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The Queen Elizabeth II: "Zero Tolerance Policy" -

British Anthem, God save the Queen.

Dennis Skinner speech.

I want to give my opinion into such words, with respect:   During my period, when emigrate (1985) from my native country, unable to speak your ENGLISH language, worked and now UK citizen.

My jobs stopped suddenly since the new government (2010), followed by "trade (ENVY) marks" excuses to hit badly the UK economy, when in reality ONLY owns the logo, as garments are property of the manufacturer, but passed my things with no care to "family problems", aid fully from the ex/husband's family that bonded together behind my back, helped each other in the criminal activity and supported the abuse against my reputation, because we are Mexicans not English, impossible, but used lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) as excuse to steal, break, hurt, bully my world, today consolation is "get over" - would you? -

So who is the main problems in the UK, when your own peoples are the main cause and effect of the problems, exactly like Mexico will carry on for ever and ever their own Malinche and is the person, that sold her peoples to Spaniards and foreign individuals.

Furthermore, when lacks respect for the private life of peoples like myself living in the UK, distribute with no care whatsoever my persona, as if I am Jesus Christ handle back to my peoples and / or anyone that holds problems with me, that hide in the background the coward bully and takes the law into own hands, when destroys, kills, murder with intent, instead to use the correct ways, which is the courts of law for "family problems", but goes against any rules, regulations, laws of the UK and fully supported by the (local) government staff, because like me of your Malinche is the rest bullies that attack peoples, instead of protect the community.

I pay your contributions (poll tax and endless taxes) since emigrate to the UK (1985 - 2017), so my life is/was not cheap even as unemployed, follows your rules, NEVER mine, but yours, then divorce 2012 move to another UK area, never another planet system, but part of your UK system, then I NEED HELP / backup until find my ways, which by law in the UK, the system should be able to provide, support, furthermore when PAY taxes from the beginning (1985 - 2017), instead the ex/husband and his "family problems" gets the help, when interfere into my PRIVATE LIFE after invent a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation to aim the target, acting like walls and Malinche when help the enemy, never own country, family, blood, children, etc, until SATIATE own illness inside against own blood, then use my children (because local / national government staff communicate with ex/husband to know everything I do, see, walk, goes, shops, even bank accounts, emails and full surveillance into my private life, even when fill claims and for his "family problems" to have the excuse after to stop me, reach the help that I need within the same government, that in law should be a criminal offence, including using our children as tools to go against parents?) for support, hide, assist, but when I return the gesture grows out of control like today.

So why my kind (children) do not earn the TAXES that I am forced to pay and contribute and by use of the "common sense", because your Malinches are the ones that destroys your services, country, system, state and even Monarchy ( in the community, but blames / frames us after? -

- The game is way out of order to peoples like myself living in the community, never mine to hold the power in any government jobs, but your staff, when leaves my children to sort my matters after the criminal damaged, without my permit, consent and knowledge, but forced to pay taxes for the abuse of power and profession, I pay taxes for the intolerance to enter my life after and I pay TAXES for my own children to be blame, frame and used as human machinery against own parents with any excuses, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and acting for the benefit of the ex/husband against me, as if living in war (WWI, WII, etc) times, because Mexico never holds your wars, so how I landed here, by which sister of mine that her own husband works for the Mexican government and assist, aid financially with the UK government? -

- Exactly like my parents need to pay, suffer and endure with own children (mara, rafa, soco, etc), used as war machinery against them all the time, day and night, but today is my turn to feed the same intolerance, including their own personal attacks against brothers, sisters, family in general and my parents paying for the trashing, paying for the criminal activity, paying for the assault to own life, paying for the bullying, paying for the intolerance - when such brothers and sisters (mara, rafa, soco, etc) lived, bonded with the elder sister and all expenses paid with my parents business, now the bullies comes with me, acting exactly in the same way, that intent to frame, blame and use peoples even lie (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), excuses to feed their own family, instead of work.

