Friday, 2 March 2018

Brexit: "We need a Prime Minister to rule the UK" -

Irish National Anthem

Irish warn May: adopt customs union to end Brexit border impasse Without warning but mention that, COLD kills the same as HOT weather, because it´s not just EMMA, but the HOMELESS a priority. Alerts in place across UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) as POLICE urge people NOT to TRAVEL during BLIZZARDS and strong WINDS. PLEASE don't go out unless a necessity, remember health would never replace work because can wait, while the other can be jeopardize your life, so if your shop, work and place to visit is nearby may ok, check the path, otherwise be wise!!- ♥️ The Prime Minister, Theresa May still in Brexit matters and the UK living with economic, social and everyday problems - neglect, including the system and weather forecast is not very healthy, without mention the closure of shops and instead to ask the army for help and support in times of turmoil, only address Brexit?! - We need a proper government implant and leave the Brexit to one person, may reserved exclusively to Teresa May, that keep insisting to bring this kind of matters to the UK and sort the matter alone and into the unknown, until all is over, finished and for good, with respect, but feed up making notes from the same thing, because I don't get pay to re-direct sources, keep your attention busy and until they finish destroying your country, neither I am your Prime Minister to represent your peoples, command and order, but those ones, that get pay for the job. I am unable to understand the meaning of Brexit and where is supposed to lead us and I am happy that I am not alone, in fact a very experienced former Prime Minister. The former Prime Minister said in the last video: I know what it is like when the week is longer that the money, but with such salaries from local government (council) staff, amount of people that work for such places and services (DWP, NHS, etc) that earns a good wage, while the Internet is available to cut the same environment ( because this is how they came against the community with the cuts and if we remember, today we got services - no problem, but many families got no homes, jobs, central heating, food, benefits, financial help, etc!- ), including over expending and luxury life that at the present time is not possible and only safeguard those jobs, while the rest and business closing down, furthermore when local TAXES are for the community services (like gp, nhs, dwp, bin collection, police, transport and services ) and with respect!- I am a Tax payer not matter my present job position ( unemployed thanks to trade marks, when they only owns the logo, because the rest belongs to the manufacturer, but come heavily with us middle and small business and when you saw products like Nescafe and all such sources that comes from Latino-america start with the trade "envy" marks, but let's everyone to sell their own products and gain a basic income to subside own life?!! - ) and I am not happy to see people roaming the UK streets with no help whatsoever to subside own life, because the UK is not a third world country, but capable to gain the resources that are exclusively for them to help themselves and not to pay higher salaries for bureaucracy and luxury life?!!- So please while you are a home warm, relax and unable to work because of the cold weather, think in your priorities first, for once and above all we pay taxes to gain the luxury, resources never free, "without suffering reprisals", even someone to represent the country as the Prime Minister too busy with Brexit and choose wisely, I am tired of the lack of response and responsibility in the UK system, state and government, even blizzards and winds comes and goes and only Brexit?- I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, including Canon Law, Magna Carta and the Rule of Law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. POLITE REQUEST THIS NOTE IS FREE BUT PROTECTED WITH COPY RIGHTS. ESTA NOTA ES GRATUITA, PROHIBÍDO SU REPRODUCCIÓN Ó DISTRIBUICIÓN, RENTADA Ó IMPORTADA CON INTERESES EDUCATIVOS, POLITÍCOS Ó ECONOMICOS, USANDO PALABRAS SIMILARES Ó PARCIALES, BAJO LA PROTECCIÓN DE LA ORGANIZACIÓN MUNDIAL, DE LA PROPIEDAD INTELECTUAL (OMPI) SIN ANTES OBTENER PERMISO DE ROSARIO CASTELLANOS RUIZ.. Mayo2010.

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