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Royal Family: "Prince Harry and His future wife, Meghan Markle" -

Innocence (Princess Diana and boys)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - a multicultural Royal Family (debate).

I am glad that someone open the issue, matters and not me, because the varied different colors of the rainbow, religion, nationality, country of birth will test anyone and I hope Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready for both worlds.

While I am divorce myself - no problem, but was a big problem for the Royal Family with Prince Edward VIII and Princess Margaret, so I am unable to understand how someone can break such sensitive matters and easy with no care whatsoever, because times still remain the same today, as was yesterday, including duty, responsibility, position, principles and not just play with your own family members (Prince Edward VIII, Princess Margaret, etc) feelings that way, destroying a human person into billion pieces, including a legacy incomplete and a succession by rights destroyed!-

Times do not change, but I changed today, because I see the rest do not care a bit, not even if victims are close to own life
, to no avail, while for you is easy to forget the past - not for me, because I question legally, who will repair the mess (, furthermore when I walked the horrid road, witness the abusive intolerance in the press everyday, perhaps with my little English but enough to captivate my full attention to the nightmare of the victim/s and as my page expose? - 

The Children (Prince William and Prince Harry of Windsor) are not to blame at any time, like mine -not even born when such strict and horrid times existed and I believe time to change the past for the better, furthermore with the"divorce matters", but we cannot forget victims (Princess Margaret, Prince Edward VIII, etc) lives complete destroyed and somehow the rest want to forget, move on, change the page, carry on, continue as nothing ever happened, with no care, respect, nothing!? -  

I feel sorry for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle to bring such issues into the open, like Gina Yashere with her own persona matters (, mean everybody got strong things to consider - not just me.

What I envy the most, admire is the hypocrisy of today, easy to do whatever own wants but not the rest victims, like Princess Margaret and Prince Edward VIII in the past, unable to re -marry with horrendous consequences, full controversy into own life, also for me today not FREE of sexual predators and harassment acts (with a simple purchase into my Amazon account yesterday, somehow fixed today the delivery with 3 different kind of men, never ever happened before and only by what I wrote yesterday in my FB page  29/11/17 at 7:07 am, as if I am desperate, punished by "family problems" of the ex/husband that can check my private life, purchases online and even follows my bank account to own pleasure, with help of banks that swear to protect us, "clients", furthermore keep our information private, but that is a complete lie, as I worked in the bank, otherwise is not possible in a million years, but against my matters? -  As "how my purchases with Amazon can be fixed and punished with what I write the very next day" and what if I do the same way, come to your work / private life and fix it? -  I want to see if J. K. Rowlings or any other English writer life is fixed, used, abused, insulted like me after made own books, notes, because exactly the same as me today, happened to the ex/husband mother, betty parker, when landed in the hospital so many times - fixed, punished by the intolerance, until satiate own insides and when finished before get cough by the Justice, asked my children to come and help - at the very end, no respect and I made the note  to protect my children for whatever comes after, gets recorder, but for them was to protect own children; carol and david parker, without any care use mine, "as if was not enough with my unborn children", but with intention to frame and blame after and for them to be fully aware!- As my bank account, or Amazon staff never got my permit, consent and knowledge to distribute my personal information, account to nobody, as that is my personal life, but handle with no care, respect, privacy, then with intention after to blame / frame my children and by own father figure that get access to my matters, when we are fully divorce, furthermore ask to sort things for him after, like happened to his own mother before passed away and in such circumstances my children need to be protect at all the times by the law, as this happened with the dishwasher tale, slander and lies not solicitor implant to protect my children rights at any time and that is illegal and against the law collaborate into something complete dark, hide and unusual, when the cowards bullies hide with "confidentiality acts", when my part missing and when no solicitor implant to protect me and my children rights, but taking the law to own pleasure, to own limits, to own protection and leave victims complete unprotected?!-  Furthermore when ex/husband brings with him, his sister social worker and members of my family, a wave of intolerance, sexual predators, harassment acts, hate propaganda, cruelty, spy, stalk and lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc against my reputation, to the point to close my Amazon account for good, then later such invisible bullies hide in "confidentiality acts", blame and frame my children as happened to me in the past if we remember ..  .. including own sexual harassment, mean today the 3 amazon delivery men, never appear, but for a reasons, because never happened before, mean criminal activity against a client as myself - is against the law, any law worldwide, but not in England?! - ) like happened to me in my past, today no difference, so I was never lying, but still my nightmare!!  

When on times of my elder sisters was almost a crime "the divorce matters", such brilliant bullies - envious peoples later came against me and in order to satiate own insides by the horrid suffering, experience and I lost unborn children, country of birth, family and everything trashed as a result, to pay for own lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, nobody was allowed to live happy, furthermore marry for love, reasons why Prince Charles and Camilla now, but not before and I wonder to ask, what me and Princess Diana of Wales got to do with such matters, but select, used, abused, frame, blame, trashed by the rest, contrary of my nieces and nephews free to live own life, but us restricted, now intent to carry own with my children to live own ordeal, punishment, never their own children, but us and I ask why, only because got hold of the ex/husband and his sister social worker manipulate like puppets, exactly like got hold of norma hazz and the rest? 

When I know full well "may" marriage of Prince Harry with Ms Meghan Markle benefit Prince Charles Crown with Camilla, but I opened this page ( for a reason, so everybody knows the true and solve own matters peaceful, mean nothing hide, but expected better treatment that was deny complete to Princess Margaret (with Peter), Prince Edward VIII (with Wallis), Prince William of Gloucester (with Zsuzsi Starkloff), Princess Diana of Wales (with Doctor Hasnat khan) and the rest, so as you can see still very much in the present and I believe that is not correct! -

My life complete destroyed today, nobody wants to take responsibility of the murder spree, abuse, intolerance, hate propaganda, sexual predators and like me the rest!!?? -   

As such this page keeps open (, but nothing concrete and I remove all my responsibilities until I don´t see any change, equality in treatment, because my life and the rest of victim lives was not wasted to please bullies today and intent to gain justice if ever exist! -  However, I will check on both boys (Prince William and Prince Harry) from a long distance, by the news anchor and using my blog, but in reality, I am no happy! -

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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