 I never stay with sister (josefa) at any time, and for a few weeks on holiday, no need to pay for her own destructive ( ) world against me, after steal (sergio gomes pintado, friends, etc, ) my past to control and destro every single brother and sister of the family after, furthermore those ones that stay, bonded with her and if ever leaves their own groups are complete destroyed, detained under the mental health act, bullied, or killed with no mercy, many times in a place where I habitat to be blame and frame after (for soco), not where they live in Mexico (for mara) and everybody can see their own destructive behaviour, but me, used, abuse, hurt my reputation and only them live so well, holds all the jobs, including everything stolen from us, because I stay with the other sisters (flor and lupy) - if we remember well, suddenly passed away (and still today I ask, the strange circumstances, motives, reasons, grounds, perhaps need to vacate the space, so josefa's family takes full possession, place and continue the governance against me and mine and members of our family, perhaps my turn since years ago and I can even tell you dates and times, when used as food supplement to eat, earn and live super well thanks to my past jobs, claims, like josefa told me in mexico df and in the middle of the government square, "you will never earn", mean today work for free, pittances, peanuts, because like me was the rest members of my family working free and my parents even removed children from them, with intention, no court order to know reasons, grounds in law, but passing the law, so now is my turn, no job so unable to live near my kind, and before was soco when own children went to live with father in veracruz, so who is next in the line, by the same similar pattern of things that never changes even the polaroid, camera and roll, so mean that if anything happens to me, then you know exactly where the matters comes from - my own blood, sister, family, because no family acts that way, when destroys, kills and murder, including the JUDAS and Malinches that I married into with own "family problems" that intent to pull my kind into that destructive world and forced to live with them - again!!?), maybe my elder sister (josefa), but unknown to me at any time, because nobody can go against own family unless no well in their own mind( ), that even placed her own daughter (pepitajr) against me as tread, as business to control, as main breeder and dissolve any kind of proximity between her family and I and today, I thanks enormously for the gesture, mean I was saved of my reputation when in reality comes before by elder sister orders, but falsely blame, because who wants to have that kind of sister that destroys the rest with no respect, live in that environment of hatred that kills, destroys, murder with no conscience and if anyone intents to leave the groups as other sisters intended before, then detained under the mental health act to uphold, one in Mexico (mara) and the other in the UK (soco) and of course, used me for blame / frame after, particularly as if I hold those jobs in government?.-

My elder sister child (pepita jr) told me that if I goes against her mother (josefa), bla, bla and more bla's as form of treads, mean you, they hold the power, strings and control with endless treads and orders, which I mean my own nice, blood, family and the child of my elder sister that should set the good example and I wonder to ask the same matters to her, "who went against my own mother, father and family put all together" and who is destroying my family and always FIRST to attack for any reasons without using the proper law to find out the real matters, including reasons, grounds, but passed and today I am asked "to get over" from the past ordeal, criminal activity, murder spree, wave of intolerance against me and mine ( ), then I am entitle to place in the hands of the police, also pay no more taxes, no more contributions, no more duty to country, land and glory until my matters are fully resolved and restored properly, back to normality, when left me bad, complete bad and even the MP (with respect to the Queen: ) agree.

I am sick of the merry goes around in our place, with the criminal activity within family members, living in FRANCO'S era and times with FEAR, treads and murder spree, when I am Mexican born not Spaniard to be compare and the last thing I want is my children to learn this free passes against own parents and family members, because I want my elder sister (josefa) to understand fully well and in old age, what my parents went with her, forced to endure from her days and nights of trashing, unable to know where all was coming from, confusing, when used the brothers and sisters that bonded with her, as war machinery against my parents, when no need the trashing, abuse, criminal activity and intolerance, but her to work to feed her own children, furthermore when fully supported by her husband the trashing, as one wage was not enough for Mexican education, clothes, homes, trips, food, abroad trips and education and you name it, including own son (javi) medical expenses as I believe strong I was blame of the matters (my hand hurt after?), so why I am forced "to get over" and that easy, by this criminal activity that kills for the trills and blames whoever wants? -

 And I bet this blog / note instead to stop the "family problems" is another excuse for such parasites to carry on the treads, hurt, mayhem, stealing until the law step up and finish this way of life that lives from the rest, when we are forced to act like slaves, bully ( ) each other to feed the family, mean have the excuse to ask the government for more subside, cash, benefits, never by own work, but the work from the rest, then blame my parents and ex/husband parents, but all of them died years ago and same pursuit today, madness, hurt, wars, bullying, so which parents, which of my sisters (flor, lupy, soco, etc) that passed away but frame / blame and which brother (jose) also blame / frame before, but removed all of them, to paved the way for more abuses, intolerance, hatred, fear, treads and madness to no end, until the law acts as what intents, because I am sick from this intolerant world, that destroys and hurt same family?! -

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, including Canon Law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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