I hate such parents that bring more misery to children by any faults, than repair the misunderstanding, ignore the small matters, learn to pardon, lead own life with maturity and let own children to lead own life as they wish and in order to gain maturity themselves, responsibility and freedom to act upon! -

What is broken from me and the ex/husband is for us to repair, mend and heal, nobody else to interfere, unfortunately by so many wars between us in the past, many times with the help of both families that rocked our world with intolerance, took sides, orders and lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), that today is impossible for me to trust again, even re-consider.

I lost so much by such higher, almighty peoples, with own "family problems", including my unborn children perished to satiate own insides, strong hatred against me followed even the UK, with a wave of intolerance - to no end and I mean, I was forced to write 600 + notes in my blog to stop (not one note to highlight, but 609 notes, tell me how bad such peoples eat from the rest!!), that today, I find impossible to believe such family members and ex/husband family played so well and hide in the background, that I could give them "an oscar" for the brilliant actuation, including never to trust them again, neither managed to construct a simple friendship, because need to repair the mess ( ) that I landed first, abuse deep into my life and I wonder, what my children has to do with all this matters and for them to be forced to come out and help and not the real culprits?! -

I wonder to ask why, my children forced today, placed in the middle of both parents to gain friendship again, mean whoever made the madness this way, planed matters so well in advance, left enough time for the rest to have plenty time to finish with stealing ( ) and breakage of our soul, destroy, hurt, kill, when was not own fault, time and even born? -

I would never abandon my children and I will be there for them anytime, the reasons why of my blog and in order to guide them of any circumstances in life, to remain them of my love for them is for ever, infinite, the better of my ability not matter how big, or small is the problem, there is always solution for anything, never panic, but think clearly over matters, fully and with responsibility of tomorrow, in control never controlled, including the rest ( if ever need, by the use of the internet, but I want all of them to respect the full fact, that I want to live my life with freedom, trusted in the community and develop as I want and one of those wants is never ever to see the rest of my family again, except my children, if need to communicate with ex/husband would be based on my children - never him, while I thank him to repair my home faults, but my blog also helps to repair own country faults! -

As I see similarities, when the mother made a book (  I dedicated my whole life to my kids), but for me all my family made endless books with unquestionable lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), movies and even t.v. programs (surprise, surprise, look who is coming and etc) against my reputation, because nobody asked me and for my side of the history, but passed the law with "confidentiality acts" to take advantage and in law is unforgiving, now I understand that such entities were not right in own mind, but not before, because I was not aware of the criminal activity within the "family problems", but the rest hide to cash, take advantage and waited more than 30 + years to come forwards, neither I applause the trashing into my life, but expect the law and in order to gain justice, if ever exist, furthermore when cashed own blood, mean lost unborn children for a reasons - to hold, blame, frame, pin in the wall, destroy reputation, control, manipulation, stalk, spy, follows and cash, by same family betrayal!! -

The reasons why, I don't even bother to make friends, as later stolen, work, as later stolen or passed the work to the one that lie better, make any business, as later stolen with trade marks ENVY excuses and my private life is also stolen, changed, manipulated, controlled and this and that is also later removed and/or stolen, with not respect for what is mine, not even respect for the men that hurt my life (sergio gomes pintado, etc), but hold as winning trophies (pepita jr as she told me herself, etc)? -

As the idea is to learn from the rest destructive behavior, malice, intolerance, madness, sick spread and eat from our life like carnivores and not only me badly affected by the abuse, but the rest as explain with sister (soco) and her past ("nada malo beto"; beto, mara and norma hazz), similarity with mine (david, mara, rafa and carol parker) is only a reflection, but somehow falsely blame / frame after and I wonder how, if I am badly affected like the rest (?), including own "mix match (with mara, rafa, david and carol parker)" is for everyone to see (beto and norma hazz, also mara, rafa and gracia maria sotelo and etc, see link and photo  who sits with our past and since when, can you imagine if I do the same to them, to all of them, to everyone of them and I sit with everything that is and belong to them, while nobody of them is watching, hide in the background start manipulating own life like sicko-pat, while them are not looking, destroying own world with sick spread against own reputation, hurting inside and outside of own bodies by the power of own lies that bring the wrong peoples to us, because the idea for them is "sell" family and keep what is our life, ur hard work, our past and personality and as form of trophy, with no respect whatsoever for blood, family, life and reputation, but satiate own insides are a priority!) once again, including their own programs, repetition as me and sister (soco, etc), that today intent to repay same treatment, somehow don't like it, even if I am within my rights and laws to make a book, save so many notes in my blog and by the severity of the abuse, including forced to share and since sister (mara) and brother (rafa) returned from mexicali / guadalajara, removed everything from me based on lies and the corner of that brother business (16 de septiembre) stand as probe in law of the thieving and way that he obtained the same, by using me! -

Today I got nothing, stolen everything based on lies, never the rest that bring intolerance, but my life trashed and killed ( ) by the madness, including my father business used to pay own lifestyle in mexicali / guadalajara and as form of probe legally, because I need to work for free, babysitting for sisters (flor, lupy, mela, etc), while the one that was messing our life, enjoyed a free life of luxury abroad (with josefa), now is my turn to live free from such intolerant peoples that only demand, kill and destroy, because never is the one that bring to us the horrid ordeal, murder, intolerance, but the one that is falsely blame / frame after!? -

The peoples that abandon me was the "family problems" and since emigrate (1985 - 2017) to the UK, forced to leave everything behind in Mexico with the aid of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that acted as big wall and for all of them to enjoy as own pleasure, when finished, somehow traveled to my place for more, because never is enough, not even my unborn children is enought to satiate own insides, today somehow looks surprise of what they see with me - after removed everything, how they left me with nothing, but forgot who create the madness from day one!! -

During that lifestyle (1985 - 2017), when lived apart from all the families and their own problems, also learned to live by myself, I learned to educate myself, I learned to love myself, I learned to survive in a foreign country and all by myself and I wonder what the brother (rafa) and sister (mara) learned when lived abroad (mexicali - guadalajara) and all by themselves, but bring a world of madness, that destroyed the family complete apart, because I have not seeing anyone during that time (1985 - 2017), neither I am looking forwards, but keep following me, removing my life when they think I am not looking anymore, maybe in the past perhaps, but today is different and I am full aware of who is the peoples, I know full well who is behind the scenes, controlling even the Sunday´s to own pleasure and I wonder if I can also control such lives to my own profits, to my own pleasure, to my own gratification and to my own benefit, so they know what is like to be me?!-

Furthermore when the ex/husband never could afford nothing to us, but all careful monitor, even jobs today impossible and before removed with own pleasure, intent and somehow I can see my children going the same way as me, even the heating regulate, controlled, monitor, then don't be so fast to hide the bodies, intolerance and sick spread, but my question is who will pay damages to me, including my children, because even the Sundays are programmed that way, all aware of the "family problems (mara, rafa, david, carol, etc)" selected as "mix and match" since day one and exactly like happened during the WWII with Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco, furthermore this last one removed all and everything to the Spaniards, left them alone with no protection, exactly like me in the UK (1985 - 2017) and I ask how I landed here, furthermore when born in Mexico and we don't have this kind of life and please don't tell me that nothing was programmed this way, but someone programs!!? -

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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