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What is Psychopathy VIOLENCE ..

What is Psychopathy VIOLENCE:

- verbal abuse
- sexual abuse
- physical abuse
- financial abuse
- harassment
- despise
- isolation
- intimidation
- threats
- emotional abuse
- bribery
- culpability
- use of children
etc ..

Before I married the British ex/husband, emigrate to the UK, I lived at my family (including sister flor) home with sick predator, sexual, verbal and physical abuse ( ), harassment, bullying, non-stop intolerance and abuse of power and profession, by an elder brother (Rafael) against me, "someone that need to take on me, satiate own inside with a victim and that person was me", same family of mine knew very well the matters, hide from the law and public view, even matched me ( ) with a similar persona, personality and character mean the ex/husband played the part during our marriage and in order to help my family into their own personal issues, matters, problems, mean as form of punishment by my family to me and teach me a lesson and in order to learn to love my brother that way (by the use of the ex/husband, tell me if they were no complete sickos, psycho, mental, weird and bullies, when in reality is incest to love your brother, a crime in law, never mind the slavery, mean holding the life of a person to denigrate, use, abuse, defame and slander own reputation with lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc!??.)? -

Today same educational pursuit, sexual harassment, abuse of power and profession is followed by elders sisters and brothers own children against me, many of them unaware, neither bonded and that way continue hurting my reputation badly, with the sick / ill legacy - full of perpetrators bullies, that acts, follows after like Psychopathy (a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, dis-inhibited, and egotistical traits .. ) vendetta?-

This form of sexual abuse, threads, intolerance, bullying, harassment, intimidation, abuse of power and profession was never accepted by my parents, but my elder sisters and brothers own sick / ill games ( ) against the rest, as me - a victim and my brother (Rafael) was shipped to Mexicali with the elder sister (josefa) full support, protection and perhaps encouraged this kind of abnormal behavior (Psychopathy) against me and the rest, because my brother (rafael) all his life and even today, saw her (josefa) as his own mother (deny our mother the luxury to call mother, tell me how bad is the matter, how weird is the game, how sick become the sickness, illness, because somehow today my children removed from me by a distance, exactly like happened to soco, flor, lupy and the rest?), that lasted until I married, now divorce intent to resurface, resurrect, etc?-

All the way until today, I left open by me, expose in the full public and for public concern, because the elder sisters, brothers and their own families got the law into own hands (when qualify in law representatives, even if against the law to use against own family, but pass the law?), got the church to own benefit and even got politics and government affairs (in Mexico, UK, Germany, etc) to own pasture, use against me and the rest family members when suit them, send threats, inflict fear, stop me to reach my potential in life with the endless slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, neither gain access to a court of law and stop the abuse, gain justice.

Acting elder sister (josefa) with brother (rafa), exactly like the other sister (flor) supported fully the other brother (jose), that in the past, another sister (mara) blamed brother (jose) of sexual misconduct and shipped to Mexicali with an elder sister (josefa) for the same matter, years after same sister (mara) blame sister's (josefa) husband (javier) of sexual misconduct and for me today to receive her other end and sick lies, forced (mara) by my mother and sister (tere) "on that time" to travel America and closed her feminine part, today reflects with me, with the trans ( mesh and I do not know of which family gave the order (mine and/or the ex-husband in the UK), mean is always somebody, a victim like me, frame and blame after of their own sick / ill world, without mention the forced termination (abortion), injuries to my persona by the same weird people, family and own problems!!?-

 All the problems created from our elder sisters, brothers against the rest members of the family and in order to cash from my parents business and use us, as cash machine to draw money with serious problems that require the law, between them and bring to the rest of the family this misfortune, abuse, bullying, unprovoked attacks against our life and our children, hurt our reputation badly and dismiss our persona to own games, fun and benefit ££$$$.

A problem between elder sisters, brothers that started when younger the abuse, because I am the youngest of the family, mean I never lived the time, ordeal and own life, but use the rest of us to eat, exploit, abuse with any excuses to commit, command, order and get hold of us for a life, as if we are possessions, slaves, games to play, because after the elder sister (josefa) got hold of brother (rafael), then used another sister (mara), acting exactly the same, as the other elder sister (flor) got hold of my brother (jose), then she came after me, I lived in her house since younger, but forced to leave the same as sister (mara) when in mexicali, blamed the other sister (josefa) husband of sexual abuse, for me was exactly the same, a sexual misconduct (mean pancho hold my hand and put in his manhood, but I got the blame, for me was a relief to leave his home, but not when broke my reputation? -) against my persona, reputation.

When I was not good for nothing, mean after cashed my persona, gained a factory business as form of  payment, then sold me (flor) to foreign land (as link explain ), forced me to marry the ex/husband and all due to what her own son did to me (hold my hand to put in his manhood), which was an excuse to sack me, kick me out, full intention to damaged my reputation, I was blame with full intention to downgrade my persona, pay for lies that I never committed, spread against nobody.

