Monday, 18 June 2018

Immigration concern and Donald Trump, American President policy: "Declares the PRESS the ENEMY of the People" -

Neil Diamond Coming to America ..

Trump Once Again Declares the Press the ‘Enemy of the People’  ..

I want to clarify that I am not a Press Anchor, but a simple writer, someone that write about any issue, matter, because you only need to see and READ to believe the extreme abuse to humanity and wonder who want that kind of people and what good comes from them and with respect to may concern, but they show us some kind of respect, because whatever goes for the tirade, mean for the rest of us, even worldwide, when intent to DIVIDED into two, the colors of the rainbow, separate us with false ideas, idealism, racism, that segregate and bully society?!! -

No wonder such kind of idealism, racism, segregate society killed 400 American Tribes and not 400 peoples Inside the Roman Colosseum, but American Tribes and 400 gone for good R.I.P. !!?- 

And always, soon after I write into anything, someone place their own representatives, as if they prefer better than me, mean RACISM towards and against me and always wonder why of such opportunity seekers, always, always and always wait until someone takes the initiative, as me, never them first, but perhaps us to blame: "Trump Once Again Declares the Press the Enemy of the People", never them who comes after, but us, unable to know what is the catch, why cannot act by themselves first, but need to wait for the rest and then comes after to collect the good job of the rest, anyone suffer the same dilemma, problem, stealing own world, like WWII victims that lost all? -

The idea of Donald Trump as American President was to teach our Mexican President, government and politics affairs what his own peoples, MEXICANS need to suffer, endure abroad, their lives are like, complete messed, full of BULLYING, exploitation and slavery, mean working for peanuts many times and as my case, for FREE, because I am not the Mexican President to represent nobody from Mexico and still not time today to know full well, when he will address our nation, including American immigration policies, that are way out of order legally and break the Constitution and any documents signed in the past, by any party, Mexican and/or American.

Everybody can read the news today, see by themselves the FULL hatred against us, but never ever before, because all was hide within millions of keys, from the rest world population, for so long suffering the misery life, with no support whatsoever, protection from our country, community, government and politics affairs and into our personal life, matters, support, even me living in England, abuse came from certain "family problems" and in order to have the excuse today, place me in this mess, as I never gave my consent, permit, knowledge, neither interested in politics affairs to be used this way, for the rest to take full advantage, receive my hard work after (exploited like the WWII victims, work for FREE, or fear to die in the holocaust !!), that in law is exploitation, slavery, but waited more than 30 year to tell me, divorce me after and after purchase each other with loyalty favors, graces, grants based on endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), as if I fall into a hole full of Psychopathy ( = people that have the facility to lie, etc. ), hitting hard our life in extreme measure and no laws to deter the intolerance, ASBOS, criminal activity, hate, abuse, bullying, because mostly comes from people you know, family, friends, neighbors and well earned jobs, reputable citizens, etc.

STEAL my work, writing with full intention to give everything from myself into their our world, government to open the doors for free and I mean here my Mexican government and those peoples that lied against me in the past, loyalty to own government, but always using peoples as myself that expect, I will never ever know from own JUDAS treachery, act as if Royalty people, Monarchy of the world that is a priority and not a simple government staff that get paid to do the job, but use other people like me to do their own dirty bits, job as now writing over the immigration matters and in order to help my country for free, act more like slave, than citizen, because nobody asked my permit, consent and knowledge, a crime in law the abuse and slavery, while the rest politics affairs get paid for the job, luxury and name, never is us, mean the rest of the family used since day one, until today arrived with myself, the "Castellanos name - as my parents family", but always somebody else family steal our world, opportunity, hard work, name and even blame / frame after, to have somebody when bad things comes our way, what a decency ( Psychopathy !!)! -

My note do not goes into certain stereotypes, peoples, but general speak of any government, family and even community affairs to avoid single out anyone, because I know what the feelings are of the same, unfair, even used as bargain chips and no human people, made of skin and bone, incredible! -

Forced to act within our family life, as problem and even as slave, mean work for free (babysit 5 children from tender age, sister of mine and free of charge, when my father pay us when worked in his business, pay for our stay in their own homes!) which is a crime, because elder sister married into politics affairs, we all members of the family need to accommodate our life into that system, never the husband family as should be the case, but us, apart from that nothing else from the American President, because is not our president, business, problem, government but America and Mexico government alone, to sort matters between themselves, since documents signed, STEALING our land with no mercy, care, pity, respect, because nothing came out of the matters, today we are the - "immigrants" - trying to cross the land, same land that come from our ancestry, parents and not the newcomers, but killed, detained, etc.

+ It is not just me who speak of the American problem, government, politics affairs, but the rest immigrants that landed in our world long time ago, coming from wars, neglect and extreme poverty and if you all remember, today forgotten and is us, "Mexicans and American Natives" the problem,  immigrants and financial poor, overtaken, detained for in-definitive time, killed, murdered, but never you and yours:
etc ..

We do not question the American President, but the criminal spree against my Mexican peoples by his own government staff and representatives, the ones that are BADLY hurt today, but never the newcomers, super well protected, cared, loved and gained everything when arrived to America? -

"The LAND of liberty, become a WAR zone for my MEXICAN people, Native Americans, the place that world newcomers stole from us more than 500 years ago and killed 400 American Tribes and the rest complete hide with the murder spree, neither remember where you all come from.

So please in the name of GOD, if you are not happy to share the American land with our ancestry, then start packing your own bags and return back home, before you continue hurting my peoples, where you all belong, you and your wars, crimes, ASBOS, intolerance are not welcome anymore in a peaceful and liberty land, because you should be thinking this matter before hurt, kill with intent!"

It is us now, the chasing people by the border staff, mean this is the THANK YOU for STEALING our world, land and wonder when we used the same methods, system, low life to the newcomers and fall today into this horrid level, cruelty and sad end, reality.

I am sick with the MEXICAN immigration of today, living in America with fear by my nationals, our land by rights, laws and documents signed by Mexico and America to end the war, but nobody remembers today the past is complete STOLEN and wonder where is the MEXICAN President to see the problem with America direct, otherwise use me to do his job, obligation, responsibility and wonder who is going to be LIABLE for my peoples bulying, because your HATRED is not welcome anymore! -

Mexico is not my problem, responsibility (alone), but whoever represent our country worldwide and get pay for the job, NEVER me, but using me without my permit, consent, knowledge, excuses of "family problems" to come forwards, represent something that is not my job, wage, place, position, education, formation, responsibility, presidency, but the correct person (Enrique Peña Nieto, as present Mexican President.), because of the place that enjoy after, when gain everything they want from us, all for free due to a sister's husband that represent his past work and the rest that followed after and then hide our presence to carry on, as if Mexican government representatives was some kind of Monarchy, Royalty to open the doors first and not a simple government staff, that get pay to represent us worldwide, represent our nation, represent our needs, which is different one, to the other.

If the Mexican government want us to represent their own charade life, then I believe as form of courtesy, respect and wages should ask us first, for our permit, consent and knowledge, including a contract of payment, because I never gave mine, neither my children to play any political games, even by the ex/husband and his government that love to place us into this mess, "family problems", like my elder sister husband, opportunity seekers and the rest that followed after, as someone that worked for such places in the past, furthermore when I live in the UK not America - to live separate from my kind and "slavery" is a thing of the past, in fact a crime in law, no happy! 😡

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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