Monday, 27 June 2016

Paris and Berlin working together into agreement, regarded Brexit ..

It was a picture of David Cameron MP (see photo), that got my complete attention and shows him trashed and finished, which I think unfair! -  

El Himno de la Uniòn Europea.

As we all got an invitation to VOTE about Europe not just me, but the rest of UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) peoples and I am enclosing mine for you to see what it looks like the form/s, because I never went to vote in a form of respect to the British peoples.  

As the ex-husband told me when on divorce times, that the "English system for the English peoples", after I paid all my contributions to the UK system since day one "1985-2016", even today when shopping taxes apply, but removal of everything after divorce "in a form of racism in order to segregate my culture" and what are the reasons legally, with no court hearing, no knowing the charges, no legal representative whatsoever (and reasons of me to study the UK law with second hand books, see photos!) and no nothing, but hide the English law to me with aid from C.A.B staff, including the cowards in "confidentiality acts", when masterminded the corruption against my reputation, what a way to go, when TODAY I lost all and everything!?-

I really hope that, I satisfy to whoever intent to demonstrate my capacity to understand the Principles of Laws, Human and Civil Rights, Magna Carta, Rule of the Law, Code of Canon Law and etc.  As nobody can pass the law, not even myself and the reasons why, I use my blog "in public and for public concern", because the law is the law and nobody got any rights to abuse, purchase and hide the law! - 

etc ..

 I am not trying to impress you with my readings and choose of books, but you already impress me with your Burgess life, corruption and abuse of power and profession. 

I could even suggest you to read the book, "facts of life (see photo)", that I used to teach my children when younger, the meaning and evolution of LIFE and how precious LIFE is created, not by the wave of lies from the holly spirit that impregnate the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, but MEN, when use and/or abuse his manhood against WOMEN and the HOLLY church protects.  It is us Women, that PAID the PRICE after and not the church and not the men, but us women, furthermore when comes out of the closet the lie.

When against our will, we WOMEN get impregnate (imagine if I impregnate your body, without your will, without your consent, without your permit and without your knowledge, what my charges would be as RAPE, but not men!!??) and need to face the responsibility ALONE, the prospectus to bring life ALONE, when dance the TANGO ( ) - gets two people, not just one and time to CHANGE THE LAW, in order to PROTECT vulnerable women worldwide when men against us, frame us, or control us that way and us women need to face the consequences "after", all ALONE and no help whatsoever, when the public got no right to "interfere" in our personal decisions, personal life and personal choices! -  As the same with the Vote about Europe (, I never "Interfere", I never got involve, I never went for/against, so who give you the rights with my personal life and choices, when women cannot create the part (manhood) that my Lord gave to men only and time to be responsible with the matter, not us women, but men! - 

This is my problem with the English (not Wales, Scotland, or Ireland) peoples, that I married into and his sister social worker ( so perfect, pure and white, unable to accept the responsibility of own sins, murders and actions, but I got the blame alone and without own manhood (?), when in reality is part and belongs since own childhood ( ), but as everybody same to help and cover their own mess, because I have been writing more than 459 notes here in my blog with no response, then I hope you don't mind today to pay the price and consequences, when you need to live apart from the rest of Europe, as I have to endure more than 30 years (1985 - 2016) away from my country of birth, my family, my peoples, my food, my weather, my unborn children and removal of everything falsely, not that I am desperate, because after that long memories fade, heart changes and climate settle, but I question the lack of justice, support and respect!!  -

When divorce (2012) times, the ex/husband told me that 15 years for murder in a form of joke and he was laughing out laud of the scheme in which, I was frame by him and his family with the help of some members of my family (as my blog explain with 459 notes and different cases, to no avail!) and their own wave of FACTORY (Zermatex) lies (as link mention, even the termination (abortion) of my unborn children planed to pay the same factory and lies (Zermatex ), when he also told me, "who gives a shit about them!?" -

 I wish I could have the same heart as the ex/husband and his sister social worker that planed all and everything against me and mine (children), pretty much as the Krays twins ( and tell you the same of the vote about Europe, but I still feel pity of your lost and made 2 notes to help and still no response, no remorse and no nothing!! -


I pass the apologies with respect, as I demand today much more than pathetic excuses and I hope you understand FULLY WELL that LIFE of my unborn children is as precious as yours and furthermore, what is like to be separate from the rest of the world and need to take the full complete blame from others bullies and own bullshit ( criminals, without hearts, as Spain has to endure own civil war, then Franco after (1930's - 1975), with the help from Hitler! -  

I have been living in the UK, with more than 30 years without justice, reparation, memory and non-repetition of the same crimes against me and mine, furthermore when I NEVER impregnate women / men alike, but falsely accused to feed your parasites and the ex/husband and his sister social worker spare from their own criminology, protect by the church own manhood and some members of my family that took FULL advantage (as explain before with factory full of lies!) and the holly almighty is complete sacred - the same as the rest, but don't worry because Mexico ( is going the same way, losing financially everything and I got nowhere to live by your own hatred preachers, racist bullies that segregate my culture to extremes measures and abuse of power and profession! -

I don't intent to change the course of the law, or your precious LIFE, furthermore intent to repair what is broken by your free vote as never was mine please see photos, only explain that we all have a chance in life, but take on one person performance as David Cameron MP is not right, when it was two people (Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage) that manipulate the voting system with lies.

So after good thinking from my past life in the UK when today I LOST all and everything, that I hope, Your Own Vote nobody else but yours and by your own choice of preference, for the best to the English peoples ("the English system for the English peoples") and whatever comes, I trust in the Politicians own judgement, like the Paris and Berlin agreement ( into how to process on Brexit, because if I am honest with you like the ex/husband told me before divorce regarded my unborn children, that as such, "I don't give a shit too" whatever happens with the English peoples and the European community, after stolen half of my life based on lies, complete robbery in day light of my reputation to feed the parasites and crimes against me and mine, now trying to pull my children into the same criminal activity to hide own past. 

My children can visit me whenever they want, but in question of the ex/husband and his sister social worker and some members of my family, I prefer to avoid at the moment, until I know full well what happened to my brother ( and own "family problems", in order to avoid to be frame after, abuse my persona badly and blame after of own mistakes, crimes and bullying!- 

If you see the film, Naked Among Wolves (, the leader from Germany order own staff to leave the camp at the end of the war, also Jewish peoples person in charge by the use of own microphone order own peoples not to go against German Nazi and we need to follow their own order and good example of peace, particularly at the end of the WWII, when Jewish peoples just left a world of complete carnage against them, "except" when Golda Meir said to fight in defence and protect our kind (The Egyptians could run to Egypt, the Syrians into Syria. The only place we could run was into the sea and before we did that, we might as well fight, Golda Meir), so we may as well fight! - I thank you for the great support to my country of Birth, Mexico, I appreciate, but before anyone accuse another individual of anything, first need to wear own shoes to know fully well what is like to live the tale, God Bless, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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