So the sexual abuse, contest was there for everyone to see, members of my family and ex-husband family that bonded together during our marriage, when I was not looking, aware of their own games to frame and blame me after of everything, possible to mind, destroy me, leave me alone to suffer the slander against my reputation, unable to enter any family home and all due to the same abuse, mean holding human people at random, when slavery is a crime in law, any law worldwide, wonder who is paying criminal damages, criminal assault, crimes for my unborn children, etc.

I prefer alone ( ), that followed by psychopathy, sexual harassment, bullying, vendetta, abuse of power and profession, intolerance and what worry me now is this sick / ill disturbances of the third kind, used as an educational pursuit, tool for the elder sisters, brothers to own children, that today follow same patter of parents sick, ill pursuit against victims and in order to continue the legacy, mean me and mine (children), with the merry go round intolerance, that never ends with sick games, until the law is used to stop, full stop, but reasons why they remove everything from us ( ) to continue eating, studying and gaining life, even kill us to silence own sick / ill games, world, family business, malice, etc.

What is more sick, unable to understand, accept is after the sick games, ill spread, sexual abuse, mental torture, harassment, bullying from the elder sisters and brothers against me, intent to blame, frame and false accuse myself, then my children that they were not even born "on that time" not this time and my parents ( ) after, excuse for their own mental disturbances, is way out of order, when both families, including the ex/husband and his sister, social worker very happy contribute together with my family since the beginning, cashed ££$$$ on me and my unborn children used to spread, have the excuse to arrive places with the card against me, only denote their own sick / ill world.

It's today, that I fully understand, the dangerous games, pastimes, crimes from such "family and their own problems", removed from me not just my family in mexico, country, land, friends and passed to someone else with no care, respect, but also intent with my children, when in the past, I was unable to gain access to accommodation ( ) near us, with full intention to use me, as today, more than 666 FREE notes in my blog to address your BRITISH problems, deny us everything, act as nothing happened, because intent to break us, exactly like happened to soco and happens to my children friends, mean all connect, participate, play a game.

Today I am placed in the stand by, wait for my children to visit, like happened to soco and her own children, exactly like happens to me and my children now, but use friends lives that takes priority by own problems, illness and sickness, when nobody is able to purchase own life, because nobody is eternal, mean always find the excuses to break families, frame/blame, mix/match by own sick mind, like the ex/husband mother illness, need to find someone to supplant the woman, take over, because when suit the ex/husband family, I was part of them and when not I was an unknown woman, that learned to live alone in the UK, so what me and my children need to be in this world, placed in this "family and problems" and tell me, who create the same, take advantage, abuse?-

I saw it yesterday, when intent to purchase an item, I requested helped from one of my kind (child) regarding the matters, except the ex/husband was standing next to her, listened to all, because I heard the noises in the background, then I do not need to tell you, that the item was removed from my purchase, either by ebay, paypal or my bank account that the ex/husband transfer money to me, may get full access to see the purchase details and I am DIVORCE from him, mean which rights he got over me, "by the constant use of the children (?)", so they get the blame / frame after?-

Because the same matter happened to me in the past, removed all my jobs, business and life in general, started on the time that my children were not even born to be blame today, like frame to me in the past, so who is causing this abuse of power and profession, possession into my life, use me as excuse, when slavery is a crime and my private world removed constantly, instant, by the full attachment into my personal world (exactly like peppita jr, told me back in 1985 that she kept sergio gomes pintado, mean I am unable to see what good from a person that abused me sexually, but maybe she kept the rest of my past, present life, including the ex/husband, friends, my children and the lot to control and wonder if this is a normal behavior no matter excuses, a world where they can inflict pain, terror, abuse, but not us expose in public, or send threads, etc!?-  ) with no respect.

All the business in the UK use "confidentiality acts" all the time, but not for me, as the transaction yesterday was very clear to me (I worked in the bank, foreign exchange, post office, financial world, etc), between purchase and pay was a question of 2 hours the whole lot, mean I spoke over the phone at 2.00 pm for advice, by 4.00 pm all gone and served a full refund, mean somebody "went to tell them ( ), tip off, grass them and even falsely accused, because still selling the items (mean removed from my reach, then was actually a corrupt seller, etc?)?"-

As since the divorce, still waiting to gain justice, services in the community, benefits, life in the UK, employment, but for the rest all is sorted in 2 hours, or less, because is not a question of purchase, I can purchase again, no problem, but gave me a full insight into my world in less than 2 hours and who is in charge of the same, when we are supposed to be DIVORCED, because my children are not educate that way, I never used that system with them, I am not perfect, but hold no malice and me thinking SLAVERY, mean keeping a human person to own benefit ££$$$$, or for any other reasons, purpose of life, without the person consent, permit, knowledge was a crime in the UK, because if you notice careful, all the things are happening in the back of the person that is unaware, but dealing with the matters direct, "that alone can be dangerous", for later to be blame, frame and not in reality, the criminal that caused the damaged, hurt, malice, Psychopathy VIOLENCE, etc!!? -

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the human rights acts, magna carta, rule of law and canon law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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